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The Convent Correction Chapter 2 – Sinking the Talons In

Updated: Apr 21

When the light of dawn came through the window and fell upon her, Elizabeth opened her eyes… and was startled.

Alana was still in her bed, nuzzling against her bare breasts. That had been nice, in the wake of last night… but now, in the light of day, it gave her cause to worry. She had only just arrived here, and some of the nuns were already suspicious. Yesterday, in the excitement of all that had happened, she had allowed herself to go a little too far. In retrospect, it seemed unbelievable that the nuns here were stupid and gullible enough that they had allowed themselves to be put into this kind of position, just because an authority figure had commanded it of them. As a professional deceiver who had been conning people for years, however, Elizabeth knew well that even the dimmest candle could have a glimmer of clarity. Sometimes it could happen without much warning. Events could add up which, despite not perturbing the surface of the mind, would go down with enough force into the depths that it could cause a stir that brought storms to the waters themselves.

As she stared at Alana, Elizabeth could only come to one conclusion: That she’d made a mistake here by letting Alana see too much. Just the sight of the young initiate’s glimmering, nubile body in the morning light was enough to impassion her desires; but this wasn’t the time… the heat building between her legs would have to wait. Or, at the very least, she would have to find a different way to deal with them than she had before. Thankfully, it was not too late to redress her ill judgment. Not only that, but she could still use it to her advantage.

As Alana breathed quietly and peacefully, Elizabeth gasped in pretend shock. “What is the meaning of this?” she yelled. Then, before the waking Alana could properly register the words, Elizabeth had already shoved her away and kicked her out of bed. “You filthy little bitch!” Elizabeth snapped, voice a prim snarl as Alana hit the stone with an oof of expelled air. “What do you think you’re doing here in my bed?”

Alana’s innocent eyes widened, staring breathlessly. She was frozen, unable to come up with any reply, her lips trembling. “You… Last night… You… We… You said… I could stay…”

“The last thing that I recall was my ordering your sinful, woman-loving self to return to your chamber last night after our talk!” Elizabeth shouted. Quickly grabbing her robes, she dressed up, pretending to be ashamed by Alana’s gaze. “How dare you infiltrate my quarters by yourself! Was it at the order of the demon? Speak, you little whore! Speak… For I will show you no mercy if you hold your tongue for the sake of the Devil!”

Terrified beyond her wits, Alana stammered uncontrollably: “N-N-No, R-Reverend Mother! Y-You–”

Elizabeth walked over and grabbed her roughly by the chin. “One more lie. If you say another false word, I will have you whipped until the skin peels off your flesh, do you understand me dyke? You will hold. Your. Lying. Tongue!”

In her extreme terror and confusion, Alana could only submit… her mouth closed so quickly that Elizabeth could hear her teeth click together. That was good… she was rather relieved by how quickly the young girl became silent.

“Sister Prudence!” Elizabeth called out, raising her voice. “Sister Prudence!”

Only a few moments later, she could hear the sound of bare feet slapping along the corridor. Prudence opened the door breathlessly and stuck her face in, looking half-asleep. Her voluptuous breeding body was on full display, with the full breeding tits seemingly even bigger and more perky than the day before. The golden cross she wore around her neck dangled and shimmered tantalizingly between them. “Reverend Mother?…”

“Enter,” said Elizabeth. “We must speak.”

There were goosebumps on Prudence’s skin as she came in and took in the sight of Alana kneeling shamefully on the floor. She frowned, trying to understand what it meant. “Sister Alana?”

Elizabeth contrived a very different story for Prudence. One in which she had bid Sister Alana good night the night before, only to wake up with her naked in her bed. “I have no idea how this transpired and came about,” said Elizabeth harshly. “Do you know, Sister Prudence?”

“I haven’t the slightest idea,” she said, her almost childlike green eyes showing deepening concern. “What does Sister Alana say?”

Elizabeth knew that would have to come. It would be impossible to silence the little bitch for good. “Did you not hear your sister speak?” she barked at Alana. “Answer her.”

“I… I came here last night and the M-Mother Superior…” as she prepared to state what had happened, the fear became too overwhelming.

“And then?” Prudence insisted. “Speak, for Heaven’s sake!”

“The R-Reverend M-M-M-Mother and I… we m-made love…”

Prudence gasped. “Sister Alana!”

“You see?” said Elizabeth with disgust. “The demon has taken her mind. I believe it is controlling her still, showing her things that did not come to pass.”

“Poor Sister Alana… And you, Reverend Mother! I am so sorry!”

Elizabeth grabbed Prudence gently by the wrist and pulled her aside. “Sister Prudence, is there somewhere you could take Sister Alana till we are ready to deal with her?”

“Somewhere?” she said, eyes blinking slowly.

Silently, Elizabeth cursed the woman for being so foolish. “Yes… Perhaps you have a room suitable for holding her while we address this? To keep her for questioning and inquisition?”

Suddenly, Prudence’s eyes lit up. “Oh! Reverend Mother, we do!”

Elizabeth followed after Prudence as they went down a series of steep steps down into the basement of the convent, where they hadn’t gone yesterday. Pressing past a hallway filled with crates of old supplies, Prudence led her to a set of metal-banded double doors. “Here,” she said, breathing in close to the torch she held, as if she wished to draw its heat into her body.

Elizabeth pushed the door pen… and she was instantly fascinated by what she saw, the torch casting threatening shadows as it lit the room. Confinement chairs and tables, racks, chains… torture instruments lined up on the walls, large steel cages… hell, there was even an iron maiden and a few things that not even Elizabeth recognized. As Prudence stepped in behind her and began to dip the torch into the braziers at each corner of the room, Elizabeth could scarcely believe what riches she beheld. “This is a part of the convent?” she breathed. “What is this doing here?”

Elizabeth winced as soon as she asked. She might not know that answer… but Mother Sylvia almost certainly would have. Thankfully, Prudence was too big a fool to notice. “This place was once a monastery of the Inquisition, when it was purging the pagans that lived in the mountains. Heathens would be brought back here to get their confessions, freeing their souls to be able to go to heaven.”

