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Embracing Agony - Chapter 5 (Ending)

Updated: Apr 29

Evelynn was starving.

She hadn’t eaten for three days now. She was supposed to be good at this… harvesting food for her true self to eat. Collecting the pain and suffering and humiliation was easy, though. Making herself do it was the hard part. She had to make a conscious choice to sacrifice her body and dignity to the mercy of the horny and perverted for the sake of being fed. She’d tried to resist. She’d tried to bear it. She had even tried to find some people to torture to death, slowly flaying them alive before she realized that she was getting nothing out of it. It was only when she released the tortured men and let them take their revenge on her that she was able to feed enough to satisfy her. That damned hunter had done her job too well… it was not possible to live as she wanted anymore. She had to eat… and it seemed like the only thing she knew how to feed on now was her own misery, pain, fear, and despair.

That was bad enough… but the insult of it was almost worse. She had been a lithe, perfect killing machine… her body a perfect weapon for bloodshed and slaughter. That was gone now. Where once she had had hard muscle, she was now all soft, smooth curves. Gone were her deadly lashers… outside of her demonshade she had only tender tails now, dexterous enough to wrap around a cock and gentle enough to be worthwhile to do so. Her pussy and ass had never truly been designed for use, she had only had them because the human body she was imitating had them… never had she planned on letting someone else touch of them. They were supernaturally tight now, painfully tight. Even one of her own slender, soft, nimble fingers felt enormous inside of her now. Once, her shapeshifting power had been used to lure people to their end. Now, they were only used to make herself a more perfect victim to the people who might want to kidnap, rape, and torture her… appearing as their ideal victim.

It was a miserable experience… but a demon had to eat.

Finally, on the evening of the fourth day, three weeks since she had escaped the village, Evelynn emerged from hiding. Even though it was so suffocating, so humiliating, so miserable, she had to feed on something… so she walked into the nearest village to try to find someone she could be abused by.

The village inn had plenty of travelers, but while she was certainly noticed, no one followed her when she left, stumbling and pretending to be more drunk than she was. It had started turning dark and no one had taken bad interest towards her yet, and Evelynn’s mouth was practically watering… she was starving. She needed pain… she needed someone to hurt her. She needed to find somewhere where people gathered… someplace darker. Someplace further away, out of the mainstream, away from guests and visitors and constables. A place where laborers gathered to drink away their soreness and ease their aching loins, where flesh was cheap and the men were hungry. The town had many taverns. As a predator, Eve had usually had high standards. She needed people that would feel the pain, people with something to lose. The tavern she found was a shithole… the wood rotting and full of holes, the fire smelling more like trash, and the beer looking more like water with some loose hops floating in it. The old Evelynn wouldn’t have been caught dead murdering someone in a place like this.

Which made it perfect for the worthless, masochist rapeslut she had become.

Evelynn took a deep breath and walked into the tavern. Dozens of eyes turned to her almost immediately, and just the pressure of the way they looked at her, looked at her like a piece of meat hanging from a hook, made her pussy grow wet and her stomach growl. The demon walked into the counter and looked around, peering over the counter as if to order something. As she looked, a group of men caught her eye. She looked at them and shuddered, thinking how rough and disgusting they looked. Once, she wouldn’t have bothered even torturing them… she would have simply slit their throats in one attempt and moved on. Now though… now she needed to feed.

One of those men, catching her looking, smiled at her, showing crooked, yellow teeth. He and one of his friends walked across the room towards the new whore, settling nearby. The bigger man of them stood in front of her bar stool and looked at her. The shorter man moved with him to stand behind her. “What’s your price?” the bigger man said. Then, before she could answer, he grabbed hold of her head and kissed her, crushing his mouth against hers so hard that he bruised her lips. He tasted like smoke and cheap booze, and he smelled like a sewer. This was the type of man that would have never, in a thousand years, been able to get a woman who looked half as good as her… he was the type of man whose own hand would climb out a window to get out of a date with him. He would treat her roughly, sloppily, inexpertly, but well enough she supposed… use her fairly hard but not for long before he tired and moved on. He might even worship her a little in the afterglow.

How disgusting.

Instead, bracing herself, Evelynn bit down hard on the man’s lower lip. Her teeth clenched on it, ripping skin, blood soaking her teeth. That taste should have been so sweet… the sudden shock of pain and surprise from the man would have been like the appetizer of a feast to come. Instead, they felt hollow… but what didn’t was the way his eyes hardened as he pulled back, one hand on his lips, touching the bleeding thing in disbelief. Then he slapped her so hard the world rang like a bell, throwing her to the ground. “This fucking bitch!” he barked as he reached down, grabbing her by the hair before she could fully fall, holding her up and slapping her again. “She bit me! She fucking bit me!” The slaps were so strong that Eve wondered if she was going to lose some teeth… her legs, nowhere near as strong as they once were, wanted to give out and drop her to the dirty floorboards. Instead, the man tossed her down on the nearest table, continuing to slap her. “Fucking whore!” he snarled. “I was just being friendly! If you ever, ever do some shit like that again, if you ever even think about biting again, I will make you fucking suffer, you cunt. You understand me?”

Evelynn did. She couldn’t wait.

