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The Convent Correction Chapter 3 – Angels Without Mercy

Updated: Jun 17

She’d been here a week now, and already the changes to the Convent of the Sisterhood of Salvation were becoming dramatic. Elizabeth could feel it in every fiber of her being – it was like something thrumming through the air like a coming storm, a kind of energy in the atmosphere. There was tension in the way people moved, the way they prayed, the way they spoke… and the reason for it was clear. They were afraid of her… much to her pleasure.

Each of the women here were afraid of the supposed Mother Superior for different reasons. Some, like Mercy, were afraid of her anger, especially rare was the day that “Sylvia” didn’t find a reason to punish her. Most of the others were afraid of attracting Elizabeth’s notice and sharing Mercy’s fate. There were the redheads, who were afraid that she was going to find their secret, blissfully unaware she already knew. And then there was Ester, who in truth was more afraid of having the pieces of her personality stripped away and her putrid insides laid bare for all to see. Not really surprising – in Elizabeth’s experience, it was always the most cunty and self-righteous ones who had the most doubts that they were as good and pure as they projected deep inside. They might hide their doubts deep, deep inside of them, deep enough they hoped even they would forget about them… but they weren’t gone entirely, and anything that brought them to the surface could be a devastating weapon. One that Elizabeth was happy to use like a knife against the troublesome little cunt.

Of course, there were also a few simpletons like Prudence – the quickly and easily obedient ones, the ones who feared living a single second without being a docile slave to someone – be it god, or Elizabeth herself. That cow would be willing to walk barefoot on broken glass with a smile if Elizabeth ordered it… and in truth, it was beginning to annoy her. Prudence was, in most ways, too simple for the sadist to actually enjoy – she wasn’t sure how to get to the woman, since she usually dealt with people, and not bovine automatons.

Her annoyance aside, though, things were going well for Elizabeth here. Well enough that she was beginning to wonder what she would do about her men. They were still expecting her to return, after all. Would she have to abandon the convent? Nothing seemed more unappealing at this point than to leave her burgeoning fortress within these walls and return to scraping out a small existence in the world beyond them. The people out there, they would hang her if they could. But here, within this convent? She was rapidly becoming a Queen. As long as Elizabeth could remain in control and have her authority prevail, then she could turn this place into something resembling proper civilization… there was no doubt in her mind the convent would turn into a most blessed place.

“Reverend Mother?” asked Prudence. “Did you hear me?”

Elizabeth stopped looking out the window. “I’m sorry, sister. I was praying. What was it you said?”

The dull-witted nun smiled and nodded. “I have brought in the wood you requested, Reverend Mother. The other sisters are waiting for you in the dining hall.”

Elizabeth smiled. This was going to be fun. “Excellent. Let’s begin, then.”

Hands at her back, Elizabeth walked alongside Prudence as they left the chapel Elizabeth used as her veritable throne room. Occasionally, she glanced at the other nun as they walked. Her exterior really was beautiful for a woman of her age. The way her cowtits bounced with every step drew the bandit’s eyes. It was a shame she was such an idiot… Elizabeth preferred to screw with the minds of her victims even as she took their bodies, and this moron practically had no brain to get inside of. She would have so much fun with those tits otherwise. Still, it was fun to watch them bounce. There was still something deliciously twisted about making all the sisters walk around naked while she herself remained fully clothed.

Prudence rushed ahead to open the door and allowed Elizabeth to stride into the room beyond.

The dining room had been adjusted. All of the tables had been put up on their sides against the walls, and all the benches removed. There was no longer any furniture, save for a single armchair set aside for Elizabeth herself. The naked nuns all sat on the floor, some on their ass, some on their knees. “Good morning, Sisters,” said Elizabeth coolly. “I see you’ve prepared yourselves.”

“What are we to do?” Ester asked, her eyes remaining low. The tone was still doubting, but the sanctimonious bitch had learned her place at last – at the very least, she was beginning to. The fact that she had been so wet for a week now at every horrible thing that Elizabeth arranged to happen to one of the other nuns had certainly begun to leave a mark on her.

Elizabeth sat down and glanced at Alana, who stood by her armchair instead of sitting with the rest. The poor thing was still trembling as she stood silently… she probably couldn’t speak or sit, to be honest. Not after how long Elizabeth had had her tongue working last night, or will how harshly she had pounded the innocent young lesbian’s holes with her faux cock. Elizabeth would know, she had needed to wipe away the blood leaking from her this morning and make her presentable. After a week of this, the young blonde’s once-bright eyes seemed completely vacant now. Whatever had been “Alana” inside of Alana was gone after a week of this treatment. What Elizabeth sat beside now was an empty vessel, waiting to have thoughts and feelings poured into her – the proper thoughts and feelings Elizabeth endorsed for her, that was. A new Alana would slowly be raised to the fore like a necromancer reanimated a corpse.

And there would be pain. Elizabeth reached out to brush her fingertips softly along Alana’s smooth arm. There would be so much pain left to come for sweet, precious little Alana. The thought was making Elizabeth wet, and so early in the day. But if Alana was good, and learned quickly, all of the pain didn’t have to be hers…

“Reverend Mother Sylvia?” Ester called again.

Elizabeth shook her head softly, then smiled. “Yes, sister. My apologies. Alana and I have been praying through most of the night, and I am slightly tired.”

Ester’s eyes scrutinized Alana up and down. “Is she all right? She isn’t saying anything.”

The false sister looked at the standing nun. “Sister Alana is concerned, rightfully, that until the demon has been cast out of her that her words may be poisonous with the succubus’s venom. Therefore, she has taken a vow of silence until she is certain she is purified,” Elizabeth explained. “Her mind has been deeply troubled by…” The Mother Superior slowly trailed off as she slowly surveyed the room and discovered something was wrong. “…And where,” is Sister Mercy?” a disconcerting discovery as her eyes surveyed the room. “Where,” she started disdainfully, “is Sister Mercy?”

She glanced over at Cecilia.