Released to Heaven? That was a nice way to say that they were executed, Elizabeth thought. “Then they were saved,” she said firmly.

Prudence nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, Reverend Mother. For their own good! Most could not have gone on given the purification process they went through. There are a few annals that mention what was done to drive the demons out of them. It makes me shudder to think of any woman going through that, but I take comfort in knowing their everlasting souls found salvation. Better for them to suffer temporarily in this life than to burn forever in the fires of Hell.” She gasped, as if a thought had just occurred to her. “Certainly we won’t need to do any such thing to drive the succubus out of here, will we?”

Elizabeth, only half-listening, went and grabbed one of the whips on the wall. It was a bit dusty, but the craftsmanship was impressive. Along the length of the whip she could see small pieces of metal had been added underneath the material. They wouldn’t be enough to pierce the flesh, but they would certainly be much worse than what a normal whip would do. “We may,” she said softly, thinking. How funny. She had come here to be the master, and now she felt like a student as she looked through this hall of horrors. “Fear not, sister. I have my own methods to employ first.”

Knowing what she knew now, it was obvious what had happened. The reason this convent was so fortified, so solid, was that it had once been a fortress in truth, a prison for non-believers. After the purge had ended a hundred years ago, the need for a fortress had passed, and maintaining one and its guard was expensive, so instead they had found another use for this place… they had set up a convent here, far from the prying eyes of the nearest cities. The same secrecy that had once benefited the Inquisition now benefited her.

Prudence folded her hands before her stomach, shaking slightly from the chill of the dungeon. “Reverend Mother?”

“Yes, Sister Prudence. I am satisfied with this place. But I am dissatisfied that you did not immediately tell me about it!” she chided. “I must know everything about this convent if I am to save it, Sister. The more I know, the greater the chances that I can take control over this demon and send him back to his fallen master.”

Prudence lowered her head. “I am so, so sorry, Reverend Mother. I did not think! I did not wish to–” She gulped, glancing at the whip Elizabeth held. “If you need to punish me for my stupidity, then–”

“No,” said Elizabeth, allowing a warm smile to creep across her lips. No, not this one. This stupid woman was going to be her most steadfast ally, for now. “Instead, I want you to collect Sister Alana and bring her here. At once.”

Prudence nodded her head and ran off, her tits flopping as the naked nun ran in what she could pretend was dignity. While she was gone, Elizabeth went around inspecting the different torture implements of the dungeon, thinking and making plans. Soon, Prudence returned with Alana at her side… and the moment the girl saw what awaited her, she reeled back and almost fainted.

“Sister Alana!” Prudence cried, grabbing her from behind. “Are you all right?”

“You needn’t worry,” said Elizabeth, caressing the new whip with a fingertip. She could almost imagine how it would sound against Alana’s flesh, and it made her so wet. “That is just the demon being repelled by this holy place.”

“Ah!” Prudence said, doe-eyes wide as she nodded. “I understand, Mother!”

“Fear not, Sister… I will not be going as far as the witch hunters who built this place. After all, Alana here is no witch. Are you, Alana?”

Alana’s eyes seemed to be trying to look at every single thing in the room, all at once… flickering so rapidly between them as she panicked that she could scarcely focus on a thing. “No Reverend Mother!” she all but screamed in her haste to agree.

“I believe you child,” Elizabeth said, trying to hold back the grin. “And I believe you did not wish to bring me or any of your sisters to harm. Nevertheless, I will need you to confess what truly happened the night before.”

Tears came to Alana’s eyes. “Mother Superior, I don’t…”

“Prudence,” Elizabeth interrupted. “Leave us.”

The last bit of hope that was in Alana’s eyes went out the moment Sister Prudence took off and closed the doors behind her. At that point, Elizabeth took a step forward and guided Alana towards the chains dangling from the walls and shackled both her arms, making her face the wall. “Reverend Mother, please, I-”

“What truly happened the night before, Alana?” Elizabeth purred as she let the whip slither out of her grip, all but the handle dangling now.

“I don’t remember anything other than what I said, Mother Superior. All I kno–AAAGH!”

The whip fell across her slender back so beautifully that Elizabeth shuddered with pleasure. How lovely. Where there had only been unblemished white flesh before, there was now a long red mark. Alana shifted her balance from one foot to another, crying out in pain as her young flesh burned in agony from the whip. “Mooootheeer~” she cried, drawing out the words of her begging as the sobs hit her petite body. “I don’t knooow!”

“But you do know,” Elizabeth insisted. She came close enough to Alana to smell her fear and then traced the whip along the mark left between her trembling shoulder blades. Elizabeth wanted to lick at it and literally taste the pain, if only such a thing were possible. Instead, she lowered her hand down to Alana’s pussy lips and shoved a finger in by force. “Look at you,” she spat mercilessly. “You think you can hide your true nature from me? I know you’re a filthy lesbian. Admit it!”


Elizabeth took a step back and struck her with the whip again, this time horizontally, burning a cross into the young nun’s back. “Tell me what the demon made you do! Tell me what he said to you! Tell me, or I swear, I will whip every inch of your body. The next blow will find the soles of your feet, Alana. Think hard on what you say next!”

Alana shuddered and hissed in pain, raising herself desperately on tiptoes to angle herself towards heaven… but heaven couldn’t find her right now. The only light in the darkness down here was the flames. “Speak!” Elizabeth commanded.

As the young nun twisted and contorted in pain, Elizabeth licked her lips and raised a hand up to twist her own hardened nipple. Look at her, she thought. So young and innocent. So nubile. God, it’s a delight to be able to do this. Truly a pleasure. Elizabeth came closer and pushed back Alana’s hair, delivering a harsh whisper. “How could you lie about the night before, you filthy little harlot? I gave you words of wisdom, you accepted them, and then you came to prey on me in the night?!”

