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The Convent Correction Chapter 4 – Pairing Off

Updated: Jun 17

Elizabeth was sitting in her room alone, her head resting heavily on one hand as she read the bible with half lidded eyes, when someone knocked on her door. She wasn’t ready to reveal herself yet, and that meant that she still needed to pass for the Reverend Mother… and while the nun’s innate reverence and trust in authority did most of the work for her, every little thing she did that solidified her position bought her a little more time. It meant she needed to study. Soon she would be ready and it wouldn’t matter anymore… but she wasn’t ready yet.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“Sister Cecilia, Reverend Mother,” the muffled voice from the other side came back. “I’m sorry to wake you, but you wanted to be alerted immediately if anything happened.”

Elizabeth slowly rose, pushing the book to the side, and considered snuffing her candle… but no, she didn’t care if they knew she was awake. Hell, being seen studying the bible would only help. “Come in,” she said, squaring her shoulders and adjusting her habit as the door opened and the naked Cecilia walked in.

The steely-eyed nun’s gaze swept the room quickly before focusing onto Elizabeth and bowing her head slightly. “It is as your feared, Reverend Mother,” she said, unable to completely hide the eagerness from her voice. “The succubus has struck again. Do you need me to-”

The false Reverend Mother did her best not to smile. “No, sister Cecilia… this will require the touch of an expert first. Your role will come later. Tell me… which of them was it?”

Elizabeth strode confidently down the hall, barely able to keep herself from whistling. She had been expecting it for several days, but it had finally happened.

One would have thought that the lesson she had given Mercy would have been enough to put the fear of God into the rest of the nuns. After all, it had been eight days and that skinny little skank was still tied up in her cage. Elizabeth had gagged her after that first night, to make sure she wouldn’t blab anything inappropriate to anyone, but Alana had spent most of that time raping her in almost a meditative trance… she went until she was too exhausted to stay away anymore, and she would collapse down onto the novitiate, still impaling her. When she woke, they would both be fed and given something to drink, and then Mercy’s punishment would continue. After more than a week of this the gag probably wasn’t necessary anymore… the last few nights that Elizabeth had visited her to ride her face for the bandit’s pleasure she hadn’t even tried to resist. With a bit of rest and food she should recover at least a little, but at this point the dark haired woman doubted the skinny bitch had enough mind left to try to tell anyone the truth about Elizabeth.

Yes, most would have thought that fear would have kept the other nuns from doing anything foolish… but even fear had its limits. Elizabeth knew all too well that lust could be a far more powerful drive in the right circumstance… and she had been drugging everyone’s food for weeks now. Every single novitiate had been sharing a room with another. In every activity, she made sure each nun had a partner. Since the aphrodisiacs had started being added to their food, Elizabeth had made sure that each of the young nuns had no time alone. That they had had no opportunity for release… and that their needs would continue to build and build and build. Something had to give, eventually… it was just a question of when.

And who.

Ever since she had arrived at the convent, Elizabeth had kept an eye on Christine and Adeline. The two young women fascinated her in an amusing way, if only for how close the two of them were. She was certain that one of them had written the letter to the other. Probably Christine… She seemed smarter and more literate than her roommate. Adeline was much dumber, basically just an ignorant peasant, but the young redhead was still blessed with a curvy slender body and flaming, attention-gathering hair. That could have snared her a desirable husband had she not ended up here in the convent… but now, far worse for her, it had attracted the attention of Elizabeth… and, after weeks of being horny with no release, her roomate.

Cecilia had heard moans coming from their room after hours while patrolling the halls. She had barged in and found the two of them in the act… touching each other sinfully. Probably little more than mutual masturbation, but when she barged in the two naked sisters had sprung apart, swearing that they hadn’t been doing anything. Cecilia knew better. She had immediately forced them apart, commanding them to remain in their beds. Then, just as Elizabeth had ordered the sadistic sister, she had come to get the Reverend Mother.

As Elizabeth stepped into the second story room that belonged to the sisters she took them in as they sat naked on their own beds, head down. Each one looked like a vision of youthful beauty – slender and pale, their budding breasts seemed to be begging to be touched. Their pink little nipples were hard, their pussies dripped from each other, and the entire room smelled like arousal and sex. Christine’s aristocratic face met hers for a moment before she resumed bowing her head… Adeline’s more rounded features didn’t even rise from the floor, though she did cross herself.

“Sisters, a troubling tale was just told to me,” Elizabeth said, trying to come off stern when all she really wanted to do was laugh for joy. “I believe I told everyone that the devil had his eye on this place. I remember telling each and every one of you that the succubus would strike again, that she would try to pollute the minds of yet more… and still, somehow, two more supposedly faithful sisters have fallen to sin. Explain this to me.”

If Adeline had tried, her expression could not have looked more guilty as she looked over at Christine. “I… we…” she started.

Christine cut the other woman off. “We are guilty, Reverend Mother. But all is not as it seems…”

“Oh, of that I am sure. I know you two are doing your very best,” she said with a smirk. “Which is why I chose not to bring you to judgment publicly between the others. Instead, we shall deal with this ourselves, between the three of us. Agreed?”

Adeline nodded along eagerly and crossed herself yet again. “Merciful Reverend Mother!”

Christine, on the other hand, remained hesitant. She gulped. “We wish to be punished for our sins. You see, Reverend Mother, sometimes in our dreams…” She went on to explain that it was dreams that caused the disturbances and nothing else. That they had woken up near one another, and Cecilia had jumped to the wrong conclusion. Elizabeth wanted to roll her eyes. Did they truly think she was that stupid?

“Enough,” said Elizabeth, cutting the air like a knife with her tone as she raised one hand. “I already know what has happened… and I’ve already decided how the guilty one is going to be punished.” At that, Elizabeth reached into her robes and pulled out a weapon of a sex toy. The two young redheads trailed the length of the ten inch dildo with their gaze, gulping in unison as their eyes caught every bump and spike, realizing all too well what it could do if it entered their practically virginal holes. “Do you recognize this?”

