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Embracing Agony - Chapter 3

Updated: Apr 29

The sun rose on a new day in Evelynn’s life of captivity, and she was harshly awoken to it with a slap across her face. “Wake up!” snarled a familiar voice that she had heard much in her dreams that previous night. The only time Evelynn ever slept well was with a sated hunger, and since she still had yet to feed that meant a fitful slumber. No doubt it would have brought her captors immense satisfaction to know that the feared demoness was even capable of experiencing nightmares, which is precisely why Evelynn kept her silence as she opened her eyes and saw both Vayne and Oliver once again standing before her.

Evelynn snarled at them, showing a deadly row of fangs. Though the hunger gnawed at her mind, she still had more than enough endurance to show her utmost defiance.

“Hope you slept well, bitch,” muttered Oliver darkly, his eyes boring into hers and returning the glare just as venomously. “Because today we’re going to put you through the ringer. This is where your training truly begins.”

“Still entertaining that idiotic notion of yours?” asked Evelynn with a sweet, high-pitched laugh. “Simpletons. Fine, do whatever you wish. Just know that I’ll endure it. Like you were oh-so-ready to point out yesterday, I am effectively immortal. So go ahead and tire yourselves out on this foolish crusade. Once you’ve reached your mortal limits, I’ll be right here waiting to pounce…”

Vayne shook her head. “You must take us for amateurs. Perhaps if you had been taken captive by a pair of hapless lawmen who had no idea what sort of monster they were dealing with… Well then I’d admit you’d have a right to be so arrogant. But I know you, Evelynn.” The huntress leaned in so close that their noses were just inches apart, her eyes still hidden behind those scarlet red sunglasses. “And you know that I know you.”

A low growl rumbled in Evelynn’s throat. She would have snapped forward and bit at Vayne if not for the rope tightly wound around her neck that kept her pinned to the wooden support beam. “How delusional! To think that you know everything. Why? Because you’ve read a couple of books about me?” Her lips curled into a wicked grin to match her haughty attitude. Evelynn delighted in toying with her prey, even if it was only verbal. “Arcane knowledge means nothing compared to real world experience. You should have realized that by now, my dear.”

“Believe me, I have.” Vayne at last removed her glasses and shuffled them away in her pocket so that she could look the demoness in those glowing yellow eyes. “Which is why I’m not taking any half-measures with this. We’ve got a good system here. Oliver will be conducting your lessons… And I’ll be right here, watching with my crossbow ready. Just in case you get any preposterous ideas about escaping.”

Evelynn giggled playfully, slipping at once into those mannerisms that had seduced countless men and women to an early grave. “Mmm, a voyeur. I never knew there was such a kinky side to you, Shana. I approve.”

But Vayne just ignored that remark. “In addition, I’ve notified the local sheriff about our intentions here. While he certainly wasn’t enthused to learn about your continued existence, we have been given his express permission to succeed, along with a generous escort in case things go awry. This barn is surrounded by five lawmen, each one outfitted with the latest in high tech weaponry imported straight from Piltover, just waiting for the first sign of trouble to rush in and make a silverbolt pincushion of your tainted body.”

“Sounds like my idea of a good time,” purred Evelynn as her pointed lashers, still wrapped around her arms like twine, quivered on reflex. Were they not so securely bound, each lasher would have struck in the blink of an eye, slashing her captors’ throats like a hot knife through butter. But trapped as she was, Evelynn could only squirm against the ropes. “Although I had hoped you’d be a bit more creative, Vayne.”

“Oh, we’ve got plenty of creativity in store for you,” threated Oliver. No longer content to remain quiet, he was quick to remind Evelynn of his presence. “So don’t you worry about that. We’ll keep you plenty entertained, if your mind doesn’t buckle under the pressure that is.”

“Mm, don’t threaten me with a good time.” Her eyes roamed over the man’s body. He was solidly built, and Evelynn could tell he was clearly packed with muscle even underneath all that dark clothing. Oliver’s rugged complexion and trimmed facial hair also did an excellent job of hiding any imperfections, making him appear far more handsome than he no doubt actually was. “What a delicious morsel.” Evelynn made no effort to hide her inner thoughts, licking her lips like a cat stalking its prey right in front of him. “Such a shame we never crossed paths before now,” she said aloud. “I could just eat you up.”

“You’ll be doing plenty of swallowing, wench. Believe me.”