“I’m sorry!!!” Mercy screamed her plea, tears falling from her eyes. “Please, Reverend Mother! Please! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean to sleep in!”

Elizabeth tapped her brutalized ass with cane, preparing for another hit, and clicked her tongue. “You truly have developed an incredible degree of hubris due to your association with that succubus, haven’t you Mercy?”

“No!” she screamed again. “Please, no! I was just… I was so tired after being punished yesterday, I-”

The cane lashed her ass again painfully and the knees buckled. “I know you aren’t blaming me for the fact you needed to be punished,” Elizabeth said, tapping the cane on her left hand again. Mercy’s palms pressed against the wall, her nails scraping the wood in order to find a sense of balance. She knew that the punishment would only get worse if she lifted her feet, if she moved at all. If she exposed the soles of her feet, they would be the next target… and she knew that falling to her knees would mean a hit with the cane right across her pretty, cherry-red cunt. That tender slit was probably already in agonizing pain from last night, where she had Cecilia whip it for an hour to chase the demon out of her unholy slit.

Her gasps, pleas, and sobs created an orchestra for the other nuns in the room who were now busy at work. Apart from Mercy, Elizabeth, and Alana, everyone else in the room was busying themselves with carving the blocks of wood the way Elizabeth had instructed them… into the shape of crude cocks. Elizabeth smirked at that… she was rather proud of this idea. Since she didn’t have access to all the sex toys she wanted, she had concocted this plan to get her victims to make the tools of their own suffering for her… and all she had needed to do was tell them that they needed to meditate on the the male form to start curing their lesbian perversions.

Elizabeth ran her eyes over them as they carved. Some were certainly doing a better job than others. She could tell Ester didn’t have her heart in it, but she was doing her best to at least act busy at her carving. She probably hoped she wasn’t being noticed… but she was. Oh, don’t worry your righteous little head, Ester… She had a plan for her. As always, it was Cecilia who made Elizabeth most proud… though the way in which she was doing it was unexpected. Either the nun had never seen a dick in her life, or else she was choosing to create one that could have only existed in her nightmares. The huge cock she was carving was covered with all sorts of protuberances – ridges, bumps, spikes, scales, and pits covered it. Just what demons did that woman dream of? Elizabeth couldn’t even imagine any woman in the whole world would willingly dare slide that monster inside of her. Just thinking about it made Elizabeth want to flinch…

But the thought of forcing it into one of these holy whores? That was exciting.

All the nuns were, of course, at least as wet as Elizabeth was. As wet as could be. Even Mercy, who was being caned for daring to stay in bed rather than come and work with the others, was still dripping wet even as she got hit. Even Alana, though she appeared to be mentally gone, still dripped as she stood there. Elizabeth moved forward, leaving Mercy shuddering against the wall as she stepped up and stuck her hand between a random nun’s legs, and pulled it out as the young nun gasped in horror. The false Sylvia held up her hand, parting her fingers to show the sticky slime between them. “What more proof could any of you need that a demon has taken over your minds than this?” Elizabeth thundered. “Every single one of you cannot stop being aroused, all the time! How shameful!”

“I still do not believe it is appropriate for us to do this…” said Ester… quietly, but rebelliously.

“Is that so, Sister?” Elizabeth turned to her with a mocking expression. “What do you not understand?” She sneered. “And who are you to challenge my authority? My wisdom? Need I remind you, Sister Ester, that you were practically ready to hump my leg like a dog the other day from how wet you got at the sight of poor Sister Mercy receiving her help? I am doing this with all the authority of the diocese in order to save all of you? You think it pleases me to hurt poor Mercy?” Of course it did… but she didn’t have to know that. “It hurts me to hurt her. No sane person would take pleasure in her pain.” She brought the cane forward and pressed it between Ester’s legs, bringing it up teasingly against the nun’s cunt. “But you do, don’t you? You are sick, Sister Ester… and you need my help.”

Ester picked up the speed of her carving, realizing punishment was likely close at hand. “I am sorry, Reverend Mother.”

Elizabeth barely managed to keep her smirk on the inside… as far as the other nuns could see she was merely stern. “Stand up, Sister,” she commanded. “Do it.”

Gulping, Ester dropped the knife, letting it ring on the stone. Slowly, she stood up. Elizabeth glanced down at Ester’s pussy, which was bare… she had insisted every single one of the nuns shave themselves smooth, “so that they wouldn’t be able to hide anything from God or her.” That cunt was practically dripping… wet enough that not commenting on it at all was even more humiliating than mocking Ester for it. She blushed and looked away. “Yes, look sister Ester,” Elizabeth insisted. “Look at what’s being done all around you, and look at what you’ve been doing.” Whether it was Cecilia, Christine, or Adeline – even Prudence – all of the nuns around here were getting close to being done with their dildos. Superficially, at least. Ester’s piece of wood was only barely phallic so far, roughly carved and thick. “Do you think you’ve been putting in the work, sister?”

Now fearing for what might come her way, Ester shook her head and took on a docile look. “No, Reverend Mother. I’m sorry. I was simply contemplating your wisdom from the last few days… your wise words distracted me.”

“So you’re blaming me, sister? Is that it?”

“No!” Ester protested quickly.

Elizabeth wasn’t actually sure whether or not she believed her… It was hard to say if she was intentionally trying to turn this on her or not. As annoying of a cunt as Ester could be, Elizabeth had to respect she was probably the smartest one of the bunch… the only one smart enough not to let her easy deference for authority stop her from being suspicious. Elizabeth grabbed the barely carved piece of wood and set it on the window sill. “Come here, Sister.”

Ester gulped and padded over meekly. “Reverend Mother, I–”

“Sit on it,” Elizabeth ordered, doing her best not to bite her lip as she stared at the rough piece of wood. Ester was really, really going to wish she had been more enthusiastic in her efforts.

