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Embracing Agony - Chapter 4

Updated: Apr 29

“So anyways, he tells me he can do the whole set for 350 gold. Can you fucking believe that?”

“Geez. Some people these days.”

“I know, right? For a quarter of that price I could buy an entire toolset and repair my boots my own damn self!”

“Well did you tell him that?”

“Damn right I did. And you know his response? But what about the craftsmanship? The nerve!”

“I hear that. People these days. Ya know, I was down at the market the other day…”

“Hold on, I’m gonna have to cut you off.” The bounty hunter held up a hand to halt his fellow hunter’s story and looked down at Evelynn, who was down on both knees with a mouthful of his cock. “What did I tell you about not using that tongue, bitch?” He grabbed a fistful of white hair and roughly yanked her off his dick, prompting spit and unswallowed precum to dribble from her open mouth. And when he swiftly backhanded her across the face, even more of it splattered across the hay-covered barn floor. “Don’t think I haven’t caught you slacking off. You’d best shape up before I get angry, understood?”

Evelynn glared up at him with pure seething hatred in her yellow eyes, but she knew better than to talk back. The last few weeks in captivity had taught her that much at least. “Yes,” she grumbled reluctantly.

“Yes what?”

The demoness’s cheeks burned red at the shame of what he wanted her to say, but again it was an inevitability. “Yes si – Urrk!” Evelynn was cut off suddenly when the man took the opportunity to shove himself back into her open mouth, and it caught her so much by surprise that he was able to sheath his full length down her throat until her petite nose was buried in coarse, rank pubic hair.

“Good. Now get back to work and don’t stop sucking until I’m cumming down that worthless cock-holster of yours.” The hunter held tight to the back of Evelynn’s head, holding her down fully so that she had no choice but to get him off with the undulation of her tongue and neck muscles alone. Then he looked back up at his friend. “Sorry about that. You were saying?”

“Hey, no problem. Gotta do what you gotta do. Right, well, I was down at the market last weekend…”

The conversation above droned onward, but the sounds of their voices gradually became more faint and garbled to Evelynn as the edges of her vision turned black. Day after day of being used as these men’s cocksleeve had taught her well how to breathe through her nose during these vicious facefuckings they were so fond of giving, but the pure stench of this one’s musk made her gag. It invaded her nostrils and ravaged her lust-drunk mind just like his cock was doing to her throat, pushing her closer and closer to unconsciousness. And yet she didn’t once dare neglect her duty, wiggling her tongue as it lay pinned between the underside of his cock and her jaw.

Thankfully, the hunter decided he wanted a change of pace and pulled Evelynn back just in time to snort a fresh lungful of air through her nose. Without even breaking conversation with his friend, the callous man began to jerk the tied-up demoness back and forth along his cock like some sort of crude pocket pussy. She was truly nothing more to him than a warm sextoy. Yet Evelynn was just thankful that his attention was focused elsewhere and he hadn’t yet noticed the practical waterfall of arousal that was gushing from her pussy and soaking the damp hay between her feet. She could smell it, the scent of her own girl-cum, mingling in the air with the overwhelming scent and flavor of cock. It was the smell of sex, and something that she had been forced to live, eat, and sleep in 24/7.

But the raw, unadulterated fucking and around-the-clock desecration of her body was something Evelynn could get used to, and she had endured the abuse with relative composure. It was the meals that proved harder to stomach. Vayne and Oliver had taught her it was possible to feed in ways she had never before imagined, but that didn’t mean it was easy. Having lived her entire immortal life as an apex predator, Evelynn wasn’t at all accustomed to feeling pain rather than dolling it out herself. But with each passing day serving as these hunters’ plaything, that pain became easier to handle. And that worried Evelynn, especially once it became clear that she was becoming entrapped within a never-ending feedback loop of pleasure, pain, and sustenance. All because Vayne and her lackeys were far too good at fucking her… much better than Evelynn could have ever anticipated.

All day around the clock men would fuck Evelynn, sometimes with assistance from Vayne and her handy strap-on. And every time, without fail, Evelynn would cum her brains out from the stimulation. In the past, she had never allowed her victims to so much as touch her below the waist, and now that these merciless men had unhindered access to her virginal pussy, Evelynn had been quickly taught the pleasures that only a cock can bring. And she hated it. She hated the hunters and the way they taunted her every time she came, but more than anything Evelynn hated herself for allowing her body to betray her. It was a deep, intense loathing brought about by perceived weakness to these mortals, and it was precisely the sort of anguish that Evelynn had fed off her prey so often.

Yet the results couldn’t be denied. This body of Evelynn’s would have died weeks ago from starvation if not for her own torment, and now it had gotten to the point where cannibalizing her own negative energy was practically second nature. “Feeding time” meant the arrival of Oliver or some other brute in the barn to have their way with her, and the more they brutalized and slapped around Evelynn, the greater the feast for her growling stomach. A fresh cock, throbbing with an urgent need to pump her barren womb full of cum, meant an end to the gnawing hunger that constantly clawed at her mind. It was almost a welcome reprieve from constantly having to hunt down her own meals, and if Evelynn didn’t know better she would have suspected that these humans were attempting to domesticate her. Such a notion was absurd of course. Although Evelynn ate well, she still yearned for freedom every second of the day… Specifically the freedom to rip and tear her tormentors into bloody ribbons. Her time would come. It was inevitable, and that thought alone kept her sane.