Evelynn cackled loudly. “What a naughty boy you’ve brought!” Her eyes fell upon Vayne, still standing so close. “You’ve taught him some very poor manners. Perhaps this is how all lowlifes such as you behave among the slums, but that’s certainly no way to speak to a lady.”

“You’re completely right, but as for this skank standing in front of me, I’ll speak as is appropriate,” said Oliver to bring her attention back to him. Despite Evelynn’s emasculating attempts by speaking as if he weren’t even present, Oliver was having none of it. He carried just as much weight in enacting this scheme as Vayne, and he wouldn’t suffer the demoness’s dismissiveness. It took a lot of self-control for him to remained calm and collected even as she shot her barbs with total flippancy. But he had to remind himself that there would be plenty of time to teach Evelynn the price for her arrogance. “But enough of this. We didn’t come here to talk. I would say I hope you’re ready, but then again I don’t really care.”

With a nod of approval from Vayne, Oliver moved to step around to Evelynn’s back with a knife drawn. The seductress’s eyes tracked him until he left her vision, but shortly after she could hear the sound of her own ropes being cut loose. “Mm, what a big strong man. If only you’d ditch this sour twig here, then you and I could run off toge—Huugh!”

Whatever proposal Evelynn had in mind was cut off with a swift crack in the back of her head. “Shut it, you harpy. Don’t even think about worming your way out of this with your poison.”

Evelynn immediately fell forward from the blow, her knees sinking into the straw-covered dirt, as she had become so weak from hunger that she could barely even keep herself upright. With both arms still tied behind her back by her own lashers, the momentum carried Evelynn forward until she flopped face-first into the ground, her body bent forward in an intentionally-humiliating and indecent position. The aftermath of yesterday’s activities were still apparently in the form of dried, splattered cum all over her crotch and inner thighs. No one had bothered or even cared to clean her up afterward. “Right where you belong,” said Oliver as he knelt down behind her and gave Evelynn’s fat ass a harsh spanking.

She hissed at him, turning her head to bare her fangs like a wild animal. “You’re one to talk! I didn’t know such noble heroes got off on raping defenseless women.”

“We’re not heroes,” spoke Vayne, ever the quiet observer to this whole affair. “And you’re no woman either. You’re a beast, a feral abomination. Just a mistake that has to be corrected.”

And as if she could forget how exactly they planned to fix such a mistake as her, Evelynn felt Oliver’s hard cock press up against her vulnerable asshole. It was a cold reminder, in contrast to his member’s searing heat, of their resolve. Evelynn instantly recoiled at the touch, having never in her life allowed anything so foul to touch her in such an intimate spot. She had no need for “experimenting” with her meals since tempting them with access to one hole was always good enough to lure them into her clutches, and that made Oliver the first lucky man to dare touch her most forbidden of holes. “I’ll kill you if you go any further,” snarled Evelynn.

“You already said that yesterday,” replied Oliver almost casually, as if rubbing his cockhead against the demoness’s anus was the most normal thing in the world. “I can tell you’ve never had to bargain for anything in your life. You’re absolutely shit at talking your way out of an ass-fucking.”

The mere threat of sharing such vile intimacy with this brute turned Evelynn’s stomach. It wasn’t fear that she felt but rather absolute revulsion for Oliver and his disgusting human cock. Such an unsightly thing. She had already been made to take his heinous member once already, but at least it was in an orifice meant for such things. Now that he was threatening her ass, the hatred she felt for him grew tremendously. “You sick bastard!”

“Yeah, keep talking like that,” said Oliver with a smile on his face. “It only gets me harder, which makes this better for me and worse for you.” True to his word, the full length of his cock was now rock hard, and he was now grinding it back and forth through her thick, plump asscheeks. She could even feel some of his precum dripping all over her lower back and pooling in the tiny dimples above her asscheeks.

“How dare he enjoy this?” Evelynn had encounter many humans in her storied lifetime, and very few of them took as much joy out of debasing someone as much as he was. Those that did at least pretended to convince themselves they were still good people at heart, but Oliver only reveled in this perversion. Any illusions Evelynn once had about Vayne as some naïve goody-two-shoes that sought to bring the demoness to fair justice were shattered at the realization of the sort of company she kept. They weren’t in this for the greater good but rather just to abuse her to their own ends. It only inflamed Evelynn further.