Frantically, eyes wide, the two women nodded. How could they not? Everyone had been forced to watch what Alana did to Mercy… how could they fail to recognize the monster that Cecilia had crafted for her? The cruel thing was already conveniently attached to some leather straps for easy use, and they couldn’t seem to look away. “You know the guilty go into that cage. And you know what will happen to you. I am willing to believe that one of you is the corrupted one, the one who seduced the other… there is no need to punish both of you.” That, of course, was a lie. Cecilia had seen them clear as day, and had been happy to offer to flog them until there was no skin on their backs… and Elizabeth had no intention of letting either of them get off even a little easy. What Elizabeth wanted to see was how the two friends would react to a challenge to their mutual affection.

Christine and Adeline glanced at one another, each one with a longing look, as if to say ‘what do we do now?’ Elizabeth gave the pregnant moment time to bloom and sink deep into each one, then she leaned forward. “Well? Is one of you prepared to confess?”

Neither one of them spoke. Each knew that they were guilty, but neither was willing to name the other and put the blame on her. Perhaps they sensed a trap, or perhaps it truly out of pure loyalty… but neither of them volunteered themselves, either. They were both also too cowardly to face justice and get put into the cage.

“I expected as much,” Elizabeth said, and she allowed a tiny smile. “Which is why I came with these.” The Sister Superior reached into her habit once more and pulled out two more harnesses with some of the dildos carved by girls less psychotic than Cecilia. These ones were much smaller than hers, only about five inches in length each, and smooth. “Then you two will be using these on each other to make the other confess.”

Adeline picked one up, staring at it. Christine looked stunned. “But, Reverend Mother–”

“It wasn’t me!” Adeline blurted. “It wa-”

Elizabeth cut her off. “No. It’s too late for that,” she purred. “I suspected neither one of you would accept your punishment as you should, so the decision has been made… this is what will happen. You each put these on. The first of you to get yours inside the other will demonstrate they have God’s favor, and you’ll hopefully teach the other a lesson… but that won’t be enough. The first to cry out in pain with one of these inside of her will be judged guilty… and face my inquisition’s wrath.” To prove her point, Elizabeth raised the huge spiked dildo again.

Adeline’s survival instincts had clearly already kicked in… she was working the harness onto her body. “What must we do?” she asked, her face terrified.

Elizabeth simply took a seat on one of the beds and crossed her legs. “That’s entirely up to you, sister.”

Before Christine even finished adjusting her harness, Adeline whispered an apology. “I’m sorry…” she said quietly. Then she grabbed at her friend.

“Wa– AA!~”

Adeline tripped Christine and brought her to the ground with such ease that demonstrated to Elizabeth that her early childhood growing up on a farm or wherever had come with advantages over the pampered life of a noble’s daughter. “Get off of me!” Christine yelled, trying to push her away. Adeline resisted, trying to pin her, and the struggle that had begun with some tiny degree of restraint soon turned sour as both girls began to apply increasing force. Adeline was trying to roll Christine on her front, but the latter would have none of it.

Elizabeth leaned back and watched, smiling slowly to herself as she watched two sexy, naked redheads squirming and wrestling with one another in a tangle of limbs, hair, and wobbling breasts. The way their bodies rubbed against one another unconsciously as they struggled to pin one another or escape the other’s grip was incredibly sexy, and Elizabeth almost wished she had skill with paints so that she could capture the view she had forever… the desperation on their faces… the quivering of their weak muscles… the way their softest parts pressed and squished together. It all made the domineering nun want to start salivating.

Eventually, Christine reached up and slapped Adeline in self-defense. While she recoiled, Christine forced herself up to her feet and finished adjusting her own strap-on. “Adeline, stop this! Why don’t we just… take turns?”

“Yeah, and I suppose you want to volunteer to suffer first?” Adeline shot back. “It’s obvious whoever goes first will just lose!”

Seeing as there was no reasoning with the other woman, Christine looked around for an option, and Adeline rushed her friend once again. Christine tried to move out of the way, and a second later the two redheads were grappling and wrestling each other to the ground. Adeline had the edge due to her strength, and Elizabeth could tell that if nothing changed, it was Christine who would most likely end up the loser of their little bout… But then Christine did something that surprised her. Noble or not, friend or not, she reared back and punched Adeline’s bare stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Christine seized the moment and tripped her erstwhile lover, got her facedown on the ground, then jumped on top of her.

Realizing what was happening, Adeline tried to get her off. “Wait, wait! That’s not fair!”

Elizabeth smirked. Even hotter. The two women struggling was a beautiful work of art, but even more than that was the fact she was making two lovers and friends turn on one another already. It wasn’t just that she wanted to see them fuck… she wanted to see one of them dominate the other. She wanted to know which of the two was the stronger, the tougher… and Christine was making an extremely attractive case that it was her.

Though Christine lacked strength, she used her body weight and position to her advantage and locked Adeline’s arms in place. For a while they still wrestled on the cold floor, each one tiring, but Christine’s advantage appeared to be winning out. She was using her legs to try and spread Adeline’s open and simultaneously thrusting with the dildo awkwardly, stabbing forward in hopes of hitting something. And, unfamiliar with using her hips, her attempts were awkward… It took her a dozen tries to even line herself up with a target.

And when she managed, it wasn’t the one she had been aiming for.

The shriek that left Adeline’s lips as soon as the smooth and polished wood slipped through her tiny, sensitive little asshole made Elizabeth shudder with arousal. Yes… truly, there was nothing more beautiful than a woman in pain. “Just cry,” Christine whispered to Adeline. “The faster this is over, the better!”

Adeline, however, was continuing her struggle to get away. She screamed but she did her best to suppress her tears, squeezing her eyes shut with everything she had even as the wooden dick progressively stretched out her virgin ass. The best idea would have probably been to relax as much as possible, make herself completely still and calm, but even the wisest woman probably wouldn’t be capable of thinking clearly at a time like this and Adeline had never been the brightest. Instead of relaxing her movements only got more desperate…. She jerked this way and that, trying to roll to get Adeline off, and inadvertently driving the wooden cock in deeper and deeper.

Realizing that she had already basically won, Christine’s lips trembled with guilt and she almost cried herself. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Still, the reminder of what was to follow as consequence of this was enough to scare her into obedience. Eyes lighting up with determination, Christine began to pump Adeline from behind, shoving the five incher deep up the tender asshole… and if she was awkward and poorly coordinated at it, then that just made her motions more jerky for the other woman beneath her and ensured it would hurt more.

Adeline’s lips were beginning to tremble, her eyes moistening. “Stop… Stop!!~ Pleaseee~”

“Keep going,” Elizabeth ordered with a stern expression. “It will be over when she allows the tears to drop.”

