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Embracing Agony - Chapter 2

Updated: Apr 29

Ten Years Later

All the townsfolk of the nearby village of Knollin knew better than to venture into the surrounding forest during certain parts of the day, and especially not during times of foul weather such as now. The sun was still low, just barely peeking above the horizon, and fresh dew clung to the waxy pine needles and branches of the trees. It had been a cold night and an even colder morning with a dense blanket of fog smothering the forest floor, yet such a foreboding and miserly scene didn’t stop a lone young maiden from her foraging duties. Which made her perfect prey for the terror lurking nearby with two radiant yellow eyes glowing in the mist.

Evelynn couldn’t remember the last time she happened upon such a delicious morsel. Even from a mile away she could taste the young girl’s innocence like blood in the water. Virgins were a rare treasure these days, and it wasn’t often that Evelynn was able to get to one first before they were soiled on the western edge of Noxus. Of course she had no qualms about devouring even those who had been blemished by another’s touch, but they were much emptier meals; Evelynn always had to feed again soon after consuming one of them. But the chaste ones lasted so much longer, and Evelynn relished their sweet cries of torment as she feasted upon them.

Now couched behind a tree, Evelynn finally had her prey in sight. She was indeed a very pretty young thing with hair like spun gold and rosy cheeks, and the long cotton dress – pure white of course – clung to the supple curves and swelled hips in the most enticing way. The demoness couldn’t help but lick her lips as she gazed upon such tantalizing perfection. Just the mere sight of the maiden alone sent a myriad of emotions raging through Evelynn: lust, adoration, but most of all hunger. Oh yes, the hunger was unbearable after such a long dry spell. A particularly gruesome feast last month had placed the entire village on high alert, which forced Evelynn to be much more cautious until things settled down. The young girl’s presence in this forest, alone and unaccompanied, told Evelynn that they were beginning to let their guard down again, and she was itching to have her first decent meal in what had felt like forever.

Already a million different scenarios were running through Evelynn’s mind of what she could do with this fawn. She would of course steal the girl’s virginity by the end of it all, that was a given, but the precise manner in which she could do so sent shivers down the demoness’ spine. Perhaps Evelynn would penetrate her slowly, dragging out the experience to savor every whimpering sob, or maybe take her fast and hard to let the frantic screams ring throughout the forest. No amount of pain and suffering was too excessive, for that was what truly sated Evelynn’s hunger. It wasn’t blood or flesh that fed her but rather sheer agony. Like a form of psychic energy, it was the only thing that could rejuvenate Evelynn. That was how the young and naive, most ignorant to the horrors of the world, provided the most gain.

Sunlight broke through the branches overhead, and Evelynn took that as the signal to strike. Slinking low toward the ground with both tail lashers raised and ready to strike like twin vipers, she inched closer and closer to her victim. The maiden stood no chance of defending herself against the dark entity, but that brief moment of surprise and flash of terror in those doe eyes would be the perfect appetizer. Yet just when Evelynn had gotten close enough to lash out, that’s when a third party introduced themselves to the hunt.

Countless centuries of finely-honed instincts were the only reason Evelynn managed to dodge the first salvo. Without even thinking, her voluptuous body twisted as two bolts whistled right past her head and thudded harmlessly into the bark of a nearby tree. Silver bolts. Evelynn snarled at the sight of the glimmering shafts, but she didn’t have any time to dwell as another round followed immediately thereafter.

The game of cat and mouse began with Evelynn at a complete disadvantage. The fog she had used to ambush her own prey now worked against her in locating the precise vector of attack. Somewhere within that damnable mist lurked her persistent stalker, and even after a third and fourth volley of darts issued forth – both still missing their marks – Evelynn was nowhere closer to finding her assailant. She did notice, however, that her dinner had gotten away, vanished at the first sign of trouble. “Bait,” whispered the demon with sheer malice. The village hadn’t let down their guard after all. Instead, she had let her hunger get the better of her and she had fallen for the oldest trick in the book. But this fight wasn’t over yet, and no matter how low the stakes for her were Evelynn had no plans to go down without a fight.