The big man slapped her across the face again as the shorter one grabbed at one of her large breasts through the material on the upper part of her dress, roughly kneading and squeezing the soft tits. Her breasts had gotten larger since she had become a fucktoy, and more sensitive as well… every touch was overwhelming and too much, squeezing her too hard, and it made her pussy drool as her nipples grew hard and her body jerked. “We’ll take her for the night,” he announced to the room as a whole. “This whore done hurt my friend. I think we need to educate her a little.”

They brought her across the room towards the large group of men they had been sitting with, setting her down on that table instead. Evelynn fought for every inch, but not because she wanted to get away… no, they just held her harder and dragged her more roughly when she struggled. As they forced her down, one of the men leaned forward and in one swift movement tore open the upper part of her dress, exposing her bra with her nipples just peeping over the top. Before this had totally registered in Evelynn’s brain she was pushed back across the table, her skirt raised so it showed her panties to anyone who looked.

Before Evelynn could protest, someone started kissing her again. “Gunna bite now, slut?” another of the men growled. Evelynn hated herself for it but she was considering it… she wasn’t sure if the violence for biting or the humiliation of submission and violation was more enticing. While she tried to decide, while the kissing continued, she felt a hand touching her through her panties… rubbing across her barely covered slit. Evelynn tried to fight them, but suddenly one of the men threw a punch into her gut. She wheezed, but it didn’t stop another two of them from continuing to punch her, beating her until the demon stopped struggling, until she was barely holding onto her disguise as a human woman. When she had surrendered and was forced back down to the table, it didn’t take long before hands were on her clit again, feeling up her tits, caressing her thighs. Evelynn shook her body and tried to move. But the men were not ready to cut her any slack. She didn’t know how it happened, but it suddenly registered in her brain that she was now naked… somewhere in the middle of struggling with her and beating her, hands had ripped the rest of her flimsy clothing off of her beautiful form.

She knew if she struggled again, they would beat her again. That it would hurt. That it would be miserable and pathetic and disgraceful.

That was why she did it.

Struggling harder against the hands, Evelynn gasped with each slap, each pinch, each punch, moaning softly despite herself as their hands held her tighter and she felt fingers roughly pushing up her cunt. As soon as the first of the men’s cocks was out and it flopped against her face, her eyes were only for it… the new object of her worship. “You assholes get the fuck away from me!” Evelynn screamed, trying to fight even harder. Instead, the laughing man cockslapped her a few times across the face before he rammed it into her mouth, cutting off her protests with a wet, gurgling choke and not letting her say another word. Immediately, he thrust all the way to the back of her throat, gagging her, making it so Evelynn would have had trouble biting down even if she wanted to… and to her shame, she didn’t. If she bit, she would be beaten and it would be lovely… but no one would disgrace her by fucking her face anymore. The shame of her sexual abuse and how much she needed it fed on itself, growing and growing and providing a lovely meal for the demoness, far more than she would have gotten from a simple beating, so she carefully folded her lips over her teeth as she was throatfucked.

She couldn’t see anything but the beer belly of the man raping her mouth, but she could certainly still feel his friends on her body… cocks on her legs and abdomen, rubbing; hands on her wrists and thighs, squeezing; mouths on her nipples. sucking and licking. Though her brain was doing its best to control her body, she felt that it was not easy to resist… she was squirming beneath a sea of sensation as she was used like a fucktoy by men eager to enjoy themselves at the expense of a stupid bimbo who had fallen into their grasp. Then a large, hot, throbbing, wonderful cock replaced the rough fingers up her cunt. Had she been able to, she would have screamed as this poker was rammed hard into her… it tore her open, the way any cock did. The first thrust felt like she had been stabbed with the way it forced her too-tight body to split. As her mouth was otherwise occupied, she only whimpered and moaned, tears filling her eyes as she was roughly fucked in both cunt and mouth.

“Unbelievable,” her rapist growled. “This whore is tighter than a virgin’s honey pot. The fuck?”

“Like you would have any idea how tight a virgin is, Carl,” one of his friends mocked as, unknown to the ignorant slobs, Evelynn came for the first time of the night. “Unless you count you and one of your Bessy’s.”

“Shut the fuck up!”

The cock in her mouth began to spurt hot spunk into her mouth, all too soon. “Drink up slut,” she heard him command as he began to rapidly slap her cheeks. “Don’t spill a drop!” Evelynn’s only hesitation in swallowing the salty, vile load was to wonder if it would be more disgraceful to have her rapist’s seed churning in her belly or to let it drool out over her tits, but ultimately she obeyed… hating and loving the deep, solid swallows of the hot gunk as it slid down her throat.

When his cock was was finally removed, Evelynn took a deep breath… but before she could give a proper scream at the pummeling her too-tight cunt was getting, another hard, swollen cock filled her mouth. As it was thrust savagely in and out of her mouth, she gagged around its thickness, drawing wet, gurgling noises from her throat. This only infuriated the thruster more, taking hold of her hair as he yelled into her face. “Fucking bitch, f—u—c—k—i—n—g BITCH!” He thrust his cock harder down her throat, making her gag and choke even harder than it made the man laugh. Tears rolled down Evelynn’s face… it was so humiliating. Exactly what she wanted and needed, and she hated it.

