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The Convent Correction Chapter 5 – Born Again

Updated: Apr 21

It was ironic – Elizabeth had needed to become a nun before she found religion.

For years, her life had been nothing but frustration and misery. The criminal life of a thug or a bandit didn’t tend to attract the high caliber of assistance, and while some of the men she worked with – like Richard – were capable, Too many of them weren’t good for much besides holding a knife. They were serviceable enough, Elizabeth supposed, and she had sent Richard to collect some of the most trustworthy of her men and assemble them for her so she knew they were capable enough of simple things. Unfortunately, most people were stubborn about giving away their money or property, so most confidence games she played required some real effort, and multiple people… and working with idiots led to the general unpredictability of any attempt she had made to make a comfortable, rich life for herself. Almost every plot she hatched to get herself wealthy and whisk her away into a life of bliss failed.

And now…

Now God delivered her almost infinite pleasure and one beauty after another. How could Elizabeth not consider herself chosen by some higher power? After years of being hunted from one side of the country to the other, never eating enough, never sleeping enough, she had now spent several whole months in one space… sleeping in her own comfortable bed. She never slept alone, either. By now, the novitiates were thoroughly under her command, and her cunt was rarely licked by the same tongue two days in a row. The younger nuns here were too innocent, too stupid, and too obedient to provide enough resistance to her – she had every single one of them too terrified of her to do anything but obey in silence. Several of the veteran nuns had likewise fallen under her control the same way the others had, but while there was still some resistance there it didn’t trouble her… none of Sister Ester’s group of prudish doubters were a threat to her anymore. She had been using them to help administer the young one’s punishments for weeks now along with Cecilia, and the chance of any of those girls going to one of their tormentors for help seemed impossible to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had indeed discovered god… and that deity existed only in the mirror. Let the sluts worship their new goddess.

Still, though, she didn’t yet have everything she wanted. While most of the younger, prettier sisters were no allies to the more veteran nuns any longer, that didn’t mean they were with her… and that was what Elizabeth wanted. What she had always wanted. A slave, true… but also a second.

The cries from the entry hall could barely be heard from down here, but they still could be heard… evidence that the cages were full of young, gullible nuns being punished for sins she had imagined. Adeline and Christine were in there right now… further tending to the crop of their growing hatred for one another that Elizabeth had sowed in the two red headed nuns. This time it was the noble Christine who was wearing the strapon, having tattled on her roommate for falling asleep while the two of them were supposed to be licking each other all night. Elizabeth had made sure to tell Adeline what she was being punished for and why, as well… it would no doubt well motivate her to come up with new, wonderful ideas of how to hurt the other woman back.

As fun as that process would be to watch, however, Elizabeth couldn’t… instead, she stood in the torture chamber in the cellar with a smile on her face, watching Catherine kneeling on the floor, trembling in her bondage and gag as Prudence washed her with a soaked rag. For what followed, she would need to look her absolute best.

“Is she not gorgeous?” said Elizabeth.

“She is a beautiful woman, Reverend Mother,” Prudence answered, voice meek. “It is a shame that she is such a sinner. Hopefully she will be saved by you like you have saved us.”

Prudence was the only other nun who even knew Catherine was here, because she was the only one stupid enough to buy Elizabeth’s transparent story of what had happened to the girl who arrived in the night… no one else could be allowed to know about her after the bandit queen hadn’t bothered to hide herself from the beautiful woman. Even if Prudence could get the truth through her thick head Elizabeth wasn’t sure if she would be much help to the captive woman – the dark-haired false nun couldn’t help but notice that Prudence was soaking wet as she cleaned the other woman, that her cheeks were horribly flushed and her lips trembled. At this point even the women that Elizabeth hadn’t already broken over her knee still had their minds well and truly warped by a nonstop flood of aphrodisiacs. Prudence’s own nipples twitched with desire and rivulets of her hot juices dripped from her cunt as she obediently washed the newcomer, and if Elizabeth wasn’t here even the empty-eyed dolt might have taken steps to please herself.

But amusing as that would be, Elizabeth had other plans.

“Oh, she will certainly be saved,” said Elizabeth, locking eyes with Catherine. “I know exactly what to do with her.” She smiled. Catherine had not been enjoying her stay at their homey little convent. Granted, she hadn’t been given all that much time to adapt, but Elizabeth could tell that Catherine was unlikely to be the type to ever really change, even if given years. She was more like Mercy, that way… but stronger, less fearful. She could be broken, perhaps broken completely, but Elizabeth thought she was too strong and inflexible a person to ever lie to herself about who she was, and what she wanted. Elizabeth would never be able to turn her into a willing pet with any modicum of independence… At best, she could teach the perfect specimen tied up on her floor to obey in order to save herself from pain.

Her body showed the weeks of attention that Elizabeth had put into her. Scratches and bruises marred her perfect body in more places than one, despite Elizabeth’s best efforts to avoid them. Her cunt glistened with unwilling arousal from the drugs and her captor’s sapphic attentions… but at least her skin was clean now. Despite her rather humiliating predicament, however, the fierce anger in her blazing eyes was in no way diminished from how it had been on the first night she arrived. In fact, it seemed to Elizabeth that the more indignities she faced, the stronger she became. Except… “That will be enough, Prudence,” Elizabeth said. “She is clean.”

“Are you certain, Reverend Mother?” Prudence asked.

The aroused tone said it all. The big-titted slut was enjoying this. Touching the perfect, bound angel right before her in whatever way she could, and Elizabeth smirked. “You would not like to spend more time having to touch this filthy sinner’s body than necessary, would you?”

Prudence rose instantly and lowered her head. “No, Reverend Mother. Of course not. I only-”

“Good,” Elizabeth cut her off. “Now go and fetch Alana as you’ve been instructed.”

She waited for the curvy little cow to wander off and then she crouched before Catherine’s defiant face. “You are stubborn, aren’t you?” Elizabeth said with a smile. Catherine’s round and full breast received a stroke from the back of Elizabeth’s hand. As soon as the silky flesh touched her nipple, she groaned, averted her gaze, and writhed with disgust in her bonds. “Don’t tell me you prefer to be touched by that idiot over me. I take that as an insult. Or does it bother you to know that I take pleasure in touching you so?” Elizabeth laughed, her smile broadening. “You think that if you resist me then you can stop me from getting what I want. But here’s the thing, my beautiful, young Cathy… this isn’t about you. This has never been about you.”

The fingers tantalizingly stroked the nipple which was hardening in spite of Catherine’s aversion to lesbian contact. No matter how disgusting she may have found it, she could not go against every instinct in her body. A woman trapped on her own with no one to save her and with the possibility of great torment or death knew that there was only one thing to surrender to preserve herself. That her body was the only thing of value she possessed.

Smirking in the firelight, Elizabeth leaned forward and pressed her lips against Catherine’s cheek in a kiss that was almost loving. “Whatever you’re praying to or hoping for, let me assure you… you’re damned, my dear. You’ve been damned since the moment you walked into my door.” To make the point a little clearer, Elizabeth pinched the hardened nipple and twisted it as hard as she could. The beautiful woman was gagged, but the splendidly agonized look on her face spoke more of her pain than any shriek ever could. Her toes wiggled with such desperation that Elizabeth could barely resist kissing and playing with them, laughing in sheer joy as she played with the other woman’s perfect body.