But she wouldn’t be given much time to dwell on her rancor. Oliver had grown impatient with himself, and now he was pushing insistently at her tight pucker. “Time to put this ass to work. This is what you were made for, slut. Now allow me to show you why.”

A ragged scream tore from Evelynn’s throat once his bulbous cockhead popped into her ass. Her impossibly-tight sphincter immediately clamped around it, essentially locking him in and refusing to let go. She squirmed and shouted with her chest rubbing into the scattered hay while her asshole pulsed around his member. “Bastard! Cretin! Scum!” She threw every foul word she knew upon Oliver, though she knew it would be all for naught.

“You love it, and your ass knows it,” he said a widening grin, pushing himself a few inches deeper. Her depths resisted, likely because he hadn’t bothered to lube himself first. Such a precaution was entirely unnecessary, reserved only for those partners whose comfort he actually cared for. But if it meant excruciating pain for Evelynn, then he was all too ready to go in dry. Just like she had learned the day before, his cock was absolutely massive, and it was splitting apart her bowels without mercy. Oliver kept pushing and pushing, spurred onward by the ear-splitting howls coming from the dark-skinned bitch shuddering beneath him, until her poor rosebud was glowing red hot from the pain. “What an amateur. I thought you’d be tougher than this, but you’re falling apart already.”

“Fuh-fuuuuck youuu!” Evelynn screamed, her eyes popping wide open as the entirety of his dick slammed home in one ruthless thrust. Oliver had to grab onto her wide hips and pull her back into the thrust, not only to make it fit but also to ensure that the sheer force made it that much more punishing for the bitch. She squealed when his balls swung low and smacked against her cum-stained pussy, and her voice melted into ragged, panting moans as he held there and just enjoyed the warmth of her violated asshole spasming around his entire shaft.

Oliver knew she could feel it, but he had to make sure she truly understood how utterly defeated she truly was in that moment. “Stuck like a pig. A fat-assed sow.” Sure, he could just carry out Evelynn’s rape in total silence, but this was about punishment and making she understand her new place in this world. So to that end, he reached forward, grabbed a rough fistful of her hair, and yanked back as hard as he could until Evelynn’s neck was bent at an unhuman angle. “Tell me how it feels. Describe every inch of that cock destroying your ass.”

With her teeth clenched to help push down the pain, it almost looked like Evelynn wasn’t even capable of understanding his words. Yet slowly, her cat-like eyes refocused and that scathing intelligence returned behind her piecing gaze. “Huuagh! What… What cock?” she asked as a defiant, toothy grin slowly returned to her face. “I c-can barely feel it.”

“Good. I’d have been disappointed if you broke in the first minute.” He let go of her hair and resumed his hold on her flared hips so that he could hold them steady for the first thrust. Though both Evelynn’s arms were bound, there was still plenty of room and risk enough for her to wiggle away on the floor. But with what little strength still remained within Evelynn, she couldn’t hope to crawl away even if the unwanted pleasures running through her body weren’t proving to be incredibly distracting. Every time Oliver thrust his cock up her backside, another scream and a ragged moan punctuated the shiver that ran up her spine.

But Evelynn was determined to fight until the bitter end. She pulled at her wrists violently, even daring to snap her own tails if it meant ending this torment, but no amount of force would gain her freedom. And the longer she tried, Evelynn only tired herself out further, which left her that much more vulnerable to the cock reaming her poor asshole. Like the cornered animal both Vayne and Oliver knew her to be, Evelynn spat and twisted upon the floor in a furious rage, her entire upper body twisting in a rage while her bottom half was held steady by the man pounding her ruthlessly.

“We’re gonna need a new name for you,” huffed Oliver. It had been a long time since he’d been allowed to unleash such raw power upon a lover. “Can’t be calling you Evelynn anymore. How about cumdump or… Ruined fuckmeat!”

“Can’t be that,” mused Vayne. “Sends the wrong idea. Ruined would imply she’s worthless. When all this is finished, her body will be open season for every man in this entire region.”

Evelynn screeched at that foul idea. “No! I’ll kill them all! Just like I’ll kill you!”

“You say that now,” grunted Oliver. He was fully capable of talking down to the uppity skank while at the same time not once erring in his carnal misdeed upon Evelynn’s anus. “But there won’t be anything left of you after this. You’ll be nothing but a cock-drunk whore, and you’ll make up for all the death you’ve created by sucking the cum out of every dick in Runeterra.”