Ester’s eyes went wide as she looked at the girthy piece of wood. “W-What? Mother Sylvia, I–”

Elizabeth grabbed her by the wrist and slapped her with her other free hand. “You what, you filthy whore?,” the conwoman snapped. “You sit there daydreaming of how you wish to whip your sisters as I try to save your soul, is that it?” Her eyes narrowed, and she tried to look stern when the shocked and horrified look on Ester’s face really just made her want to laugh. “I do all of this to cure you of your perverted lesbianism, and you just long to fall deeper into it. Well, no more. You claim to want to be a Bride of Christ, and not one of Mary? Then come, Sister Ester. Do as I say, and take inside you what you’ve wrought.”

Ester’s eyes traced along the rough cock, her gaze horrified. “But… but it’s not–”

“Finished?” Elizabeth said, her tone waspish. “Not even halfway done? Yes, because you were too busy, apparently. God commands his children to be industrious, while the devil encourages sloth. It seems you need to receive an object lesson in which direction is the way to holiness. Now sit!”

She flinched “I can’t…”

Elizabeth attempted to reach down and grab Ester by her cunt. The nun stepped away. Since Elizabeth still held her by the wrist it was easy enough to pull her back in and deliver a thunderous backhanded slap… all her fitness didn’t matter in the least if she was too eager to kowtow to authority to use it to resist. “How dare you try to antagonize me, you whore!” the false Reverend Mother snapped, pushing her hand over Ester’s wet lips and the hot juices dripping out of her. She slathered up her hand in them, then brought that same hand and slapped Ester with her hand again. “See how ready you are? You do not need to worry… You are more than lubricated enough. Now sit!”

Probably more due to the humiliation than the pain, Ester finally took a fateful step forwards, away from Elizabeth and towards the window sill. Then, her face looking utterly horrified, she began to lower herself onto the rough, barely-carved piece of wood. Her motions, however, were slow. Elizabeth crossed her arms. “I am waiting, sister. Do not make me use the cane to further educate you.”

It was clear that the size alone was going to make this difficult enough to take in, but the rough surface made it so much worse. Ester grimaced as it began to slide inside of her, feeling every tiny bump and ridge of the barely carved cylinder. But as much as it must’ve hurt her snug little cunt didn’t tear and bleed. She must not have been a virgin, or at least she no longer had a maidenhead. No real surprise there. Ester didn’t whimper or cry, either… Instead she grimaced like a bitch trying to tough it out and kept slowly sliding down and letting it inside of her, her whole body trembling as she squeezed in what was essentially a monstrous cock. Sssssssss,” Ester hissed at last, the pain finally forcing her to let it out.

“It hurts, does it?” Elizabeth said with a sage nod. “Very good. This is what a woman should feel. This is what it is like to be with a man – a real man. Just because you choose chastity and the church does not change the fact that this is what your body was meant for! And you should be wet for your duty… not desire! Desire is where the devil sleeps!”

Ester gritted her teeth and slid in another inch. “Yessss, Reverend… Mother…”

She seemed to be in less pain now. Damn it… tough little bitch. It was going to take a lot to break down this one. More than mere pain, more than just humiliation. “That’s enough,” she said, annoyed. She waited while Ester slowly lifted herself back off the dick with obvious relief. She grabbed the dildo off the sill the moment Ester was far enough clear of it. This was going to take something else… she’d have to think about it. Any more pain, and perhaps this bitch would start to think of herself as a Christ-like martyr. Elizabeth casually tossed the wooden dildo back onto the floor in the general area Ester had been kneeling. “Continue with your work. Do not make me teach you this lesson again.”

Elizabeth turned her attention back to Mercy when she made a startling discovery. She was leaning against the wall, but her eyes were closed. The little bitch had passed out! Well, she supposed that was what happened when Elizabeth had her tortured almost all night. Still, she couldn’t really let this stand, could she? “It appears Mercy here has decided to slip into dreams and visit her demonic lover,” the false nun purred. She readied the cane and eyed Mercy’s swollen, beaten pussy. Then she drew her arm back and slashed forward with one of the more savage blows she could possibly inflict.


Mercy woke up in agony and her shriek filled the room. Every single nun in the room flinched, startled and afraid. Elizabeth, however, did not stop. As the nun lost control of her legs and slid down the stone wall, the bandit continued landing blow after blow on Mercy’s small, bony ass, her thighs, the back of her knees, her calves, her sensitive soles… hitting anything and everything she could reach. “Stay away from the succubus!” she hissed out. “Let yourself be saved!”

“NOOoooOOOooo!!! AAAAAAAAA!!! PleeeEEEAsEEEEEeeeee!!!” Mercy let out a high-pitched scream of pain and horror that escaped her dry throat, and the sound of it made the blood rush through Elizabeth. Her temples throbbed, her lust for violence only rose, and she growled through her teeth. Blow followed after blow, till almost everything of Mercy from her neck going down was thoroughly lashed by the cane.

Slowly, over time, the shrieks were replaced by a pathetic mewling… the sharp vowels were replaced by the consistent bite of the cane. Elizabeth stood over the limp, sobbing nun as she cried. “I thought that it was merely the succubus afflicting you, Sister Mercy,” Elizabeth said firmly. “But that isn’t true, is it? Like Sister Ester, you are animated by hubris. You think you deserve better. You have never experienced pain. How can you call yourself a Christian when you haven’t even considered the possibility of potential hellfire?” She threw the cane down in disgust, stepping away from Mercy and wiping the film of sweat from her brow. “You think this is pain? Woman, you have no idea what pain awaits in hell if you continue in this way! I am trying to save you!”

The other nuns were all looking down and away from Mercy… too ashamed and horrified and afraid it would be them next to meet Elizabeth’s gaze. All of them save for Alana and Cecilia. The former gazed blankly at Elizabeth, blinking slowly, a single tear going down her cheek. Elizabeth’s primary plaything understood by now that there was nothing she could do to protect herself from the Reverend Mother – if Elizabeth wanted to hurt her, she would, and no amount of begging or looking away was going to accomplish anything. Cecilia, on the other hand, eyed Mercy’s pathetic and writhing form with something approaching hunger. It was more than mere bloodlust for Sister Cecilia. Acts like these seemed almost like some sort of religious experience for her… she would rather be the Roman soldiers than her savior, Elizabeth thought.