And then, she thought with a tiny laugh, the real fun will begin.

Sadly, though Elizabeth was enjoying the show, no greater efforts were needed on Christine’s part. Her friend broke into tears as she finally realized that all hope was lost, and not just crying but hysterical sobbing… her whole body convulsing in what seemed like a complete loss of control. Christine quickly moved to pull out, only for Elizabeth to stop her. “No,” she said slowly. “Leave the toy where it is. Take it off, if you must… but you leave it where it is.”

Christine looked at her in disbelief for only a second before her hands pulled at the buckles of the leather, taking it off her and leaving the wooden cock up her friend’s ass as she circled around to kneel by her side. “Adeline? Adeline!”

Elizabeth’s warm hand landed on Christine’s shoulder, startling her. “That will suffice, sister. You must go now, I’m afraid. You have proved to me that Adeline is the one to blame, the one who seduced you. Now it is time that she be punished.”

Adeline turned on her back to look up at her redheaded “friend”. Chest rising and falling rapidly with each breath, she hissed out an accusation. “I hate you! It was you who started this, you fucking bitch! You’re the one who moaned… you’re always loud!” She turned to Elizabeth. “Please, Reverend Mother. She did this to me. It was her. Not me. She’s the one who started it. I have letters th–”

Elizabeth gazed down at her with nothing but contempt. “Enough,” she snapped, standing tall and towering over the shaking, still-impaled redhead. “You will be silent!” She brushed a lock of hair out of Adeline’s face. “The time to speak in your own defense has passed. You should have spoken when I gave you the chance. The next time I offer you such a chance, I recommend you do not hesitate so long.” She glanced at Christine. “Obviously, you two cannot be trusted to be alone together anymore. Speak to Cecilia outside… she will take you to your new quarters.”

Though she was about to break whatever was left of Adeline’s dignity and spirit, the sight of Christine’s soul wrenching guilt as she turned to leave was almost more exquisite. Yes, my dear… you raped your best friend, and the woman you laid with… raped her, and broke her, so that I could do the same and far worse to her in turn. You saved yourself at your lover’s expense… We will see how that works out for you.

Elizabeth went to the door, locked it, then began to disrobe. As Adeline saw the elegant nun turn her attention and focus on her, she dropped her gaze and crawled toward her, still sobbing, dildo still wedged up her ass. “Ph-Phlease… Reverend Mother… Phhhleease~” Red-blooded peasant that she was, she immediately began to kiss Elizabeth’s feet in the most devoted and abject way possible. It was obvious that, at this moment, there was no social humiliation or wound to her pride and dignity Adeline wasn’t willing to admit in order to escape the brutality of what was about to happen.

Elizabeth grabbed her lovingly by the chin and raised it with a smile on her face – enough to give her a false impression that salvation was coming for a moment. “Adeline…”

“Yes, Reverend Mother… Please, I’m sorry… I will repent… I will never speak to her again!”

“Adeline…” Elizabeth said. Then she slapped the other nun, hard as she could and sent her to the floor. “Don’t be so pathetic and grovel so. It will avail you nothing.”

At that, Adeline started and broke out in sobs again. She tried, frantically, to crawl away… but with a cock wedged inside of her there was never any chance of evading her, even if Elizabeth wasn’t more than a physical match for the young girl. Elizabeth padded over, yanked the redhead back by her fiery locks, and dragged her towards the bed. “Phleaseeeeee!! Reverend Motheeer!~” she begged.

Elizabeth kicked the legs out from underneath her and sent her down on her knees at the side of the bed. Then she buried her face down into the sheets and made her ass arch back. She really did have a perfect heart-shaped ass, and what looked like an almost completely untouched pussy… it was so sweet. “I’m sorry Adeline… but you have only Christine to blame. Now you have to accept your punishment.”

The red headed nun kept begging but it was hopeless now. Elizabeth assumed her dominant position behind the defeated bitch and mercifully placed the tip of her pointed shoe against the other woman’s pussy lips, just below where the dildo still impaled her ass. “Ready?”

There was no reply.

Elizabeth smiled, gathered her weight and balance on her back foot… and kicked.

The first inch and half of her foot entered the horny little sobbing thing’s cunt, the drugged lubrication of her pussy doing everything it could to let her kick her way right through the bitch. The slender redhead shrieked and tried to get away, but Elizabeth leaned forward, put one hand on the other woman’s head, and forced it down against the sheets. “Shut. Up. Your heretical little bitch,” she growled. “You don’t want the others to hear what kind of whore they have in their midst, do you? Let this be between us and us alone…”

The false nun kicked her leg forward again, and Adeline’s inexperienced young body convulsed underneath Elizabeth as she drove her foot deeper. Adeline sobbed but the bedding caught most of her screaming… the redhead clutched the sheets for dear life, her knuckles a bony white, her toes flexing in considerable agony. “This is your punishment for trusting Christine the way you did,” said Elizabeth. “You should know that you can only trust me. Who is your Reverend Mother?”

“Y-You!” she stammered, her broken voice conveying the brutality of what was being done to her poor cunny.

“That’s right!” she hissed, and kicked forward again… wedging almost the entirety of her foot before the start of her ankle into the crying woman. Elizabeth could well imagine the pain she must be in. This wasn’t only her first time being penetrated in any way, but to have her virginity shattered by Elizabeth’s abusive foot… It was not only her dignity and innocence that was being burned away with each extra bit of Elizabeth’s foot kicking its way through her tight cunt. It was any naive sense of affection she had fostered for Christine… affection that was turning bitter with each cruel kick the Sister Superior directed forward. Elizabeth, in the sadistic opposite of her poor victim, simply savored every hot tear, every delicious sob, every tremor and convulsion as she asserted her dominance over the poor redhead who’s only crime had been to fall in lust with another girl… and to make up for it, she would be brutally raped by Elizabeth to her cruel hearts satisfaction in a way not even a man would deliver.

After all, who knew better than a woman how to hurt another woman?

Elizabeth slapped her captive as she kicked again, and covered her mouth to stop another oncoming scream. “Stop that, you weak bitch! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” While her tone was judgmental and harsh, however, Elizabeth grinned from ear to ear – she loved each moment of the life-ruining agony she unleashed upon the redhead. Take it, take it, take it! She kicked again. Adeline was never going to forget this. For that little bitch, soon Elizabeth would be the only thing she loved anymore. Not her lover… and not her Reverend Mother, either. Her goddess. Her mistress.