In a flash of amethyst smoke, the demoness vanished from mortal sight, cloaking herself beneath a veil of magic. This was her realm now, and she would remind this upstart hunter just who was the predator here and who was the prey. Confident in her tricks, Evelynn abandoned the tree she had been using as cover and raced out into the open. She had a good approximation of where her quarry was hiding, and now that the odds were in her favor Evelynn had all the time in the world to track them down. More bolts shot out, wild and without guidance in desperate hope of blindly hitting their target, but they may as well have been trying to nail a fly. A cruel smirk spread across Evelynn’s lips. Each shot only revealed more about the hiding spot of this troublesome hunter, and it wasn’t long before they had exposed themselves.

She knew that girl…

Even knowing full well Evelynn’s penchant for disappearing and reappearing, Shauna Vayne still found herself taken by surprise when the demoness emerged from her shadows just a few feet away poised and ready to strike. If she so wished, Evelynn could have delivered a swift and fatal blow within the blink of an eye after revealing herself, but that wasn’t her style. Not when there was much more delight in tormenting her foe. “It’s you…” she whispered, her face twisted in a mocking smile. “I still remember how you taste. And here I thought there was nothing left of you…” the fiend cackled as she struck with her lashers. “If I promise to let you live, do you promise to work up the courage to deliver yourself to me again once you’re alllll better?”

Vayne was no novice, and she deftly tumbled beneath the razor-sharp tails as they sliced close enough to shave a few hairs off her ponytail. “There won’t be a next time,” she responded bitterly while firing another silver bolt from her wrist-mounted crossbow.

It, like all the others, failed to hit the mark, prompting another taunting laugh from Evelynn. “Come now! Did you really come all this way just to die in such a pathetic display? How… dull!” Evelynn struck again, and just like before came away unsuccessful. Yet that mattered little to the demoness. She knew that no mortal could hope to prevail against her… it was only a matter of time until she too fell. “Reveal your tricks! Show me that ace you’ve kept hidden up your sleeve and let’s get this over with!”

“Gladly,” said a completely unexpected voice from behind. Evelynn spun around in surprise – as well as outrage at being so thoroughly deceived – just in time to take a weighted net to the face. The heavy ropes wrapped themselves around her dark body completely, and Evelynn toppled to the ground just as she caught a glimpse of her new foe: a dark, bearded fellow who bore a vague similarity to Vayne. “Guess you don’t know everything, bitch,” he said to her with a grim smile.

Evelynn responded with a throaty hiss. “You’re a fool if you think this will hold me for long.” True to form, Evelynn’s bladed lashers were already writhing beneath the ropes, searching for the ideal angle to begin cutting away.

“True.” He raised a remote in one hand, his thumb pressed threateningly against a single red button. “Good thing we made that quick stop at Piltover then.”

Millions of volts of electricity surged through the net. While it would have instantly fried anyone with a lesser constitution, it was still enough to set Evelynn shrieking. The bound fiend thrashed within her tightly-wrapped prison, and she cursed with all manner of foul words and promises of revenge against the hunters standing victoriously over her body… and the charge continued what the demoness screeched in pain, even her superhuman toughness meeting its match… and before the current finally ceased, Evelynn was slumped against the dirt in a deep slumber, unmoving and helpless.

“This isn’t the plan I agreed to. You lied to me!”

The voice that answered him was feminine and cold. “Only because I wasn’t sure you’d help if you knew my true intentions.”

“Can’t imagine why not! Oh wait, yes I can,” the man responded. “Your plan is INSANE! I say we should just kill the bitch and be done with it.”

There was a snort. “That’s only a temporary solution. We’d only be killing the avatar, a physical manifestation of the entity. In time, another one would return.”

“That’s a chance I’m willing to take. A few years of peace? Who knows if this plan of yours will even work!”