Just as she was considering whether or not to give the woman’s other nipple the same treatment Elizabeth heard the door at the top of the stairs groan open, and a few seconds later Alana came down the stairs, her bare feet slapping audibly against the cold stone. Prudence guided the unseeing woman from behind. The young novitiate, too, was recently washed, and she smelled sweet. Like a bride to be she had interwoven spring flowers through her hair in a delightful way that only added to the innocence of her slender form. The silken red blindfold tied across her eyes, so much more gentle than the usual rags torn from unused habits, only accentuated the paleness, soft skin of her young body. Some things, however, no amount of cleaning could make go away. She still had hundreds of welts across her skin from Elizabeth needing to punish her. One corner of Alana’s lips were still chapped from how long she’d spent licking her the other day. She had bruises, especially on her hips where the harness she’d been using so often rode on her, and on her kneels from how long she’d spent on them, fucking other girls at her Sister Superior’s command. No amount of cleaning up could hide that she had been put to hard use… and would be put to more of it.

Elizabeth almost fell in love again, just looking at her.

“You may leave us, Prudence,” she said, all but licking her lips as she looked at the beautiful, angelic girl.

“Are you sure, Reverend Mother?” Prudence asked.

Elizabeth all but growled. “The next time you ask me that, I will have you flogged.”

Prudence giggled and gasped in such a way that it was hard to say if she dreaded or relished that fact. “I shall tend to my duties, then…”

Alana said nothing while the more veteran nun went away… she simply stood straight and all tall as she could, like Elizabeth’s bravest and most capable warrior… Which she had, in fact, become. “Do you know why I’ve summoned you, Alana?”

“I suspect you have another sinner for me to tame, Reverend Mother…” she said matter-of-factly.

That wasn’t unreasonable. It was the reason for the vast majority of the times she gave the other woman orders, after all. By now, she had pounded one of those strap-ons into every single novitiate nun here, and a few of the softer, weaker full sisters. It wasn’t exactly wrong, either… Elizabeth had called her to do something like that. That was why she had made it such a habit for her formerly-innocent, young plaything. That she would know it as normal. Elizabeth circled around the young beauty, checking her from every angle. Catherine, she noticed, was staring almost as hard as Elizabeth was – so stunned by the sight of her sister and the way she presented herself fully naked and almost militaristic in her stance that she only could look on in equal parts horror and puzzlement.

Elizabeth stopped and placed a finger on Alana’s neck. She traced it down the fine white skin that covered her collarbone and then made playful circles around her nipples. They were hardened for her too, and the tiny beads of wetness along the length of her perfectly sealed pussy lips glittered deliciously.

“Yes…” Elizabeth purred. “There is another one among us I want you to punish. A fiend who has come here to try to tempt you, specifically, astray.”

“Me?” Alana whispered quietly.

“Indeed,” the sister superior said with a wicked smile she didn’t bother to hide from the blindfolded woman. “I’ve dealt with her for the time being. She is bound, and helpless… and now I require your assistance to teach her the error of her ways. To put her in her place. Do you understand what I mean?”

Elizabeth ran her fingers between Alana’s legs, and slid one of them right between the lips of her precious little cunt… one that had never known the touch of a man, and if she had her way it never would. “Of course,” Alana gasped as Elizabeth’s fingers came away soaking wet. “I-I will destroy her for you, Reverend Mother.”

Catherine’s eyebrows shot up at those words. Elizabeth giggled, both at her reaction and with sheer joy at Alana’s response. “Oh, I know you will, Alana. I’ve seen your faithful zeal growing over the last few weeks, my child. You are my greatest warrior… and I am very proud of you…” She slowly pulled her fingers away from the woman’s swollen clit with one final caress, leaving the other woman already breathing hard. “Now. Allow me…”

Elizabeth padded over to the corner of the room and raised the strap-on for the session, judging it. It was a brutal shaft… not just long but also thick, with carefully crafted bumps of differing sizes that would elicit a reaction from Catherine as they went through her tight cunt. The wood was left slightly rough and textured, and the thought of how it would interact with her silky smooth insides caused a shudder of arousal to go through Elizabeth. It wasn’t as damaging as some of the ones Cecilia had carved, but it would be plenty painful… and require little enough additional effort for Alana to fuck her with, ensuring she could go for as long as Elizabeth wanted.

She walked back, stride confident, and she pressed it and the harness into Alana’s hands. “Put it on.”

As Alana dutifully tied up the straps of the harness and got ready with the ease of long practice, even blind, Elizabeth went over to Catherine and adjusted her to her new position: face-down, ass-up. In the moment while Elizabeth could still see her gorgeous eyes, the tearful, burning hatred reflected in them was so intense it almost caused her to freeze from the surge of arousal. What a beauty she was. Elizabeth could enjoy this stubborn, prideful, resistant cunt for years, and for a moment she was tempted to keep her all to herself… but no. She would be generous.

Elizabeth finished chaining her down to the rings in the floor just as Alana finished up and took a tentative step forward, then reached out and found the curve of Catherine’s ass. The older sister writhed in disgust at the touch, but there was nowhere to get away… she was held too solidly, unable to do much but squirm. There was nothing she could do to protect herself from her blinded sister now. “Shall I begin, Reverend Mother?”

Elizabeth smiled. “Proceed. And remember, Alana… as ever, this is not about your pleasure.”

“I know, Reverend Mother. I will remain blindfolded,” she said… not that that was going to do much for the drugged nun’s constant arousal.

“Do not mind the sounds she makes or how her body moves,” Elizabeth instructed firmly. “There is nowhere for her to go. Your task is to destroy her hubris… make her regret her prideful ways. You must be nemesis to her, the one that smites the resistance from her mind and body. Do you understand?”

Alana nodded with determination. “Yes, Reverend Mother. I will do it.”

 Elizabeth stood by for a few more moments and watched the beautiful Catherine gleefully as the process began. Alana brought the tip of the wooden cock against her sister’s unyielding virgin cunt, the cunt that Elizabeth had allowed to remain untouched for the weeks she had been here, and began attempting to shove herself inside. She met immediate resistance from the curvy brunette, the gagged woman groaning with furious discomfort as she sought to avoid what was happening to her at any cost. Alana, however, had been trained well – she had practiced this with all of her fellow sisters by now, and her strength hardened over the months since Elizabeth had taken her under wing. More importantly, however, her mind had been hardened. Where before she might have held back and been less effective for fear of hurting the other woman, now she worked her way forward with icy determination… pummeled the cruel dildo against her older sister’s cunt with a ferocity no man could match without hurting himself. The lifeless, wooden weapon attached to Alana’s pelvis, however, offered Catherine no such mercy, and the way she used that unbending rod to impale the lovely creature beneath her was nothing short of amazing to Elizabeth.