The forced blowjobs, on the other hand, did nothing but benefit her captors. After all, Evelynn couldn’t gain nourishment from the many loads that even in that moment churned within her stomach. However, having her mouth used as a Noxian cocksleeve still irritated her – to put it lightly – and provided her some small amount of nourishment. Not enough to quell the hunger, but enough for Evelynn to start opening her mouth at the ready whenever a fresh new cock moved in to fill it. Forced starvation was only one of the games they played for their devilish ends, but even these hunters couldn’t resist fucking her mouth during those long days when they weren’t allowed to pump her pussy. These small snacks were the only thing that kept Evelynn going, and before she knew it she was slurping and hollowing her cheeks around their shafts all while her face burned from humiliation.

They caught onto Evelynn’s little ruse quickly enough, but no attempts were made to cut her off. Vayne made it clear that they were more than welcome to relieve themselves with the demon whore’s mouth, the fact that the act itself fed her be damned. Perhaps that was the point, Evelynn realized during the rough treatment. Make her as dependent upon the oral treat as she was upon the rough womb-smashing. Well it was working, she had to admit. Drool was starting to pour down her chin from all the salivating her mouth was doing. Not due to the act itself but rather at how much she was going to detest his ejaculation. It felt good to hate, and this one was going to be a doozy.

Evelynn got a wicked idea in a brief moment of genius, and she ceased her ministrations instantly. “Hmm? You stop again?” asked the man up above. “Fuck, what a useless bitch. I’ll do it myself then.” He seized hold of her white crop of hair, making Evelynn’s gut practically flip-flop in anticipation, and began to brutally fuck the demoness’s face. Her nose flattened by his abs, lips churned into a frothy, foamy mess, Evelynn shivered under the harsh treatment. “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you,” she chanted wordlessly as her eyes began to roll upward. He was getting close, and so was she.

“You’re starting to catch on,” remarked a voice just outside of Evelynn’s vision. All she could see were the hips smashing against her face, but she knew who was speaking. Her ire raised to further heights, yet she couldn’t say anything with a throatful of cock. Not until he came or pulled out at least, and to that end Evelynn began wiggling her tongue against the underside of his shaft to better coax that inevitable climax. She didn’t have to wait long. With a ragged grunt and an even tighter tug on her hair, the nameless hunter married his groin to Evelynn’s lips and sprayed a thick, gooey helping of cum down her belly. As its warmth spread throughout her entire body, it was joined by another, more familiar sensation. “Feeding time.”

The cock wrenched itself violently from Evelynn’s gasping maw, even slapping across her face on the way out and leaving a long smear of cum and spit on both cheeks. “Sorry, boss. Didn’t hear you come in,” he said, zipping up his pants.

“That’s quite alright. It looked like you two were enjoying yourselves.” The muffled sound of boots against the hay-covered wood came closer to Evelynn, and the demoness finished gulping down her creamy treat before looking up at Vayne. Standing behind the huntress, arms crossed and wearing a cocky smile, was the first man who had successfully broken her… Oliver. “Am I wrong?”

Evelynn spat on the ground. “Fuck off. I hate it.”

Oliver chuckled. “Of course you hate it. That’s the point. The more we make you hate it, the more hopelessly addicted you become.”

Evelynn snarled. “Then I’ll just have to learn to love it instead!” she retorted, desperate to beat them at their sick game. But it was a futile gesture, even she knew that.

Both Oliver and Vayne laughed in her face. “When poros fly,” said the tall huntress. Vayne’s ever-present sunglasses hid her eyes from Evelynn’s gaze, but no doubt they were filled with smug satisfaction. “You’re predictable… And yet that predictability is what’s allowed us to train you so well. Even I couldn’t have imagined what a perfect little cum-guzzler you’d become.”

Evelynn spat again, this time in Vayne’s face. The glob of saliva and cum ran down her cheek before splattering to the wooden floor. “You’ll be the first to die when I’m free,” promised Evelynn.

“I’m honored,” replied Vayne with a stoic face as she produced a handkerchief and wiped herself clean. “It’s admirable that you’ve still got some defiance left in you but, like I said, not totally unexpected. Now that you’ve been properly taught the correct way to feed, it’s time to fuck that attitude out of you.”

“Good luck!” Evelynn sneered, though it also beheld the hint of a cocksure smile. “If you couldn’t do it by now, you’ll never break me.”

Oliver stepped forward. “Well then it’s a good thing we won’t be the ones doing it.” He nodded to the hunter that had just violated her belly with an intrusive load. “Get her up. And watch those lashers. We’re leaving.”