A few seconds later, Evelynn felt the man thrusting into her sore pussy shuddering, and with a final savage thrust and a series of grunts he shot his load deep inside her. “What a fuck,” he said with a growl, withdrawing and wiping his wet, sticky cock along her thigh. “Damn, this is one hell of a whore.” Before she could relax even a little bit, the demon felt another cock slam up into her cunt. Evelynn screamed around the gagging shaft as she felt his friend destroying her too-tight cunt. This one was taking things a little too gentle for Eve’s depraved needs until the jeering and baying of his mates made him angry enough to begin thrusting in and out like a piston on one of Piltover’s trains. As her ass bounced against the table, her head was thrown forward… forcing the cock even further down her throat as all the men laughed at the gagging whore, making her flush in absolute shame as she could sense their eyes watching her tits bounce while she was fucked hard and fast. She felt someone biting her nipples and felt a moment of pride for her decision not to let them get messy so this would happen, before he bit her nipple hard and made her feel a fresh wave of shame at being proud of a decision like that.

The man in her mouth grinned down at her as he slamming in and out, a low growl in his throat. “FUCKING BITCH… I’m comingggg. Let’s see how much this whore can take!” With that, he rammed his cock into her throat as far as he could. She gagged, and as her neck clenched on him he came, holding her head tight against his balls as he shot his load down into her stomach and laughed. The man fucking her also thrust hard and came up her cunt. Although it was involuntary, Evelynn came herself… whimpering as the pain and pleasure mingled together until her brain was having difficulty telling the difference between the two of them. All she knew was that she was feeding. All the men around her whooped and cheered as they realized that the bitch they were raping was cumming like a crazed thing, taking pride in their dominance over the helpless girl she had become. Eve burned with hatred… once she would have flayed someone alive for even thinking about looking at her like this, but now she really was the helpless pleasure doll they saw her as, and they enjoyed watching her suffer. Evelynn kept fighting them and calling them names every time she got her chance, but she could not control them at all… save, of course, for the fact that her words made them punish her even harder.

As both men moved away, Evelynn took some long, deep breaths to fill her lungs, needing to catch her breath after having lost it in the course of the senseless, brutal fucking. While she did, however, she suddenly felt something hot and sticky hit her breasts, and when she glanced down she realized that someone had just cum all over them. “You dirty bastards,” Evelynn cursed. How were men supposed to bite and hurt her tits if this asshole just covered them with his nasty ass cum?

The man, however, just looked at her with a wicked smirk on his face. “You’re right… that is dirty. Let me help you with that…” Grabbing the back of her head, he forced her head forward even as he held the bottom of her tits, pressing her face against them as much as possible. “Get licking, slut!” At first, Evelynn protested, but the rain of hard slaps placed on her cheeks made her cooperate in quick order, and soon she was licking and sucking his seed right off her tits. The man helped her, scooping up stray globs of cum from beyond her reach and moving them beneath her lips, forcing Evelynn to swallow all of it. At last, he let go of her and Eve was forced to admit that she really had licked her own tits clean. A second later, another man thrust his dick into her mouth and that was the least of her worries… but at least the man pinched and pulled at her nipples while he facefucked her. It was meager consolation for how she couldn’t even scream while his fat cock violated her throat. She felt her ass being pulled along the table, then seconds later she came again as she felt another hard cock thrust into her feverish, sopping cunt. She wanted to yell, but she couldn’t say a word with the monster inside her throat.

It was humiliating. It was overwhelming. It was awful, but… she couldn’t stop this. She would starve to death if she didn’t feed herself with her own pain. She had to take whatever they gave her. Evelynn had no choice. She wanted to fight, she wanted to run away. And she knew she could do it. Maybe Evelynn’s body was still capable of resisting if she tried. Maybe, if she struggled, she could still rip them to pieces, even without her tails, even with her lashers as soft, pathetic things… but even if she could, she couldn’t. She needed this. She couldn’t even just lay there and take it, either… Most men raping some whore, she knew from experience, would start going easier on her once she yielded. Few men had the true cruelty to keep brutalizing her while she lay helpless. She needed to continuously provoke them not to let up… She had to resist and make them hurt her.

The man thrusting up her already overflowing cunt, grunted and buried himself deep then he jerked and came… and Evelynn milked his shaft as he did, being the best little fuckdoll she could for him. She had to take whatever they chose to give her. She had to become their slave. She closed her eyes as he pulled out, bragging to his fellows about how good of a fuck she was, and she laid waiting for the next assault until a pair of big strong arms grabbed her and made her sit up. Everywhere she looked, there were cocks now… it seemed like the entire bar had realized there was a whore available for use. Dozens of cocks were in front of her eyes, throbbing and leaking. Her golden eyes widened a bit at the sight… they all wanted to fuck her?

The big man who had lifted her up slapped her face with his huge palm, making Evelynn cry out in pain. Then he pushed her back onto the table and moved between her legs so he could start to finger her. His fingers felt like cocks inside her so that would have been bad enough, but he kept adding more, a second, a third… a fourth? “No!” Evelynn cried out, but he didn’t listen, twisting his hand and working to force the whole thing inside of her. Her cunt was too tight for that… Evelynn realized, with a start, that she might be about to find out if she could be fucked to death. Evelynn cried in pain as he slowly curled his hand into a fist inside her, and the lubrication of many creampies and her drooling cunt both did absolutely nothing to make it less agonizing as he began to make an effort to box with her cervix. “Pleaseee…… Pleaseee…” Eve begged, tears running down her face as she felt pathetic and disgraced and destroyed and well fed and she was cumming and cumming and cumming as his huge hand was all the way inside her wet cunt, destroying and ripping it continuously even as the amount of pain she was feeling healed her and brought her back to herself. She wasn’t growing any less tight… any damage the man did was being healed immediately, so the process of being fistfucked grew no less painful. She could not bear the pain… but she didn’t have to. She just had to suffer and feed.