The moment the head found its way in, Catherine bit down on the gag and blinked tears from her eyes. A sheen of sweat already shone along the length of her perfect body as every inch of it struggled to get free. What a lovely sight… but she needed to give her perfect protege some time to work. With a final caress of the blinded beauty’s shoulders, Elizabeth left the two incestuous lovers together, already thinking how to occupy her mind… and take care of the heat between her legs.


Elizabeth needed to spend some time elsewhere and give Alana some time to work unsupervised… it was important she continued of her own volition, so Elizabeth couldn’t be there. Thankfully, it hadn’t taken her long to settle on the perfect way to spend her time. The thought of what was going on just downstairs was making her drip, so she had simply walked to one of the novice nun’s rooms, grabbed its occupant by her hair, and dragged her off. This convent was quickly just becoming a banquet of pussy for the domineering Sister Superior, a massive spread of variety and quality that she could pick whatever she felt like from among. Today, it was Mercy… and as she dragged the broken, pathetic little thing to her chambers she hadn’t even struggled anymore. Instead, she had just cried.

Now she had been sitting on her bed with Mercy’s face between her spread, and the well-tamed slavegirl had already brought her to two orgasms and was working on a third when there was a knock on the door. Elizabeth sighed in exasperation. “What?!” she growled out, eager to get whatever stupid need Prudence had out of the way so she could get on with cumming.

“Missive from the church, Reverend Mother,” a voice said… a male voice.

Elizabeth grinned. She shoved Mercy to the side with one bound, and rose up, smoothing her habit back down to cover herself. Then she stood and walked to the door, unlocking it, and smiling. Richard stood there, the skinny man’s face twisted in his own smile… a smile that only grew wider as he saw the naked nun curled up on the floor by the bed. “Well well well,” Richard said, scratching the side of his face where some stubble accumulated. “You know, I’ve seen you pull off some impressive cons, Elizabeth. I’ve been running errands for you for a few months now, popping in and out, so I knew you hadn’t been discovered… and even so I still can’t quite believe it. You really have this place wrapped around your finger, don’t you?”

“Very nearly,” Elizabeth said with a smirk. “Soon, we’ll have it completely. Did you get the men?”

He nodded. “As you requested. I picked the most competent of them, and brought them here. I’m setting them up in the stables.”

“Perfect,” Elizabeth thrilled. “Good work.”

“So, what is the plan here anyway?” Richard said. “I can see this job has some perks…” the bandit leered again at the nude Mercy, “but how do we convert this into cash?”

“I have a few ideas,” Elizabeth said confidently. “A few things I’d considered before, but never had an opportunity for… we never had a secure base of operations before. I’ll fill you all in tomorrow, I have some other plans for today.”

“So I see…” Richard said with a lustful chuckle, his eyes once again fixing on the young, naked nun. The traumatized, broken little thing didn’t even seem to realize that there was a new witness to her torment, and a man at that… save for the slow shaking of her sobs she hadn’t moved since she had curled up into a ball. “Big plans. Do I get to watch?”

Elizabeth hesitated. She had no issue with her men watching… It was a good way to keep them satisfied without the fact that she was a woman among criminals getting in the way. She felt a momentary flash of possessive aversion to the idea, however… she had been the one to take the raw metal that had been Mercy and hammer her into her current state. With a small sigh, she dismissed her hesitation… like an artist bidding farewell to a finished project. “I think you should get to do more than watch,” Elizabeth said, putting a smile back on her face. Moving with effortless predatory grace she strutted back to her back, pulling her habit off over her head. Then she turned to Mercy and kicked the crying girl. “And you… stop being a lazy layabout and get that cute face of yours back between my thighs.” Elizabeth grabbed a fistful of the skinny girl’s hair and pulled her up. “If people can’t hear you licking and slurping from out in the hall, you’re not doing good enough of a job!”

Elizabeth, cheeks still flushed with the excitement of her last orgasm, spread her legs, exposing her glistening pussy for Mercy like she’d done so often before. She put one hand on her breast, caressing it softly before sliding downward over her flat belly to between her legs, and her fingers parted her wet cunt’s outer lips. On her other hand, she crooked a finger in an unmistakable ‘come hither’ gesture. “Get to work, sister… show my friend what I’ve taught you about using that precocious tongue of yours.”

The skinny brunette cried, but she obediently lowered her face down to the nexus between her mistress’s legs. Elizabeth sighed happily, nodding to Richard as she placed one firm hand on Mercy’s head and insistently urged her closer, forcing her lips fully into contact with her wet, eager center. Mercy did not resist, closing her leaking eyes in shame as she worked her lips and tongue, her body trembling with fear. Mercy really could not be more different than Alana, Elizabeth considered, and for all her similarities she couldn’t be much more different from Catherine either. Mercy was as disgusted at the idea of this sapphic worship as Catherine, but while the rage and disgust never left that angelic woman’s eyes, Mercy just looked pathetic and miserable, obeying instantly with only a small shudder to reveal what was left of her intense revulsion. Alana was at least as terrified of Elizabeth’s anger and punishment as Mercy was, but where her fear destroyed Mercy and turned her into little but an empty-headed, obedient object, it had turned Alana into a well-motivated, equally obedient weapon. Each of them had a role to play. Mercy, by contrast, wasn’t good for much but this anymore.

Again, Elizabeth pressed her head down and Mercy obeyed, parting her lips to allow her tongue to lap at Elizabeth’s exposed, slick folds, and the slight flush of her face was all that revealed her shame at the taste of the other woman’s juices on her tongue. “That’s it, pretty little thing… lick me. Reward me for hurting you. You know that satisfying me is only going to mean I get to whatever I have in store for you next, and you’re going to do it anyway, aren’t you? That’s wise… unlike your sisters, I have nothing that holds me back from ruining you if you anger me.” The bandit queen continued whispering the degrading words to Mercy as she worked, and her words ripped another heart-rending sobs from the captive novitiate’s mouth, but this wasn’t really for her benefit… It was for Richard’s. Elizabeth wanted him to understand the way she had broken this one, the way she intended to train most of them. Elizabeth kept Mercy’s nearly limp head in place with one hand, grinding her hips against the nun’s trembling lips and desperately lapping tongue, and she moaned as Mercy’s quivering tongue found her clit and caressed it. “Richard, kick her. Drive your foot up between her legs… I want to hear her scream against my pussy!”

“Gladly!” The cruel man smiled, and he took a step forward and used it as a launching pad to drive his foot up between her spread legs. His kick landed with both a heavy thud and a wet, slapping noise, and he hit her hard enough that her hips lifted six inches up. The poor girl’s eye went wide and then she screamed, her body bucking forward in a feeble attempt to protect herself that only pressed her face more solidly Elizabeth’s wet cunt.