The two arguing voices rang in Evelynn’s head as she slowly drifted back to reality. She couldn’t recall the last time she had fallen unconscious – so used to being the predator and not the prey – that it was an entirely disorienting sensation for her. The darkness clawing at the edges of her vision felt ethereal, and in many ways she just wanted to let it win and wash over her again, but there was the growing ember of rage that kept her pushing toward wakefulness. How dare they? Evelynn wasn’t some meek, modest mouse to be defeated so easily, and she desired nothing more than to face her attackers and take revenge posthaste.

The first thing she noticed were the squalid conditions of her environment. While suitable for the local peasantry, the inside of a common barn was far too poor for Evelynn’s taste. Certainly she had lured a few tasty morsel to such a place in the past, for a “roll in the hay” as it were, but at least then she had a proper meal to console herself with. Instead, this time there would be no such compensation. The demoness tugged and snarled at the tight ropes around her body that kept her bound to a wooden support beam that ran all the way to the ceiling. But far more insulting than that, both of her flexible, ribbon-like lashers had been tied around her wrists, which was just as humiliating as it was effective in keeping her immobile.

But Evelynn didn’t have much time to contemplate her bindings as her brazen kidnappers had noticed her revival. They approached her without fear, another unfamiliar occurrence for the malevolent killer, and they looked upon her with combined pity and anger. Evelynn bared her fangs and snarled back at them like a feral beast. There was no longer any point in keeping up pretenses; subtlety would no longer be a favorable approach.

“Cornered like a rat,” muttered Vayne with disdain dripping in every syllable. Her face was etched as if into stone, stoic and impassive, even as she faced the woman who had murdered her family. “I didn’t expect you to be such an easy catch. I’m rather disappointed.”

“And I didn’t expect you to still be walking so freely after that thorough ravishing I sent your way,” retorted Evelynn, her lips curling into a wicked smirk. “Or at all on that legs, for that matter. A shame those men didn’t keep you for themselves. Would have saved me a lot of trouble.”

“So you haven’t forgotten me. Good. Because I surely haven’t forgotten you.” The cool-headed huntress reached out and grabbed a fistful of Evelynn’s bangs, tugging harshly enough to snap the demoness’ head back. “You know… I could have almost forgiven what you did to me if you had left them alive. I could have maybe moved past it if you had just leave me alone to grieve. But you didn’t… and you made me a pariah among those that should have helped me.” Her eyes narrowed. “I trusted those men. I knew them by name. I saw them that very night, every single one of them. And you made them rape me.”

Even with the slight pain burning in her scalp, that grin didn’t drop off Evelynn’s lips. “I made them do no such thing. Their inner desires were always there beneath the surface, just waiting for the right encouragement to make themselves known. All I gave them was a little… push.” A cruel laugh rose up in her throat to taunt Vayne.

“You and your twisted sorcery.” Vayne released her grip and it looked for a moment as if she were going to step back, but instead she cocked back an arm and slugged Evelynn directly across the face, snapping her head to the side. “You’re a wicked, spiteful creature. It wasn’t enough to slaughter my family, you had to also turn my allies against me? Make them… violate me?! Oh, I am certain you drank deeply that day. More than enough pain to sate you for a full month I imagine.” Vayne crackled her sore knuckles loudly as she glared down upon Evelynn with seething rage. “Well now I’m here to return the favor.”

Blood dripped from the corner of Evelynn’s mouth, but even then she let out another maniacal cackle, one that would have sent shivers down a lesser human’s spine. “You? My poor, sweet little Vayne. You may be a magnificent lay… But you are no torturer.” As much as Evelynn knew that she was caught, she knew that she had nothing to fear from her blind, insipid quest for true justice. “Kill me and be done with it,” snarled Evelynn. “Or let me go, and I’ll reward you both with swift and painless ends.”

“That’s a damn lie if I ever heard one,” spoke the second individual at last. It was a man, tall and broad-shouldered with a complexion similar to Vayne.