Though she wished she could have come back with some snappy insult, Evelynn was too busy wrestling with the awkward feelings brought about by her own rape. The sort of deep, visceral pleasure that she ordinary felt only when sucking the lifeforce out of prey was now running rampant as sexual bliss. It felt better than Evelynn could have ever thought possible, and she loathed such weakness. There was simply no way she could possibly be enjoying Oliver’s filthy cock, which made this crude act far more sinful. “Damn him! Making me cum again!” thought Evelynn as her glowing eyes rolled back into her head. “I hate him, hate him, hate, hate, hate!”

And then Evelynn came. She came wretchedly, screaming at the top of her lungs. Her pussy tightened around Oliver’s thrusting prick in some perverse form of appreciation, even though its owner was anything but. With her mouth still twisted into a snarl, Evelynn shuddered against the barn floor, thrashing uselessly through her climax. Yet never once did Oliver cease in his brutal justice upon her ass, even if the tight ring of muscle did clamp down near hard enough to squeeze the life out of his dick. “Filthy cunt,” said Oliver with another spank on her rear. “Who gave you permission to cum? This isn’t for you to enjoy.”

Despite that, both he and Vayne knew Evelynn was far from enjoying this. They understood the hate roiling beneath the surface. It would be folly to assume the demoness would be grateful for such a wonderous orgasm. No, to climax upon her own rapists cock was the sort of humiliation that was their goal, and every time she came Evelynn knew it was another success for her enemies and a blackmark upon her ego. “Guhh! R-release me and fight like a m-man, you coward!”

“That’s certainly not happening.” Vayne, forgotten among her ruinous release, stepped back into Evelynn’s view, this time sporting a massive strap-on tied around her hips. Evelynn’s eyes went wide upon the sight of such a mammoth dildo, its absurd weight causing the tip to bend nearly past Vayne’s knees. “But if you can’t keep that foul mouth of yours shut, I’ll keep it busy.” The huntress squatted down and grabbed Evelynn’s tousled hair, then pulled her head up nearly harsh enough to tear the roots from her scalp. And when her face had reached a suitable height, Vayne ground that fake cockhead against her lips, though they were stubbornly sealed tight. “A little help, Oliver?”

He chuckled. “Don’t mind if I do.” Oliver delivered another round of meat-smacking slaps upon his fucktoy’s plump derriere. The fat, purple flesh jiggled so enticingly, each shockwave rippling across her skin. Yet all it produced from Evelynn were muted groans as she did an admirable job of keeping her mouth shut, for once. “Your stubbornness is starting to become irritating. I can’t wait until we fuck it out of you.”

Seeking another solution, Oliver snaked his hand around Evelynn’s hips to find her wet sex. The folds of her snatch were absolutely drenched, clearly not by choice, and it only took a bit of fiddling for Oliver’s fingers to become thoroughly soaked, at which point he began to tease her clit. “I find myself asking… Why would your dark master create a body so expertly detailed if it weren’t meant to serve as someone’s cumdump?” he asked with a dark laugh. “You feel pleasure, you get wet… This is what you were made for!” Oliver capped off his cruel jest by pinching Evelynn’s stiff clit and pulling at it like loose thread.

A shrill scream rang out within the barn, silenced immediately afterward by a harsh gllurrk from Evelynn’s throat being filled with nearly a foot of rubber cock. “This is what we call the Trainer,” declared Vayne with just the slightest hint of a smile. As much as she tried to remain impassive, she couldn’t deny how good it looked to have her nemesis’s lips stretched around her artificial dick. “If you can handle this, you can handle the real thing.” And to prove her point, Vayne grabbed Evelynn by the ears and pulled her tearful face flush up against her crotch, jamming every thick inch into the demoness’s gullet.

“So much for only watching.” Evelynn’s eyes glared upward at Vayne throughout the vicious skullfucking, only wavering with the occasional backward roll whenever Oliver hilted himself within her ass and slapped his nuts against her gushing pussy. They were spitroasting the villain at a steady pace now, jerking her lithe body back and forth between them in some lewd competition for dominance, yet there was no denying that Oliver had the upper hand. Though the dildo was much longer and far more punishing, it couldn’t match the decadence of real, raw cock. Evelynn’s body knew it and had no shame about cumming for a second time from his handiwork. And she wasn’t the only one.