“Perfect!” Elizabeth laughed out loud as Mercy’s licking never stopped, despite the pain. As much as she admired the stronger victims, the ones she could make something of, there was a unique sort of beauty in smashing something delicate and brittle… and Mercy was showing she truly had no resistance left. She cherished the disgraced nun’s warm breath as it caressed her, looking down into her eyes as they sought her in a vain quest for protection that wasn’t going to come. “Yes… lick me whore. Use that precious tongue of yours well enough and maybe I won’t have to hurt you anymore… someday, anyway…” Elizabeth’s body arched once more. Although she was never easy to satisfy, Mercy’s desperate efforts, her nimble tongue licking on the false sister’s clit and the pitiful sobs she made were making Elizabeth breathe faster and faster. The dark haired woman moaned again and leaned backwards, almost pushing her cunt into Mercy’s still slurping mouth. With one swift move, she twisted one of her shapely, strong legs behind her, resting it on the back of the brunett’s neck while with the other pressed against her throat. Now, using her strong legs like scissors, she tugged her head forward by the hair… choking Mercy even as she forced her to continue eating her out.

The pathetic little thing opened her eyes wide in shock and tried to gasp for air, and that resulted only in her sucking on Elizabeth’s wet cunt even more desperately. “Isn’t that precious?” Elizabeth let out a soft, almost breathless laugh as she watched the slender girl struggle to lick while she bucked between her legs, never stopping her worship of her mistress’s cunt even as she struggled for air. Almost as quickly as she grabbed the girl, Elizabeth released the hold, finally allowing the pretty little clitlicker to gasp a breath… with her face still pressed firmly against her captor’s pussy. She held Mercy’s hair with bond hands now, pulling her forward, burying the crying victim’s face so firmly against her groin it was like she was trying to pull the other woman’s head inside of her. “Worship me,” Elizabeth gasped and moaned as she felt Mercy’s tongue doing its magic. “Worship your goddess.”

“God damn that’s hot,” Richard gasped. “You really unmade her, didn’t you?”

“Why don’t you have a piece,” Elizabeth encouraged him, her voice heavy, trembling with barely-controlled lust. She would not last much longer like this… the touch of Mercy’s incredibly desperate tongue combined with her desperate sobbing was driving her towards her peak. “Do you hear that, you little freak? I’m going to make your dreams come true. You get to finally be the worthless little boyfucker you’ve always wanted to be.”

Richard didn’t need to be asked twice. He took off his pants, and Elizabeth looked away as the man stroked the disgusting cock hard as he approached the miserable brunette nun from behind. The tooth-gapped man watched her trembling ass for a moment, clearly considering which hole to use. When he finally decided, a broad grin appeared on his face and he knelt down behind her, his large, calloused hands gripping her hips as he began to press forward. Surprised, Mercy froze. When she did, Elizabeth strengthened her grip on Mercy’s head, grinning down at her panicking eyes. “That’s right, little doll. You’re about to become a nasty man’s little cocksleeve… but don’t you think for an instant that means you can stop working on my sweet pussy, Mercy. Don’t you dare.” She shuddered as Mercy’s tongue resumed work once again, brushing against yet another sensitive spot with her lips practically glued to her pussy even as her body shook with sobs.

Behind her, Richard grinned savagely as he began to force his cockhead into Mercy’s warm and still tight cunt, hearing her muffled cries against Elizabeth’s pussy. “Hmmm… she’s swollen. You haven’t been neglecting this tight little quim,” he grunted out. “You been plowing her every night?”

“Not me,” Elizabeth purred. “I’ll… show you who. Soon. Now no more talk… I’m about to cum, and the last thing I want to hear is your voice, Richard.” The bandit queen shuddered in utter joy, shaking almost violently. “Just… fuck her hard! Rape her! Make her suffer!” Elizabeth screamed in the throes of ecstasy. Holding the poor bard’s head tightly, she pressed her hips forward, grinding her crotch into Mercy’s crying, miserable face, feeling the novitiate’s tongue tremble as the pain spiked in her pussy from her man’s effort behind her.

Richard’s fingers dug into Mercy’s soft skin, his hips working back and forth, settling into a rhythm of hard, punishing thrusts that brought new cries forth from Mercy’s throat whenever he pushed in deep… cries that Elizabeth treasured. “Oh yes… oh yes…” Elizabeth whispered breathlessly, “I can feel him fucking you. This is what you wanted? This is what you thought was better than me?” She reached down to pinch her nose, making her squeal right into her pussy. “Now you’re getting raped just like you deserve… and your tongue… it feels so good when you’re crying…” She moaned long and loud, so close to her climax now. Richard knew it, too… he fucked her harder, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh barely noticed by Elizabeth as she started to peak. Mercy could probably barely concentrate on pleasuring Elizabeth, and her tongue lapped aimlessly at the demanding pussy while she wailed and cried bitterly… but this was hardly the first time the sister superior had forced her to eat her out while she suffered. If Elizabeth had her way, Mercy would be crying and screaming each and every time she ate her cunt.

The sheer stimulation of Mercy’s cries, her face pressed into her crotch, and the knowledge that the nun she had broken and was now condemning to a life of suffering was the one doing it… that was enough to send Elizabeth over the edge. “Right… RIGHT there!” she growled, pressing Mercy’s head into her crotch as hard as she could while the orgasm shook her. She didn’t care even a little that she cut off the other woman’s air while she rode out the waves – her legs scissoring on her neck, and both her mouth and nose too pressed against her to suck in a breath. When she’d finally finished and released the crying nun Mercy was close to fainting, gulping in greedy mouthfuls of air, her face wet with tears and Elizabeth’s juices… and Richard was only just finishing up inside of her, grunting ferociously.

“She’s fantastic,” Richard gasped out, slapping her ass as he pulled out and finally let her slump down to the floor.

“She’s average,” Elizabeth said with a smile, still a little breathless and gloriously weak from a fantastic orgasm. “I have a dozen like her… and soon I’ll have more. I think the men deserve a reward for their loyalty, don’t you? Why don’t you take Mercy with you to the stables?”

“No!” Mercy cried out. An actual protest from the nun shocked Elizabeth a little and she looked down at the slender brunette with a quirked eyebrow. “Please Mistress… don’t let them all rape me!” she sobbed out, tears running down her cheek. “Please… haven’t… haven’t you had enough? Haven’t you ruined me enough?” Mercy sobbed, curling into a fetal position.

Elizabeth smirked. “Oh, did you suddenly realize you prefer my quim to cock?” she laughed. “I’m afraid it’s far too late for that, my dear. You’ll spend the rest of your life serving both… and how long, and how painless, that life is will depend on how well you do it.” She nodded to Richard. “I have something to get back to.”

Richard nodded, reached down, and grabbed Mercy by her hair. He effortlessly pulled her up to her knees, shoving her face just inches from his cock stained in her juices. “Don’t mind me. I’ll make her clean up what she started… then I’ll make sure the men are seen to.”

“Good man,” Elizabeth said, putting the habit back on and straightening her clothing with some effort. It was nowhere near perfect, but this close to her goal she couldn’t be asked to delay any longer. “And Richard? Good job.”

The last thing she heard before the door closed behind her was Mercy’s whimpering sobs suddenly cut off with a gagging sound. Then she heard nothing else.

By the time Elizabeth returned to the dungeon beneath the convent several hours had passed and the sun had gone down… and Alana was still at work. Just the way Elizabeth had hoped her lovely warrior-angel would be. The young nun was coated in a sheet of sweat and her muscles shook with exhaustion but even so she was still fucking her older sister with a relentless and irresistible speed, her rhythm – and conscience – completely unbothered by the agonized grunts or the miserable sobs that poured from the gagged woman beneath her.

