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Embracing Agony - Chapter 1

Updated: Apr 29

The night sky hung as an inky awning of darkness dappled only by the fewest of stars, where just hours ago it had been a blue summer’s day. The infrequent hoot of a hidden owl was the only sound to infuse the silence until a refrain of slapping footsteps and crunching gravel echoed into the emptiness of the night. As voices and heavy breathing quickly followed, the owl omitted a screech of protest and took flight. The sound of the footsteps grew louder until a silhouette of a young woman of eighteen summers emerged from the darkness of the summer night. Shauna Vayne’s feet pounded the ground with all the grace of a sack of wet concrete. Despite tying her long dark brown hair in a ponytail strands managed to get loose and fell right between her brown eyes and creamy pale skin with how it bounced along as she raced through the night.

Shauna was in trouble. She didn’t think she was going to stay at the midsummer feast that long… longer than her parents said that she could. She was sure to be scolded by her father or grounded either way, she was going to be in trouble. “Damn it” she muttered to herself, the sky above her was pitch black and she could tell it was past midnight. “I’m in so much trouble…”

As the only child to a reasonably wealthy Demacian couple, Vayne enjoyed the upbringing of privilege she got from her parents. She spent most of her time pandered to in unsociable hobbies – reading, learning music, and passionately collecting the numerous insects found on their manor’s grounds. Her parents had traveled across Runeterra in their youth but settled in Demacia after Shauna’s birth because more than any place they’d found, Demacians looked out for one another. Her parents had often warned her about the dangers of the world and found it necessary to shelter Vayne, which is why it was rare she ever went out to a feast without the company of her parents. After a long conversation about how now she was eighteen years old and that means she should be allowed to go the midsummer feast it was only then she managed to convince her parents into letting her go.

Only by reassuring her mother before leaving the manor that she would be back before midnight.

“Great, now they’ll never let me out again!” Vayne mumbled angrily under her breath as it increased from the immense running. After what seemed to another five minutes of running she finally managed to reach her manor. The manor was the ego of a typical Demacian noble laid out in brick; it was overly large and flashy to the point of intimidation. It lay on the tamed hill as if it had been dropped there from outer space, making no attempt to camouflage into the rest of the Demacian houses meters away.

“Ugh, they’re going to kill me!” the dark-haired girl groaned. The lights in the front of the manor were still on… her parents were waiting for her. Maybe if she just snuck into her room, she could play that she had been home for some time? It seemed a scant hope, but weighed against virtual imprisonment for the rest of her young life, Vayne decided to quietly run through the back door and give it a try.

Stealthily, Vayne approached the back kitchen door. She stood by one of the dim-lighted covered windows in the many other rooms, listening. It was silent. Perhaps her mother and father were waiting quietly for her to attempt to sneak in unnoticed? No, they weren’t the type to do that. She listened intently to try to hear any breathing or whispering. She heard faint breathing and the sound of slight movement. Vayne reached for the doorknob until she stopped herself from turning it. “I don’t know how I will explain myself to them but… this doesn’t feel right,” she thought to herself before quietly opened the door.

She expected to see her parents open the lights once she opened the door and be waiting for her with an angry expression on their face. There was nothing. There were only the dark kitchen and silhouettes of tables and chairs reflecting from the moonlight outside on this summer night. Small light from the under the doorway in the next room caught the attention of the young Demacian girl. She could clearly see that under the doorway there was a shadow covering the side of under the doorway, which made the young girl gulp, they were waiting for her. Vayne slowly tiptoed into the kitchen, she knew she could not make any excuses this time for her late return, she would have to suffer the consequences for her foolish choices.

“They’ll probably ground me for two months,” she thought. “They might even take away my books, or…”

Her brown eyes lingered for a moment before a thud sound and what she thought was her father groaning could be heard from the other room. She stepped a little closer and there was a sweet metallic pungency to the air when she approached closer to the door. Vayne swallowed thickly as she stayed completely still for a whole three minutes.

Maybe a book fell over?

It wouldn’t make that loud of a thud.

It could have fallen on her father?

But he wouldn’t have made that sound.

Maybe a vase fell over and spilled?

Vases don’t make that strange smell.