The whip lashed out again, but this time upwards, catching the young nun along her inner thigh. She sobbed innocently and shook her head, denying the allegations even as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

“No, no, no! I swear, I didn’t, I–”

“That demon has taken your mind, can’t you see that?” Elizabeth insisted. “Your memories are corrupted. Your very mind. I can see now that you were just a lesbian slut giving into temptation all along, no wonder you were so easy to sway.”

“No, I–AAahhh!”

Elizabeth inserted her fingers up the girl’s surprisingly slick cunt. She knew from last night that the woman was no masochist… but apparently she was weak enough and eager enough to submit to “Sylvia” that that didn’t matter. “See what a filthy whore you are?” she said, raising her fingers and wiping them off on Alana’s lips before continuing, driving them back into the sobbing nun. “You’re even enjoying this. You are sick. Truly sick.”

As the hot juices poured down her hand, Elizabeth stuck her fingers deeper in and spread them wide. Alana grunted in both pain and pleasure, raising herself on tip toes and instinctively arching her back. “Go ahead,” said Elizabeth, stroking her tender back with the whip. “Let yourself cum. That’s what you want, you goat-fucking slut… isn’t it?”

Alana quickly shook her head. “N-N-No! I swear, no, R-Reverend Mo-mother… I o-only want t-to–”

A grin spread over Elizabeth’s lips as she began to vigorously finger fuck her young victim. “I don’t believe you.” Alana howled at first in an agonized way, perhaps scared by what was happening; but the initial cries of pain soon turned into slutty moans of pleasure. Her steaming juices were coursing down her trembling thighs and dripping down to the floor. “You’re as shameless as the Whore of Babylon ever was,” Elizabeth said, wrapping one of her hands around Alana’s slender, vulnerable neck. “God sent you to this earth so that you may serve a man as a good and loyal wife. If sex was what you wanted, you should’ve satisfied yourself with that. But that was not enough for you. You thought to pervert our holy orders with your base and depraved instincts and served the devil himself!”

“N-No…” Alana attempted to deny the accusation, but she was so aroused that she could barely move her tongue. Her whole body tensed up like a plucked string waiting for release, her young pussy desperate to be brutalized and abused by Elizabeth’s experienced fingers despite her protestations.

“Your sisters will see what you truly are,” Elizabeth whispered in her ear as she choked the nun, cutting off her air and further heightening her sensations. “And you are fortunate, for I know the cure to one such as you, Sister Alana. The only way to cure this evil inside of you is to teach your slutty body to associate it with the pain it causes. And I will cure you, sister. I promise, the day you leave this place you will do so as a new woman.”

As Alana once more prepared to make a weak and miserable cry of protest, Elizabeth tightened her hold on the young woman’s neck. She squeezed till the nun’s throat spasmed desperately for air under her grip. Simultaneously, the young pussy began to lose all control under the extreme erotic pressure, and the hot juices that already flowed turned into a pathetic shower as her teenage body conspired against her to show only her animal aside. “Cum,” Elizabeth ordered. “Cum, you filthy whore. Show me what it is you want. You should be ashamed to do such a thing with the Lord watching you… but you aren’t, are you?” Elizabeth softly bit Alana’s earlobe. “Is it only when you are hidden away under the obsidian blanket of the succubus that you would dare act out like this… but God sees your filth, whore…”

The condemnations seemed to be having an effect on Alana as well, because Elizabeth could tell the young nun was losing all control over herself. It was so hot inside of Alana it almost felt like sticking her fingers into a fire. In moments like these, she almost wished she had a dick to be able to see what if felt like… but no. She would just have to enjoy her toys. Or else, order one of those apes to use her and enjoy it vicariously through them. Never the matter – Going by the intense throbs she could feel inside Alana’s tender pussy, Elizabeth knew the young bitch was ready to come for her.

She squeezed her throat hard, intensely hard, until Alana’s mouth popped wide open in its attempts to gasp breathlessly… and then Elizabeth released her throat, letting her suck in a deep breath, and at the exact same moment she pinched the other woman’s clit, and it sent the initiate nun screaming over the edge. “Agh-ck-agh-ckhhhh!!!” Alana half screamed, half choked, her breathing interrupted by her desperate need to cry out.

As she came like a depraved slut, a clicking, choking howl like that of something less than human emerging from her throat for all to hear, Elizabeth once more prepared the whip. “Look at you, you wanton little whore. I knew who you were all along… you cannot hide from me. I will cast the sin from you…” The first lash once more found her vertically across the back and Alana’s breathless, inhuman howls went on uninterrupted, the pleasure and struggle for air tinged with anguish, and the sound almost made Elizabeth cum where she stood. Eagerly, Elizabeth unleashed a flurry of blows following the first, adding another welt across the young nun’s back, several across her pert little ass, and a few for her delightfully innocent thighs. The best Elizabeth saved for last.

She ran the whip gently along the hanging nun’s quivering pussy lips to give her an idea of what was coming, watching her shake like a leaf in the winter winds. Even as she gasped, convulsing helplessly, the young nun sensed what was coming. In between the moans and groans and gasps she made a weak little sound that might have been a No.

Elizabeth smiled. “Yes,” she purred.

The whip struck upward, just along her sweet and delectable pussy lips. She hit them harder than Elizabeth had dared to hit any other part of her body, and it landed with a solid crack. The sound alone sent such a shiver of arousal through Elizabeth that it made her knees feel wobbly. Not only did the pitiful bitch release another wave of juices, but the whip came back dripping wet as well. For a split second there was silence besides the echoing of that whipsnap, as if the unbearable amount of pain had shocked Alana’s body into shutting down completely. But what followed after was an uninterrupted shriek so piercing that it sounded like the violent cry of a banshee. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!”

Elizabeth grinned. “Now you understand! This is what you are truly doing to your body each time you dare to touch yourself! That body was reserved only for God, not for your whorish fingers or the devil or the touch of other women. This is what God feels each and every time when you come like a whore!”