“Do you feel it, bitch?” asked Oliver, his cock throbbing urgently against her guts. “I’m about to cum, and I know exactly where this load should go.” With deceptive swiftness, he yanked his cock free of her ass and plunged it straight inside her pussy, forcing a choked gasp around the dildo battering her throat. “Fuck yeah, I’ve always wanted to try that,” he hissed. Immediately he set to pounding Evelynn’s snatch at the same ruthless pace as he had with her ass. “Better get used to it. You’re nothing but a bunch of holes now.”

Evelynn screamed around Vayne’s cock, or rather whenever it wasn’t plugging her airway. The raven-haired huntress continued to pump away at her prey’s throat while Oliver had his fun. It didn’t take long for him to blow his load, coating the inside of Evelynn’s cunt with its second helping of spunk. And even before he finished, Oliver pulled out and jammed his cock right back up her ass to spurt the last few drops deep inside. “Can’t decide which one I like more,” he growled, swapping back and forth between both holes every few seconds. “Seems like you can’t either!”

It was impossible to ignore the way Evelynn’s body clenched around his cock every time he slipped back inside. Whether it was her anus or her pussy, both holes squeezed tightly and refused to let go. Her traitorous body knew what it wanted even if her mind didn’t, and it milked the shaft of her rapist for more of that delicious seed. But it wasn’t purely for his enjoyment. By making her holes so tight, Evelynn’s body was only make the pain all the more intense, forcing itself to experience every deep thrust as though she were a virgin once more. It served only to hurt her, and that pain became addicting.

Together, with the brutalizing of her throat, Evelynn began to siphon off the two sources of anguish. Just as she had the day before, pleasure mixed with pain in a perverse culmination of satisfaction. It was the food she craved so desperately, and by this point her body simply didn’t care where it came from. All it knew was that deep, all-consuming hunger which must be sated at all costs, and it drank greedily off the very same pain it brought upon itself. There was no other choice. With no hope of escape, it was either feed off own misery or perish.

Now, Evelynn was not only experiencing the strange and foreign pleasures of the flesh but also the familiar comfort of nourishment. These two elements twisted together within Evelynn and made themselves neigh indistinguishable from one another. Sexual and nutritional satisfaction had become one and the same within her tortured soul. As she began to climax for the third time, the striking pain of her inner walls being rubbed raw by Oliver’s merciless cock pushed her even higher. This time when she came, Evelynn felt something deep within her psyche truly crumble. She surrendered to the ecstasy of her own suffering, every muscle in her body tingling in silent appreciation for this joyous meal.

The two “heroes” could sense the change occurring within their cocksleeve, as if it weren’t already obvious from the full-body tremors shaking her limb from limb. They both pulled themselves from Evelynn’s spasming body – Oliver jerking himself to a messy finish all over her back – and watched the results of their work with mute appreciation. They already had a hasty confirmation yesterday, but a repeat of those same results was more than welcome. Not only was such a thing possible, but it could be done again and again and again.

“Dumb whore,” grunted Oliver, striking the doubled-over demoness with a boot to the ribs even as she still twitched from the aftermath of her orgasmic feast. “You thought you were so clever but looks like you were wrong all along. You are your own worst enemy now.”

Evelynn knew there was no point in denying it further. She didn’t want to believe it before, but now as she lay there in a puddle of cum and glowing contentment, she knew they had made a very real and dangerous breakthrough. “How…?” was the only thought running through Evelynn’s mind as they hauled her back onto her feet and tied her to the post once again. She didn’t understand the mechanisms that allowed her body to feed off itself, but at the same time it also didn’t matter to her. A deep, all-consuming heaviness fell over her consciousness, the end results of a very satisfactory meal, and Evelynn’s head slumped downward as she let that comfortable darkness take her away from these nagging questions.

Several days passed in her slumber. Her weakened form, pushed to the absolute limits of fatigue, shut down in a state of hibernation after finally receiving its first decent meal in weeks. Greedy and eager to hoard away as much energy as possible, Evelynn slept a dreamless sleep. For their part, Oliver and Vayne were content to allow her this rest as it gave them an opportunity to discuss the next step. While Vayne had been the one to propose the theory, even she was at a loss as to how best to proceed from this point. A misstep could undo all their work and set them back at square one or, worst of all, continued activity could provide Evelynn enough strength to break free. They needed to be cautious.