Evelynn kept crying while the other men enjoyed her being tortured. Finally, after about 30 centuries – or five minutes – he stopped. When the huge man dropped his trousers, Evelynn knew what was coming, but it wasn’t until she actually looked at what was between his legs that she tried to jump from the table. Four pairs of strong arms held her down. “No no no no no,” she protested, and when that had no effect she screamed… or tried to, as another hard cock was thrust into her mouth.

The crowd was now cheering as the bear of a man positioned his equally massive cock against Evelynn’s already dreadfully abused cunt. It was so large he would have had trouble even beginning to fit in a normal cunt, but Eve’s was far, far tighter than that. “How is she still so tight,” he growled as he tried to fuck his length into her, struggling for every inch. He grunted and pushed and Evelynn tried to wriggle away from him and couldn’t. She wanted to scream that this prick was too large, but couldn’t. So with a knot in her stomach, she lay still, pinned to the table as one thrust as a time he stabbed into her with that massive dick. She could vaguely hear the whoops and calls, shouts of encouragement from the crowd. She tried to block out what was happening, but it was impossible with the cock ramming her mouth and the monster trying to force entry up her cunt.

He was destroying her pussy… or at least it felt like it. Evelynn would not have been surprised if she looked down and just saw a tear down her middle, but of course she saw nothing but the abdomen of the man thrusting into her mouth. She could hear the calls of the crowd… “Give it to her…. Fuck the bitch… Ram it in deep… fuck the stupid whore.” That was what she felt like right now… a stupid whore. He slowly thrust deeper until he was about half way in. Evelynn knew, just knew, that he couldn’t go any further. She felt her legs roughly grabbed and her knees pushed backward, opening her cunt as wide as was possible. She felt brutal fingers rubbing her clit. Even with this monster rammed up her she felt her cunt responding to the stimulus. She was soon cumming again as the bear of a man pulled back and thrust his cock in deeper. To Evelynn’s amazement it was nearly all in her cunt, despite feeling certain she could feel it against her lungs. The crowd roared its approval, blissfully unaware of how impossible the penetration was. The monster cock was soon plowing in and out of her cunt, thrusting in earnest, and the demon could feel herself been ripped apart brutally. She cried in pain, but they had no mercy towards her. With the monster stretching her cunt to capacity and beyond, she shuddered and came with almost every movement now… the pain so overwhelming it was just one lengthy meal. She barely even noticed the man fucking her face anymore, not compared to the huge man raping her in the throes of her endless orgasm. The first man pulled his cock from her mouth just in time to shoot his load over her tits at the same time as the second slammed his cock inside her pulsating cunt to the balls. He remained buried there for just a few seconds, enjoying the squeezing of her destroyed pussy, before resuming his brutal thrusts. Each movement of his hips moved the full length of his monstrous cock in and out of her as the crowd clapped and cheered and stomped their feet, thrilling in her rape. The best – and worst – part was that it didn’t last for long. He only gave a few more of those punishing thrusts before he buried himself deep inside her and came as well. Most of the men in the crowd also came over and shot their loads over Evelynn, as she lay spread-eagled on the table.

The huge man who was been fucking his bulbous prick into her removed it and rubbed it along Evelynn’s thighs to rid himself of some of the cum that clung to him. He then walked to the other end of the table and thrust his semi-hard cock into Evelynn’s mouth. “What are you waiting for? Suck it clean, you filthy cunt!” He slapped her hard. Evelynn cried out, but her vision was swimming… she barely even knew what she was doing as she sucked the cum covered dick and cleaned it for him.

When his dick was clean and he finally moved away, she saw nine or ten men waiting for her with their throbbing cocks out. The first walked towards her and pushed his dick into her mouth. He held the back of her head and pushed her towards him, forcing himself into the deepest ends of her throat and choking her again. By now, Eve would have thought that she would have learned not to gag and choke, but she suspected that her gag reflex was growing stronger rather than weaker, her throat tighter than it once was… yet another way to turn her into a more desirable hatefuck for men to degrade. He gagged her for minutes while Evelynn struggled trying to get away from him, to pull her head from his grip, but she was at his mercy… the man did not let go of her until he was good and ready. When at last he pulled his prick out, ropes of his precum and her saliva dripped down her mouth.

The next man in line took control of her, and he was even more violent… continuously just parking his dick inside her throat while he pinched her nipples, tugging and squeezing and pulling on them like he was hoping to rip them from her body. One by one, the other men took turns inside her throat and they used the opportunity to torture her by squeezing her neck or pinching her nose shut, by hurting her tits, by slapping her or yanking on her hair. She was pulled off the table and dragged all over the room towards the men. She had become their fuck toy… moved around more like an object than a woman. She had to suck them all… they pulled her hair brutally, they slapped her all over her body, showing no mercy towards her at all. Evelynn was so helpless, her soft, clawless hands pushing helplessly and brutally against their thighs. Some men had the bright idea to beat her back and ass with their belts, making her cry out, and when they realized they could make her cum by whipping her that was that… everyone wanted to try it until there were welts all over her pale skin. She had become a whipped, raped, beaten, worthless cum hole for the whole bar, transformed from a woman into a latrine. Her lips were as bruised as the rest of her body. There were palm prints and welts all over her body due to the slapping and whipping. Her nipples felt like they were on fire due to the intense pinching. She could feel her whole body stinging. They had cum all over her. They had painted her face with their warm white cum until she could not properly see what was going on around her anymore, until her eyes felt glued shut. Evelynn couldn’t remember how many of them had cum inside her throat, or her pussy… but she hated that her yet-untouched asshole seemed to itch with the lack of attention. It would hurt the most… make her scream the most…

Feed her the most.

