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League of Legends

Various stories written using the characters of League of Legends have been a mainstay of my fiction work for years now. Most the stories here do not have a combined canon, and you can explore the depravities to be found in Runeterra in any order that you wish.

Lone Fox

One Act of Defiance

An exchange student coming into the Runeterran Academy causes a disruption to the social order… and the Queen is going to make sure everyone knows she’s still on top.

Lone Fox

Embracing Agony

For years, Evelynn has been preying on the world. Turnabout is fair play.

Vayne and Evelynn meet for the first time. Warning: This chapter is fairly brutal, but non-permanent.

Evelynn stalks new prey... and steps into a carefully prepared trap.

Evelynn's begins training to be the world's best fucktoy.

Evelynn's training comes to an end.

Evelynn has escaped captivity... but she's come through the other side permanently changed.

Lone Fox


The hottest band to hit the scene in decades is all the rage, touring across the country… but they should have paid closer attention to who was transporting them. Who sold them out?

Lone Fox

K/DA - All Fucked Out

Two years later, the band is stuck in slavery after the events of POP/STARS. Things showed no signs of ever getting better until a certain fan of the band comes to prominence with a plan to find them, and everything changes all at once…

Lone Fox

Solari Eclipse

Diana tries to finish what she started and wipe out the last of the Solari Elders. It doesn’t go well.Diana tries to finish what she started and wipe out the last of the Solari Elders. It doesn’t go well.

Lone Fox 2

Book 1 of One Light in the Darkness
Losing the Light

A story about Lux from Runeterra. A story of the Legend of Legends. What kind of story, you’ll have to read to find out.

Lone Fox 2

Book 1 of Runeterra Rape Squad
What Makes Women Tick

A rogue gang of Summoners make a habit of cornering and abusing the beautiful women they come into contact with. Girls that find themselves the victims of the gang find themselves utterly used up in a single night. 


The gang is meeting up, trying to pick another victim, but they never considered that Orianna might be available as a victim. After a birthday present gives her back a human body for a time, the gang is all too happy to explain to her, at length, that whether living or mechanical, women are only good for one thing.

Lone Fox 2

Book 2 of Runeterra Rape Squad
Freljord Diplomacy

The gang is having difficulty picking their next victim… when the rivalries and hatreds of two Frejlord Queens lead both of them into their trap.

Lone Fox 2

Book 3 of Runeterra Rape Squad
Frozen with Fear

Lissandra falls into the summoner’s clutches next, completing their collection of Freljord Queens. She is… decidedly less cooperative.

Lone Fox 2

Book 4 of Runeterra Rape Squad
I'll Drink to That

A group of summoners returning to the League find two very unexpected people in a bar… and aren’t above taking advantage.

Lone Fox 2

Book 5 of Runeterra Rape Squad
Sex Kitten

A group of summoners looking for a victim on the beach find one… one that they thought had gotten away forever.

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