Evelynn hissed and bared her fangs as the men approached her, yet it did nothing to deter them. Everyone knew the villain had been successfully declawed, so to speak, and would remain so as long as they followed the proper protocols. Even though she was no longer starving, Evelynn’s returned strength could do nothing against the tight ropes and sturdy knots of her captors. Her arms were like any other human’s and could be securely bound behind her back to render the minx utterly harmless. Her lashers, on the other hand, were a more complicated matter but also easily remedied with some outside-the-box thinking. Two stakes, one for each lasher, had been pounded deep into the ground, and the razor sharp talons had been tightly fastened to them. If the hunters had been even a little bit careless, Evelynn might have gotten her opportunity to escape, but instead they exercised extreme caution as they uprooted the stakes, careful to hold each tail securely behind the barb like one would hold a venomous snake by the neck.

Once it was safe to move Evelynn, they pushed her out the door. The barn, as it turned out, was situated just a short walk from the nearby town, and the four of them – Vayne, Oliver, and the two hunters – escorted Evelynn down a long dirt road. The village itself was a bit of a rustic anomaly, relying mostly on its agriculture with little in the way of electricity, and its modest habits were likely due to its placement in the outer reaches of Demacian territory. While faraway cities like Zaun and Piltover pushed the limits of imagination, the people here preferred a more straightforward lifestyle free from the worries of the modern age. In fact, the only problem the simple people suffered was the frequent harassment of one particular killer, but thankfully that had been put to an end. During their short journey, the small party passed a handful of villagers, and while they were sure to keep their distance from Evelynn despite her bindings, they made no attempt to hide the contempt in their sneers.

“You’ve certainly got some fans,” chuckled Oliver.

The group could practically hear the sound of Evelynn’s teeth grinding out of rage. “Shut up.”

“She’ll see just how popular she is around here firsthand,” said Vayne, leading the way.

That remark certainly got Evelynn’s attention, and though she was loathe to engage her nemesis in conversation, knowing what she was walking into might help her better prepare an escape strategy. “And just where are you taking me anyways?”

Even though Evelynn could only see the back of Vayne’s head, she could still sense a smile. “Like Oliver said, you’re quite popular in town. They paid quite a hefty sum to have you removed, but of course money was never the primary motivation.”

“Spare me the lecture,” groused Evelynn. Her lashers twitched against the ropes that kept them strapped to her waist. “Are you going to answer my question or just act smug about it?”

“Let’s just say the villagers deserve the chance to settle the score with you their own way. It took some convincing, but eventually they saw the wisdom in my suggestion.”

Evelynn didn’t like the sound of that one bit, and she could easily deduce what Vayne meant. But that was just fine with her. The demoness had endured far worse the last few weeks, and the longer they dragged out these petty games the more likely Evelynn would be able to exploit the moment they let their guard down.

Nothing else was said between them as they entered the town proper, marching past a row of houses and into the center plaza. There awaited an already-gathered throng of people, having taken a few hours out of their busy day to witness the arrival of the monster that had caused them all so many sleepless nights. Many of them couldn’t believe that such a terror was nothing more than a simple woman, though her exotic skin color, clawed talons, and glowing yellow eyes made clear there was something deeply unnatural about her. Evelynn met all of their awe-struck faces with a hateful glare of her own, yet none of them shrank away. If anything, most of their slack-jawed expressions turned to anger, and certainly if anyone among the crowd possessed rotted fruit it would have gone flying.

The bounty hunter led their trophy up onto a raised platform that had been constructed in front of the public meeting hall, and that’s when Evelynn noticed the wooden pillory. It didn’t take a hextech engineer to figure out what the plan was. “Don’t you dare!” growled Evelynn as the hunters shoved her toward the device. “I’m not your plaything!”

Vayne gave a tired sigh. “I would have thought by now you’d realize that’s exactly what you are, but then again your stubbornness is what makes this so fun.” She oversaw Oliver and the others as they worked together to untie the bitch’s arms – one by one to keep her movement limited – and stuffed her into the pillory by locking the frame around her neck and wrists. Only then did they also free her lashers and repeat the same method they employed in the barn, using iron stakes to pin the deadly blades to the ground. Evelynn of course fought back and spat curses at them the whole time, but she never had any hope of overpowering the three men. “I had hoped you’d be broken by now,” continued Vayne. “Contrary to any fantasies you might have, you are not the center of my universe and I’ve got other hunts to resume. But luckily the townspeople here have volunteered to resume the work we have begun.”

“You’re real sick, you know that?” growled Evelynn as the finishing touches were made on her new home, solidifying her public captivity for the entire town to see.

“That’s almost a compliment coming from you.” Vayne had nothing more to say to Evelynn. Instead, she stepped forward and held up her arms to demand the crowd’s attention before addressing them with a raised voice. “Here she is!” proclaimed the huntress. “The cause of all your woes this past year! The demon who preyed upon your village from the dark.”