When Evelynn did finally rouse from her slumber, they were waiting. Her eyes opened to the familiar sight of her tormentors – and oddly at the same time saviors – standing before her. But if they expected Evelynn to be grateful, she was anything but. “You…” she snarled. “You have no idea what you’ve done…”

“I have a pretty good idea,” said Oliver as he grabbed at his crotch lewdly. “Got to say, didn’t expect I’d ever make a demon cum so much. Guess my dick must have been too good to resist.”

Evelynn sneered. “Don’t delude yourself. Though I suppose I ought to be thanking you.” She turned her head aside and faked a forlorn sigh. “Such a shame the rest of the world will have to suffer for your misguided deeds.”

Trying to sense her game, Vayne narrowed both eyes and studied the villain. “You’re speaking quite boldly for someone who just got put in their place. I didn’t think you’d take defeat gracefully, but this is another level.”

“You think this is a victory?” Evelynn laughed. “All you’ve taught me is how wasteful I’ve been! All this time I could have fucked and then murdered my victims. Double the torment, double the feast! So thank you for that.”

“The only torment you fed off was your own,” Oliver reminded her. “We know it, you know it.”

Without an easy retort, Evelynn simply bared her fangs. “It matters not! Either way, my next victim will not be blessed with an end as swift as the others. And I already have a good idea of who I should eat first…”

Oliver smiled over at Vayne. “Well, all this talk about food is making me feel quite peckish. I sure could go for some lunch about now. You?”

In a rather uncharacteristic move, Vayne also cracked a smile. “I could eat. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.”

Evelynn hissed at them both, completely aware of what they were doing. She felt that hunger in her stomach again. Though it wasn’t nearly as bad as it had gotten before her long sleep, there was the beginning of a new fatigue that could blossom into an unrelenting hunger if not sated soon. “Don’t taunt me! We all know what you’re planning, so be done with it and leave me in peace.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Oliver stepped closer to her, and Evelynn could immediately feel her pussy dampen in response as if preparing itself for him. She was anticipating their copulation, as sickened as that thought was, and yet she could stop herself from shivering under his studious gaze. “And I must admit so would I. There’s so many delightful positions I could introduce you to… But alas! We have prior engagements.”

“Wh-what?!” Evelynn could believe her ears, and she looked on with shock as they turned and walked toward the barn door. “You can’t be serious!”

“We are,” said Vayne. “Hate to break it to you, but you’re not the center of our lives. Though I’m sure you don’t mind. After all, you don’t want us to actually stick around and punish you some more… Do you?”

A bead of sweat broke and rolled down the side of Evelynn’s face. Her stomach had flipped and tied itself into knots now that the excited anticipation for that horrid sex had been suddenly yanked away. She craved it, needed it to feed again, and they were purposefully denying her. “No!” she shouted. “Release me or kill me! Don’t you dare leave me in this sty!”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine. We’ve got our friends watching the perimeter so no one comes inside to bother you.” Oliver laughed and turned to leave. “We wouldn’t dare ask you, our honored guest, to entertain such strange men and their perversions after all!”

And then they were gone and Evelynn was alone. Except not quite alone. Now that the tantalizing taste had been yanked so cruelly away from her, she could feel that maddening hunger return with a vengeance. Her mouth salivated at the mere thought of Oliver’s cock, as well as that of the humungous dildo that so efficiently abused her throat. Evelynn knew she didn’t care one wit about those two lowlifes themselves… She only wanted their abuse.

But Evelynn would go on longing the whole rest of the day, and even when night finally fell neither Oliver nor Vayne had returned to check on her. Through the poorly-constructed walls of the barn, she could see the campfire of the lawmen that Vayne had mentioned once before, staying just close enough that they could make sure she never broke free and escaped the building. The ropes that bound her had been reinforced as well, though such a gesture was largely unnecessary. The energy she had gained from her previous rape had only been enough to repair the damage she had suffered at their hands, not to boost her strength back to full power.

On the next day, Oliver and Vayne finally returned around noon to check on Evelynn, but she knew at once that they had no plans to do anything further. They simply taunted their prisoner for a few minutes before leaving her once more in unrequited agony. The following day carried out the same way, as well as the day after that. It wasn’t until the fourth day that Evelynn was finally allowed a glimpse of Oliver’s dick once more, and by that point she was practically drooling all over herself.