Elizabeth put a hand on Alana’s shoulder, slowing her to a stop. “How are you holding up?” Elizabeth asked, raising a clay mug of water to the beautiful blonde’s parched lips.

Alana held her hands fastened to Catherine’s waist and pumped into her, the pussy-splitting cock still wedged deep inside of her. She swallowed several times, and had to work her mouth a few times before her words came out sounding like something human. “I am well, Reverend Mother. I am able to continue.”

Elizabeth stroked the side of her face affectionately. She might be… but was her sister? The false nun stepped around to look Catherine in her eyes… difficult as that was. Her rough treatment had slicked her hair to her face in a dozen places, and she was almost as soaked from exertion as her younger sister was even though she had merely needed to lay there and take it. The fury from before was still in those eyes… it was diminished now, replaced by exhaustion and humiliation, but it was still there. “You poor thing,” whispered Elizabeth, indignantly caressing her silken locks of brown hair. “Has she made you cum yet? How many times?”

That kindled her fury again… her eyes blazed for an instant and she glared at Elizabeth. It only lasted a moment, though, before the exhausted woman sagged down and squeezed her eyes shut again, a new tear dripping down her cheek. “Shhh,” said Elizabeth. “You needn’t be ashamed. It’s only natural. It feels good… that’s all that matters. So what if it’s a woman? What you need to understand now is that your body belongs to this convent… and that means your soft skin, your gentle lips, your round ass and lovely tits and those perfect, sensitive nipples of yours? They are all my property, to do with as I wish. And what I wish… is this.”

Elizabeth gave her a mocking little kiss on the forehead and then stood up. “No need for more, my pet. Get up.”

With stiff, mechanical movements that would have suited a windmill better than a woman, Alana rose, stepped back and pulled the wooden cock out of her sister. Juices dripped from it readily… and with what appeared to be traces of watered-down blood. Poor Catherine, thought Elizabeth with a smirk. “You’ve done very well, my Alana,” she praised the other woman.

“Thank you, Reverend Mother,” Alana’s voice was still hesitant, breathless… but Elizabeth could hear something else beneath it. A hint of lust. “Has she been taught her place?”

Elizabeth smiled. The lost little lesbian had been drugged for more months now, kept in an almost permanent state of denial. The only opportunity for orgasm she had been would have been while Elizabeth was raping her with a strap-on, and the false nun had been careful to keep that from happening… and that meant that spending so much time touching such a perfect body, smelling her own arousal and the cunt juices of her sister, had combined with her exhaustion to make her quite desperate. Weeks ago, while mocking Mercy, she had told the skinny bitch that Alana was going to be given a choice that Mercy was too worthless to receive herself. That she could choose to rape whoever Elizabeth wanted her to, or Elizabeth could use her the way she had used Mercy, and rape her bloody on one of Cecilia’s sadistic strapons… and that they would see which way she preferred. Now it was time.

“Very nearly, child,” Elizabeth assured her. “Very nearly. You see, I brought you here for a reason… chose you for this task for a reason. You have been a very good girl, Alana.”

“Thank you, Reverend Mother,” she said, pressing her blindfolded face against Elizabeth’s hand as she ran it through her damp blonde hair.

“The reason I brought you here, Alana… is that good girls are rewarded.” She pressed her fingers down beneath the strapon and drove her index finger to the knuckle in her dripping pussy. Alana couldn’t have gasped more if Elizabeth had actually stabbed her… her whole body shook, and only by wrapping her other arm around her was Elizabeth able to keep the young nun on her feet. “So needy, Alana…” she said, slowly pumping her finger in and out of the angelic blonde, enjoying the way her rapid, shuddering breaths made her tits heave. “You’ve done so much that I wanted for me… now it’s time I gift you something you want.”

Elizabeth pulled her fingers out, parting them and smiling at the way Alana’s juices left a juicy line between them. She dragged them up and pushed them between Alana’s parted lips, and her smile spread when she didn’t even need to suggest to her pet that she lick them clean. “Wait here…” she whispered breathlessly. “Wait here, and all your dreams will come true.”

As soon as she was sure that Alana would stand on her own, Elizabeth turned her attention back to Catherine.

Her strong fingers move quickly, untying the bonds holding the perfect woman down. Her limbs were the most free they had been in days now, and Elizabeth wondered for a moment if silly Cathy would struggle… but she was so weakened by the hours-long rape, and her long-restrained limbs were so numb, that she barely even twitched as Elizabeth turned her over onto her back and tied her back down with her legs spread.

“We are ready,” Elizabeth announced. She grabbed Alana by the wrist and brought her over to her older sister. The blindfolded girl had no idea what she was doing as Elizabeth guided her to stand over her sister, and effortlessly pulled the strap-on harness from her apprentice. She softly kissed her way down the indentations the leather had made in Alana’s skin, almost all the way to her cunt. Instead of kissing that, however, she just breathed on it, and smirked at the way even that tiny touch made her sway like she was going to fall down.

Elizabeth knelt down after that and ran her hands one last time over Catherine… possessing her fully for what she hoped would be the final time she was hers to do with as she pleased. Her thighs, her ass, her hips, and then both of those perfect breasts… they all felt Elizabeth’s claiming hands. She was so perfect, so lovely… a flawless prize. Elizabeth shuddered at the thought of the misery that would define the rest of beautiful young Catherine’s life. The perfect woman had such a sinful body just made for breeding that denying her to men almost seemed like a sacrilegious dirty gesture in and of itself. As her eyes traced along Catherine’s soft breasts, wide hips, and full thighs, Elizabeth could only think that a woman with a perfect body like this should get on her knees and thank God every day.

But the only God here was Elizabeth… and she found nothing sinful about putting this perfect body to the real use it was meant for.

Finally, the false nun caressed the captive woman’s face in a dark mirror of how she had pet Alana earlier. Then, moving rapidly, she took Catherine’s gag off.

There was still a tiny doubt in Elizabeth’s mind as she removed the gag. It was possible that Catherine would say something to give the game up… even a word in her voice might be enough. Elizabeth didn’t think she would. It was crystal clear to her at this point that Catherine had her pride. That she didn’t want Alana to know. After all, what good older sister ended up getting fucked by her lesbian baby sister? Even so, Elizabeth feared that the beautiful bitch might be desperate enough to speak even if it meant sacrificing the little dignity she had left. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. In the time it took for Elizabeth’s palm to clamp tightly over her mouth, the only thing she did was gasp in a breath of air. Then any further sounds were moans into her hand, joining the salty tears that caressed her fingers.

“Now, Alana?” Elizabeth purred, looking directly into Catherine’s eyes. “Sit down.”

Cathy’s eyes went wide… and to Elizabeth that shocked instant seemed to drag on for an eternity. In her mind’s eye, Elizabeth saw her sister’s expression, what she had looked like as the knife had slid between Lily’s ribs. She had betrayed Elizabeth, just like Catherine hadn’t been there for Alana like it really counted… and now she was paying for it. Her shocked look vanished, covered by Alana as she sank down, and Elizabeth removed her hand a bare instant before Alana’s soaked pussy replaced it. Clearly the laughably innocent little fool had had no idea that this was coming, and it filled Elizabeth with a sense of regret that she had wasted her traitor of a sister’s life in her shock and rage… that she had never felt Lily’s tongue on her and made her pay for her betrayal. To the false sister, it was Lily’s horrified moan that was muted by Alana’s pussy… and it was beautiful.