A hushed murmur rose from the crowd, and Evelynn could feel hundreds of eyes upon her. “How dare they judge me!” They were all nothing but meat to Evelynn, but now that she had been stripped down and laid bare before the whole town, she was keenly aware of the stark role reversal. It was like the wolf laid to slaughter before the lambs, and Evelynn could see the sorrow, fear, but most of all rage in their faces.

Vayne continued her speech. “I know how many of you feel. My family too was taken by this foul wretch. I spent a long time chasing her down so that I could obtain some small measure of solace in bringing her to heel. Now I give to all of you that same opportunity… The chance for closure.” Her word stirred something within the townsfolk, and they began to talk more frantically among each other. Some were shaking their heads and walking away, mostly the women, but more than half of them remained to see how this spectacle played out. “I see right now in many of you the same darkness that weighed upon my heart for all those years. I implore you not to let it fester within but to let it out! Express that anger now before it takes hold and never lets go! You don’t deserve that, but this harpy who has stolen your families from you…” Vayne threw a look over her shoulder back at Evelynn. “She deserves far worse.”

Evelynn bared her teeth at Vayne and struggled even harder against the restraints, but they were far more secure than even the ropes in the barn. Still, it was enough to cause a commotion, and a few people at the front of the crowd cautiously stepped backward. “She may look deadly,” said Vayne to assuage their concerns, “But trust me when I say she has been suitably tamed.”

“The hell I am!” roared Evelynn. “If even one of you swine comes near me, I’ll rip off your dick and shove it down your throat!”

That threat earned a few gasps from the villagers, but even more of them laughed it off. In truth, Evelynn just wasn’t a very imposing figure while she was bent over so far that her upper body was parallel to the ground and her ass stuck out on full display. The men gazed upon her lovely curves, hanging breasts, and juicy snatch hungrily. The whispered conversation among them increased, each one wondering who would be the first to dare approach this killer and treat her like a common whore. While Vayne hadn’t explicitly stated what they were expected to do, the erections straining within their pants just at the sight of Evelynn made clear their desires.

The crowd remained indecisive until finally one man approached the platform. “Allow me to break the ice,” he said with a grin. “That’s you. You’re ice.”

His immature sense of humor was the least of her concerns. Just before he stepped around to the back of the pillory and disappeared from Evelynn’s sight, she got a good look at the enormous bulge he was packing within his trousers. “Cock, cock, cock.” It was like an alarm bell went off in her head and immediately set her mouth to salivating like a hungry dog, but Evelynn quickly shook her head clear. This was as much a test for her as it was for the townspeople; Evelynn had to prove to herself that Vayne’s efforts and that of her company this past month had been for naught. “Touch me and die,” she snarled, only to be immediately answered by his rough palms grabbing two great handfuls of her ass.

“Shit, with a body like this, any man’d think they’d died and gone to heaven,” he chuckled crassly. Though it had never gotten much use until recently, Evelynn had the body of a goddess, and this complete nobody was greatly enjoying himself with it. He rolled the two fat globs of flesh in his hands, first smushing them together to watch them jiggle and then pulling wide apart to glimpse her winking asshole. The simple farmer only ever expected a lifetime of toiling in the fields to be rewarded with a homely wife, yet here he was about to enjoy a perfect ten out of ten. It was a wonder he managed to hold back this long, but eventually his hands left Evelynn’s ass to instead work on his belt buckle.

His prize winced when she heard the heavy fabric fall down to his ankles, and she very nearly gasped aloud once his thick, heavy girth smacked down against her tailbone. He was big, perhaps bigger than Oliver or the other two hunters whose names she’d never learned, but with her neck locked in the pillory there was no way to know. “That thing is going to rip me apart,” Evelynn realized, completely ignoring the fact that her pussy was already drooling in anticipation of his entry. It was going to hurt, and her body simply couldn’t wait.

“What a wet bitch,” remarked the farmer. His fingers dipped low to fiddle her sloppy folds, and soon they were completely drenched in Evelynn’s lust. “That chick was right. You totally want this, even if your mouth says otherwise.” Just touching the demoness’s sodden heat was enough to engorge his cock even further, and he could no longer wait to get inside her. Though Evelynn wasn’t getting away in the pillory, he still had to grab hold of her wiggling hips to line himself up, but once he did it took only one thrust to fully bury himself within her bitch-box.

Evelynn’s eyes instantly rolled to the back of her head. “Coooooock!” Already she could feel herself slipping away. It had been an hour since she had last tasted a man’s dick, and even longer than that since she had one in her pussy. A thin, translucent spray of femcum squirted all over her inner thighs, and even more lubricant began to ooze down the farmer’s shaft to coat his balls. Soon, he was smacking away at her jiggling buttocks with utmost speed, shaking the entire pillory each time he shoved Evelynn forward and married his cockhead to her cervix. “Huaaah!” squealed Evelynn shamelessly, and in full view of everyone her mouth fell open and spittle began to fall from her lips. “S-slow down at once!”

