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An original superhero story. Written and produced by myself and Darinost.


Constellation: Arc 1 - Gathering Dusk

This is the first story arc of Constellation. They needed a hero… so that was what they became. A John Drake and Darinost production. Not based on The Boys, despite similarities.

This is the story of how we saved the world...

A new Superheroine appears in New York...

Donna deals with the consequences of her actions, and gets an unexpected offer...

Donna joins the greatest superhero team in history...

Donna lives as a slave for a year...

Donna... after a year.

Donna goes to the police.


Constellation: Arc 2 - Fallen Star

Starfish’s Origin Story.

A normal person can always hope that they might develop a superpower... but an Ant will always be an Ant. Lira knew that all too well...

The Strong take from the Weak. Lira knows that better than anyone... but now she's one of the strong.

Lira flees after her unsuccessful heist.

Backdraft plays with his new toys.

Thrown away and unwanted, the doll survives.

Lira wakes up in the hospital. What is a constellation, anyway?

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