It was doubtful that the young nun truly understood what was being said, but there was no time to go on speeches. The screaming was attracting attention… she could hear footsteps on the stairs. Elizabeth turned to see that practically the whole convent had filtered down to see what was going on… at least most of the veteran nuns had, and more than one initiate. Almost all of them appeared horrified by what they saw… everyone apart from Cecilia and Prudence. The former observed the defeated young nun with hungry interest. The latter simply gazed at the whipped and broken Alana with a bit of sadness, but otherwise simple-minded bovine acceptance.

“What is going on here?!” Ester cried out.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes, glaring at the other nun as she brandished the whip. “Do not raise your tongue at me, Sister…” she said softly. Despite Ester’s impudence, Elizabeth was pleased to see that the nun was still naked as was ordered of her the previous day, as were the others. “I learned this morning that Sister Alana has cavorted with the demon, who appears to be controlling her mind as well as her body, fabricating memories of things that never took place and directing her into the most sinful acts.”

Now that her lengthy cry had come to an end, Alana slumped lifelessly in the shackles, sobbing at her humiliated and broken state. “Please…” she said, blowing the snot out her nose and struggling to swallow it down. “Reverend Mother, please… I am so sorry… I will repent… Please…”

“Prudence,” Elizabeth commanded. “Release her.”

Smiling as usual, Prudence followed the orders and released the young nun, her huge udders jiggling tantalizingly as she went about her task. “Is there anything else I should do, Mother Sylvia?”

“Absolutely,” Elizabeth said, trying to hold back her smile. The twinkle in her eyes was the only thing that showed how much she was enjoying this play. “Hold her up. Support her.” The false nun put her hand beneath Alana’s chin, lifting it up, meeting her tired, exhausted, desperate gaze with her own firm and merciless one. “Tell me, Alana. Tell your sisters of your sins…”

In a pained way, Alana gasped and choked and sobbed her way through explaining to the other nuns how she was a delusional little sinner, how the demon had polluted her mind the night before and showed her a false reality. How she had attempted to spread the corruption to the Reverend Mother herself, thinking that it was right to climb into bed with her. Of course, the confession was not entirely honest… as Alana refused to admit that she was, in fact, the lesbian Elizabeth knew she was. “I am not like this, I s-s-swear,” she insisted, holding her trembling body with her slender arms. “I love God. I love my parents. The devil and his succubus are doing this to me. I r-refused it… s-so many times, but it threatened me. And I was so afraid. It said it would hurt everyone here. I did not want that… Please… Please help me, Sisters!”

Elizabeth smiled. How quickly she learned how to lie…

“Was it the demon who told you to write that letter?” Ester asked quietly. “Tell us now. Confess everything, sister!”

“N-N-No!” Alana shook her head resolutely. “That is not me, I swear! You all know I keep a diary. You can contrast the handwriting! It wasn’t me!”

“We should make sure,” Cecilia said, a hint of a growl in her voice. “We should-”

“Enough,” said Elizabeth with disgust she did not especially feel. “In this, I believe her. The demon has touched more than one of you. Prudence, take Alana upstairs to her room, and lock her there. Chain the door if necessary.” She stared at Alana, a threat in her eyes. “You will sit there and pray, sister, until I call on you again.” She swept her gaze around the room. “The rest of you, return to your duties!” As they started to move, Elizabeth lifted one finger, pointing. “Except you two,” she said, looking right at the two redhead initiates. “You two stay.”

The two looked caught, flinching at her finger as everyone else filtered out around them, Prudence helping to support the whipped Alana. Elizabeth had had a bit of time to think since arriving here, and how everyone had acted… and she suspected that these two might be the two most likely people to have written that letter. It wasn’t even sexual… more likely a sign of closeness than sapphic lust no matter what the other nuns thought, and these two seemed to be the closest from what she had initially observed. She couldn’t be sure yet, of course… but it was important for her control of the convent that whoever wrote the letter not actually come forward and spoil the kind of narrative she was starting to spin. Once she was sure, however, there was no point in making them confess… not when it could be held over their head like a blade and used to make them into more useful tools for her control.

As the other nuns departed, Elizabeth stared thoughtfully at the two naked young nuns, her own arms folded over her stomach. The moment the doors shut with a clang, she spoke, her voice frozen as a storm “You two… Alana told me she has been associating with you. I sense you two have also known this succubus’s touch. Is this so?”

Almost certainly, they would have denied it anyway. After seeing what she had done to Alana, however, both were nearly frantic in how quickly they shook their heads. “N-No Reverend Mother!” they yelled… almost in unison, as if they were twins.

“It’s not true!” Christine protested.

“We would never!” Adeline promised.

Elizabeth snorted out a breath. “I am fighting a difficult battle, sisters. A very difficult battle, for all of your immortal souls. This is clearly an old and experienced succubus…” As she spoke, Elizabeth went around the dungeon, admiring the different tools of torture arrayed along the walls. She ran her finger over one of the racks, spinning one of the wheels to a series of clicks that made the two nun initiates wince at each sharp sound. “You may think my methods are cruel… but they are necessary. Our bodies are nothing but dust. Our souls are pure light. They are everything… and they must be preserved and kept pure. Despite your age, you must be ready for whatever needs to happen here.” She turned to look at them. “I can think of no reason to write such a letter except as a cry for help. It means there is a soul is straining to be free of the devil’s hold. When I find out who it is, I will purify the devil from her soul, no matter the cost… Alana’s treatment will be nothing compared to what I will do to the one who wrote that filthy letter to save her.”

She could almost hear both nun’s hearts skip a beat. Elizabeth had spent her whole life lying and reading people, and these two simply weren’t that good of liars… they tried to keep calm and collected and not react but to the false Reverend Mother they might as well have jumped and shouted. She hid her smile behind her habit as she turned a little bit away, even as the two sisters tried to keep eye contact with their hands at their sides like good girls, waiting for her to continue.