At once, Evelynn guess a familial relation between them, perhaps a distance cousin. The nobility were always swapping bloodlines amongst themselves. She immediately realized what a shame it was that she had missed this one when Evelynn had killed Vayne’s parents. “And who might you be, handsome?” purred the demoness with lidded bedroom eyes.

“Oliver Laurent,” said the man with a sneer. “And that’s all you’ll get from me, witch. I know all about your seductress ways.”

“Do you know?” Evelynn wiggled against her bindings, swaying her thick hips from side to side as much as she could muster. “Perhaps I’ve got a few tricks left up my sleeve. Come a little closer and you’ll find out.”

But instead of falling for such an obvious ploy, Oliver instead mimicked Vayne by delivering a swift punch directly into the harlot’s exposed midriff. A wheezing gasp expelled violently from Evelynn’s lips at such a savage blow, and she surely would have doubled over in pain if not for the ropes holding her against the barn’s support beam. Such blinding pain. It was wholly unnatural to Evelynn. Always had she been the one inflicting it, never receiving. Her mind reeled at the sheer audacity of these cretins in reversing the tables on her. “Graah! Y-you…” Evelynn clenched her jaw through the agony, but never did she tear her eyes away from him. “You’ll pay for that, bastard!”

“Unlikely.” Oliver seemed immensely pleased with himself, but his expression quickly turned dour when he turned to look at Vayne. “If it were up to me, you’d already be dead. But lucky for you… I’m not the one in charge here.” He knew Vayne had a much greater vendetta to settle with the hag, and Oliver would not dare betray his kin by acting without her permission. Vayne deserved this moment, even if he did has reservations about the plan.

“Oh? Is that so?” As the pain in her gut receded, the playfulness returned to Evelynn’s cat-like grin. “So you are planning to play with me a bit? My dear little Shauna, I didn’t think you had it in you. Did I break you that badly?” Evelynn sneered with her eyes. “Perhaps we’re more alike than you care to admit.”

That remark earned Evelynn another slap across the face, but she had anticipated it and kept her smile unwavering. “You won’t be speaking such disrespect once we’re done with you,” said Vayne. “See, I’ve spent the last decade learning as much as I could about you. And believe me, I’ve done my research. I’ve scoured every library on Runeterra, poured over every ancient scroll, and yes even entertained the mad ramblings of every blind drunk from Demacia to the damned Shadow Isles City to learn all I could about your tainted existence. Every legend, every myth, I discounted nothing in my search for the knowledge of your ultimate destruction.” Vayne’s blank countenance finally broke into a smug smirk. “How surprised I was to find that the murderous bitch that tore my life asunder wasn’t always known as this name you’ve given yourself… Evelynn.”

The she-devil scoffed. That simply couldn’t be true. She was as old as time itself. Even if Evelynn didn’t fully understand her true origins, what other possibly alternative could there be? And it was highly unlikely that a spoiled Demacian orphan possibly know anything more than her. “Am I supposed to be impressed? I don’t suppose you plan to bore me to death with such fascinating fictions.”

“I have many, many plans for you, fiend. Or at least I had until I discovered your true nature.” Vayne started to pace around the barn, circling around Evelynn’s body. “All this time I had been focusing my rage and despair onto you… can you imagined how disheartening it was at first to find out you’re nothing? Just nothing. The real Evelynn is a spirit, immaterial and impervious to harm. You, this twisted and spiteful form, are nothing but a physical avatar for the real source of my misery.”

Evelynn didn’t say anything, instead focusing her eyes upon Vayne in simmering hatred, and thus the huntress continued her speech. “The spirit which drives you is unconquerable. There are legends of brave champions in the past traveling the whole breadth of this world in search of mystic rituals and sacred places of power in hopes that they’d finally banish your foul taint from this world once and for all. But each time they failed, only buying future generations a few precious years of peace before your inevitable return. No one has ever found a solution… Until now.”

“I suppose you think yourself so terribly clever,” grunted Evelynn. “A thousand thousand foolish souls have died by my claws, but no – it’s brilliant cumdump of an orphan girl Shauna Vayne here who’s finally figured it out.” She gave another shrill laugh. “And there are those who say I’m conceited!”