Alana certainly thought so… the novice nun gasped at the feeling of those vibrations “That’s right, my pet… use your weight. Press yourself down on top of her,” Elizabeth whispered to her student. “You need to take command and really dominate this demonic whore.”

Alana did as told, and that led to another horrible cry beneath her cunt. Catherine began to thrash violently, trying her absolute best to get her sister’s pussy off of her face. Elizabeth was ready to clasp a hand down over her mouth if she got out from under her sister… but to Alana’s credit the blindfolded amateur dominatrix held her down with resolve… leaning down and pushing down on her body with her own hands, refusing to be dislodged.

Elizabeth rose and grabbed one of the many-tailed whips from the wall and pressed it onto her young disciple’s hands. “You’re going to need this, pet,” she said, voice husky. “The whore needs to be taught her place.”

Then she pulled the blindfold off.

Alana blinked several times, her eyes adjusting to the dim light after hours in complete darkness. After she did, however, those beautiful blue eyes focused immediately at the very image of voluptuous beauty that she was seated upon with clear desire. It had been weeks since Elizabeth saw much emotion in those young eyes beyond a steely determination and flashes of fearful obedience, but she saw need there now… a lust powerful enough to override any other thought. As she unknowingly straddled her older sister’s face, her young pussy pressed against the closed lips of her mouth, Alana’s eyes wandered across the stunning body lying on the floor before her that kept jerking to get away, and with each gasp of pleasure the struggle brought her that glow of lust in her eyes grew stronger.

Elizabeth didn’t know if Catherine was even thinking about escape, or struggling, or anything at all that her body was doing. It was probably just the sheer disgust from the incestuous lesbian oral sex being forced on the utterly straight girl that triggered her reflexive attempt to squirm free. Regardless, it gave Elizabeth a perfect excuse. “She is showing you right now that she doesn’t know her place,” Elizabeth growled, the anger in her tone drawing Alana’s wide eyes the way a lantern drew moths. “Teach her. Make her stop.”

It only took Alana a moment to realize what she needed to do. When Elizabeth had met her a short four months ago, the shy little blonde would have been too soft-hearted to do anything but cower. Months and months of hurting her, and having her hurt others to make the pain stop, had killed that girl. The Alana that was left raised the whip and brought it down across her older sister’s body. “Enough!” she said. “Stop it!”

There was a hiss of pain from underneath her as well with painful undulations going through the full curves on display. Rather than stopping, Catherine moved even more frantically. Her large breasts flopped around, a moving target. The sight of it all raised not only Elizabeth’s arousal but her bloodlust. She struggled to contain her desire to grab that whip and torment her, slicing into that perfect soft skin with harsh leather, whipping her raw and bloody until she followed her every order…

But this was Alana’s show… so, instead, Elizabeth pressed herself against Alana and whispered into the ear of the young angel. “Do it again,” she purred. “Make this slut yours in every way. Only once this sinful, disgusting thing has been bound to you in complete submission can you begin to mold her into something worthy of God’s love. Have her open your mouth and pleasure you. If she wants to have this perfect body… if she wants to present herself as a slut before the world… then should she not be used as one?”

Alana listened to the words, her breath growing faster. “Yes, Reverend Mother,” she gasped out.

“Not Reverend Mother,” Elizabeth said gently, her hand turning the other woman’s face and directing Alana’s eyes towards her. “Mistress.”

Another gasp, another squirming of her hips instinctively rubbing her needy cunt against her sister’s face, and Alana all but cried the words out. “Yes mistress!” she cried.

“Then break her,” Elizabeth commanded… and the noirette watched with pride as her young student turned her attention back to the flawless blank of sapphic clay beneath her, raised the whip up, and brought it back down across her sister’s writhing body. “Again!” she commanded.

“Stay still!” Alana yelled. The crack of the whip resounded in the dungeon as it collided with the whorish body beneath Alana. Already, Elizabeth savored the fiery red marks each blow was leaving behind, and from the way Alana stared at them she likewise seemed almost hypnotized. She did not stop squirming, though.

“She is stubborn,” Elizabeth said, a hint of a growl in the words. “You are being too merciful, Alana. In order to make a filthy succubus like this obey, you must hit her weak points…” As she spoke, she moved to the other side of Catherine and momentarily lowered herself between her spread legs. Her cunt shone, and now that the dildo wasn’t churning everything Elizabeth could clearly see a few trickles of blood from where her pussy had been rubbed raw, but what mattered most was that it was nearly crimson it was so inflamed. She ran her tongue over it, enjoying the way Catherine jerked. Alana, in turn, gasped a second later… The reaction from the girl beneath the young lesbian had pleased her.

The ropes holding her to the floor kept her motionless despite her struggles, and Elizabeth could use two fingers to spread Catherine’s silky lips open, presenting her precious cunt to her little sister in a new way. Smirking proudly as she looked upon her work, Elizabeth placed the tip of her finger against Catherine’s sensitive and swollen clitoris. “Strike here,” she commanded. “For a woman like you, this is a source of pleasure. For worthless trollops like this, however, it is a sorcery to make even the most stubborn whore obey.”

Elizabeth leaned back out of the reach of the whip. Alana gulped, a part of her perhaps aware of how perverse the agony she was about to deliver would be. As her hand went up, Elizabeth could almost sense a sliver of hesitation. The sight of Elizabeth’s expectant blue eyes combined with the obvious pleasure she felt at the movement beneath her hips, however, and hardened her resolve… and a moment later, Alana brought the whip down with all the force her slender arm could produce.

The delightful sound of the crack striking those young pussy lips was followed a bare second later by a muted shriek from beneath Alana, and it seemed to Elizabeth that the pleasure that vibration caused stole the last of her doubts. As her sister cried out in pain underneath Alana, the young sister only raised her arm again. “Part your lips, devilspawn! Part them!” she gasped out, and then she cracked the whip against the weeping cunt again. This time, it drew a few specks of blood.


It was easy to tell when Catherine opened her mouth because Alana began to ride her older sister, moving back and forth, grinding her young pussy against those tender lips. “I-I-I…” she gasped, breathless. “This… this is…”

“Would it feel better if she pushed her tongue into you?” Elizabeth suggested idly, slipping her hand beneath her habit and fingering herself as she watched the show.

“O-oh god yes!” she gasped out.

“Then why don’t you make her?” the false nun said with a smile. “I believe you know how by now…”

“Yes!” Alana cried out, her whole body trembling as she brought the whip down again. “Tongue out! Tongue out!” Crack. *Tongue out!” Crack, her hips squirming on top of Catherine’s face. “Yes… further in! Further!”

As Elizabeth noticed her sweet eyes rolling back in ecstasy, she knew that Catherine was dutifully licking her student’s cunt. “Is this whore doing what you ordered her to do, my child?”