“Sister Cecilia?” she said.

The brown-haired veteran sister smiled happily, the near-finished monster dildo proudly jutting from the floor just in front of her amid a pile of wood shavings. “Yes, Reverend Mother?”

“Carry this pathetic maggot out of my sight,” Elizabeth commanded. “We will have to find a way to–”

As her eyes traced the spikes on the dildo, an idea came to Elizabeth. She lifted her palm and stopped Cecilia in her tracks. “Never mind that. Just… take her to her room. I have a better idea. And send the first four sisters to finish their task down to meet me in the basement… I need their help to make some preparations.”

Five hours later, Elizabeth sat on the edge of her bed while Alana knelt before her, her eyes closed, her head resting on Elizabeth’s lap. She stroked the young, angelic woman’s soft blonde hair like she would a favored pet, running the light mane between her fingers. “Do you understand what I’m saying to you, Alana?” she whispered down to the other woman.

She felt it when Alana shuddered, even so slightly, against her. “Yes, Holy Mother…” she whispered back.

“It is not your fault that these things happened to you, child. I do not blame you. We shall make those like your sister pay for what they’ve done. That’s why we wrote those letters to your parents, right?”

Alana gave a nod. “Yes, Holy Mother. I’m sure that they will send Catherine here. I told them… I told them what you wanted me to say. About what she did.”

Elizabeth smiled as she comforted her new pet, continuing to stroke her hair. “It’s you who needs her help,” she said. “You don’t know it yet, but I will help you to understand. And so will your sister, in her own way. But first, you will need to help Sister Cecilia for me. Do you understand how?”

Alana raised her vacant eyes and nodded. “The clarity of pain.”

Elizabeth’s finger traced down the girl’s back and reached the top of her ass. Her fingers quested further, rubbing over the edge of her swollen, well-used asshole. She did not even need to touch the flesh proper to get Alana to react and shudder. Her body had memorized what it had gone through, and mere proximity to her ass now put her completely on edge. The vacancy in her eyes disappeared, replaced by raw, animal fear, and she shook like a leaf. “You will hurt who I tell you to hurt… or I will hurt you, instead. Hurt you more until you are properly purified. Do you understand?”

Alana swallowed, and her shudders slowed slightly. “Yes, Reverend Mother,” she said softly. “I will do what you ask of me. I will help break sister Mercy from hubris’s hold.”

“Wonderful,” Elizabeth agreed. “Sister Mercy is currently suffering from the demons in her soul… I may have to burn her until we can exorcize all of them. Pain is the only way… for demons are cowardly, and do not like pain. But we, the flawed children of the Almighty? We are used to pain… for what could we suffer that compares to what our Redeemer suffered?”

“Nothing, Reverend Mother,” Alana agreed instantly. “It’s but a trifle.”

“Good girl,” Elizabeth praised her… but she wasn’t at all sure that Alana was right. In fact, compared to what she had already done to Mercy and still had planned for the girl, she almost would’ve chosen Jesus’s fate if given the choice.

Of course he had been whipped, starved, and crucified…

Her eyes went to the cross on the wall, and she smirked. But at least they were kind enough to spare your ass, my Lord, she thought, and held her laughter.

The cages had been brought out of the dungeon by the first few nuns to finish, supervised by Cecilia, and they had been assembled by them in precisely the way that Elizabeth had instructed. Now the room had four sets of two of them, the cages pressed against one another on each wall. They weren’t especially big cages, maybe only big enough for a large dog to be comfortable, and Elizabeth considered it even odds if they had been intended for dogs or heretics on their hands and knees. She didn’t especially care either way… they were suitable for one of her captives, provided they crawled.

Choosing a room to set all of this up in had been a surprisingly large challenge – most of the rooms large enough to fit her needs were already busy. Permanently taking up the dining hall would be an annoyance to even Elizabeth, and as much as she would have loved to set it up inside the chapel that would be taking things too far for the character of Mother Sylvia. In the end, if she wanted everyone to be able to hear what was going on here, and be forced to see it, she had needed to set this up in the entry hall… and while it made the non-too-spacious hall crowded, Elizabeth thought that it was worth it.

Most of the sisters of the convent were here, waiting to see what Elizabeth wanted to show them… they shied away from the cages as much as they could but there simply wasn’t the room to avoid them. Most of them ended up pressed against one set of bars on another, an unspoken threat from Elizabeth to them. Mercy, however, wasn’t lucky enough to have that problem… She was already tied up inside one of the smaller cages. One of the walls was configurable to have a kind of stockade-like lock on it, and Elizabeth had insisted on that. The well-abused brunette had her neck closed up in that and her hands and legs manacled into the bars, so that she was completely helpless even by the standards of a woman in a cage. It put her face down between the bars and her ass up, and since the sister was of course naked it put everything on display for everyone. Elizabeth noted with approval that Cecilia had even thought to knot up Mercy’s hair and secure it to one of the bars, ensuring that it wouldn’t get in the way. That sister always did think ahead, didn’t she?

Mercy looked like hell. Most likely she was going to end up rather covered with scars after how often she’d been whipped during the week, but her body did a marvelous job of serving as a warning to the other sisters that they needed to keep their mouths shut and obey. There was an essay to agony written in welts across almost every inch of her backside, from her feet, going up her legs, her thighs, and culminating with an ass that was so swollen and abused it seemed to practically glow. She wasn’t a nun anymore… She was a tenderized piece of meat, a living scarecrow that existed to ward off anyone who would dare challenge Elizabeth’s authority.

And she wasn’t even finished yet.

Alana stood beside the pleased Elizabeth, and the Reverend Mother took her hand and walked her forward to the cage before turning around to face the other sisters, her hands resting on either side of the angelic blonde’s shoulders. “I want you all to witness this… proof of why we do what we do, and why it is important. As one soul stands close to being fully purified and reaching towards the heavens, another stands on the precipice of hell itself and risks eternal damnation!” She looked out over them, watching most of them lower their gaze as her eyes moved across their faces. “Sisters, there is a reason I have instructed Sister Cecilia to prepare things in such a way. I know that some of you-” her eyes drifted towards Ester, who lowered her own in turn – ”…Question my methods. Yet Alana herself can vouch for their effectiveness. Already, I have helped Sister Alana to unmask the succubus ruining her life and have given her clarity once more.”