Vayne ignored her desperate jabs. “The avatar feeds the mother spirit. That’s the key. You’re just a shell, a husk. Hard to kill and essentially immortal, yes, but even you have your weaknesses. You can’t stay dead but your body is mortal… and you experience pain just like us.” She stepped forward and very slowly, deliberately wrapped her fingers around Evelynn’s slender neck, and then she applied a generous amount of pressure, enough to make the demoness’s eyes go wide as the flow of oxygen ceased. “See that Oliver? The instinctive reaction? She feels fear just like us.” The huntress grinned. “That makes you vulnerable. Just like…” Vayne squeezed harder and felt the slightest twinge of satisfaction at the blatant panic in Evelyn’s eyes. “Us. Tell me, how does it feel to be on the other side now?”

“Fuu-uck.” Evelynn wheezed, struggling to draw enough breath to utter her reply. “You.”

“Not this time.” Vayne shoved hard and bashed the back of Evelynn’s head against the wood before letting go. “So… I have a theory, demon. You exist only to feel the real spirit, and you collect pain and anguish for her, yet I find myself asking… Could you feed from other sources? There are other sources of pain… and even a dog can learn to trick. What about your own pain, I wonder?”

Evelynn spat a wad of blood and spit at Vayne’s feet. “That’s it? That’s your genius plan? Ha! I’d claim you were crazy but I’m pretty sure everyone who’s met you already knew that.”

“I suppose there’s only one way to find out,” Vayne said grimly. In her undisguised form, Evelynn could hardly have been said to have worn any clothing at all, though the pattern of the corruption upon her skin certainly provided some modesty. That made it all the easier for Vayne to reach out, grab one of her soft nipples, and twist hard. It had an immediate effect in making Evelynn gasp and writhe against the ropes. “I don’t expect this task to be easy. It will take some time before the mother gives in and feeds upon its own child, but… I think I understand something about you that even you don’t.”

The demoness looked up at Vayne with fury blazing in her yellow eyes. “And what’s that?”

She released the nipple. “She doesn’t give a shit about you. I’m confident that if we deprive it of food long enough… Eventually it will see no other alternative. There’s only one thing she cares about, and that’s her next meal. It might take a while, but that’s alright… because my friend and I can be very patient.”

Suddenly remembering the other’s presence, Evelynn turned her venomous gaze upon Oliver. “Is that what this wrench has brought you here for? To rape a helpless maidem?”

The man snorted derisively. “You may have not met before – lucky you – but rest assured I have heard plenty of tales of your depravity. You are no maiden, and you’re not helpless. I still have my reservation about Shauna’s theory… But if it means ridding the world of your blight then so be it.”

“How noble.” Evelynn hissed at them both, showing her fangs once more. “I should consider myself honored that you’d lower yourselves to such savagery for me! I hope you find solace, when all this is over, that you’ve rid the world of one monster only to create two more.”

You did that,” growled Vayne. “The night you killed my parent. Enough. It’s time to begin.” She nodded to Oliver and stepped back to give him space. “You may have the honors.”

Evelynn pulled even harder at her bindings as he approached. “What’s the matter?” she snarled, throwing an evil eye toward Vayne. “Too cowardly to do the deed yourself?”

“Believe me, nothing would give me greater satisfaction,” said Vayne as she folded her arms and calmly watched the proceedings. “But we can’t all be freaks like you. I simply lack the necessary equipment to violate you properly. Don’t you worry about me, I’ll join when I’m ready.”

A soft whine rose in Evelynn’s throat as the shadow of this tall man loomed over her helpless form. While she fully believed with utter confidence that this insane plan of theirs had no hope of success, that still left Evelynn completely at their mercy. She was in completely uncharted territory now, and though she’d never admit it that made her feel anxious. And when Oliver reached out and grabbed a great handful of tit, her cold heart nearly leapt into her throat.