“Like what you see?” asked Oliver knowingly as he grasped his dick and gave a few test pumps. He stood a good several feet from Evelynn, but he was still close enough for his rank musk to drift toward her nostrils. On automated response, her thighs squeezed together from the flaring itch within her crotch, and she had to stop herself from panting like a total bitch in heat.

“Fuck off,” whimpered Evelynn not at all convincingly. She knew she looked a total mess, falling apart at the seams from the first sign of cock in days. Her yellow eyes remained glued to his thick, veiny shaft as Oliver masturbated himself. He was teasing her, and if Evelynn had thought before she couldn’t possibly hate the man any further then she was proven wrong in that moment. His foul display, while sickening, only further exacerbated her desire. It was cruelty, and not at all undeserved on her part.

They left shortly after that without doing a damn thing to satisfy Evelynn. After all, they weren’t doing this for her sake. Each day they returned only to repeat their mockery of her disheveled state, and Oliver’s solo acts only escalated. While at first he merely pleasured himself just out of her reach, soon he was using her body in ways that only pleased him without giving any in return. He would slide his cock between her thighs and pump away, just inches from her wet pussy, and other times he would push Evelynn down to her knees and rub his heavy, cum-filled balls all over her face. She could smell his virile seed inside, driving her wild, yet whenever she stretched out her tongue to taste them Oliver would pull away and reward her with a slap across the face. Then, even worse, he’d immediately depart and leave her alone to stew upon reflection of her shameful actions.

Evelynn couldn’t keep track of the days any longer. It could have been weeks or possibly even a full month, but finally one day her patience was rewarded in the smallest way. Perhaps Oliver himself had gotten tired of simply teasing her, and so he jerked himself off to completion and splattered his cum all over her face. Evelynn shuddered and glared up at him in seething outrage, yet she kept her mouth open and gulped down whatever bits fell upon her tongue. With her hands forever tied back, she could do nothing about the rest of his load but feel it slowly drip down her face the rest of the day until finally it dried in hardened clumps on her cheeks and chin. The taste was vile and profane, and that only made it all the more delicious.

Finally, there came a day when as soon as they pair entered the barn, they found a practical waterfall of arousal gushing down Evelynn’s thighs. The demoness had gotten so worked up throughout the night, after having been left with another gooey facial, that her cunt had been unable to control itself any longer. Much like Evelynn herself, it craved that very dick which had taught her that the only path to relief was through submission. Such a wonderous sight brought a smile to Oliver’s face, and he immediately cut Evelynn free from the ropes. “Have you been a good girl?”

“Fuck you,” said Evelynn nastily even as she willingly dropped to her knees without provocation. Her eyes were glued to his crotch, just waiting for him to bring out his cock and repeat the same routine they had performed all this time.

But Oliver knew he had her right where he wanted her now, especially when he saw the way her face lit up as soon as she saw his bare cock. “Lie back,” he ordered.

“Hmph!” Evelynn gave him a classic sneer, yet she did as told. With her lasher-bound arms still behind her back, she assumed the position and looked up at him expectantly. Her eyes flickered only a moment toward Vayne, who watched with great interest.

“Spread your legs, whore. I shouldn’t have to tell you that.” As soon as she did so, Oliver knelt down and shoved three fingers up her cunt. Evelynn forced down a squeal that bubbled up from her throat by biting into her bottom lip, though it was largely a futile gesture. “Shit, this is worse than it looks. You’re a fucking mess!”

A rare blush spread across Evelynn’s face, and she turned away so she wouldn’t have to look at him while she so willingly put herself in such a humiliating and unseen position. “J-just get it over with! “

He laughed. “No insults? No biting japes? That’s what I like about you, Evelynn…” Oliver shuffled closer and slapped his cock against her inner thigh, bringing Evelynn’s attention back downward. “You know your place.” And then he thrust into her heat.

Evelynn came instantly. Her entire body seized up in orgasmic shock, and her head flew back to knock against the hard ground. On instinct, her legs wrapped around Oliver’s torso and locked at the ankles, pulling him deeper into her sweltering snatch as it spasmed around his member. And he hadn’t even moved since sticking it in. Instead, he just watched her flail about and ride out her climax on his dick. “That good, huh?”

“Fuck you! Fuck, fuck, fuck yooou!” Even if she was cumming her brains out, Evelynn wasn’t about to let Oliver forget how much she detested him. And yet the seething hatred she felt for him was nothing compared to that which she felt for herself. To be so low as to cum on a man’s cock, it was unthinkable! And yet the proof was in every heaving gasp, every mind-blanking eye-roll, every greedy spasm of her pussy around his member. Evelynn had become an utter cock-slut, and she hated herself for it.