When they noticed Elizabeth was not going to continue, the two got a little less sure of themselves. Christine glanced at Adeline before she cleared her throat. “We would fully support you in punishing the evil witch who wrote that, Mother Superior. We will help you.”

“I know you will, sisters.” A satisfied look crept over Elizabeth’s noble features. “Which is why I have a very important task for you two…”


Several hours later, the convent began to gather in the dungeon once again. The nuns were, by and large, apprehensive… They did not know why they had been summoned by Mother Sylvia, but even those who had not witnessed it had heard by now about what had happened to Alana. No one looked at the naked initiate as she walked down along with them, silent as the grave. Now that most of a day had passed Alana managed to look much more like herself once more, though the welts remained and the instinctive fear she now had for Elizabeth certainly wasn’t going anywhere. The incognito bandit queen was pleased to see how the blonde instinctively jumped or gasped whenever she got too close, expecting punishment.

Elizabeth swept her gaze over the naked group of nervous nuns. “I think you are all wondering why I’ve brought you here,” Elizabeth began. “I wanted to make sure each of you were aware of what was in the basement, and what it’s for. We are fortunate to have such a useful facility as this for our purposes.”

“It’s a torture chamber, Reverend Mother,” Ester protested softly. “There’s nothing good about it…”

Elizabeth firmed up her lips. “You disapprove of the methods used to hunt witches, sister?”

She looked down. “I do not see the value in torturing people into confessing their sins,” she admitted.

Elizabeth’s eyes glittered, enjoying her lies. “So you would rather they go to Hell forever, then, sister?” she said. “Is that the magnanimity you have in your heart, that you would leave them condemned to their folly in life and to eternal hellfire in the hereafter?”

“They made their choices,” Ester said, her voice uncertain. “They have their opportunity to confess on their own and seek redemption.”

“And what of the innocents they corrupt on their way down into the pit?” Elizabeth shook her head and sighed. “I am thankful that our Lord does not instruct us to ignore those among us who are suffering and in need of salvation.” She looked back up at the crowd. “You must be certain, sisters, those who walk a stray path are most certainly suffering. They may not show it, and they may not even know it, but the pain in their hearts far exceeds whatever we may cause here. Purity is the only way forward. That is why you are here, after all… and why the devil has set his eyes on this place to destroy it.”

Prudence, Christine, and Adeline bobbed their heads enthusiastically. Alana did it out of fear. Cecilia nodded along deep in thought, clearly savoring the spirit of the place. Mercy was the only one to shake her head.

Elizabeth turned her intense gaze onto the dissenter. “You disagree, sister Mercy?”

“I think such an act has an equal chance of corrupting the one who does it. And this treatment is disgusting. I would not want to do such a thing to anyone!”

“This again?” Elizabeth sighed. “So you would rather they go to Hell?”

Mercy gasped. “Of course not!”

“And you aren’t a girl-lover?”

“No!” the skinny nun objected as fiercely as she could, obvious disgust in her voice. The nun really was horrified by the idea of lesbians, far more than the other nuns here. The rest of them were only concerned about it in the arbitrary way that their holy texts said they should be. Mercy, however, seemed personally disgusted.

It… actually was starting to piss Elizabeth off. It felt like she was being looked down on by the fragile little whore… and that couldn’t be allowed to stand.

“Then I find it suspicious,” she said with a growl, “that you cannot seem to stop looking at your naked sisters, harlot!” She turned to Cecilia. “Restrain the demon-touched, please.”

Cecilia gave a sadistic little smile and began walking forward. The young nun was immediately seized by doubt as she understood what was being said. “W-Wait, what? But I didn’t– What! No!” Mercy shouted in protest, but though she backed up it didn’t matter… The nuns crowding around her gave her nowhere to go as Cecilia grabbed hold of the thin, weak initiate, and held her against her.

“I sense great trouble in your heart,” Elizabeth said severely as Mercy squirmed in Cecilia’s grip. “You have known the touch of the succubus, and cry out for help. For that reason, we should prioritize strengthening your resolve and making you immune to this demon, once and for all.”

“There are only two choices!” Elizabeth insisted firmly over the muttering of the crowd. “Sisters, we are fighting demons. I do not know how I can say it any clearer than that. And I must say, that while it is clear to me that this creature thought it wise to attack sister Alana given her weakness and innocence, it is not clear to me that any of you have been unaffected by the succubus’s influence. Or, if you are, that you will remain immune to the demon’s shrewd manipulations. That is why I have brought us here now.”

She smiled at them all. “Together we will begin to strengthen each other mentally and physically. While the demon corrupts our souls in the end, it begins by working its way on us through our bodies. For that reason, it is necessary for us to be bereft of pleasure and beyond temptation. It will be necessary for every single one of you to accept these conditions if you want to truly be saved and purify this place of the demonic taint. And I know, that despite the looks some of you give me, that you are all faithful to the Almighty. Am I wrong?”

The murmurs had stopped, leaving a nervous silence behind it. “No, Reverend Mother…” they announced back in unison.

“It has been kind of the devil to provide us a task for the night. Mercy cries out for help in purifying the demon’s taint… and to that end I will need all of your help tonight. Cecilia, please put the corrupted novice in chains.”

Mercy instinctively tried to disengage Cecilia as the latter dragged her to the restraints. “But I have done nothing wrong!” she insisted. “Why must it be me? I would never sleep with a succubus! I would never touch another woman!”

“I know,” said Elizabeth with a smile. “And now you never will. Fear not, sister Mercy… I will free you of Hell’s influence on you… and make you pure once again.”

The other nuns remained frozen in place, completely terrified… yet they stared in silence, both shocked and thankful that it was not them. Only Ester showed signs of disapproval. “I do not see how this will help, Reverend Mother! Is this truly necessary? She is a young girl!”

“She is a grown woman!” Elizabeth snapped back. “It is precisely her youth that makes her an easy target for the devil! We must fortify her!”