“Take it!” she hissed, and kicked again, grinning. There was a certain quality about Adeline that made her hold back even less than usual, an instinctive disgust at her stupidity and low birth. While Elizabeth had risen out of her low birth, that didn’t mean this stupid little whore should dare to presume the same. Adeline should have been just another big-titted farm girl out working the fields… that she would be such an elegant beauty and have escaped that fate seemed entirely undeserved to Elizabeth.

And for that, she needed to be punished.

Elizabeth kicked again and she felt something give. Her foot sank further inside her than it had previously. The hot tears flowed now like a steady stream and Elizabeth could tell that she had probably torn something inside her… and she sneered. For a man, that would be a flaw… but what need did she have for a woman’s tight cunt? All she cared was that she could make it hurt, and now that her foot had loosened the woman’s cunt sufficiently, she could fuck it properly. Rearing back far enough to put full force into each movement, Elizabeth leaned away and kicked forward, savagely tearing into the poor young thing’s hole with each savage slam…. Fucking it without mercy.

Adeline screamed over and over again against the bed but she no longer made any attempt to escape. Maybe she was just too overwhelmed, but it didn’t matter… she would remember this as her understanding that her place was beneath Elizabeth. That it was her mistress’s decision if she should suffer or not. With her instincts to flee and fight back broken down, all that was left now was a broken rape victim who understood she was only alive to suffer. “You don’t deserve any better than this,” Elizabeth cooed in her ear as she bent down. “You fucking miserable lesbian slut. Do you?” She slapped Adeline’s ass hard and left a burning mark on it. Then bundled the red hair in her hand and shook her head violently. “Answer me!”

“I-I-iiiiiii doooon’t knooooooow, I-I’m s-s-sorry!” she stammered through the tears, her face a disgusting sight. “I won’t do it again…”

“Not what you did with Christine, no… but we will continue to purify you until we get rid of that succubus plaguing you, do you understand? This filthy, unholy cunt of yours is my responsibility now. And as such, I am tasked to oversee it.” She put a hand on Adeline’s head and shoved her down into the bed as she kicked forward again, muffling the woman’s sudden scream. “I have always sacrificed myself in all ways to better serve God. And I will be doing the same to ensure your obedience to His divine laws.”

Though she was agreeing to her own future torture, Adeline nodded along gleefully. She would do and say anything, anything at all, just for a chance at making the pain stop. “Yes, yes, thank you… Thank you, Reverend Mother…”

Grinning, Elizabeth finished her off with a final powerful slam. Then she pulled her foot out of the woman’s cunt. “Enough,” she purred. Adeline whimpered as if she were dying, her mind completely broken by what had been done to her. She covered her miserable face in shame, sobs wracking the beautiful young body that would never belong to her ever again. She put her foot down on the bed right to her face and once more put on a severe expression. “You have made a mess, you shameless harlot. Cleanliness is next to godliness, after all… so clean!”

Adeline just lay there, sobbing, for several seconds. Then, right before Elizabeth would have taken action to enforce her will, she slowly shifted, opened her mouth, and stared at the foot that had violated her. Traumatized by the mere sight of it, goosebumps ran along the length of Adeline’s body. Nevertheless, she bent low, shaking all over, her perky breasts swaying erotically, and placed her sweet lips against her foot. Then she stuck out her tongue and began to lap at her own blood and juices where it coated Elizabeth’s foot.

“Good girl,” Elizabeth praised with a smile. “After you’re finished, I think we ought to have a more thorough discussion regarding Christine’s sins, don’t you?” A low chuckle escaped her throat. “First, I think we will begin with a thorough demonstration where you show me precisely how you licked your lover. Where you put that sinful tongue when it left your mouth. And then, after that…”

She looked down at the licking woman. Then she reached over, picked up the first strap-on she had brought out, and dropped it right next to Adeline’s head. It wasn’t actually Alana’s, no matter what the girls had thought… that weapon was probably still buried deep inside of Mercy at the moment. This was a new one that Cecilia had made… the sadistic nun was quickly becoming an expert in designing them just barely within the limits that they wouldn’t cause irreparable injury or permanent scarring but would hurt as much as possible. Elizabeth wondered if that was intentional, or if she just hadn’t pushed the envelope far enough yet… either way, she wasn’t especially troubled by the thought, and either way Elizabeth suspected that the sadist of a nun would relish knowing the sweet way this thing’s victim would convulse as she rode the waves of pain.

“Cecilia had to put that other filthy lesbian whore somewhere,” Elizabeth said with the gravitas of a woman reading an epilogue. “So she put her in one of the cages downstairs. I think we both know she deserves to be punished, don’t we? And after you’re done… if you want, you can be the one to do it.”

Adeline froze for a moment, her tongue stopping. She shuddered violently, no doubt remembering what Alana had done to Mercy. Elizabeth could watch her face and practically read her mind as the thoughts went further, however. She thought how Christine had raped her with the strap on already. She thought about the agony of Elizabeth kicking her way to her womb. She thought about the fact that the Reverend Mother had already promised she would go into the cage, and this dildo was going to have a home… and after what Christine had already done to her could she have any doubt where her former friend would choose to put it?

Slowly, she nodded. “Yes, Reverend Mother,” Adeline whispered. “I’ll do it.”

Elizabeth bent down and held out the dildo which she would soon use to destroy the woman she had just bedded hours ago. “Kiss it,” she commanded. “This is a holy weapon. It deserves your reverence.”

Adeline pressed her lips against the tip and kissed the demonic tool. “I have faith in you, sister,” Elizabeth said with a smile. “I have little doubt you will make me very proud. Now, haven’t I been very generous?”

The other nun kissed the dildo again. “Yes, Reverend Mother. Thank you, Reverend Mother.”

Elizabeth smiled warmly, and she pet the dutiful redhead’s scalp like an obedient hound. “Very good, Adeline,” she whispered. “Very good indeed…”


The Dunsford family had never been troublemakers.

Though she knew very little about the history of the world, Catherine had always shown great interest in learning more about her own family and its role in the world, minor though it was. They weren’t a noble house with any special lineage and had barely any money, but it was her blood that watered the soil beneath her feet… and she always wondered if that could have explained down to those roots how she and her sister had been so different.