Alana nodded. “It’s t-true… I didn’t want to believe it at first, but… The succubus truly warped everything I thought and saw… Things I thought I remembered…”

“Yes…” the Mother Superior purred. “And do you have anything to confess to your fellow sisters?”

Alana looked down in shame. “Yes. I… I… I’m a lesbian,” she admitted. The room filled with gasps and murmurs, and she continued. “I… the demon has corrupted my mind. Made me lust for other women. But I don’t want to… I want to be holy! I want to be saved, I-”

“Shhh,” said Elizabeth gently, caressing her head. “That is all over now. Confessing your sins to us and God are the first steps. We’re going to save you, sister Alana.” She looked up, flicking her gaze over the crowd. “As many of you have seen, however, Sister Mercy is quite the opposite. The closer she gets to purification, the more she struggles. The demon is strong inside of her… the devil’s power is relentless, holding steadfast in her mind and body. Drastic measures are required… so we are going to see to her purification, once and for all. Sister Prudence?”

The veteran nun stepped forward, cradling the monstrous dildo that Cecilia had carved earlier in both hands. The thing was now connected to leather straps from the dungeons below, easily adaptable into the sort of harness she would need. “Here it is, Reverend Mother! I finished it up and lacquered it, too!” she said proudly, as if she hadn’t just made a torture weapon for her fellow nun’s sexual destruction.

“You worked tirelessly, I’m sure,” Elizabeth said, trying so hard to avoid rolling her eyes at the eager cow. “Now,” she continued, handing the strapon to Alana, and watching briefly while the nun began to put it on… she seemed to have a pretty good idea how to do it, after she watched Elizabeth do it plenty of times. “Sister Alana will go in and take care of Sister Mercy. And she will not emerge until she makes sure that her sister’s heart is true and unaffected by demonic influence.”

As the others stared, Elizabeth stepped behind Alana, and, moving gracefully, draped a blindfold over her eyes. Rarely had Elizabeth come across such a perfect mix of weakness and strength for her purposes as she found here at Alana. The poor thing was so screwed up by her doubts, her religion, and her desires that Elizabeth could have sailed a galleon through the weaknesses in her mental armor. She was so easy to mold, the poor thing was almost begging for it – begging to be given a real identity and a source of strength. And Elizabeth would make her strong… so strong, and so useful. She tied a blindfold around her face while she whispered in the beautiful blonde’s ear. “I want you to make her insides match what I’ve done to her on the outside. Do you understand me, little dyke?”

Alana nodded, and though she was blindfolded she still looked back and up at Elizabeth, like a loyal young soldier about to go into battle. “Yes, Reverend Mother,” she said. Elizabeth easily guided her to the open door of the second cage, and then she dropped down onto her knees and crawled inside of it.

Ester grabbed her face. “My God,” she whispered quietly.

Elizabeth smirked. Her god? No… Elizabeth was the only God who lived here now.

Cecilia closed the gate on the cage, and locked it. Then she handed the key to Elizabeth. “Thank you, sister.” And then Elizabeth grabbed the handle between the two cages, lifted, and revealed that those bars were a gate… one that she opened, turning the two cages into one. And Alana was able to crawl in with the other bound nun.

At first, it seemed like Mercy would not even wake from her virtually senseless stupor and become aware of what was happening. Elizabeth wasn’t worried, though – Though she was nearly passed out now and drugged from what she had Cecilia pour down her throat, the false sister knew that the mild sedative had no chance of keeping her down through the anal ravaging that was about to follow. Meanwhile, Alana had received quite a different elixir. In her time in the brothel, Elizabeth had learned about all sorts of drugs used by ladies of the night, like the ones she put in the nuns’ food and this one for Mercy. The most useful one, however, was the one she had now given to Alana… one that ensured a high level of not only energy but aggression. She would be awake and alert and energized for hours until the drug wore off, and afterward she would eat anything she could reach and then probably sleep like the dead. It was useful with those buffoons who served her… and now, it was going to ensure that Alana could do everything Elizabeth required.

Alana wasn’t going to stop, she thought with delicious enthusiasm. Even leaving aside the drug, Alana thought she was acting in God’s name… and the smart, needy young thing was already starting to realize that pleasing Elizabeth was serving her new god. Elizabeth, however, wasn’t going to let her have a moment of weakness and ruin everything. It was normal – most reasonable, normal people would have doubt and hesitation before hurting someone else. Elizabeth couldn’t have second thoughts damaging her new protégé, so she had drugged her to make sure that wouldn’t happen… Now, no matter how much Mercy cried and begged, her little Alana would keep going. And she was going to be well motivated… Alana was completely aware that what she had felt during her own assrape was nothing compared to what she would feel if Elizabeth decided to go on longer, harder, and to use a tool like the one Cecilia had made…

And nothing made someone a more effective torturer than knowing that they would have to suffer the same if they failed to get results.

As she settled into place, Elizabeth crossed herself with unholy reverence. “Godspeed, sister. May God bless your efforts.”

The other sisters collectively drew in their breath as they waited for the anticipated moment as Alana angled herself by feel and placed the shiny, lacquered dildo against sister Mercy’s never-touched asshole.

And then she slammed it forward mercilessly.


The shriek echoed from the cage so beautifully that it made Elizabeth’s dead and rotten heart sing. As expected, Mercy’s unconsciousness was no match for this kind of suffering, and she came fully awake, screaming and straining against her bonds. It was like the sound of an angel… An angel being tortured and destroyed.