Cecilia didn’t even appear to be listening to whatever the others were saying. She had received her orders, and while she didn’t think anyone else noticed Elizabeth could already see the slight glistening along the stern sister’s pussy lips from the excitement caused by what she had been asked to do. She truly was a sadist, utterly.

Once Mercy was properly secured to one of the racks in shackles, Elizabeth walked over and slowly, turned the wheels… one click at a time, Mercy was stretched out and made vulnerable. She didn’t strain her too hard, not this time… but she wanted her utterly unable to move. “Here,” Elizabeth instructed Cecilia. “Pick up a whip and begin to lash Sister Mercy’s cunt. Begin softly and slowly, but pick up the pace. Do not fear to show real severity. I know it is difficult to hurt her, but you will be judged by your tenacity, sister.”

There were shudders and gasps as Cecilia shuddered slightly… in excitement, not disgust or fear. Ester once more showed signs of disgust as she walked to the hanging whips on the wall. “Her cunt?” she repeated. “What? Why?… Such language… such violence! Holy Mother, I must say that–”

“Silence, sister Ester!” Elizabeth said firmly, raising her voice enough that most of the hypnotized crowd of nuns flinched back. “There is a reason I have not chosen you to assist in such a vital task despite your seniority… precisely because you show such weakness in your judgment! You must be strong, sister!”

The insult was enough to shut up Ester, who sucked in her stomach, gritted her teeth, and got ready to watch. Mercy still stared frantically at Elizabeth with wide-eyed eyes, as if checking to see if this was a nightmare that would evaporate or if this was truly happening. Cecilia returned with a many-tailed whip and playfully slapped it against her palm, testing its weight. “Now, Reverend Mother?” she asked.

This was going perfectly. There was enough cooperation from the other nuns that it solidified her authority in the con, festering more doubts in the others and leading them to uncertainty… and an uncertain mark was as good as taken. “Begin,” Elizabeth ordered her sadistic helper.

Cecilia stretched the whip between her arms and then announced to Mercy, “I hoped you learned your lesson last night and I wouldn’t need to go further,” she lied, eyes gleaming with excitement. “Now I will make sure you learn. I am going to whip the demon right out of that cunt of yours, I promised.”

Mercy shuddered. “Wait, sister Ce–”

Then the whip snapped down across her pussy with a loud crack and Mercy was silenced, her trembling lips producing no further sound. Instead she seemed too shocked to even cry out. Elizabeth was genuinely impressed… she was certain the annoying little bitch would have immediately started crying even at these soft hits. After all, it wasn’t like Cecilia was being overly gentle, no matter what instructions she had given. Instead, Mercy gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, trying to shut out what was happening completely.

With her hands kept relaxed behind her back, she watched as Sister Cecilia rained blows down upon Mercy’s poor pussy one after another, without showing any… well, mercy. From the precision of her blows and the relish with which she delivered them, Elizabeth lost any remaining doubts that Sister Cecilia was as much of a sadist as she had suspected. It probably took all her self-control not to laugh impishly at the suffering she was being allowed to bring down upon the poor suffering novitiate. At the same time, there were no real signs of lust from the woman. It didn’t seem like she was at all interested in women… only in causing pain. Well, no one was perfect… but she wasn’t even seeing the signs that she was expecting, yet.

Elizabeth smiled softly as she looked around the nuns and saw that many of them were flushed, and some were squirming, rubbing their thighs together. Earlier in the morning, after she had finished with Alana, Elizabeth had sent Christine and Adeline on a special task for her… sending the two naked nuns on a shameful and exposed walk outside of the convent to pick some of the poppies that grew on the mountainside. The clueless idiots had almost come back the first time without finding a single of the flowers Elizabeth needed, but at last she had found one, and sent them out to get more, spending hours on their task before they had come with plenty… and just in time for Elizabeth to have barely have a chance to grind them up in her room, and drop the powder in the broth.

The poppy was a flower that Elizabeth knew well, having used it to arrange for more than one affair from more than one married man who should have known better… a very powerful aphrodisiac, more than capable of getting men and women both into all kinds of trouble. Even without having had a bite of the stew herself Elizabeth felt so aroused watching this that she wasn’t sure even the habit she wore could hide just how wet she was getting and how hard her nipples were. As the whipping went on, all around her she could see the signs on the group of nude nuns… that even those badly shaken by what they were seeing were inevitably showing signs of arousal. An arousal that they didn’t want and couldn’t understand… but was there regardless. The group squirmed, clearly feeling everyone could see them showing signs of something unthinkable, at the worst time ever – without even their habits to shield their sin from the Sister Superior’s judging eyes. Little did they know that most of their companions were too distracted by their own trouble to recognize what everyone else felt… but Elizabeth saw it all.

And each of them knew how they felt.

None appeared to be more distressed by this than Ester was – she kept pushing her legs together to hide the gleaming wetness that was building up along her pussy lips. Her nipples were rock hard and twitching with interest, as they were for every other nun Elizabeth could see – save, still, for Cecilia, who appeared to be immune from anything except pure bloodlust.

As the whip continued to fall and extract brutal, excruciating suppressed sobs from Mercy, the others looked away in an attempt to hide what they were feeling, each one of them so ashamed that they barely noticed they were all suffering from the same thing.

Impressively, Mercy still kept her teeth gritted and her eyes shut, and chose to groan like a dying animal rather than to cry as Alana did, perhaps desiring to impress the others, or perhaps trying to prove to the Mother Superior that she was innocent. Elizabeth bit her lip as she watched the whip connect satisfyingly with Mercy’s young cunt, again and again, almost as if the leather were licking the nun’s cunt. Already it was showing signs of the cruel treatment being administered. Not only were her pussy’s lips a bright raw red but they were throbbing, and the occasional drop of blood mixed in with the steaming juices that went flying off of them with each lash.