Every logical sense Vayne made up in her head never could explain any of that. There was never a logical answer. After building up enough courage, Vayne walked over and placed her hand on the doorknob to the next room. ‘Maybe they’re trying to sleep?’ she attempted to convince herself. No, they would stay awake until she got home, and-

Vayne stopped midway into her sentence when a strong putrid metallic odor filled her nose. The odor was so strong and smelled so terrible that Vayne began to cough like there was no oxygen left. She raised her gaze up and her facial expression showed nothing less of pure horror.

Blood. So much blood… There, in a tangled torn pile, lay the bloodied and battered corpses of her parents. She saw her mother lay on the floor with her abdomen opened up. Her intestines spewed onto the floor in pinkish-brown coils and her lower ribcage were twisted in such a way they were sticking out of her body like she had been impaled with them. As she looked down in disbelief and dismay the air took the aroma of a butcher shop. Her father laid on the other side of the room with multiple and large stab marks to the point his ribs and organs were visible and a ripped opened throat, his tongue stuck out through the large wound in his neck. There was blood everywhere, and at a glance it was hard to tell where her father ended and her mother began, so mixed were what was left of them. The odor and the visible sight of the crimson liquid made Vayne feel nauseous… and that wasn’t even the worst part of it.

The worst part was the corpses weren’t alone in the room.

A monster stood over. The thing could have looked human at a glance… it had a curvy feminine look to it, she looked mostly naked and covered in the blood of her parents. Her skin was a smooth light blue, with skin-tight blackish-purple material covering her legs, large breasts, and arms down to her massive claws shimmering with internal light… claws that looked like they could piece steel and flesh with equal ease. There were also long dark purple tails emerging from the demon’s back, between her shoulder blades, just below her short light pink hair that had longer locks flowing down her chest. Those tails ended in long purple horns, the edge formed a sharp tip that rested deep inside her father’s bloody chest.

And she was looking at her.

The demons black and yellow eyes made contact with Vayne’s terrified brown eyes. She smiled wickedly at the terrified girl. Vayne screamed like there was no tomorrow, she attempted to turn and run from the monster. Unfortunately, the lashers that were used to kill her parents moved with contemptuous grace that belied their deadly speed as they wrapped themselves around Vayne’s abdomen and tightened their grip. She turned to fight it but found herself dragging along the wooden floor as she lost her balance, drawing her closer to the monster. She thrashed against the demon, trying to pull herself free of her grasp… but the demon was stronger. Much stronger.

She merely laughed at the girls’ actions as Vayne tried putting distance between them. Vayne was now mere inches away from the demon. An unspeakably beautiful woman stood looked down at her, her eyes glowing with raw hunger and pulsing with malevolent need.

“What do we have here? I didn’t know they had a daughter…” The demon purred, her voice sounded seductive and full of venom. There was a hint of amusement buried in her tone. “I would have waiiiited.”

“W-Who are you….and what are you doing in my house? W-what did you do to my parent?!” Vayne asked stuttering frightenedly and in tears.

The demon laughed in an unexpectedly high pitched tone. “They call me all sorts of things, dearie!” She said huskily her smile never fading from her pink plump lips. “Murderer. Torturer. Widowmaker. I’m especially fond of that last one. But my name…” she leaned forward. “That, only my victims ever get to learn. You may call me Evelynn, beautiful.” She shook her head in amused disbelief. “My my, and to think… I was just about to leave! Another minute and I never would have learned that these two had such a cute daughter~” She stated as her yellow eyes ran over Vayne’s young body. Shuana attempted to move her arms to get away from the monster, but Evelynn only tighten the grip, causing pain to her lower ribs.

“Y-you, murderer! Get out and go die in the void, you repulsive monster!” Vayne cursed at the demon furiously.

The blue-and-violet demon merely raised an eyebrow and her wicked smile grew bigger. “Quite the mouth on you…” she purred. The words rolled off her tongue smoothly, filled with such amusement that she burst out into a fit of laughter, the laughter echoed throughout the room and made Vayne grow more fearful. “I’ve been hunting for a long time and have had my share of the torment of younger victims but I’ve never had anyone actually ask me to tear their tongue out before. You’re awfully close to being the first.” She laughed loudly. “Hmm, I wonder what else you’re a first for…” Evelynn licked her lips. Vayne faces creased up in confusion. A first for what else?