“Get your hands off me!” snarled Evelynn. Never before had she allowed a man to touch her. She wielded sex like a weapon, a tool to entice and draw men when they were most vulnerable, but she had no need to let any live long enough to actually taste the fruits of their desire… and until now, none had. This crude man standing before her was now groping Evelynn’s chest as if she were a common whore, and it made her seethe. “I’ll smear your entrails across this entire continent if you persist!”

“Such a shame you were created with such a perfect body only to never put it to good use,” he said with a wry grin. Despite his sour deposition, it was clear that Oliver was gleaning some enjoyment from the opportunity to take what so many men had died trying to obtain. Like Vayne he was driven to see justice brought to this vile harlot, but unlike her he had no past history with Evelynn to taint this encounter. Instead, Oliver saw her as little more than an object upon which to enact his base desires, which Vayne was more than glad to unleash upon the demoness. Thus, he began to roll and fondle the soft breast with his fingers. “You were certainly built to be a whore.”

Any possible retort fell silence as Evelynn heard the quiet whisper of steel slicing through rope, and then her bindings fell free. With his free hand, Oliver had cut her loose from the wooden beam, though her own tail lashers still kept her arms bound and helpless. Though she was strong, she was also hungry. Evelynn had always relied on her agility and subterfuge in lieu of a straight-up brawl, and in her current state she didn’t have the strength to resist as the much more muscular man shoved her face-first onto the straw-covered barn floor. Her knees dug into the ground and pushed her hips upward, but before Evelynn could gain enough purchase to pick herself up Oliver had settled in behind her. “Hold still, bitch.” Two powerful hands gripped her flared hips to keep her steady, and that’s when she felt that loathsome fleshy member slide against her inner thighs.

“Get off me!” Evelynn’s words were slick with malice. She wished she could summon the shaft she’d used to rape Vayne and hope it would scare him off, but that wasn’t how it worked… her shapeshifting wasn’t really under her control. Her body shifted to match the required way to generate more pain, and escaping torment didn’t match that goal. Left with no other possible way of fighting back, she poured every ounce of hate into her voice instead. “I’ll rip you to shreds! There’s no place imaginable you’ll be able to hide from me!”

“I’m sure.” There wasn’t an ounce of concern in Oliver’s voice. He held the same steely determination as Vayne, for better or worse, and he was fully prepared to follow through with his intent. Gripping his hard prick, he slapped it against Evelynn’s plump asscheeks until it rose to full mast. “Trust me,” he said, lining up his tip with her entrance. “You won’t enjoy this.” Then Oliver pushed forward and his cock was inside her.

Evelynn shrieked an unholy scream that shook the very foundations of the barn. She felt great shame and indignation, but most overwhelming of all was the pain. It hurt. She wasn’t supposed to be the one that hurt… hurting was for others. Sex never had any purpose for Evelynn beyond existing as a lure for her prey, and thus she had never had anything inside her pussy whether living or inanimate. The sudden loss of her virginity was an unwelcome reminder of how helpless she was for the first time in her long life. “Out! Take it oooout!” Evelynn screeched like a banshee, nearly shrill enough to burst their eardrums and most certainly loud enough to be heard by anyone within a mile radius.

“Damn, you’re noisy,” grunted Oliver as he began to pump her dry snatch. “But also so damn tight.” Her soft inner walls weren’t yielding easily to him, but his thrusts were steady and insistent. Slowly, inch by inch, her pried open her depths and sank deeper into her slick cunt, moistened no doubt more by the blood of her tender flesh being rubbed raw than any arousal.

Trapped beneath him, Evelynn continued to squirm and pull at her own tail lashers tied around her wrists. If only she were free she could impale them both upon the sharp talons in an instant, but they had cleverly both immobilized and neutered her most effect weapon at the same time. Something dull and impossibly heavy had been put on top of the blades, wrapped around them, and no matter how she tried she couldn’t lift them… like the bindings were sapping the strength from her otherworldly weapons. Demacian Petricite… she was bound with the magic-absorbing stone that was Vayne’s homeland’s signature. With her fat tits pressed flat into the earth and billowing outward from the sides of her chest, Evelynn turned her head and glared at him from over her shoulder. “Enjoy it, you filth! It’s the last thing your cock will ever touch before I tear it off!”