“Look at all of you,” said Elizabeth with disgust, her eyes trailing over the gathered nuns. “All of you are enjoying this. I can see you, every single one of you. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but that is only true for men. For a woman, it is her devilish cunt that always tells the truth – the evil cunt which must be tamed so that she avoids falling into sin, into devilry and witchcraft.” As they all recoiled in shame from the accusations leveled their way, Elizabeth took a few steps towards Ester and stopped only inches away. “Look at you, Sister Ester. Look at how aroused you are. The demon has gotten to you as well.”

“No,” she said firmly, rejecting the accusation.

“No?” Elizabeth said firmly to the chorus of whipping in the background.

“I swear that it has not!” Ester insisted. “I have never seen nor heard any demon speak to me!”

Elizabeth calmly reached down and touched the blonde nun’s throbbing clit, making her let out a shrill, surprised shriek. “Then what is this?” the false sister asked, raised a slick finger coated in Ester’s juices and placing it against the nun’s lips like a master rubbing his dog’s face in a mess. Ester grimaced in disgust, but the deep shame kept her rooted in place like she had been frozen fast. “Is this not the product of your wretched cunt?”

Elizabeth spun, and glared at everyone, one at a time. “All of you are guilty!” she yelled at them, watching them flinch at her words. “The succubus has begun to sink her roots into all of you. Every last one of you, save sister Cecilia… far as I can tell, she appears to be true of heart, and a genuine servant of the Lord!”

The compliment was appreciated, but clearly it was not enough to interrupt Cecilia from striking Mercy’s destroyed pussy with another blow of the whip. “Thank you, Reverend Mother!” she barked, then pulled her arm back to send another lash coming down.

“I cannot trust any of you,” Elizabeth explained. “Not truly. And this is why your bodies must be purified. There will be more lies,” she said, glancing at Alana. Her eyes immediately then turned to Ester: “There will be more claims of… false superiority of wisdom. I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are all the unwilling sluts of this succubus… but sluts you are. And if you refuse to take the necessary steps to banish it from this place, then I will have to consider you not only heretics, but demon-worshipers who are conspiring to bring down the Church.”

“P-please… no… more…” They could all hear Mercy now as she pleaded and begged. “Please… No… More…”

None of the naked nuns could look away. The sight of Mercy’s brutalized, cherry-red pussy alone almost took their breath away… certainly it did for Elizabeth. She needed to avert her gaze and keep steady as every inch of her cried out to go there and apply her tongue over those sweet young lips and taste the misery Mercy was experiencing. It felt like too much even for her, though for a very different reason than it was too much for the horrified crowd watching. “Enough,” she said firmly. “That will be enough, sister Cecilia.”

Cecilia looked disappointed. Almost angry. “Are you certain, Reverend Mother?”

“Yes… for now,” Elizabeth agreed with a smile. “Release our slutty sister, and hold her up.”

Despite her attempted show of strength, Mercy looked far more broken than Alana ever did by the time Cecilia undid the shackles holding her to the rack. Admittedly, her punishment had been more severe, but also far more localized. Though her pussy was the only part of her to be tortured and abused, Mercy could barely stand, talk, or even stop shaking even once she had been released, and if Cecilia didn’t hold her Elizabeth doubted she’d be able to stand. “Take Sister Mercy to her room,” she commanded. “Apply whatever ointments you have to help with her recovery, and then lock her there. She is not to be permitted out until I say otherwise.” She looked at the crowd of the squirming, flushed nuns. “You should all be ashamed of yourselves,” she mocked them. “Retire to your rooms and pray until your filthy cunts stop throbbing, if you can manage it. I am going to pray for guidance on what I should do with all of you. Sister Alana, you are coming with me.”

Alana gulped. Clearly, she did not like what she heard. Just as clearly, she was too afraid to say or do anything about it. “Yes, R-Reverend Mother,” she said with a small bow of her head.

As they all departed, Elizabeth could see just how shaken Ester had been by the whole thing. This was the kind of woman who likely spent her whole life believing herself to be saintly. Now, she was squirming like a bitch in heat and struggling to cover up the juices going down her thighs as she watched a fellow sister getting whipped like a dog. She had no idea what was wrong with her… and Elizabeth couldn’t help but smile. Soon, the poppies wouldn’t even be necessary… soon, they’d all be broken, confused, and vulnerable sluts, every one of them.

When they entered her chamber, Alana was surprised to see the restraints that were now hanging from the corners of Elizabeth’s bed… she had taken them from the dungeon below while she waited for the two redheads to get the poppies. She stopped fast, staring at them, frozen. “These are for my protection, you understand. There is another set on the wall. This way, when you come here to get my help, I will be certain that I am safe from you… should the demon decide to possess you at any moment and wreak havoc on me.”

After everything she had been through, Alana could hardly have anything to say. The girl hardly even knew what was real anymore… she only nodded submissively. “Yes, Reverend Mother.”

“Come. Lie down on the bed. On your chest.”

Sensing what was to come, Alana trembled as she followed the simple instructions. Elizabeth got giddy as she fastened the restraints along her arms and legs, keeping her in a spread eagle position that would make her an easy, helpless fuck for the bandit con-woman. “I know you are a lesbian, sister Alana,” said Elizabeth as she disrobed.

Alana let out a tiny, almost silent sob. “N-No… Mother Superior, I am not! I-I would… I would never–”

“I also know with certainty,” she said, ignoring Alana as if she had not spoken, “That this behavior of yours does not come from any succubus. That this has always been your nature. Has always been your sin.”

“No…” The protest was weak. Very, very weak.

Delightfully so.

It made Elizabeth smile as she stopped her clothing to the ground in her wake as she moved over to close the bar on the door she had installed, locking it securely… and then beginning to strap her strap-on cock onto her body once again. Slowly, she climbed on top of Alana, moving slowly, calmly, building anticipation. Then, in a rush, she shoved that dildo mercilessly into her ass with a single thrust.