Some of the other nuns screamed too. Others began to cry at the brutality Alana was showing to the captive. Even Elizabeth herself was surprised. She had told Alana to show no mercy and treat Sister Mercy not as her fellow nun, but like she was punishing the succubus herself. Even so, she thought the one would show some hesitation, or be too gentle. Instead she was exceeding every expectation. as the demons that took possession of her. And yet… she was exceeding her expectations.


Alana did not wait for Mercy to adjust either. She immediately went to fucking her, actually fucking her, pulling out almost completely to slide back in forcefully and reopen the raw asshole anew each time. If anything, she was even more brutal than Elizabeth had ever been with her, even before considering the quality of the monstrous cock she had strapped on. Mercy was forced to feel every spike on that thoroughly evil dildo, every bump, every ridge, every tiny imperfection.

There was a reason Elizabeth loved using a strapon on a girl’s ass… it was the most appropriate teacher. Cunts were made to be stretched and abused, to a certain extent. Giving birth was certainly worse than anything a cock could do to them, and that came from a woman’s own body. But the ass… God had not been meant to stretch like this. If anything, it was further evidence for Elizabeth’s musing about a cruel, dark God watching from above that it had been made so tiny and delicate on women like Mercy on purpose, so it could be torn from the inside out. It was a lesson… that other women existed for the pleasure of people like Elizabeth, and if they didn’t want to provide it, then they could suffer instead.

As she watched Alana pound away at her fellow novitiate sister, Elizabeth could only think one thing: Rip her apart, my child. Rip her open for me.

That’s a good girl…


Elizabeth had chosen the space well… there was no escaping Mercy’s suffering. The screams were still echoing through the whole convent two hours later as Elizabeth shared the final meal of the day with the nuns… she even ate the drugged food without a second thought. Her own arousal wasn’t going to be a problem, not tonight. The whole time she was preparing her next steps, the whole time she was leading the other nuns in prayer, and the whole time she was eating with them, Mercy’s shrieks never subsided.

It hadn’t even been necessary to give Mercy anything to keep her awake throughout the ordeal – it was clear that whatever she was feeling was agonizing to a degree that her body could not rest, not even to find solace in passing out. It was simply too much pain, she thought as she ate, listened to Mercy’s torture of an existence.

“AAaaaa!!~AAAAAA~” Though the reverberations never stopped echoing through the convent, each shriek still sounded unique and made her whole body tingle, so intense that she could almost feel a fraction of what Mercy herself was feeling.

Maybe it was going too far, eating casually while she suffered. It didn’t stop Prudence from doing the same, though – possibly imitating her new goddess-on-earth. Cecilia also seemed to have no problems, seeming to savor the sounds. Most of the other nuns, however, seemed reluctant to eat… more playing with the food on their plates than eating. At last, Elizabeth had had enough. She put down her spoon hard, hard enough that most others at her table jumped. “Is there something wrong, sisters?”


Sweat formed on Ester’s face. She wiped it with her palm and hung her head. “I can’t listen to this anymore.”


Elizabeth smiled. “Listen to what? Do you mean sister Mercy? I can barely hear her. Eat, sister Ester.” She brought the glass to her lips and sipped. “Lest I start thinking you are so obsessed with what’s going on in the entry hall that you should join her.”

Clearly alarmed by the threat, Christine and Adeline immediately started munching on the plain bread, too upset to even think to dip it in the soup in their bowls. At length, the rest did the same… even Ester.

Pleased by what she saw, Elizabeth finished her glass and stood up. “I should see how Sister Alana is doing.”

Prudence half stood up too. “Mother Superior, should I–”

“Sit!” hissed Elizabeth. “Did I ask you to stand?”

“AAAAAAAAAaaaAAAHAAaaaAAGHGHHHHAaaaa~” Mercy’s screams echoed again.

Prudence stared back with the same stupid, empty-headed look as always. “I… uh, I don’t know. No?”

Elizabeth wasn’t sure whether or not the fucking imbecile’s tits or brain was more cow-like. If it were not for her usefulness as a slave in managing her other slaves, Elizabeth might have pushed this one over a cliff without even bothering to torture her first. “Just make sure they all eat and get to bed,” she growled out before striding out of the room, walking to the hall.

As expected, Alana was still hard at work. The young, angelic looking girl looked almost like a holy warrior… a crucifix-bearing cloth tied over her eyes, her slender back dripping with sweat, her limbs trembling with effort. She would have looked almost as at home driving a crusader’s sword into a heathen. Instead she was stabbing her strapon into her still, moving with steady effort as she assraped poor, vulnerable Mercy.

Elizabeth watched, enraptured, as it went on. Alana was so beautiful, and so well behaved. Alana couldn’t see her, with that blindfold on, but yet she kept going anyway… just the way Elizabeth wanted her to. Even when she didn’t know anyone was there to see. She was so lovely… the way her muscles quivered with the effort of keeping up the tiring motions were attractive enough by themselves, but what they represented was far more beautiful than that… she was exhausted, straining, tired, thirsty, hungry, and still she kept going. Kept doing precisely what her Goddess desired from her little avenging angel.

Even if there weren’t dozens of other hens in this coop waiting for the fox to get to them, Alana would have been worth coming here for all by herself. The precious little thing was going to be the most excellent pet Elizabeth had ever owned.

The new Mistress of this coven walked up to the bars and slowly petted the beautiful blonde through them. She didn’t even seem to react… it was like her efforts had put her almost into a trance she was so fixated on what she was doing. She did push her cheek ever so slightly against Elizabeth’s hand, however. “You’re doing well, Alana,” the black-haired woman said as she leaned against the cage. “A very, very good job.”

Alana might not be able to see her but Mercy could… Even pummeled and exhausted, the woman kept glancing over at her. She couldn’t seem to make a single word to beg for salvation, though… probably because she knew that Elizabeth wasn’t going to give her any. Instead, she just continued to express her misery as she suffered.