For starters, Catherine had always been too smart for the children her age, whether they were boys or girls. Certainly smarter than either of her brothers. Things they found amusing she tended to find dull and uninteresting, much preferring to read… But even the huge tomes of her father dealing with law, history, and philosophy rather bored her to tears given what a near-endless world there was to explore. How anyone could sit still, and how she in particular could be expected to live in just one town her whole life and get married was beyond her. Given her looks, it was no surprise to anyone that there was an endless array of suitors begging for her attention. Her father hadn’t found anyone for her to marry yet though, thankfully… but she always knew he would someday, and had made her peace with that. She was a good girl, an obedient daughter and a loving granddaughter, which was why she promised herself she would carry out her duty to the Dunsford family…

After all, it wasn’t like Alana would be doing it.

Catherine was not only long-limbed and blessed with shapely thighs and delicate calves, but endowed with a bust that drew the attention of any men nearby – including, much to her shame, even the eyes of the men belonging to her own family. Her green eyes were dazzlingly bright, as if dusted with gold, and the bright brown locks that flowed down her shoulders always came down in perfectly curled waves that put every other woman in the town to shame. She was, in the estimation of many, the perfect woman.

That might have explained why Alana turned out the way she did.

It wasn’t that Catherine had any bad feelings about her little sister – In fact, she was rather protective of her, given how naive she could be at times. Even Catherine, however, had to admit that Alana was an extremely… queer… thing, and it was no surprise that her parents found the need to send her to convent until she came to her senses. Alana was… currently unsuitable… to consider marrying – She showed no real inclination towards men at all. Perhaps those unaware of her instincts may have thought it amusing and predictable that a young woman wasn’t interested in hitching herself to one man. Catherine, however, knew the truth… from countless conversations with her little sister, she knew that the angelic young woman was more than willing to consider doing so with a woman.

And while she loved her little sister, Catherine hated that idea.

In a way, the whole idea of sending her to a convent was rather twisted. Being surrounded by women day and night was probably Alana’s idea of a good time. The real cure probably would’ve been to marry her off by force to some old man and ship her away to another country… but instead, she was being sent to visit her.

Earlier this month, a pair of letters from the Convent of the Sisterhood of Salvation had arrived, addressed to her father… and ever since he had opened them he had been acting… strangely. He had looked at her strangely. Then, after a little over a week, he had announced that she was going to be visiting Alana in the convent, and meeting the new Sister Superior. His command, and his insistence on it, surprised Catherine… but she did want to travel. Even going to such a forlorn place as a convent in the mountains would be interesting. Also, she did miss her sister, misguided though the other woman had been – it would do good to see her sibling and not let her be entombed away from her family forever.

The carriage came for her about a week after that. The man driving the carriage looked more than a little roguish to her eyes and was missing several teeth, but he did wear the coat of arms of the church and his cross was on full display, so she supposed allowances had to be made for all kinds, even hard men, to serve God. She saw the man deliver a small locked box to her father, then he climbed back on top of the coach and they were under way.

From what Catherine understood the convent was most of a full day’s ride. She occupied herself by reading, and watching the road as they went by… noting the other carriages who passed them on the road and trying to imagine their story, who the people were who rode them and where life would take them. As they entered the province where the convent was located, however, Catherine could sense a dreariness settling over her. There were no more carriages passing them by here, no lone riders, not even villagers to poke fun at. Just endless forest and barren fields. She herself had fallen asleep by the time they reached the convent and woke up with a start when the driver shook her. “Lady Dunsford. Ehh… We’ve arrived, miss.”

Catherine nodded in thanks, rubbed her eyes, and stepped out onto the moonlit clearing. She could see that they were on the top of a hill surrounded by forest on all sides as it sloped down the mountain. The only thing to see was the looming convent building which seemed completely dead, without so much as the tiny glimmer of a candle in a window. A little taken aback by the darkness of the place, Catherine licked and moistened her lips, then stepped up to the great wooden double doors and rapped.

No one came.

For a moment, she considered going back to the carriage and sleeping till morning, afraid of getting in trouble with the old crones inside… But then she reconsidered. How could she be so cowardly? It’s not like she was going to be a prisoner here… There were too many men that wanted to marry her for her father to allow any such thing. Everyone knew the women who got sent to such a place were in a category of three: the insane, the sapphic, and the spinster. With a feeling of apprehension, Catherine raised her hand and pounded on the gate again.

The wait was long enough for her to begin to wonder if she had been taken to the right place. Surely the church’s coachman wouldn’t have brought her to the wrong building, would he? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. After a lengthy wait, however, she heard a loud, grinding noise from the other side, which was followed by the loud groan of the doors. A simple-minded looking nun stared at her from the aperture. “Good evening,” she said cheerily, as if it weren’t the middle of the night.

“Yes, good evening,” said Catherine. “My name is Catherine. I was to journey here and see my sister, Alana. Do you think I could enter?”

Another smile that seemed to have no thought behind it. “I am not certain… I will check. Please wait here.” The doors closed again.

Catherine yawned and gazed up at the stars. That nap hadn’t been enough to keep her up for the rest of the day to come. She hoped the sisters got their act together soon.

When the doors opened once more, she was ready to be met by an old woman who would give her mouth for coming at such a late hour unannounced. To her surprise, however, it was a rather intense, tall woman who met her eyes… only slightly older than Catherine herself if the brunette was any judge. She was pretty, too… and the habit wasn’t quite enough to hide the pleasant curves of her body beneath it. Her eyes were uncomfortable to look into… filled with confidence and authority. “You must be Catherine,” she said simply with a small nod.

Somehow, the appearance of this beautiful woman intimidated her even more. The woman wore the hood of a Sister Superior, but she was so young… Catherine had been expecting some mouthy old hag. Why would such a beautiful woman be in a place like this? She must be truly devout… A true believer? Slightly shaken, Catherine bowed. “Yes, Reverend Mother. My apologies for coming at such a late hour.”

“Please, come in.” As she spoke, the Reverend Mother glanced out the door at the carriage. “Come inside. We will lodge you tonight, and you can leave in the morning.”

He nodded eagerly. “Yes ma’am… I mean, Reverend Mother.”