Weak and already broken as she was, Alana began to sob instantly, hot tears flowing down her face. Her rear was so tight, squeezing her – it would have been agonizing for a man to accomplish this if he could have done it at all. Just one more way that a lesbian was superior… her cock couldn’t yield the way a man’s would. It wouldn’t hurt, either… the perfect tool to punish one of these innocent little sluts. Elizabeth pushed the swaying black hair out of her face and smirked. “Do you think this gives me pleasure, sister?” she whispered to the blonde nun beneath her. “Is that what the demon tells you? I assure you it does not. But this is what awaits you if you serve the demon rather than me. This kind of agony. Is this what you want?”

To emphasize her point, Elizabeth shifted, grinding the painful dildo against Alana’s sensitive anal socket. Each move broke new ground, making Alana hurt worse. “Unngghhh…” she groaned pathetically, breathing out. “Yeeuughhh…”

“Yes, this is what sin is, Alana,” she whispered. “Pain. Suffering.” She leaned down and licked the side of her cheek, tasting her tears. “But as I said… I do not blame you. Likely, this started long before you came here. Long before the demon ever gripped you.” She grabbed onto a fistful of her hair, yanked on it hard, and thrust at the same time… bowing her back, dragging her head back until it rested against Elizabeth’s hanging tits. “It is your family who are to blame for this. Your parents who did not take care of you properly. Who did not raise you properly. Do you have any siblings, sister?”

“Y-Yes…” Alana struggled to say. “A s-s-sister…”

“Ah… a real sister,” she said with a grin, slamming into her again and forcing a new groan out of her. “Then your sister is afflicted by your condition as well, isn’t she?”

“No!” Alana protested. “N-no, she…”

“I bet she’s the one who corrupted you, isn’t she?” Elizabeth pressed, pulling back on Alana’s hair and using the leverage to slap her face. Isn’t she?”

“I-I… I don’t know…” Alana choked out.

Elizabeth laughed. “I have heard it said that wisdom is realizing you know nothing,” she forced out between pumps into Alana’s asshole. “It is good that you grow in wisdom. You are better off if you don’t think at all, little dyke… and you let me do the thinking for you. Do you understand?”

“Y-yes!” she gasped, sobbing as a new flood of tears poured down her face. “Yes! I understand! P-Please!”

“Then you will write to your parents first thing tomorrow,” Elizabeth said, grinding her hip against her ass and digging herself even further in. “You will tell them precisely what I say. You will tell them that your sister is a lesbian, do you understand me?”

“Y-Yes Reverend Mother!” she gasped.

“You will tell them that she crawled into your bed every night,” the false nun insisted. “That she raped you every night since you were both children. That they need to send her where she can be cured… to me. Do you understand?”

The horrified look on Alana’s face said exactly much she understood. Exactly how reluctant she was to involve her sister in any of this. But she was terrified… and Elizabeth had no intention of budging. And why not, she thought with glee, relishing the idea. Why not have both sisters? It would provide her some of the fuel for the lies she was telling, and it would see to another problem she had been thinking about… the problem of if it would be possible to keep a stock of girls here in the long term. To keep this place her safe, secure fortress. And besides, just the thought of breaking them both down into her eager sluts, into pets willing to follow any order, into her slaves that could fuck each other for her entertainment, left her breathless.

Elizabeth dropped her weight down, forcing the wooden dildo even harder into the young nun’s ass. “Do you understand, Sister?”

Trembling, Alana bobbed her head desperately. “Y-Yes… I will write to them, Mother Superior… I will…”

“Shhh,” said Elizabeth, wiping the tears from her face and the snot from her reddened nose. “You’re crying… but you must know I’m only trying to help you. Your ass is extremely sensitive, Alana. You can feel it, can’t you? You see how much it hurts when I go deep inside you?”

Alana sobbed and blinked innocent tears. “Y-Yes… It hurts… hurts… so much… Reverend Mother… So much…”

Elizabeth snickered. “You must understand that I am doing this for you, sister. For your wellbeing. The carnal pleasure the succubus would teach you by using your ass is beyond what a girl as weak as you would be willing to resist. This tight “anal love hole” as the demons call it in the grimoires would be the end of you. That is why you must let me claim it with pain. I will fuck you in such a way that you will never feel pleasure with it again, except as submission to your God. Do you understand me?”

Alana gasped and shook uncontrollably. Despite her seeming obedience, she instinctively tried to pull away and tested the restraints. When her eyes found Elizabeth’s disapproving gaze, she immediately lowered them in shame. “Y-Y-Yes…” she choked out. “I… understand…”

Elizabeth grabbed onto the back of the girl’s head and shoved it down against the pillows. Accepting her fate, Alana sobbed brokenly again and began to cry in earnest as Elizabeth stopped toying with her and began to rape her ass as fiercely as possible, pounding it like she intended to destroy it. The con-woman only grinned as she gazed out at the half-moon showing through the clouds. Where was their Almighty God, anyway? These little idiots love him so deeply… yet he would offer them to someone like “Sylvia” on a silver platter. Just like he had offered Elizabeth to her father, so long ago. Could it be that God enjoyed these small pleasures? If so, then she supposed this was Elizabeth’s way of showing that perverted bastard her worship. Alana’s tears, her sweat, her blood… They were his now… and there was so much more to come. If there was a God, Elizabeth whispered a tiny prayer. Bring me her sister too, she asked. Bring them all to me. I shall make such sweet work of them for you, Lord…

As she said the unholy prayer in her mind, Elizabeth kept undulating and moving on top of Alana like a predator, obliterating the young nun’s ass with careful strokes as her heavy breasts caressed the sensitive teenage girl’s back. Each thrust, each sob, each tear and tremor… All of it was a thrill.

“I’m doing this for you, sister,” said Elizabeth in a serious tone, grinning from ear to ear as she pounded away and splintered that young asshole. “I am doing this to purify you. To keep you safe. And soon, we will ensure your sister’s safety as well. Of all your sisters, in fact. We still have so much work ahead of us, my sweet… you and me…”

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