A few jeers and catcalls rose up from the audience, and the man railing her pussy laughed. “Look at that! Just a minute ago she was threatening to tear me apart! Now she’s begging for mercy.”

Shame and humiliation burned at Evelynn’s cheeks. “Fuck you! I-I won’t beee-guh!” She couldn’t help herself. Evelynn’s body, too primed and excited at the prospect of being taken against its mind’s will, celebrated the rape it craved by climaxing explosively around the stranger’s prick. Even more liquid lust gushed from her overstuffed pussy and splattered onto the wooden floor. The crowd cheered at the sign of surrender, telling them loud and clear that Evelynn may talk big, but she was ultimately nothing more than a cock-hungry slut. None of them could believe there was ever a time they hid behind locked doors in fear of this monster that once stalked their streets. Whatever Evelynn used to be, she was no longer in control.

Evelynn was only roused from her stupefying orgasm when she heard a pair of heavy footsteps approach her at the front, and she looked up just in time to see a thick, throbbing shaft smack upon her face and block out most of her vision. “You suck cock as well as you take it, girl?” asked its owner.

The first man was still slamming into her from behind, knocking the air out of her lungs each time his hips pummeled her backside, and so it was a struggle for Evelynn to respond. Yet she still managed to dredge up every ounce of rancor to growl her answer. “You even th-think about it and I’ll bite off that pah-pathetic pencil you call a cuh-cock!”

He merely grunted and slapped her across the face with it again. Perhaps he didn’t want to take the chance, or perhaps he never intended to force it into her mouth. But either way, the man merely contented himself with humiliating the bitch by cockslapping her again and again until a nice, thin layer of precum had been slathered across her gorgeous features. Evelynn may have been a killing machine, but she was designed to be as alluring to men as possible. She just never anticipated she’d be in a position where they’d get the chance to decorate her beauty in the way they all thought it deserved to be, but this man was clearly enjoying his chance to let his artistic side speak. He made sure to really rub it in so that her long, dark eyelashes clumped together from the sticky mess, even matting down Evelynn’s white bangs to her forehead.

All the while, her pussy continued to endure its ferocious pounding. Whoever this guy was, he had a lot of stamina. Most men would have blown their loads the very instant they were allowed to grace the depths of such fine fuckmeat, but this one held himself together. Perhaps he really wanted to deliver some well-deserved punishment upon the murderess, or it could have just been that he wanted to savor Evelynn’s body before all his neighbors ran a train on her. Whether it was justice or selfishness that drove him, he still managed to fuck Evelynn through two more orgasms, much to the gratitude of his comrade at the front.

Whenever Evelynn came noisily upon the cock stirring up her cunt, her tongue would once again loll out of her mouth. That’s when he took the opportunity to smack his cock upon the offered tongue, sprinkling several gooey droplets of precum all over her lips. Once Evelynn finally snapped out of her cum-drunk daze, she glared up at him with a quiet rage and pulled back her tongue, but it was enough to coat his shaft in a layer of spit before he returned to beating his meat against her face. It was a fun game to play with the town’s brand new toy while he slowly stroked himself to a sticky finish.

But while Evelynn was busy focusing on the forward cock that demanded her attention, she had lost track of the increased urgency with which the gentleman behind her was thrusting. It wasn’t until she heard him groan – the same kind of ragged groan that she had been taught to recognize from Oliver and the others – that she then tried to warn him off. “Don’t you dare cum!” she screeched with all the venom she could muster. “If you do, I… I’ll… flay you alive!”

Even if Evelynn wasn’t so securely held within the pillory, he wasn’t in any state of mind to heed her threat with the biggest nut of his life about to bust. “Fuck yeah. Keep talking like that, bitch. Gonna make it all the better when you’re filled to the brim with my cream.” If anything, Evelynn’s renewed struggle turned him on even more, and he held fast to her shaking hips. It only took a few more thrusts for him to finally shunt forward, hold her tightly with his stomach flush against her backside, and flood her demonic womb with his viscous seed. “Look at this slutty pussy gobbling up all my semen!” He could feel Evelynn’s inner walls milking his cock for every last drop, a natural response to her womanhood being gifted with such a voluminous load. “You want to get knocked up with my kid that badly?”

Evelynn wailed at the mere suggestion. Was that even possible? She didn’t think it was possible for any of these men to impregnate her, but then again she’d also thought for sure that she’d never be so broken as to cum upon a man’s cock. This whole month was just full of surprises, and this new possibility terrified her. “Nooo!” she moaned as her velvety cunt hugged around the fat prick that never seemed to run out of spunk. More and more of it shot inside, filling her babymaker with raw virility. “Stop! Stop cumming inside!”

“Not a chance! You already took so many lives from our village. The least a useless cumdump like you could do is help repopulate it!”

Just when Evelynn had thought she’d run out of reasons to despise every wet, sticky splash of cum into her womb, the townsfolk gave her another one. If these despicable mortals had already managed to find one way to deviate her body from its natural course, could they possibly find other ways to corrupt it with their foul sperm? It chilled Evelynn to the core and further spiked her ire for these backwoods villagers to even greater heights. “Release me!” she snarled, pulling desperately at her rooted lashers in a rare moment of strength between orgasms.