The Sister Superior turned and walked, gesturing for Catherine to follow, and they entered the building together. The massive wooden door slammed back into place behind them. Catherine kept a few feet behind the nun as she carried a candle, passing by several rectangular pieces of furniture covered by sheets. The beauty of the woman in charge of the place still intimidated her and left her puzzled. “Come, hurry along,” the tall woman said. “Walk with me. You must be hungry after your long trip.”

The place was surprisingly warm, much warmer than the cool air outside… and even still it felt like an icy chill was sinking into Catherine’s bones, making her tremble. As they walked down hallways, Catherine could hear her footsteps echo throughout. She had never experienced such silence. “Is it always this quiet?”

As she reached for the handle of the door, the other woman hesitated. She became thoughtful, and the full lips curled into a secret smile. “Not always. You would have been surprised how noisy it was until quite recently.”

“Oh?” Catherine asked. “Why is that?”

“One of our sisters was sick,” the nun answered, brushing at the habit’s headdress. “She was in a lot of pain.”

Catherine entered the candlelit and windowless chamber. “I’m very sorry to hear that.”

“Nothing for you to worry about. She’s been… seen to.” She sat down at the table and gestured for Catherine to do the same. “You do not need to call me Reverend Mother, please. You may call me Elizabeth. Please, sit.”

She smiled as she found a seat on one of the benches, settling her full rear onto it. “Would that be appropriate?”

Elizabeth smiled again. “For the time being, at least.” Catherine watched as the beautiful woman before her took up the decanter on the desk in front of them and poured her a glass of wine. “Please, drink. Make yourself at home.”

Relieved to be welcomed so warmly, she took the drink and took a sip. Surprisingly good wine. “Thank you for your hospitality. I was not expecting to be so welcome.”

Elizabeth smiled. “And why should we not greet a sister?”

“I…” What was she saying? “I’m not one of your sisters.”

Elizabeth sat on the edge of the desk looking down at her. She folded her hands and pursed her lips. “As you say. You’ve come for your sister. She’s written to your family.”

Catherine swallowed. “Yes, she has… was that wrong?”

“Not at all. She will not be punished,” the Reverend Mother reassured. “I instructed her to write to your father and express her feelings, to tell him the truth.”

Catherine took another sip of the wine. It was so, so sweet. “You did?”

“Certainly,” she agreed. “I thought it would be best if she could talk to family in these times of need. As you know, your sister has been struggling with a condition for a long time.”

Catherine kept her face slat and stony. “She has?”

Elizabeth smirked. “Please, do not play dumb with me, Catherine. I have very little patience for such a thing.”

A sense of foreboding filled Catherine’s heart. Definitely not some dumb old bitch! “I… understand. I am sorry… Do you mean to say her feelings towards… other women?”

“Precisely so. It’s an abhorrent condition afflicting more than one of the girls here which I’ve been hoping to cure…”

As she listened to Elizabeth speak, Catherine struggled to stay awake. Though the bench beneath her was hard it felt soooo comfortable… she could feel herself becoming increasingly drowsy with each passing moment. Her eyes were closing by themselves, and even her mouth refused to stay closed.

“Are you feeling well, Catherine?” Elizabeth asked, still smiling. “Is something wrong?” Before Catherine could answer, her body tipped precipitously to one side. Elizabeth reached forward and grabbed her arm just in time, and Catherine was struck by how strong it felt “Easy now, girl… easy…”

“I’m sorry! I don’t know…” Catherine tried to get ahold of herself but she couldn’t even get her limbs to move. Everything felt as heavy as lead and completely unresponsive.

“That’s it, just relax…” said Elizabeth, whispering into her ear. “I can’t say you’re safe, but your fate is quite sealed at this point.”

What did that mean?

There wasn’t much time for Catherine to consider. Before she could untie her tongue to ask the question, her vision began to swim, getting blurrier and more chaotic with each passing second.

And then she blacked out.


When she finally awoke, Catherine stirred slowly… and found herself unable to move. Her body had gone so stiff that it was difficult to first understand just what position she was in, but her eyes soon picked up on the fact she could see herself. There had been a mirror placed right in front of her, and not by accident. She could see her reflection in that mirror, and it was angled in such a way that it also provided her with a look at another mirror placed behind her and those to the sides… all of them tilted in such a way that it reflected what was to the side, tilted down in such a way that it reflected what was undoubtedly her round, bare ass. “What!?” she gasped on sheer reflex, coming fully awake in her complete disbelief of what was happening.

And she was naked!

She had had the occasional nightmare when she was a child. Appearing naked in front of people that knew her and not realizing it. This felt like one of those… Perhaps a kind of waking nightmare, where she could not move or speak and only saw shadows standing at her bedside. The firmness of her bonds, however, could not be denied. Her ankles were bound and held spread by a piece of wood that made it impossible to press them together. Her upper body was lower, hanging down and forcing her back to arch, while her head and wrists were both entrapped by a wooden board – a pillory!

“Hello?” she shouted… or tried to shout. Her voice cracked, and she heard her own words echo off the walls back at her. Though she had no idea where she was, the icy chill that seeped into her could only have come from somewhere beneath the Earth. No building, no matter how thick its stone walls, could maintain such a chill. As she tried to make sense of her predicament, she heard a loud wooden door groan. “Help!” Catherine screamed at once, pulling herself back. “Help!”

The sound of approaching footsteps, though, sent a shiver through her with their calmness. “There’s no need for that, Catherine. Or perhaps you would like it if I called you Cathy? Your sister tells me that’s what she called you at home… and I would very much like you to feel at home here, Cathy. After all… this is going to be your new home for quite a while, I think. At least until you’ve proven you’re a good girl who can be trusted.”

The voice sounded familiar, and once the figure passed by her side and came to loom over her from the front, she could see that it was the tall, intimidating nun from the night before. “Reverend Mother?” she sputtered. “What are you talking about? What are you doing?”

“I told you to call me Elizabeth, did I not?” she purred. “As for what I’m doing… I’m about to enjoy my day with some fun. How about you?”

The delighted way she spoke, as if they were old friends crossing paths by chance, only left Catherine more confused. She knew that she should have no reason to fear, that she had done nothing wrong… this was demented. There was no way in hell she could accept this, nor for her to pretend like she thought it was somehow normal or negotiable. Doing her best to dissolve the pit of fear formed in her stomach, she relaxed her muscles and intensified her gaze. “You will let me go now. I will not stand for this. My father–”

“Your father,” Elizabeth smiled, “sold you to me like a cow from a farmer.” She sat down in front of her, meeting her eyes. “So your father will not be arriving to save you, I’m afraid. And if by chance he changes his mind and comes looking he’ll be informed that you and your sister ran away. That your stay here was brief, and you two vanished in the night.”