Slowly, Elizabeth’s smile changed as she watched. She was proud of Alana, true, and she was thrilled in this first concrete victory of her conquest here, but she was also increasingly turned on… and it wasn’t Alana’s obedience that did that most, but Mercy’s suffering. The brunette would never have been Elizabeth’s first choice on beauty alone – she was too thin and lanky for that, not enough breasts, not enough ass. After a week of being worked on, however, Elizabeth had brought her beauty to the fore. Each welt, each scratch, every cut and every bruise told a story of her forced obedience… While Alana raped her looking nearly pristine and angelic, it made her hellish torment all the more dramatic by comparison. She twitched beneath the other woman, and her body glistened with sweat that must have stung her many injuries, but her limb, exhausted body was too weak to even think to do anything about it.

It made Elizabeth want her, viciously. She licked her lips… but she had to wait. She had to. Just a few minutes longer.

Eventually, the rest of the convent went silent… the other sisters taken to their rooms. They would huddle there, listening to the screams as they said their nightly prayers, and they would pray that they were nowhere near as incorrigible as Mercy was… that Elizabeth could save them without needing to hurt her like this. Some of their dreams might even come true… for the most obedient among them, anyway. For those like Alana here.

Slowly, she slid around the side and crouched down before Mercy, bringing their heads to closer to the same level where hers was squeezed into the stockade. Seeing Elizabeth right before her Mercy went even paler than she normally was and a wild shriek came from her open mouth. There were no tears anymore… so many tears had flowed down her cheeks that there were no more tears left. Even so, the absolute terror Elizabeth saw in her eyes thrilled her, as did the fact that – in spite of the way Alana ripped apart her ass with that monstrous dildo, pounding away like an animal in rut – it was still Elizabeth that Mercy was truly scared of.

“Rejoice, sister! You are being saved as we speak!” Elizabeth said with a smirk.

Alana slammed into Mercy again and tiny, tiny hints of tears appeared in her eyes where Elizabeth thought there could be no more. A choked sob left her stretched lips. It truly felt like any sliver of hope left in her was being ripped out… like Elizabeth could see the tiny thread of sanity beginning to rip as it was being pulled away completely. Elizabeth had seen it before. It was a sad fact that, unlike Alana, Mercy would probably never be good enough to be remodeled into something stronger and more useful. She was the type to break, utterly and completely. That was fine, though… that was its own kind of fun for her.

“Would you like some water, sister?” she offered, bringing the glass to Mercy’s parched lower lip and making her drink. She gave her one tiny sip at a time, making sure she had swallowed, and did it again and again. “That’s right. Drink, girl.”

Perhaps somewhere in Alana’s drugged head she finally realized Elizabeth was watching, or perhaps she was just coming up to a natural change in whatever kind of rhythm she had developed, but Alana adjusted her pace, beginning to grind the wooden monster cock inside of Mercy’s poor little asshole instead of fucking… squirming it deeper, real deep, deep enough to hit just about every nook and crevice inside the brutalized girl. The guttural sounds that left Mercy’s face could barely be understood. She was less than a person now, and, really, less than an animal. Something was being broken inside of her – physically, mentally, spiritually. “P-P-P-Puhleashe…” was all she could manage, some fresh spittle from her recent drinks flying out of her at the same time.

Offended, Elizabeth wiped away the speck of spittle that landed on her hand, and threw the rest of the glass of water at her face. “Disgusting whore. If you ever spit on me again, I’ll flay that same spot right off of you.” She smiled. There was no more need for pretense now. The other nuns were all upstairs for the night. Prudence would have locked them in their rooms, as she did each night, and then she would never disobey and come down herself. Alana was out of it, and what she knew wouldn’t matter soon anyway. And sister Mercy… Mercy was gone. Completely gone. What was left was just a plaything to be enjoyed by her for however long as it could last.

“I’m suh-suh-sorryyyy!!!” Mercy wailed out as Elizabeth reached through the bars, grabbed Mercy’s nipple, and twisted it as hard as she could, pushing the nail in till it drew blood.

“I know you are, little plaything.” Elizabeth reveled in the intensity of it. Everything seemed to vibrate all around her. Was this what it was like to be a Goddess? To make the world dance to your whims? Slowly, she sank down to the floor further and spread her legs, the habit hitched up, and Elizabeth effortless grabbed it and yanked it up and over her legs, exposing her cunt to the other woman. Elizabeth had eaten the drugged food, after all… she was as soaking wet as any of the nuns here, and very much in the mood for some relief. “So, why don’t you stick that tongue out and show me exactly how sorry you are.”

Mercy’s eyes went horribly wide, and she started breathing harder with panic. “P-P-Ple-sssssssssee!!!” she whined. “I’m n-not one of those d-disgust-t-ting l-l-lesb-”

Elizabeth slapped her, hard. Hard enough that her head turned all the way and the bandit’s palm burned. Instead of letting her stay like that, she grabbed Mercy’s hair and yanked on it, forcing her to look back directly at her pussy. As Alana ground the spike of a cock deep the desperate look in Mercy’s eyes intensified and she began to shriek again. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAA–”

Elizabeth slapped her again. “I know that, you stupid little girl,” Elizabeth hissed. “But do you want to know a little secret? I am. And I see no reason I should care what the preferences are of a stupid, worthless little sextoy like you.” She tried to turn away, but the bandit tightened her grip on the other woman’s hair, and brought her second hand over to grab its own handful of her chestnut hair. “Don’t you look away… get back here. No one’s coming to save you,” she whispered with a malicious smile. “You’re in hell already, you stupid bitch… and if you don’t want to see how much hotter the flames can get…” Elizabeth tightened her grip on the sobbing girl’s hair and yanked her forward until her nose banged against the dark-haired woman’s groin and her lips made contact with Elizabeth’s demanding cunt. “Then lick!”

Mercy, however, didn’t. She squirmed, trying to get away, trying to escape the Reverend Mother’s grip even as Alana rearranged her asshole from behind. With a sigh, Elizabeth brought one finger down… and began to press her thumb into the terrified girl’s eye. “You know the nice thing about fucktoys?” the domineering woman said with amusement in her voice. “They have so many parts they don’t need. So many things they can learn to live without if they can’t figure Out. How. To. Behave.” She pushed her nail a little further with each word, enough to make it perfectly clear to Mercy that she wasn’t bluffing… that if the nun didn’t behave then “Sylvia” really would be more than happy to drive that nail into her eyeball.