That was the cruel irony of this. Food was plentiful. She had already absorbed more energy that any dozen kills would have gotten her. However, once the killer would have been free to fade into the background for several days before her hunger would bother her again. No longer. Pain was easy to get through her own body’s suffering now… but it meant that quite of a bit of the energy she collected went to healing herself, restoring herself and making herself able to once again feel pain. Almost immediately after feeding she was hungry again… the hunger an always-constant companion now. No matter how hard she wanted to attack these men, she could not… immediately, she would need to just find someone else to hurt her. Instead, she had to undergo each and every torture they gave and suffocate on them if she wanted to eat.

Evelynn wasn’t sure how long it had lasted before the point where the last of the men tucked his monster back in his trousers. Turning to the crowd still milling around, he considered, then smiled. “Looks like the show’s over… for today!” Turning to Evelynn, he effortlessly picked the limp girl off the table. He carried her and threw her into an empty room before binding her wrists and ankles with ropes. She could have resisted, but… what was the point? This is what she wanted, right? “We’ll see you tomorrow, whore!” the man cheered as he walked out of the room. Evelynn was exhausted and her whole body was burning, so she was content to lie on the ground… temporarily satisfied, but only temporarily. Already, in the deepest parts of her soul, she could feel the hunger slowly building once more. It would take weeks in a place like this to build up a reserve.

She dreaded, and loathed, getting started once more.

Days passed as Evelynn fell into her new routine as a sex slave of the old, run town tavern. Each night the men took her out and raped her holes and threw her into the empty room for the day after they were done with her. Evelynn had no idea how long it had been anymore. First, she kept count of the nights, but she couldn’t keep the count going. She wasn’t feeling hungry anymore, and it was paradise… and hell. Every night she was tortured and abused, every night she longed to murder all of them, and every night she forced herself to remain a pliable little fucktoy and focus on being fed. Evelynn had no idea how long she served the men who came to the tavern as a sex slave. Months, years… she really had no idea.

One day when she was lying on the floor after a painful rape session, she smelled smoke. She slowly got to her feet and walked towards the locked door of the room and looked out through the keyhole. She couldn’t believe her eyes… the tavern was on fire. She could not wait for her abusers anymore… instead, she let her demon shade slip, falling into a more demonic form and slamming her shoulder against the door again and again until it cracked. She ran out of the building and realized that the whole village was on fire, like perhaps it was being attacked. The village didn’t even look the way it had when she had arrived here, either… how long had it been, really? She couldn’t stay here anymore, though, so she ran into the woods. She ran and ran and ran for hours until she could not smell smoke anymore… ran until even her demonic muscles were tired and even the sated succubus began to feel the gnaw of her hunger once more.

She had not felt the true ravages of her hunger for a very long time now… it had been easy to forget, locked in her room, what it really felt like… to think of the tiny flame of need inside her as being hungry. Now, as she wandered the woods alone, she remembered otherwise… it burned, it consumed, and Evelynn needed, needed, NEEDED. She walked through the woods, trying to find prey… no, not prey, a predator. Trying to forget that she was hungry. Trying to find something to hurt rather than think about hurting herself. She even tried cutting herself on rocks or driven splinters into her flesh… it hurt, but it just wasn’t the same. She needed someone to hurt her.

Eve walked for hours and hours, for days and days. It seemed like there was no ending to these woods, and with every step her hunger burned worse. She wanted food. She wanted, needed, to suffer. She kept walking hour after hour, day after night, dying to eat something, anything…

As she walked towards the bank of the river, Evelynn spotted the single most beautiful thing she had ever seen… a bonfire. She hid herself behind the bushes to observe, and to her dread… and delight… there were two men sitting near the fire and talking to each other. She could not bear it anymore. She was starving. She had to do it. She had to do it. She had to do it…

It took minutes to get them to come to the idea of attacking her. Hours to get them to be as rough as she wanted. And finally, it all ended, and they both pulled their dicks out from her holes and left her lying on the forest floor… her hunger reduced but still burning, and with no idea where her next meal would be coming from… when she would have to do this again. When she would have the opportunity to do this again. Her life had been reduced to that of the most pathetic kind of wandering, homeless whore, because it was that or death by starvation.

Thankfully, she was able to follow the men’s path to the nearest town, and there she found a new place for herself for a time. Days, weeks, months passed like this. Evelynn tried her best to control her thoughts and her hunger but she could never manage it for long. She had to become a sex slave for people at least three or four times a week… longer if they weren’t especially vicious to her or only fucked her for a few hours before letting her go. That was the only way she could feed herself. She was a piece of meat for them… exactly what she had to become… and slowly, it truly became internalized habit. She walked from village to village, always seeking people to beat her and rape her. She hated it, but what choice did she have?