“You’re going nowhere,” chuckled the man befouling her face with his cock. “But if you behave, maybe we’ll let you out of that prison just long enough to birth your ugly bastard in a comfy bed.” His hand was a blur as it pumped up and down his shaft, and the heaviness in his voice told Evelynn that he was fast approaching a release as well. “You gotta promise to be a good little fuck-puppet, though! Now take it and show us what an obedient girl you can be!”

The first rope of cum left a line running from the corner of her mouth, diagonally across her nose, and up in her eyebrow. The second one splattered directly into her right eye, forcing Evelynn to shut them both as more of the sticky emulsion rained upon her face. A few spurts even managed to land inside her open mouth before Evelynn wised up and decided to seal her lips for the duration of his climax. Yet even as the foul seed slithered over her tastebuds, she couldn’t bring herself to spit it out. A man’s cum tasted so disgusting and loathsome, it would be a complete waste not to swallow it down and hate herself for doing so. Evelynn’s throat bobbed as she gulped down the salty treat, followed by a blissful shiver running along her spine as she was rewarded with a surge of life giving energy. The pleasure of feeding upon her own anguish triggered similar pleasure of the flesh, and she came for the fourth – but certainly not the last – time.

By the time the last drops of cum drizzled upon her face, Evelynn was a panting, gasping mess of a woman. Four orgasms, more than she had ever experienced before in a single session with the hunters. It was a mind-warping moment of realization for Evelynn, and she knew she could never go back to anything less. “You’ll die… Both of you… Die for this…” she swore hollowly. How could it be that these simpleton villagers had managed to ruin her even further? In that moment, Evelynn didn’t think it was possible to hate anyone more than she hated the two of them… Except for maybe herself.

They both laughed and walked away, though not without two audacious slaps upon her ass for the enjoyment of the watching crowd. For a few minutes there, Evelynn had completely forgotten all about them, but now that she wasn’t being assaulted from both ends by cock she was able to see that the hesitation she once saw in their faces was completely gone. In its place, every single one of them looked eager to step up and take their turn with the village bitch. Two more men walked the steps up to the raised platform and assumed the same positions their fellows had just performed, except this time the one in front had no qualms about immediately shoving his prick into Evelynn’s mouth and forcing her to blow him properly. “Look, this bitch ain’t even biting,” he shouted loud enough for everyone to hear. “It’s like she wants to get her throat hollowed out.”

Evelynn groaned in defeat. Unbeknownst to him, she had done plenty of biting over the last month, only to earn a harsh slap across the face for each attempt and an even harsher punishment upon her bottom holes. Vayne and the hunters had quickly beaten such defiant behavior out of their demonic cocksleeve, and now the only response she knew to a cock in the mouth was to suck and slobber. There was nothing to be done about it anymore but hope he finished with her quickly. Unfortunately for her, that would not be the case. They took their time with Evelynn, steadily working her up to at least three more orgasms before finally capping off their session with two glorious creampies: one in her throat and a second one in her already-stuffed pussy. They barely even had time to wipe their dicks clean before another pair of men urged them away so that their own fun could begin.

The sordid group fuckfest continued well into the afternoon with no sign of stopping, and never once did the men allow Evelynn a moment to rest. Not that she needed it. The energy provided to her from the constant agony of repeated rapes ensured Evelynn never felt exhausted, but it also meant she was wide awake to experience every sanity-melting orgasm they forced out of her. By her twentieth or so, the novelty of taunting Evelynn for cumming had worn out its welcome. At that point she was just a couple of holes for them to dump their loads inside, and the whole town had a lot of loads to give. A line began to form separate from the audience that lingered just to watch the killer get her comeuppance. And the whole while, standing on the sidelines and watching with self-satisfied smiles, were Vayne and her company of heroes. It was more than a job well done for them; it was a chance to watch a blight that had long tormented the world be cleansed right before their eyes.

Just as the sky darkened and Evelynn thought the town was about to retire for the night, an absolute mammoth of a man approached her pillory. He was tall and barrel-chested, and his entire body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, no doubt from all the back-breaking labor he had performed on his farm while his neighbors busied themselves with pleasures of the flesh. But now that his day was done, it was his turn to relieve some stress. He didn’t even acknowledge the dizzy mess that was Evelynn beneath all the many layers of cum that covered her face, hair, back, and thighs. Instead, he took up position behind her ass, kicked apart her feet even further, and looked down at what he was working with.

“What a disgrace,” he snarled, spreading apart Evelynn’s buttcheeks to get a good look at the soiled pussy with more than a dozen creampies dribbling all over the floor. “You lads all chose to fuck her cunt like a buncha schoolboys, and here she’s got a perfectly fine ass.” He stuck a thumb against her winking rosebud and tested its pliability while Evelynn wiggled weakly in his grasp. “Fine then. Guess it’s up to me.”

