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Outfoxed is a shared universe containing stories written by Darinost and myself. Expect to see recurring characters, heavy degradation, heroics, redemption, and happy endings. Some stories were primarily written by Darinost, somewhere primarily written by me, both of us had a hand in all of them and neither of us are interested in sorting out who did what.

This story takes place in the modern day, in a world that could be ours, and focus heavily on kitsune


The books are listed in chronological order. The side stories listed at the end can be read in any order.

Lone Fox

Lone Fox

Korea, 2014

A Gumiho is hunted down and trained by a mercenary company for a wealthy buyer.

The story of Seo-Yun begins here. Written and produced with Darinost. This story is a part of the Outfoxed shared universe.

Seo-Yun's captivity and training begins.

Seo-Yun is initiated into her new life in the camp. Written and Produced with Darinost.

Morris watches... and thinks. Written and Produced with Darinost.

Seo-Yun's initiation hits a new low.

Lone Fox 2

Lone Fox 2

England and Mongolia, 2015

A fallen Gumiho, kept as a pet by cruel owners, is taken to be part of a crueler game…

Ginger is a good and obedient pet.

Levinson meets his new family... and his boss.

Ginger steps into a hell she never could have imagined.

Let's the games begin. Round one starts, and Ginger realizes that she isn't quite so alone as she thought... for better or worse.

Seo-yun meets her fellow competitors, and round 2 begins...

Finding Avalon

Finding Avalon

New York, 2015

A Selkie is captured by a slave trader, and sold to an exotic brothel and its masters… but not everyone there is so helpless, and more than one seeks an escape.

“Please!” Merielle cried out, her musical voice gone slightly shrill with panic. “Please, stop! Come back!” She scrambled up the face of...

Her captor, whom she’d learned was called Cieran, made good on his promise. After he finished with her in the woods, he had bound her up...

Merielle was in misery. Not only had she been captured, raped, and placed into this strict bondage, covered in stinking cum, and still...

Maeve, as it turned out, was a beautiful woman. She was naked as Merielle was, wore a collar just like her own, and had blond hair...

Merielle turned around to look at the exotic beauty standing behind her, her tails flicking in an agitated way. “What?” the redhead asked...



France, 1019

In the Alps, a small clan of kitsune watch over an ancient threat, waiting for the day it might reawaken…

A young Kida learns of her clan's purpose...

Kida gets into some trouble with her clan... and a strange outlander appears in the mountains. A fox with black fur.

In which Kida needs to guard the Ward from ~absolutely nothing~ and is ~bored out of her mind~

In while Kitina learns the cost of failure, and Syllana makes an offer.

Syllana finds a pet... or two.

Black Fur Black Heart

Black Fur, Black Heart

Japan, 2017

Yuki’s body might have escaped captivity… but her mind was broken long before she ever met Mordred. Can someone ever truly find redemption?

Lone Fox 3

Lone Fox 3 - Scarlet and Silver

Japan and Mongolia, 2018

Growing up can be hard in the shadow of one of the most terrifying creatures ever to come from your village… but Hanabi is about to learn just how much harder it can get.



Japan, 1338 and 2019

As Yuki and Merielle work to put things right once more, Yuki tells a story. A story of three sisters, and a war, and of the day that everything went wrong…

A selkie is introduced to her new life...

Nothing can ever be easy. Especially not doing the right thing...

Yuki begins her tale, and we join her nearly 700 years ago in the fields outside of Shirakami Sanchi.

Night falls... and the jorogumo fall upon the defenders in turn

The kitsune struggle to get back to Hanei before it's too late, but darker things things lurk in the shadows...

To Fan a Fox's Flame

To Fan a Fox's Flame

Japan, 2019

Shura always knew her teacher could be demanding, but her recent lesson plan seems… extreme.

Commissioned by Mew28


Garnet and the Fox

Germany, 1654

A young woman meets a gumiho on her way through the woods...

Lost in the Mists

Lost in the Mists

Alternate ending of Finding Avalon, commissioned by Mew28. Bad End.

Licking Flames

Non-Canon. A followup to the end of Lost in the Mists, focused on Mordred and Syllana.

A traitor comes to Mordred with a plan...

The conquest of Mizuki, and the fate of the conquered.

The Mists of Avalon takes another...

Rabbit inthe Fox's Den

Rabbit in the Fox's Den

Ayako's Rough Night

Ayako's Rough Night

Ayako is a young and care-free kitsune having the time of her life travelling the world. But sometimes even foxes should be a bit more cautious. A contribution by Mallory, Best of All Cats.

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