It was the fifth year of her pathetic new existence and Evelynn had no idea how many times she’d had to be a slave for people, how many times she’d been beaten and raped until she passed out, how many times she had woken up with a cock already plowing away inside her. That was how it had to be. Even though it was so painful and humiliating, even though she hated herself all the time, she had to do it. It was two days since the last time she had been beaten and raped, and she was starting to starve. She knew what she had to do, and she didn’t hesitate anymore. She walked towards a little bakery that was known for having an angry proprietor and slipped in the door. When he wasn’t looking, she picked up two loaves of bread and tried to hide them in her dress, but “accidentally” dropped one of them just as he looked up.

His hand shot out, grabbing onto her arm and squeezing painfully. “You little thief!” he snarled, yanking her hard against the counter. “You need to be punished for this!” Evelynn banged her head off of the counter and fell on the floor. The man approached her with his big, heavy boots, and kicked her. Evelynn tried to fight him off, to get up and run, but he was way too powerful… just like she knew he would be. He grabbed her neck with his hand and smashed her head on the counter again, hard enough to daze her, and then he turned and locked the door to the store.

“You brat! Fuck you, you little cunt. You think you can steal from me?” he yelled as he kicked the woman lying on the floor. Evelynn couldn’t fight back anymore. “I’ll teach you a proper lesson…”

Grabbing her by the hair, he dragged her down into the basement, where the ovens were. Evelynn was beaten so badly that she fell to the ground without even a token effort to get up. “Please let me go, I will never steal again,” she begged him, but she made her voice warble weakly as she said it… making her weakness and pathetic state all the more appealing, drawing attention to her breasts with how her arms cupped them. She knew that she had succeeded when his hand snapped forward and gripped her hair, yanking it back. A shriek immediately scrambled up her throat over her barely parted lips as she felt the roots nearly tear from her scalp, tears streaming down her cheeks. He scowled in her direction, but still, he said nothing. He needed to be pushed further… So Evelynn’s lips still murmured a single word. “P-p-p-please…”

He spoke evenly, knowing he didn’t need to yell, his voice dark with anger. “Shut your mouth CUNT, you speak when spoken to now.”

Eve had to resist a smile. She also had to resist being sick to her stomach at what she had just inflicted on herself… even after years, it didn’t get any easier.

As it turned out, the baker didn’t rape her. What he did do, however, was strip her, hang her by her wrists, and beat her senseless with a belt. The man was absurdly strong, and each blow hit harder than the last… the pain was horrible. Not only was her ass sore, but also her nipples and thighs and cunt and stomach and arms from the wandering belt as it caressed her whole form. Eve was horribly aware of herself cumming while she was whipped… her pussy wet and swollen as she dripped a puddle onto the floor. It was hours before he shoved the handle of a rolling pin up her sore ass, untied her, and stepped back. “You learned your lesson now, cunt? Never, ever, think about stealing from me ever again!”

He left the room, and left the door open for the naked girl as he did. Evelynn considered staying… but she wasn’t sure if he would continue to abuse her if she did. He had been brutal, but not as thorough as she had hoped… she had hoped he might abuse her for weeks. Reluctantly, she gathered her strength and ran out of the basement and out of the bakery. She was exhausted, and it was dark outside, and as she walked drops of rain started falling down onto her. Before long it started to raining heavily, and the demon began looking for a place to get out of the weather. Eventually, she found an old shed out behind one of the houses on the edge of the village, and slipped into it to stay until the rain stopped. She sat there, thinking of her own life, brooding on her own misery and why she had to suffer a life like this, until at last she fell asleep in the hut.

When Evelynn opened her eyes, the rain had stopped… but it took her several moments to realize that she wasn’t alone. That wasn’t too surprising… she was used to waking up with men about to use her but… this time, she realized she was tied up… and when she looked up to see who was watching her, shock and fury competed. “You!” she snarled, the demon shade falling away as she tried to send her lashers flinging out. Evelynn couldn’t believe her eyes. It was Vayne. Shauna fucking Vayne had come back to check on her. “You did this me!”

The lashers seemed, to Evelynn’s eyes, pathetically slow. The huntress simply grabbed them out of the air, stepping on them, pinning them down. “When I found you escaped the village I left you in,” she said, a small smirk on her face, “I was a bit concerned. I shouldn’t have been. I’ve been following rumors of a particularly hungry whore across Noxus on and off for years.” Evelynn pulled at her lashers, furious, wanting to slit Vayne’s throat if it was the last thing she did. She might not be able to feed from it but at least the bitch would be dead! Unfortunately, she was so weak… so pathetically weak. She couldn’t even pull her once-mighty lashers out from beneath her feet.

“You miserable bitch!” she cursed. “This is all your fault! It’s all your fault that I… that I…”

“That you what?” Vayne said as she opened up a bag she had dangling from her belt and took out a huge, metal cock… gleaming silver. Still stepping on her lashers, she began fitting it into a strapon harness. “That you finally found a place in the world where you can’t hurt people? Where you’re useful for a change?” Falling to her knees, she tied Evelynn’s much weakened lashers in a knot before leaning over her, noticing that the demon’s nipples were very much full and hard. She twisted the right nipple. “I know. You’re welcome.”

Evelynn struggled against the fingers holding her nipple, but not so much that she managed to get free before Vayne had pulled out a silver clamp and closed its jaws painfully around it. “Fucking bitch!” she screamed.