“You… Hurt you…” Mentally, Evelynn felt better than she had in years with so much of her own pain to feed off of. However, her body was nearing its limits, and her legs were still quivering from the lingering orgasms she had just been put through. Even her voice was starting to sound more hoarse from all the countless cocks that had ravaged it.

“Save it for someone who cares.” If her threats hadn’t managed to cow even the most skittish of the townsfolk, they certainly had no hope against this man who very likely could have folded her into his own personal fuck-pretzel even without the bindings. Either way, he only had eyes for one prize, and soon he had his pants down and his twitching member pressing against it. “I always wanted to try going in dry. Let me know how it feels, slut.”

The wailing scream Evelynn gave was more than answer enough for his curiosity. Her tender asshole resisted greatly, but in the end there was nothing it could do but yield to the massive shaft that sought entry. Evelynn could feel every raw inch scraping against her insides as it burrowed deeper and deeper, until after what seemed like an eternity his fleshy nutsack thumped against her sticky, cummy cunt. “Ba-ahh-stard! You pig! Fucking lowlife dege—Oohaaa!!!”

The field laborer had more than enough height difference over the demoness to reach forward and grab hold of the sturdy frame of the pillory holding her in place, and he used it as leverage to really lay into her ass. The thunderous claps of his well-defined abs colliding with her cheeks filled the town plaza, drowned out only by Evelynn’s constant shrieking as her anus was remodeled into the ideal cock-holster. “Damn, this bitch is loud,” he grunted. Here he was trying to enjoy himself, and the stupid cumdump didn’t even have the decency to shut up. “Someone get up here and fuck her mouth already. Before she wakes up the entire town.”

Though it was nearly late evening, there was still no shortage of young men looking to get their dick wet one last time before turning in. One such youth quickly hopped up onto the stage and rushed over with his member already freed from its cloth prison. Evelynn got one good cross-eyed look at his dick – the head swollen by lust with a heavy gob of precum already beading from the slit – before it disappeared down her throat. It was hard to find a good place to grab her hair without getting someone else’s cum all over his hand, but eventually he was able to secure a handhold to better deliver a series of punishing blows straight down her gullet. Now instead of her horrendous screeching, the gentle and soothing – at least for everyone but her – glurck-gluckk sounds of Evelynn’s throat joined with the clap of her asscheeks.

Evelynn took the brutal spitroasting with exactly as much grace as one would expect: with tears rolling down her face and hefty globs of other men’s cum slopping out of her pussy from the force of the new stranger’s cock displacing the organs in her body. Her ass hadn’t been built to take a cock of such immense size, but it was quickly learning to do so. Already her poor sphincter had adjusted to its new size and hugged tightly to the girth, flexing each time a throbbing vein passed through and forced her just a bit wider. Even the hairy scrotum beating against her pussy lips with all the steady rhythm of a clock’s pendulum further served to wear down the villain until she went utterly slack, her lower body only held up by the man’s third leg coring her out.

It took nearly half an hour for the anal affair to end, and in that time Evelynn had cum at least well into the double digits. Naturally, the lad in her throat didn’t have the staying power to last quite so long, and he blew his load in just the first minute. But there were plenty of replacements waiting in line, and while more than a few of them were looking forward to one of her other holes, neither were they about to turn down an open mouth. Seven guys came and went between Evelynn’s lips before finally her bowels were drowned in an overwhelming tide of spunk. The absolute stud didn’t even opt to pull out and spray half the load across her back like so many others had done before, and instead he made sure to hold deep and deposit every last bit until the poor girl’s stomach had formed its own cum-baby bump. “Fuck yeah, that’s some good meat,” he said, giving a few final thrusts to really wring out every drop before pulling free to let the cascade of cum pour down her crack. “Definitely gonna come back after tomorrow’s shift.”

He walked away, leaving her to shiver in the cold. The next man to approach briefly considered a follow-up encore, but one look at her gaping asshole told him he’d just be thrusting at air. It’d take at least an hour for Evelynn to tighten up enough to even feel their lesser cocks, but at least she had two other perfectly serviceable holes. Even well past the midnight hour, people were still coming up to the pillory to avail themselves of her rapidly-loosening body. Most of them were vagrants or out of town visitors who didn’t have time during the day to wait in line, but more than a handful were women eager to taste the demoness for themselves away from the judgmental eyes of their husbands.

The sun eventually rose on a new day and a new chain of uninterrupted rape for Evelynn. Not counting the returning visitors from yesterday, barely half the town’s male population had gotten the chance to fuck the blue-skinned cocksleeve, but they were in no rush. After all, there were still chores to do and crops to tend, and Evelynn certainly wasn’t going anywhere. Vayne and Oliver were also there bright and early in the morning to double-check the locks or knots that might have loosened on Evelynn’s bindings, but they didn’t stick around to watch the whole day’s repeat performance. And on the third morning, the two of them instructed a few of the natives on how to properly maintain the stakes that held her lashers pinned to the floor. And by the fourth day, Evelynn understood why: the Vayne and the hunters had departed, their duty fulfilled. There was no point in sticking around to watch any longer.