Oliver responded by reaching forth to grab a fistful of her white hair and then slamming her forehead into the ground. “Just shut up. Here you are getting fucked like the degenerate rapebait that you are, and still you have the gall to be so poisonous. I doubt you suffered such insolence from your victims, so go ahead and have a taste of your own medicine.”

Evelynn sputtered and spit the loose hay that had stuck to her wet lips then screamed again. Her pussy was now inflamed beyond belief, and every thrust felt like it was tearing her apart. Not only that, but he was so large and long that she could also feel his cockhead battering against her womb and threatening to dislodge it as well. “Are they all this huge?” wondered Evelynn through the searing pain rattling her brain. Perhaps, she thought faintly, if she had actually ever touched a cock and allowed a man to have his way with her she’d be better prepared to endure this torment. But instead she was forced to take his merciless pounding like the inexperienced virgin she truly was with all the confusion that came with it.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Oliver continued to hold her face against the ground with a firm hand on the back of her head. The steady plap-plap-plap of her ass cushioning every furious thrust echoed in Evelynn’s ears. He was now fully bottoming out every time, and each starling smack against her cervix forced a strained grunt from her mouth. And although it hurt more than she ever thought possible, an all-consuming hatred bubbled up from within to overshadow the pain. Evelynn hated everything in that moment. She hated Oliver and Vayne. She hated this whole worthless village and how its existence had drawn her into this trap. She hated the hard dirt as her supple body was pounded into it. She even hated herself, mostly for becoming such a helpless victim. It was humiliating, and Evelynn didn’t know how she’d ever be able to gaze upon her own reflection with pride again.

The squealing bitch was knocked out of her inner thoughts when Oliver yanked back her head again and slammed it into the floor. A stomach-churning thwack filled the air and blood gushed from Evelynn’s broken nose. “Buh-bastard!” she hissed. Yet Evelynn knew she had no choice but to take the abuse.

Oliver fucked her like an animal, rutting into her battered pussy like a crazed beast. He had seen first-hand the aftermath of Evelynn’s murderous rampages as he and Vayne trailed her across the world, passed dozens of mangled corpses left in the killer’s wake, and the memory of such cruelty spurred him to visit him own form of twisted vengeance upon her body. And… it just felt damn good. He couldn’t even remember the last time he had gotten laid, as his cousin was rather intense and being around her tended to scare off potential suitors… it meant he was already close to blowing his load. Naturally, though, he couldn’t do so without first taunting Evelynn with it. “Get ready for your creampie, demon whore. Think this cesspit you call a womb can get knocked up? Because you’re about to find out.”

“Don’t you dare!” Yet Evelynn’s word no longer had any power behind them. There wasn’t a damn thing she could do to stave off his release, and she shivered from head to toe at that stark realization. Worst of all, she feared he may be right. Her body could feel pain and pleasure, could breathe and drink like any mortal, so could it also be impregnated? The very idea of carrying this savage’s foul spawn in her belly made her skin crawl, and Evelynn shouted further obscenities as she pulled at her wrists.

But it was all for naught. A few more heavy thrusts and then Oliver held still, fully hilted within her cunt as his shaft twitched and spewed thick ropes of cum against her cervix. He groaned like a wounded animal and had a hard time controlling his own body tremors as waves of euphoria washed over him, but it was exactly the opposite for Evelynn. She laid completely still, ass still held up high and joined to his hips, as immense amounts of sticky seed poured into her womb. Its invasive heat seared her to the core and only further agitated her own passionate hatred. Pain and anger swirled within Evelynn and combined into a violent tornado that threatened to consume her very soul – if she even had one – and that was when something deep within her suddenly snapped.