“Yes, Reverend Mother!” Alana gasped. “Yes…”

Elizabeth rose and walked over to her, wrapping an arm around the young nun’s torso. “You need to hit her harder, my dear Alana. You need to make her scream. Does it not feel much better when she screams?”

Alana glanced at her in a way that seemed half-amazed, half-grateful. The cruel little thing desired much the same but had been ashamed to take the steps on her own. Now with Elizabeth’s blessing, Alana lashed Catherine with the whip again, recklessly this time, bringing down a rain of agony by sending the whip in every kind of direction that made any attempt by Catherine to protect herself completely useless. “Use your tongue! Faster! Faster! Drink up my water and purify yourself!” she screamed.

The cracks of the whip sounded almost like thunder to Elizabeth. As Alana became increasingly aroused, it was clear to Elizabeth that her whipping was not really even connected to her demands anymore. She wasn’t whipping Catherine’s slutty body to get it to perform a certain action, anymore… but just because she drew pleasure from the woman’s cries of pain inside her pussy, and she took any excuse to go on with the torment.

It was that… but it was more than that, too. The groans and grunts of Catherine transformed into suppressed screams and shrieks. The disgust may have overwhelmed her before, but the pain she experienced now must have robbed her of any thought towards the indignity of it all. She lapped up at Alana’s pussy like an obedient slave hoping to please her and avoid the lash of the dreaded whip longer, but Alana hit her like an animal all the same, without real rhyme or reason – simply because she could. Alana had spent so long suffering. Being hurt for Elizabeth’s amusement and learning her place. Enduring hours and hours of tormenting others at the cost of exhausting herself. She had suffered all of that… and now it was her turn to feel pleasure and make someone else suffer instead, and a part of her aroused, exhausted mind simply reveled in that.

And some choices, once made, could not be easily taken back.

Alana suddenly gasped and stopped. “R-Reverend Mother…” she stammered. “I–ahhh!~” Just like that, her apprentice had her first lesbian orgasm ever. She came shamefully, without any self-control… completely overwhelmed in the pleasure that was Elizabeth’s gift to her. She watched as the slender little angel’s body bucked and writhed, mouth open until Elizabeth felt she could count the individual teeth, and her eyes rolled back so far in her head that the false nun could only see white as the young, beautiful nun came with an impact like a falling star.

When the orgasm finally faded. Alana was breathing extremely hard, panting almost like a dog as she tried to catch her breath. “Oh… oh mistress… that was… that was…”

Elizabeth smiled. “Was that everything you had been hoping for since you were a girl, my little dyke?”

She kissed her way up Alana’s neck while her toy slowly got enough breath back to speak again. “…better…” she said at last.

“Then why. Don’t you. Do it again?” Elizabeth suggested in between kisses. “There is. No reason. You need to. Stop… She exists. To please you.” The bandit queen finished her string of kisses by pushing her tongue into Alana’s mouth for a few moments, tasting the breathless need on her tongue. “Today you may come as many times as you want, my pet. My gift to you. Keep going…”

Alana only hesitated a moment. Then the whip came down again.

Catherine, thinking that she was finished, and sobbing in disgust with her sister’s orgasm on her tongue, suddenly shrieked… but Alana didn’t hesitate. Rather than relenting because she had come already, Alana instead tightened her hold over her older sister, trapping the latter’s head with her strong thighs while she rode her. “Ahhh! It’s so good! More!” The whip came down. “More!” Again. “More. more, more!”

Elizabeth watched, amused and aroused, as her apprentice got off again and again. By the time her muscles were so limp that she couldn’t hold herself up anymore and her orgasm lead to her flopping half over into Elizabeth’s arms she had cum too many times for Elizabeth to remember… and the flawlessly white body she had started with beneath her was now an abused mess of flesh crimson welts. Nothing that wouldn’t heal in a few days, thankfully, but enough red marks that even Elizabeth wasn’t sure how Catherine could have withstood it all without passing out.

Alana shook uncontrollably as she remained seated on Catherine’s face, her body wrecked by so many orgasms that her mind was no longer fully there. “My child,” said Elizabeth, gently taking her by the hand. “Are you well?”

The voice that came back was dreamy. “Mistress… I…”

Like a concerned mother, Elizabeth raised her up and gave her a kiss on the temple. “You’ve done very well, my pet…”

“Thank you, Mistress,” she whispered… and in that voice she heard the truth. That Alana would gladly help her brutalize and tame a thousand other nuns for Elizabeth. That she would be Elizabeth’s perfect little sadistic warrior, her weapon of wrath against those who would deny her their bodies. That she would do all of it for just the promise of another night like this one some day in the future.

It was sweet… and doubly so because the precious, lovely little thing had no idea that it wasn’t even necessary.

“You did well putting this miserable tart in her place,” Elizabeth praised her. “I think you brought her closer to the only true God she should be worshiping today. You should take a look and see the effect you’ve had.”

Alana tried to rise on seemingly boneless legs, and Elizabeth supported her… holding her up with an arm around her as she helped lift her pupil up, turned her around, and let her see.

There was an explosive gasp followed by a jerk away. Alana fell hard to the ground on her ass as she flinched backward so hard, her eyes wide and panicked… all the dreamy exhaustion banished in a moment of electrical shock. Elizabeth had to admit that Catherine was quite a sight at this point. The beautiful brunette was so beaten down, tired, and dehydrated that she could no longer cry. Her face was completely covered in old tear streaks and Alana’s juices as she slowly convulsed on the floor, lips soaked with her sister’s cum.

“…What?” Alana cried out, shuddering.

She tried to close her eyes, shaking her head, and Elizabeth settled next to her, turning her head back. “No, my child, you must look upon your work,” she purred. “It was such excellent work…”

Alana flung out one powerless hand in protest. “But.. you said…!”

Elizabeth ignored her and made Alana step closer. The same girl that appeared to be brave and indomitable before now trembled in her grasp in that same pure and innocent way as she did the first time Elizabeth fucked her. “What is the matter?”

“This… this is… my… my…” With each word said her breathing got worse, and soon she was hyperventilating and struggling to get in any air. The sight of Catherine alone in that state, even without thinking too hard on what she had done, was suffocating her with guilt. “You… you made me…”

“Shhh,” said Elizabeth. She kissed her pet’s neck lovingly. “I did not make you do anything to her, my dear. You did it all. I wasn’t even here for most of it.” Tears filled Alana’s eyes, and Elizabeth kissed them away as well. You need to listen to me, Alana. Some people are put on this world… just to suffer. Pretty, helpless little things like Mercy, or the redheads, or your sister… They have a set place in life. They can no more change that than they can reach out and pull the moon from the sky. You, on the other hand, are special, my sweet Alana… you get to make a choice about who you are.”