Without the one constant of those familiar faces to keep her grounded, the days began to blur together like a fuzzy dream filled with nothing but cocks and cum. Even that mountain of a man who showed up each day to ream her ass into the shape of his cock wasn’t enough to reliably track time. Sometimes minutes lasted hours, hours lasted days, and whole nights went by in the blink of an eye. But always there was that ever-present, self-perpetuating cycle of pleasure and agony. They fucked Evelynn until it hurt, and that pain in return kept her going. It was perverse and yet the best she had ever felt in her whole eternal lifetime. In those brief moments of clarity between orgasms, Evelynn slowly understood that these villagers had become unwitting pawns in her ongoing training. It wasn’t just about them venting their frustrations like Vayne had so cleverly framed it, but rather to constantly remind Evelynn of her new place in the world.

But as the days wore on, fewer men came to visit their lusts upon Evelynn, and slowly that old hunger began to return. There weren’t enough orgasms to satisfy her appetite, especially not when she had become accustomed to being fed around the clock. Evelynn went from being spitroasted every minute of the day to only having one cock inside her at a time to suddenly being lucky if she only waited half an hour for the next man to come fuck her. She was getting desperate and needy, but the townspeople either didn’t notice or didn’t care. They were only using her for their own amusement, and once everyone had bust their seventh or eight nut inside Evelynn, the mundanity of routine was starting to creep in. Now only the bachelors or horny teens deigned themselves to bother with the spiteful cumdump, and even then she was nothing more than a distraction until they courted more serious lovers.

It finally took one long and lonely night where Evelynn had waited an unprecedented five hours for someone to come and fuck her. She had been forced to watch people walk by the platform, none of them even bothering to look in her direction, and it took every ounce of her willpower not to call out and beg them to rape her holes. “I won’t sink that low…” But the gnawing ache in her soul only deepened, and several times she very nearly reached that point. Only once everyone turned in for the night and Evelynn was left alone did she finally break. “No! Come back!” she cried out, not sure if anyone could even hear her within their homes. “You cowards! Get out here and… and…”

She screamed in frustration and pulled against her prison with every last bit of strength she still possessed. Evelynn of course didn’t expect anything to come of it, just like the last hundred times she had tried to escape. She was just throwing a tantrum like a child denied its supper. And so when she tugged at the lashers pinned to the ground, Evelynn hadn’t expected one of them to pop free. The villagers, in all their incompetence, couldn’t even perform the bare minimum of responsibility they had been left. The demoness gasped, not even believing it for a moment, but then she tensed and attacked. Over a month in captivity hadn’t slowed Evelynn’s natural instincts in the slightest, and her blade slashed apart the wooden pillory in the blink of an eye. The pieces clattered to the platform with a dull thunk, leaving Evelynn frozen in shock at her first taste of freedom in what had seemed like an eternity. She was free to hunt. To kill them all… to take her revenge. But almost immediately, her mind went to other places.

“I need to fuck,” she thought before quickly correcting herself. “No… That won’t be enough. I need somebody to take me. To hold me down and ravage me with such brute force that my body never forgets the shape of their cock. I need… I need to be raped!” A shiver ran up Evelynn’s spine at the horror of her new existence. Never again would the pain and anguish of a mortal soul crying out in terror as she sank her claws into their flesh be enough to quell her hunger. No, now she required pleasure to accompany that pain… Her pain. She needed that feeling once again of being tied to one spot and left for men to do whatever they pleased with her body. She’d die without it.

However, when Evelynn looked back at that shattered pillory and contemplated turning herself in, she knew it wouldn’t be enough. This town was already bored with her, otherwise they wouldn’t have stopped fucking her. Torturing Evelynn was no longer exciting for them, and she knew she’d just wither away inside that device. “I need to leave this place… Go somewhere that I can find someone… Anyone who will…”

Evelynn didn’t even want to finish that sentence. A small part of her old self still hated what she had become, even if it was a forgone conclusion by now. All of this had happened before, after all… to the Avatar’s true self. Back when her world was still young and Evelynn had first opened her eyes to this existence, when she had realized what the Rune Wars had done to her, she didn’t want to accept what she was then either. When Evelynn – the real Evelynn – realized that she had been born to be a monster that preyed upon innocent life… She hated it, but eventually she learned to live with it. To adapt to it. To thrive in it… and eventually to revel in it, revel in the brutality, in the pain, in the power it granted her over others. Evelynn knew, no matter how long it took, she’d also find a way to accept what she was now… A piece of fuckmeat.

With a howl of anguish that most certainly reached the ears of the townsfolk sheltered beneath their roofs, Evelynn took off sprinting down the winding cobblestone road. She didn’t stop until she reached the outskirts of the village, and even then her immense speed carried her all the way to the tree line of the nearby forest where she disappeared, never to be seen again by these people she had terrorized for so long.

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