And, like a pathetic, kicked dog, Mercy began to lick.

“So much better,” Elizabeth purred as she enjoyed the crying, broken, hateful woman lapping at her cunt. She seemed to gag every few seconds which made it even better… she really was disgusted by this. In most people, that might have elicited pity. Maybe if her convent had been taken over by someone else they would have decided that Mercy should be given to the men in her crew as a fucktoy for their disgusting cocks instead. For Elizabeth, however, it just made her more certain that this woman was going to be tongue-deep in her cunt at every opportunity for the rest of her miserable life.

As her tongue ran over every sensitive little fold of Elizabeth’s pussy her restrained needs began bubbling to the surface. Partly it was the drug, and partly it was being a predator among all these victims all the time and being eager to exploit them, but she was so turned on that she didn’t even care Mercy’s tongue didn’t know where to go, how she liked it. She would learn. At the moment, the mere fact that she was doing it and so, so, so, soooo badly didn’t want to be was all Elizabeth needed to get off again, and again, and again. “Do you know what I’ve been teaching Sister Alana?” she said as she ground her pussy into Mercy’s face, and made a mental note to bring down a pillow for the future. “The single most important lesson I’ve taught her? It’s the difference between a lesbian and someone like you, Mercy.”

She sighed with pleasure, using her grip on the brunette’s head to adjust where her tongue was, manipulating her in almost the same way she would a dildo. “Sex, sex with men? It’s awful. They get on top of you, and they pin you down, and then they penetrate you. You exist for their pleasure… and it hurts. They fill you up, and tear you, and ruin you, and you can’t do anything but take it and take it and take it for as long as they want. Being penetrated, being fucked by a man, is pain. That’s what it is.” Mercy was thoroughly sobbing by now, so Elizabeth wiped her thumb through one of those tears and brought it up to her mouth to taste her sorrow. “Being with a woman, however? That’s pleasure. Alana will never, in her life, be given an opportunity to cum from being used like a condom… but she’s my good girl. She’ll get to cum plenty… on the faces of little sluts like y-Ahhh!”

An especially vicious thrust from behind made Mercy scream, and the way it made her lips and tongue tremble against her cunt pushed Elizabeth over the edge. She gripped tightly onto Mercy’s head as her already soaked cunt spasmed further, gushing out more liquid into the other woman’s mouth. If anything, her disgusted gagging just got worse… not that the bandit queen cared. The thing that mattered here, the only thing that mattered, was what she was feeling… and she rode out every single sensation right on her unwilling slave’s tongue for long minutes until, at last, she was still.

Breathing hard, Elizabeth took a minute to recover. Slowly she pulled the habit off of her entirely, laying it down on the ground and lying on top of it like a blanket. If Mercy thought that this meant she was done, then the suffering sister was quick to learn otherwise… Elizabeth immediately pulled her back until her face was practically melded with her cunt again. “Back to work,” she purred. “Now… where was I?”

She let out a dark little chuckle. “Oh, yes… I remember. So Alana will get to enjoy herself… only as long as she’s behaving the way I want her to. When she’s raping one of you sluts, she gets to cum. When she disobeys, I’ll take her back upstairs and drive one of my cocks into her until she bleeds. I don’t think it will take her too long to decide which way she’d prefer to live, do you?”

Mercy’s eyes were still staring at her… wide… begging… horrified. Elizabeth laughed, and she brought one hand down to stroke the broken nun’s cheek. “Oh, are you afraid I’m going to do that to you? Poor little thing… so disgusted by serving another woman that the idea of being made to like it is that terrifying to you? Well, listen to Mommy Sylvia…” The false nun drew back just a little, just for a moment, and then slammed her pussy against Mercy again, hard enough that she yelped as her nose flattened. “Because the thing is… I can’t do that.”

She smiled down at the other woman. “That’s the truth behind all this inquisition nonsense. Alana always liked women, just like I did. I didn’t need to change her, I just needed to teach her to accept who she really was. The church might hate lesbians like us, but it can’t make us like men. That’s good news for you, you suffering little twat… I can’t make you like women, either.” She stroked the other woman’s face softly.

And then she smiled. “But break you? Subject you to horrors you’ve never dreamed of? Keep you in this cage long enough that you practically go insane? Make you live every day in enough pain, enough torment of your mind, body, and soul that you’re terrified enough of being put back in this cage you’ll be begging me to spend the rest of your life as my obedient little cuntlicker?” Elizabeth’s smile showed all of her teeth. “That’s easy. If you want to let men rape you in your spare time, then that’s your business… but as far as I’m concerned, the only real place for a straight woman is sobbing between the legs of a gay one. When I want your tongue, it’s mine.

“And by way of demonstration…” Elizabeth said, shimmying her hips back and forth in pleasure as the other nun sobbed into her cunt. “You know what I’ve realized? No one upstairs can hear you shrieking anymore. We can’t have that. If everyone in the convent isn’t able to hear you suffering down here, then that stupid cow Prudence might think you’ve died or something and come check on you… and interrupt my fun. We can’t have that, can we?” The false nun slapped her twice, playful, stinging, mocking slaps. “And besides, it felt amazing when you screamed into your god’s pussy. So, let’s make a deal. You are going to scream, and you are going to keep screaming… and if you go quiet again until I’m finished, if you leave me with any doubt in my mind that the girls upstairs can hear you, then tomorrow I’m going to ask Cecilia to hammer some fucking nails into that lovely dildo that reshaping your asshole. As bad as you think this can be, honey, believe me when I say it can always get worse.”

Mercy answered with a shriek, one even longer, louder, and more desperate than the ones before… even though she was screaming into her tormentor’s needy pussy. And Elizabeth shuddered with pleasure. “Ahh… Good bitch. That’s perfect,” she said, closed her eyes, and let Alana’s repeated thrusting drive Mercy’s face into her cunt over and over again. “That’s music to my ears…”


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