Alana was on her knees, so Elizabeth wound her way around the nearly limp girl almost like a snake, sitting right on her thighs and wrapping her calves around the smaller woman’s backside. “There are two doors in front of you, my pet.” she whispered into the blonde’s ear. “Behind the first of those doors is a scared little girl. A scared little girl who lured her sister here, and raped her. Who hurt dozens of girls, just because someone told her to. A silly, terrified blonde who likes girls but was always too afraid to do anything about it. If you want to leave now, my precious thing, I am not going to stop you… I will let you walk right out of this convent. You can give up everything you’ve learned and run away. You are free to do as you please, go wherever you please… and you’ll quickly learn that there are more chains on you than mine. The fate of a woman by herself in this world isn’t a pretty one. Most likely you’ll end up burned as a witch if you try to live true to yourself, or else you’d let some man take you into his bed and make you his wife. He’ll fill you with first his seed and then his child, again and again and again, until every bit of beauty and promise you ever had was gone.”

Elizabeth bit her ear softly. “That’s behind the first door. Behind the second is an angel of vengeance. A brave, beautiful warrior who knows what she wants, and takes it. A woman who spits it in the face of what the world wants from people like us, and takes what she deserves. A woman who knows that her family only tried to hold her back… that they never accepted her. That the only true family she’s ever had… the only one who truly ever believed in her… is whispering in her ear right now.”

Alana was trembling like an earthquake, and Elizabeth wasn’t sure she was even capable of forming words… her lips shook so hard. The bandit queen brought her venomed lips so close that every move they made brushed her dainty ear now. “You have been brave, and strong, and beautiful, so you get to choose who you are going to be… but you have to choose. Because, in truth, there is a third door. Behind that door is a miserable wretch, far more pathetic than Mercy, far stupider than Prudence, and lacking even the use that you put some of those wooden cocks to. That is a woman who couldn’t commit to her path… who tries to stay here with the family who loves her… but can’t. The one who thinks that she could be strong, but is weak. That woman can’t accept the necessity of what she’s done to survive, can’t face that she is strong and if she’s going to exist in the face of the world’s hatred she needs to be that strong to take what she needs from it. The useless guilt she feels crushes her like a paper doll. That woman is no good to anyone… not to herself, and not to me. I’d say that the only thing to do with a woman like that is put her out of her misery, but I’m pretty sure you’d choose the noose or some cuts on your wrist before anyone got the chance.”

The blonde’s eyes were wide and staring as she looked at Elizabeth, a hint of mad desperation in them… but beneath that… beneath all the horror and exhaustion and confusion and panic… Elizabeth could see the intelligence still in those eyes. She could see the thoughts moving behind the numbness. “I want you to think about how it felt,” Elizabeth purred, staring into the other woman’s eyes for a long minute before she slowly turned Alana’s face back towards her sister. “How right it felt. You can’t take it back, now that you know… you will always be the woman who came again and again raping your sister. You can only pretend you didn’t actually enjoy it the way we both know you did. She was so disgusted just by the idea of being touched by a woman, wasn’t she? You saw it when you were young, didn’t you? She was disgusted by the very idea… yet you made her lick at your cunt like the depraved whore she is. Even as she sobbed and cried for mercy, you didn’t listen. You dominated her completely. You made her yours.”

As she spoke, her fingers slid down and gently caressed Alana’s still-dripping pussy lips. “Your sister could have kept her mouth shut. She could have refused to service you, no matter what you did. She could have bit you. She could have done a lot of things… but she was weak. Weakness runs in your family, doesn’t it Alana? When I found you you were a shuddering, silent, meek, weak thing… too afraid to even admit to herself what she was and what she wanted. But now you’ve found the strength your family would have kept from you. The strength to break free from the chains keeping people like us captive. I have reforged you into something strong, something worthy of my love. If you choose to walk away from this, your sister will still be the same lewd harpy she is now. But if you choose to remain strong, if you decisively choose to make her yours…” She kissed the other woman’s earlobe. “I will let you keep her,” Elizabeth whispered.

Alana’s breathing had been slowly relaxing. She still shook, but nowhere near as badly. “B-But… She will never accept that!” Alana said, her voice flat… almost emotionless. “She thinks love between women is… disgusting…”

“She will accept what you make her accept. Do you understand?” Elizabeth locked eyes with her for a moment. “Break her, as I broke the others. She will be a much better sister once she follows your orders without question, won’t she? Won’t she be a much better sister once she doesn’t look at you with that disgust and dismissal? Once she accepts you for what you are, and serves you without question?”

“Al… Alana… You…” Catherine finally croaked out. Her pained voice drew both womens’ gazes back to her. A miserable sob left Cathy’s lips. “Don’t… listen… to her… she’s… crazy…! You must… go home… s-save… us… Tell… Father… Pl…please… Al… Ana… Alana… he’ll… save… us…”

Alana stared at her pathetic, cum-covered older sister, and she slowly extracted herself from beneath Elizabeth…

“Please?” The bandit queen could see the exact moment that Alana’s face began to harden again. “Please? Do you remember the last time I said please to you?” she said softly.

For a moment, the room was so silent Elizabeth could have dropped a pin, and it would have echoed in the dungeon. “Father will save us? Don’t you mean he’ll save you? Because I don’t remember him wanting to save me,” Alana said a few moments later. “I remember the look on his face when he sent me away. When he cast me out of his perfect little life.” A tear gathered in her eye, and Elizabeth watched as Alana blinked it back, flashing her eyes rapidly in absolute refusal to let it fall. “I remember him telling me to get out. To leave and take my filth with it. And I remember you said nothing!”

Alana had tried her hardest not to cry, and Elizabeth watched as the dam burst, and her perfect little angel couldn’t hold it back anymore. “I looked at you, Cathy! I begged you. Please, I said. Please. My sister! I thought you loved me!”

Catherine looked at her, horrorstruck. Even through her exhaustion she seemed stunned. “I… A…Alana… I d-do…”

“Then why did you let him throw me away?” Alana shouted.. Catherine flinched back and Alana advanced, taking another step towards her cowering sister. “You were supposed to protect me! I begged you for help! You said you cared about me! But you were just glad I was gone, too!”

“N-no, I-I wasn’t, Alana!” the whip-scarred beauty stuttered out. “P…please, believe me! Alana! It’s… it’s her! That d-demon is twis-twisting e-everything, she-”

“Shut up!” Alana hissed. She bent down almost like a striking snake, and snatched the whip from the floor where she had dropped it. Then she snapped the leather between her hands. “You will speak of the Reverend Mother with more respect!”

Catherine’s trembling lips struggled to form any word. “W-What?…” she gasped. “But I-”

Alana showed no hesitation as she brought the whip down, directly across her large tits. “I said, shut up!”

There was a loud, almost sepulchral gasp from Catherine as if the final bit of hope left her body… possibly along with her soul. “Please…” The painful sob of a defeated little girl followed. “Please don’t do this Alana! S-stop!…”

Alana stared with rapt fascination as the woman who had been out of tears found a few more. “Mistress…” she said softly. “I think I’d like to cum again.”

Elizabeth could not have asked for a more pleasing sight. “Then don’t let me stop you.”

As Alana stepped back over her sister, Catherine’s soul-crushed sobs, bereft of any and all hope and stripped of human dignity, provided a chorus. The beautiful woman had been robbed of everything, just as her sister had been given everything… And her new life was just starting.

Then Alana sat down, and Elizabeth heard only her new second’s pleasure.


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