The more she spoke, the more Catherine’s fear intensified. Catherine wasn’t sure what it was about this woman, but nothing about her seemed to belong to the position she was supposed to fill. Her age and her beauty were incongruent with any Reverend Mother – usually old hags or at the least ugly and unwanted middle-aged maids – but even the tone of her voice lacked the usual severity. Instead it was cruel. Playful, and cruel, like that of a taunting bully. “Who are you?” said Catherine, allowing her fear to return. “What do you mean about my father?!”

Elizabeth giggled, her eyes glittering, and she stroked the bound captive gently on her head. “Funny you should ask about that.” She moved away from Catherine and seemed to pick something up from the wall, but out of sight of her eyes. “I was debating whether or not to act out the con with you as well… but then I thought, why bother? You’re not going to have a chance to talk to anyone until after you’re too smart to do any such thing… and you’ll learn to do as you’re told either way.”

Catherine gulped and wiggled her toes as the needles in her soles ached with numbness. “I’m going to make sure you’re flogged for this.”

Elizabeth laughed. “That’s really not very imaginative of a threat considering what I have in store for you,” the false nun said. Elizabeth settled down behind her new captive, her midriff showing along with a spiked paddle in her hand just inches from Catherine’s ass. The imprisoned woman instinctively tried to move away, afraid of any potential blow, but that only caused Elizabeth to chuckle again. “Maybe by the time I’m finished, you’ll have some more ideas about what you can threaten me with.”

“So,” Elizabeth purred, leaning her arms onto Catherine’s rear and crossing them, resting her face in their cradle. “You wanted to know who I am? I’m afraid I’m a fraud… that I took the place of the real Sister Sylvia. I imagine there is at least one sister up above who would be very interested to hear all about it from you… it’s just a shame you aren’t going to get the opportunity.” She ran one finger playfully over her newest victim’s ass. “I had a problem, you see? If I want to turn this place into an investment, I need a way to bring in more women, because I’m eventually going to run out of the ones I have… and I also need more help. You see, Alana is a kind soul… I’ll need to shatter that, somehow. And your sister told me a lot about you… and I saw how you could help me solve both of my problems.”

“What the hell are you talking about!” the bound brunette hissed out. “You’re insane if you think I’m going to help you with anything!”

“I didn’t say you would be helping me willingly, silly.” Elizabeth casually slapped her newest captive’s ass playfully. “You know, I can see how Alana turned out a lesbian. Who could stare at such beauty all day and not develop feelings?” After a brief pause, Elizabeth’s long fingers came to rest on Catherine’s buttocks. The tips slid appreciatively over the obscene curve, enjoying the silky smoothness of her yet undamaged skin. “Tell me, are you still a virgin?”

“You’re a madwoman!”

“Answer the question, my dear,” Elizabeth said, her voice going low and threatening. “You do not want to make me mad. Are you?”

The woman blushed. “Yes!” Catherine blurted out, clearly embarrassed at her own weakness.

Elizabeth laughed. “It’s wonderful, then, that you’ve come to our convent to receive proper education while you’re still pure… before any nasty, dirty men get their hands on you…” Elizabeth grinned widely… her poor new guest could not have looked any hotter. When Elizabeth ordered Alana to write a letter back home, she had expected a rather pretty girl to arrive; but never in a thousand centuries could Elizabeth have suspected that the bitch would be so perfect. Her body was so curvy that even to gaze upon it was sublime. Her skin was soft, her curves supple, and her belly flat… still youthful without a stretch or blemish anywhere on her, not even a tiny bit of unnecessary fat.

And she would be the one to paint agony into her flesh.

“So you see. I had Alana write to your father… and tell him the truth,” Elizabeth said with a grin. “That you had been molesting your sister in her own bed for years and years. That you’re the one who turned her into a filthy lesbian.”

“That’s a filthy lie!” Catherine shouted, obviously horrified.

“Your father didn’t think so,” Elizabeth told her with glee. “In fact, when I offered to take you off his hand as well without requiring another spiritual dowry like he had to pay for Alana he jumped at the opportunity to have his filthy, sinful rapist of a daughter taken away.”

“That’s not true, that’s not true! It’s not! It’s NOT!” Catherine protested fervently. Her blazing green eyes narrowed and sought her desperately in the mirror. “What the fuck are you saying, you bloody witch? He’s going to come for me! He will!”

“And the last fact you should know, dear,” Elizabeth said with a purr, “is that the dungeons beneath this place are dark and deep, as long as we keep the doors shut down here no one can hear you scream.” The false sister raised the paddle in preparation over the beautiful woman’s ample ass. “So Cathy… time to come to terms with your new life. From now on, you will treat me as your mistress and accept your role as my property… Do you understand?”

From where she stood, Elizabeth could see the bright green eyes searching for a right answer in the mirror. She was afraid of saying no; and she was definitely afraid of saying yes. Once ten seconds passed, Elizabeth let her grin widen. Then she brought the studded paddle down with a swift strike. The wood collided against the young flesh with a satisfying slapping noise that left both of the woman’s asscheeks jiggling tantalizingly. “Aaa!!!~” Catherine cried out… shouting out the first cry at the very beginning of her long weeks of training.

“That was just a love tap,” said Elizabeth with a dark giggle. “I wasn’t even trying yet. I can tell you’re a softy, Cathy. And you’re so beautiful I almost feel bad to abuse you from the start. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider?”

Contrary to the begging she expected, Catherine’s eyes opened with a vengeance. “You fucking bitch!” she snarled, trying to yank herself out of the pillory with so much force that Elizabeth took a step back to let her thrash. “You fucking whore! Don’t you dare touch me! I’ll rip your fucking head off! Do you hear me? Alana!” she began to shout, fury now dominating all other emotions. “Alana, where the fuck are you? ALANAAA!!~”

Despite herself, Elizabeth had to laugh. “God, you must have truly blessed me, have you not?” Elizabeth muttered, wiping away the tiny rivulet of drool that began to fall from her lush lips as they remained open in awe. This one looked like a sensitive beauty, but she had the heart of a lion. A true beast that will take effort to tame, no doubt. And it would be so worth it when she had done it. The mere mental glimpse into the future to come sent a shiver through Elizabeth. She reached up and pulled on her hardening nipple, then twisted it hard, getting high off the pain as her wetness began to drip down her legs under the robe. Oh, Catherine Catherine Catherine… If only you knew what a terrible mistake you’ve made.