“I’ve been dragging these around for years, looking for you,” Vayne said with a grin. She then followed the first clamp with a second on the left nipple. She connected the metal clamps with a chain and hung a weight from it, making Evelynn scream in pain as her breasts were tugged down by the sharp teeth. “Oh shut up, it’s not that bad…” Then she hung one of her crossbows from the chain, almost sagging low enough to reach the floor. “Now you can scream.”

“Kill you!” Evelynn shrieked, struggling against her bonds, struggling to get her lashers free, struggling to do something, anything, to the woman who had destroyed her. “Flay you alive! Kill everyone you ever met! Kill everyone who ever saw you until your carcass rots forgotten! I’ll fucking kill you!”

“Shut up,” Shauna said, yanking the chain back and making her screech. “So noisy. And we both know that you’re about t-”

To her utter shame and self loathing, Evelynn came.

Vayne watched, a funny smile on her face as Evelynn’s body started to shiver, causing her breasts to bounce up and down a little. Those quivers caused her nipples to pull at the clamps, hurting her more, making her cum harder as the sensation intensified with each shiver. As she screamed in pain and pleasure and hatred, Vayne just held her down, riding it out.

When finally the demon stopped trembling, Vayne’s right hand moved to Evelynn’s pussy. As much as Eve wanted to deny it she could feel how soaked she was… she was dripping. Dripping for the woman she hated most of everyone in the world. And slowly, Vayne began to finger her as she reached down, licking at her breasts, dragging her tongue over the demon’s skin. Tasting it. Teasing it as she softly, gently, fingered her. As her thumb did circles around the demon’s clit. Very. very slowly, and and very, very gently as Vayne looked down into Evelynn’s golden eyes with a smirk.

No one had ever touched her like this before… not ever. Eve couldn’t remember ever having been touched with gentleness before, not once in her entire existence. For a moment, it was almost nice… but her pussy was throbbing, her stomach growling. The baker had been a tease for the demon, getting her worked up in preparation of a feast and delivering only crumbs. She was primed. She was ready. And… and…

Vayne teased her softly for what felt like hours, and there was nothing painful about it. She was teasing Evelynn. Edging her, almost. It was this, more than anything, that helped the demon realized just how much Vayne really hated her… as much as she hated the huntress. She would not even hurt her without making it as miserable as possible because it was what she wanted. Evelynn needed to feel pain to be fed… and it was her fault.

Minutes passed like this… slow, circular strokes, soft brushes of her fingers as Evelynn built herself up and up and up. The demon couldn’t bear it any more, “Pleaseeee… pleaseee fuck me,” she whimpered, flushed with shame that that she was begging the woman that had doomed her for even a scrap of food. “Please… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… make it hurt…”

“You took weeks to get you to even reluctantly feed,” Shauna said as she continued teasing her. “And you expect me to believe that after no more than twenty minutes you’re starving so badly you just can’t take it anymore?” Evelynn looked down, blue skin flushing to crimson with shame. “Is that how you ask? Someone to fuck you? Nice and gentle, like a lover? Is that what you want, demon?”

Eve swallowed. Then she answered. ”No…” she whimpered. “Please rape my holes… Please…” she begged.

“Please rape your hole like you did mine?” Vayne hissed. “Ruin you like you ruined my life?”

“I’m sorry!” Evelynn said, and found that she meant it… she actually meant it.

Vayne’s hand trembled with barely restrained rage and violence, but she kept herself teasing gently, not giving her any pain, not giving her what she wanted, and not letting her cum. “Too. Fucking. Late! You piece of demonic scum!”

Evelynn wailed as she continued to be teased. “Rape me as hard as I raped you. As hard as I did your mother. As hard as I did your life. Pleasee… I beg you Vayne, please fuck me, make it hurt, destroy me… pleaseeeee…” she begged again.

And Shuana Vayne slammed 3 fingers brutally into the demon’s throbbing pussy. Evelynn screamed in pain as she came, her abdomen flexing and pushing her back against them, her body clenching on them, anything to make her hurt more as her insanely tight hole squeezed the huntress as hard as she could. Vayne didn’t give a shit… she just shoved her down and kept ramming her hand in and out while the demon quivered and came, her body shaking as cunt juices dripped down from her pussy… keeping it up until Evelynn’s whole body was vibrating like a leaf in the wind. Evelynn came on her fingers for the second time.

Vayne leaned forward and placed the head of her metal cock between her pussy lips. She could see Evelynn shaking. As Vayne rubbed the head of her silver cock on Evelynn’s warm opening, the demoness screamed in pain. The toy was huge… huger than any human cock. It would be like fucking a horse, or an arm. Her pulse quickened and doubled in a matter of just a few seconds as the dread… and excitement… built. Her sensitive cunt-flesh made the metal dildo move up and down as it demanded it be inserted without hesitation. Vayne slid the head of the metal cock just past her outer muscle and with one full push, she slammed into her, the full length of the dildo sheathed inside of her wet pussy in an instant. Evelynn couldn’t even scream… the impact had rendered her breathless. Rather than give even a moment to let her adjust, the huntress abruptly withdrew and slammed into her again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Vayne continued this pace for a half an hour, showing off her athleticism and endurance. Her breathing sped up as she went but she didn’t slow or tire, even when Evelynn’s cunt tried its very best to grip the stiff shaft hard enough to slow it down in its greedy, endless orgasms and quest to be fed. Any mercy she might have ever felt towards Evelynn had been wiped away by her words, by the pain and emotion they brought with them… she fucked Evelynn like she wanted to obliterate her. She kept slamming into her harder and deeper until she ripped it out, and before Eve could even react Vayne had already buried the whole cunt-slick thing to the hilt in her squirming guts, the bleeding asshole crying tears around the silver cock as more traditional ones dripped from the demon’s golden eyes.