And that self-loathing amplified the anguish she felt over having become this mortal’s plaything. Even as she twisted and yelped in the throes of orgasmic bliss, she could feel the power coursing through her veins as her body sucked in all that raw energy that she was exuding from her own tormented mind. It was absolutely amazing and on a completely different level than her past feedings, not only fulfilling but rejuvenating as well. Better than anything she had ever felt while sinking her claws into a prey’s flesh, ripping apart bone and sinew as she fed off their excruciating screams of agony. The sort of vigor Evelynn was receiving right now from her own rape was nearly triple the amount she had ever gotten from the sweet taste of murder. “I never knew!” she thought as her body shuddered in pain and pleasure. “How can I ever go back?!”

It ate her up inside to know that they had been right all along. Evelynn had spent the entirety of her captivity trying to convince herself that such a mad scheme would never work on her, and she had very nearly believed herself even after succumbing those first few days. But now she knew the prolonged effects of her newfound addiction, having gone so long with only scraps and dripples of cum to quell her thirst, and she never wanted to feel that longing ever again. This was the only way for Evelynn to feed now, and if it mean having to further debase herself in order to get it, then she would do so. After all, begging for cock seemed so much more simple than assassination.

When Oliver pulled his cock out of her snatch, he reached up and clasped his hand around her neck. And although Evelynn glared at him fiercely, her gaze softened once his fingers tightened. It was just the capstone she needed to such a wonderful release, and she drank in the misery caused by each choking sob as if it were a decadent dessert. Oliver knew she couldn’t get enough, so he squeezed tighter until the dark red imprints of his fingers began to form upon her lovely skin and her pussy convulsed in another involuntary orgasm. “You masochistic slut. You love this.”

“Gghrrk.” Evelynn’s eyes were rolled back to complete white as she twitched like a corpse in its final death spasm. But just before she could cross that deadly threshold, Oliver let go and allowed fresh air to rush into her lungs. Harsh, ragged gasps rang out, and immediately she grabbed at his wrist to bring it back to her neck. “M-mooore,” she wheezed. “Harder.”

“I’ve got something even better for you.” This was the final test, the one thing that would prove Evelynn’s complete subservience to her new mortal masters. Oliver crawled up her body and slapped his fat cock, utterly drenched by her own cunt, against her face. “Open wide.”

She did so immediately without question. Evelynn’s mouth shot open, and just as quickly his length thrust down to fill her throat. She gurgled and spit around it, but other than that she lay completely still as Oliver began to brutally facefuck her head against the ground. Clumps of dirt and hay matted into her snowy hair as he rutted into her mouth, his nuts thumping against her chin that was coated in a sheen of saliva. Evelynn knew she could have bit down at any moment. More than enough strength had returned to her form that, if she wanted, all it would take to severe his manhood was a swift snap of her jaw – a task that might have proven near impossible for an ordinary woman but was no effort to the dark avatar. And yet she did not. Instead, Evelynn merely lay there, as still as his furious thrusts would allow her to be, and allowed this uncouth man to treat her face like his own personal cocksleeve.

Because that’s exactly what she was now. Further denial couldn’t absolve Evelynn any further, not when surrender had provided so much more satisfactory than defiance ever had. She could continue to fight, to spit, to hurl insults at her captors, and in return they would withdraw and leave her to suffer more of those long weeks of hunger. She could no longer allow that to happen. They had exposed Evelynn to a new side of herself, a side that had been conditioned to vampirically feast off her own emotions rather than those of her victims.

And as Oliver grunted and began to fill her stomach with his seed, Evelynn glared up at him with pure contempt in her eyes. Contempt because she had to. Without that hate, she would have nothing to consume. It wasn’t the lust or pleasure that satisfied her but rather the disgust she felt for both him and herself. Disgust for enjoying such debauchery. They would call her many things in the following weeks: cumdump, rape-bitch, cockwarmer. And they were all true. Evelynn knew what she had become now, and any sort of regret she felt over having fallen so far from grace was quickly buried deep down with the rest of her shattered pride. From that day forward, every devastating orgasm they forced from her disciplined body was a testament to how effectively they had broken her down, and Evelynn reveled in her own despair.

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