Like a broken dam, the floodgates released and similar ecstasy washed over her body. It wasn’t an orgasm like Oliver had just experienced but something remarkably similar. Evelynn gasped and shuddered at the unknown pleasure, yet she did not fight it. After so much pain and suffering, it was a welcome reprieve.

A few seconds later, as the euphoria died, Evelynn realized she no longer felt that mind-consuming agony that had haunted her since his insertion. It had disappeared entirely. A second later, she also recognized the familiar bliss that had washed over her in its place. Evelynn had felt it many times before. It wasn’t sexual pleasure but rather the thrilling ecstasy of sating a deep, unfulfilled hunger. She was feeding.

Meanwhile, throughout their sordid coupling, Vayne had stood silently while observing from above. The physical violence inflicted upon Evelynn was necessary and deliberate, something she had requested Oliver to carry out as he fucked her. Vayne knew that whenever Evelynn fed herself that the energy she gained empowered and rejuvenated her mortal form. Any wounds she had suffered would mend miraculously, and that’s exactly what happened in the moments following Oliver’s release. The huntress’s far-fetched theory finally had the proof it needed as the bloody gash on Evelynn’s forehead sealed itself shut and her broken nose slid back into place.

That was the sign of validation the Demacian had longed for. It was hard to understate just how pleased Vayne was with herself. “Look at this,” Vayne said as she crouched down and pulled up Evelynn’s head by the hair to inspect the rapidly fading damage. “Where’s all this energy coming from, bitch? Are you truly such a masochistic slut that you just fed off your own suffering?”

While most of the rage in Evelynn’s face had been replaced by the bliss of satisfaction, there still lingered enough disdain in her eyes to glare upward at her hated nemesis. “Sh-shut your mouth!” Her lavender body was still trembling ever so slightly as Evelynn came down from her high.

Behind her, Oliver had already taken out his flaccid bitch-breaker and was slapping its diminished length against her tailbone, flicking any remaining bits of cum all over her arched back. “Damn, think I might be starting to like this plan after all. If this works out, she’ll make a real fine cumdump.”

“She always has. Just needed the right motivation.” Vayne took hold of Evelynn’s face, squeezing the demoness’s chin between thumb and forefinger. “Once we’re done with you, you’ll be servicing humanity rather than preying upon it. There’s more than enough whorehouses that would be glad to add you to their roster. I hope you’re looking forward to the next few months of training as much as I am.”

Rather than dignify such a bold proclamation with a retort, Evelynn spat a wet glop of spit at Vayne, but the latter’s expert reflexes allowed her to twist her head out of the way at the last second. Such willful spite earned Evelynn a swift reprisal in the form of an open-palmed slap across the face. “You really should just kill me now,” snarled Evelynn. Her voice was now calm and even, no longer carrying the feral rage from earlier, and that made every word all the more sinister. “Because your plan will never work. And when I do break free – and I promise you, no matter how long it takes, I will retake my freedom – you will pay for this offense. Remember what I did to you…” she whispered coldly, “And remember that it wasn’t personal then. Just imagine what I’ll do to you now that I feel motivated. I will make you pay for this.”

“You will try.” Vayne patted her condescendingly on the head before standing back up. “And you will fail. But that’s enough for today. We’ll leave you alone to reflect upon how much you deserve everything we’re about to do to you.”

Both she and Oliver spent the next few minutes retying Evelynn to the wooden pillar, making sure that the ropes were as tight and uncomfortable as possible, before taking their leave for the evening. The barn would serve as her home for the remainder of Evelynn’s captivity, and it had been reinforced specifically to hold the vile witch. But for all intents and purposes, she was helpless even without the ropes. It had been so long since her last feeding, and the reluctant absorption of her own pain had only given her just enough to repair the damage done to her, barely enough to feed herself, and stay alive – she couldn’t even summon up the strength to properly struggle. Helpless, bound, and weak, they they left Evelynn there as promised to stew in her own impotent rage as the thick creampie continued to drip freely from her battered cunt, thinking thoughts of dark revenge.

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