Vayne thrust and thrust and thrust the metal dildo into her asshole as fast and hard as she could, doing her best to tear her apart with sheer friction before she pulled out and slammed back into her pussy, making Evelynn cry out as it slapped against her womb. Then back into her ass. Then her pussy once again. Then returning to transforming her rear tunnel into a cock-shaped fuckhole. She swapped every few thrusts now, unpredictably, never letting the demon know where the next pain would come even as Evelynn began to just break down sobbing while she fed.

When she finally pulled the dildo out, both Evelynn’s pussy and ass looked ruined and bloody… but even as she watched they began to heal, to close up and become desirable fuckholes once more, sticky with the demon-bitch’s cum. Evelynn lay there as Vayne kicked her, sobbing helplessly as she came over and over again. Her breasts, her abs, her pussy, her thighs, her back, every possible place felt the woman’s heeled boots. Once she was done, she dragged Evelynn towards the middle of the room and hogtied her with her lashers, tightly enough that Evelynn couldn’t move at all.

“Well… I’m satisfied,” she said. “Fucktoy.” Vayne spat on the demon. “I don’t think there’s any threat of you ever hurting anyone again, save for making their cocks sore.” She tossed away the silver dildo stained with the demon’s blood and vitals like it was the most disgusting thing she had ever seen. “I doubt I’ll be seeing you again… but I’m sure the rest of Runeterra will be delighted to meet you long after I’m gone.”

She walked to the door, and turned, looking back into the bound demon’s tear-streaked eyed. “Don’t worry… I’ll send a few men to come find you in a little bit. Wouldn’t want you to get hungry.” Then Shauna Vayne turned, and did not look back again.

Twenty Years Later…

The great city of Zaun sat beneath an ever-present cloud of toxic smog that poured endlessly from its many industrial factories. It was a testament to the utter lack of empathy its citizens had for themselves even to the point of self-preservation. Compared to its twin city Piltover, Zaun was a place where only the most hardened folk could survive by carving out an existence among abject cruelty. It was a harsh city filled with harsh people, and nowhere was that more apparent than within its many squalid slums that lived in the shadows of gigantic skyscrapers. Those were the sort of places where decent men and women – if any even existed in Zaun – didn’t dared wander lest they become prey to the thieves and vagrants that called them home.

Somewhere in the heart of these slums, a commotion broke out in a drinking establishment known for its rough-and-tumble clientele. Three deafening bangs sounded from within its walls followed closely by the acrid smell of gunpower – a common event at the tavern – and one minute later a lowly cutpurse named Alexi stumbled out the door with the barrel of his pistol still smoking. A heated argument settled the old fashioned way was the best start to his evening, and he stumbled down the nearby alleyway with a toothy grin on his face. Yet when he rounded a corner by an overflowing dumpster, a sultry voice made him freeze in place.

“Hey there, big boy. You looking for a good time?”

Alexi turned to see a woman emerge from a dark corner. She was already quite the looker, but her skimpy attire had been specifically chosen to accentuate her figure. Her large breasts seemed far too big for the leather brassier that held them together to maximize the deep cut of her cleavage, and a tight pencil skirt led down to a long, sexy pair of legs covered with suggestive fishnet stockings and a matching pair of stiletto heels. But what drew his attention the most were those piercing yellow eyes gazing at him from behind a pair of round spectacles. Alexi sneered as she moved closer, though his eyes roamed over her lusty curves all the same. “Pah… You some kinda whore?”

Her lips curled into a seductive smile. “I can be your whore. For the right price.”

That earned a snarl of disgust out of Alexi, and he answered by pinning her up against the wall. “I look like the kinda man that pays for what I want?” One hand grabbed hold of both thin wrists and held them tight against the small of her back while the other quickly disappeared up the edge of her skirt. No panties, he discovered with a wicked smirk.

“A-ah! Wait! Please, sir.” She squirmed against him, but there was absolutely no way she could escape. “I’m sorry! Just let me…”

“Cut it with the sir crap,” grunted Alexi as pulled out his hard cock and pushed the swollen cockhead between her puffy folds. The slightest hint of moisture mingled with his own emerging precum. “By the time we’re done here, you’ll be calling me daddy.”

When his fat shaft thrust forward to fill the entirety of her pussy, Evelynn squealed in pure bliss. The troublesome skirt was pushed up around her waist so that her fat ass could make direct contact with his hips and welcome every straight punch against her cervix. This new disguise had worked far better than she anticipated, and already she was showing her appreciation by gushing an obscene amount of lust all over his cock. “What a disgrace,” he snarled. “You gettin’ off on this? Fine, you wanna be a cocksleeve, then fucking take it!”

His free hand wrapped itself around her neck and squeezed hard, and like the pull of a trigger her pussy immediately convulsed with a sudden climax. Evelynn’s eyes went cross as the sweet taste of her own rape once again sent her into the heights of pleasure she craved.

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