Elizabeth approached her again with the paddle in hand. She bent over and gave the slightly reddened big ass a kiss as Catherine went on screaming and squirming against the binds. “Your little sister has brought me so much joy already. But with you, she has truly outdone herself. I’ll have to reward her for her service.”


Of course, none of the nuns would come down no matter what Catherine yelled out. With the doors sealed rather than opened as they had been for her initial demonstration, little sound from down here made it to above. Elizabeth had locked the door to the dungeons for good measure as well, but even if it wasn’t and she hadn’t, the impostor doubted that any of the girls here would have been stupid enough to come down and see for themselves what was being done. Given the example that had been made of Mercy and so many others over the last few weeks… They knew better, now. Soon enough, every single one of them would be enslaved to her will, broken, and eating out of the palm of her hand.

Losing hope in her sister arriving, Catherine now began to cry out after her carriage driver. “Don’t bother,” Elizabeth told her, sneering. “He’s one of mine. He won’t be of any help to you, I’m afraid.”

Catherine strained against her bonds again. “What kind of twisted bitch are you?” she growled.

Elizabeth hit the paddle against her palm and snorted out a breath of dark laughter. “Oh, I think you’re about to find out…”

She wasted no time – Elizabeth brought the paddle down once more, harder this time. Catherine screamed, but it was easy to tell that there was frustration more than despair. A suppressed and tormented cry escaped her lips though she obviously hated herself for allowing it to come out… She was using her energy to try and keep her body in check. Elizabeth knew that wasn’t going to last long. For now, though, she was still more angry than frightened. Instead of begging to be let go, she growled with fury. “Is my little sister safe? I’ll kill you if you hurt her!”

“My, my,” said Elizabeth, genuinely impressed. “You really don’t understand your situation, do you?” Her arm arched in preparation and smacked her with the paddle again, this time from below. Catherine growled, gritting her teeth, the blood burning inside of her as the rage mounted. At the same time, that perfect ass which was pale perfectly previously was beginning to redden fully. Elizabeth caressed the curves with an appreciative touch. They were hot – incredibly hot, actually, as if her fingertips were moving over a warm stove. Tittering with cruelty, she gave each cheek a kiss and then even brought her lips to Catherine’s delicate virgin pussy lips. “I think I’m at risk of falling in love with you, Cathy.”

The feeling of a stranger’s lips connecting to her pussy for the first time was enough to put a momentary pause to the rage. Catherine’s beautiful eyes wide wide in shock, in horror, in shame and humiliation at what was being done to her, that that was a piece of innocence that had been permanently stripped away. Ah… that was useful to note. Sensing that the humiliation hurt her more than the paddle, Elizabeth made the most of it and knelt at her back, kissing her pussy lovingly again. “Such a splendid young cunt. Mmm.” She sniffed it loudly so Catherine could hear. “Like a spring perfume.”

The perfect body trembled and shuddered. “Stop, please! Stop it!!”

Elizabeth dropped the paddle to the ground and reached up with her hands, digging her fingers into the doughy flesh of Catherine’s ass as she spread it wide open. The tender pink lips spread along with it, at which point the tip of Elizabeth’s tongue darted out like a snake and passed between them, performing an elegant stroke of the young woman’s most secure and prized sweetness. “Stoooop! Please…” she begged.

“I can’t wait to taste you,” Elizabeth teased. “I promise you, Cathy, in just a few days, or a few weeks at most, you’ll be begging for me to hit you. To abuse you. To torture you. To destroy you. You will get so wet that your juices will flow for me without end, and you will drop to your knees and beg me to taste your offering.”

For the first time, Catherine mewled. “No, please… Please…”

The lion could bear with the pain… but not the humiliation. “So ashamed of a woman’s love, are we?” Elizabeth laughed, and continued delivering gentle kisses to the pussy that now belonged to her. “That really is a shame…” After all… She already knew what this poor thing’s fate was going to be. She had decided on what she would do to her and Alana long before Catherine had arrived, and that wouldn’t be changing. They were sisters… and sisters should love one another. They deserved to experience all of life’s tender moments together, the way she wished she’d had an opportunity to do with her own whore of a sibling.

So who better to break in Catherine and rip through her virginal, saintly cunt for the first time than her loving little sister?

Relishing the thought, Elizabeth stood up and walked back to the front of the pillory. There were tears in Catherine’s sweet eyes now. “Please, don’t do that…” she begged, now sounding as desperate as a child.

“Shhh,” said Elizabeth, delivering a motherly kiss to her forehead as she cupped the woman’s face. “There’s no need for shame, my dear. Your future is already written. And while I cannot promise I’ll be the harshest on you – after all, it would be a pity to put welts on this gorgeous body — I can promise you will feel depths of humiliation scarcely imaginable to others. I will have to keep you locked up like this not so that you don’t escape, but so that you don’t kill yourself from the disgust you feel over what you will become.”

Elizabeth smiled and then planted a kiss on her trembling lips. Catherine shuddered. “I promise I’ll kill you,” she said through gritted teeth, her anger returning.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, dear,” she purred. “But don’t worry… You will see your little sister soon. I imagine the three of us will spend a long night together as girls do. What do you say to that?”

Catherine shuddered. “Please… Don’t do this!”

Elizabeth caressed the tear-wetted cheek and brushed a lock of soft brown hair out of Elizabeth’s face which was half tense with raw fury, half shaken by fear. “You were separated by distance. But I shall bring you together closer than ever before. I promise. And even if you never thank me for it, your sister will…” The false sister flicked Catherine’s nose and nodded her satisfaction. “And that’s what really matters here.” She rose. “Speaking of your sister, I should get her out from beneath those sheets we passed. It wouldn’t do to have people asking too many questions. Then you and I will continue getting acquainted with one another…”

The door shut behind her with a heavy bang… and from this side, Elizabeth couldn’t even hear it as Catherine started to cry.


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