The purple demon tightened its grip harder on the young girls’ abdomen, and suddenly Shuana couldn’t breathe. It felt as if the pain was choking her. Her heart was racing and all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and wait for someone to save her. But no one would… no one was there. A choked cry for help forced itself up her throat, and she felt tears run down her cheek. It seemed as if this was the end of the road for her. The pain increased and it became unbearable for Vayne. Pain shot up through her ribs, and she heard the snap of bone. Searing fiery bursts pulsated around her ribs, intensifying with each rib that broke, jarring and brutal. Every second that passed the pain intensified, the bloody muscle quivered, and Vayne screams grew louder… and each time a bone cracked, Evelynn let out a little moan.

“Stop!” the young girl begged as she tried pulling herself free once more.

“Why?” she breathed out lustfully. “You look so beautiful when you’re begging.” The demon’s tone sounded like she was finding Vayne’s suffering an active pleasure. She pulled the trembling girl closer to her. Vayne tried thrashing against her grip, doing anything to get away from that monster. She could feel Evelynn claws snake around her waist, stopping just under her bellybutton. “Very beautiful pain” She whispered. Evelynn pressed her claw harder on Vayne stomach causing blood to drip from a newly cut wound. Evelynn pulled her claw away for a moment before coming back down harder and slashing Vayne pale skin, causing the young aristocrat to let out a blood-curdling scream.

The girl’s pale skin was stained with blood and gashed in several places; driven above her bellybutton by a downward slashing of Evelynn sharp claws. Evelynn brought her blood-covered claws to her lips and licked it seductively, “Mmm, Everyone’s pain tastes different. Yours… tastes sweet…” she moaned. Vayne brown eyes stared up at the ceiling as her body was paralyzed in pain. She could hear the sounds of Evelynn breathing faster and stopped moving. Vayne could feel her heart in her throat as she looked down to see the demon opening her mouth to expose razor-sharp teeth.

Before she could scream or beg, Evelynn sank her sharp teeth into Vayne right shoulder. Shuana’s mouth flew open as her brown eyes widened in shock. For a moment, the vulnerable girl’s body felt numb and cold… then she was drawn horrifically back to the pain as the demon ripped a chunk of her flesh out of her shoulder. The Demacian screamed in pain as blood gushed from her open wound and stained the white simple gown she wore to the feast. Evelynn dropped her, the lashes unwinding, and watched with a smile as Shuana pathetically placed one hand protectively against her broken ribs and the other on the wound on her shoulder, trying to stop the bleeding and pain. The lashers now hovered over Vayne body… but only for an instant before they dove down on her.

The tortured teenager didn’t even have time to scream… but they didn’t cut her. Instead, moving with the precision of a surgeon’s blades, they began to cut tear through her bloodied clothing, slicing her protective coverings open and revealing ever more and more of the young noble’s inviting, injured body. Tears stained her cheeks as Vayne tried to crawl near the door. Evelynn grinned sadistically as she watched the girls delicious dark red blood gild down her exposed pale figure.

Vayne didn’t look up at her, sobbing in pain as she attempted to crawl away… but she couldn’t help but hear the slow, deliberate footsteps as the demon came closer. Her terror increased with each footfall, and her sobs grew more and more pathetic… and then one of her lasher grabbed the young Demacian and pulled the girl closer to her until their lips smashed hard against each other. Vayne was shocked by this action, she tried to pull her head back. However, Evelynn kept a tight grip on the girl and pressed her mouth harder on the girl’s mouth in order to deepen the kiss. Evelynn tongue licked the front of the girls’ lips to try to enter Vayne’s mouth. The brunette squeezed her lips together, not allowing the monster inside… and in response, the demoness bit down on those soft lips hard enough to draw blood, making her yelp into Evelynn’s mouth. The blue-skinned girl Evelynn took that opportunity to shove her tongue into the younger girl’s mouth, making her gag with the sudden intrusion… and again when she realized that her tongue just kept going and going. It reached to the back of her through and further, sliding into her and actually some of the way down her throat, making her gag furiously.

While the pale-skinned girl choked on the demonic tongue, she barely noticed it as the monster’s clawed fingers fastened over her smaller breasts, squeezing them, playing over them. Vayne had no idea how long this kiss went on for, but she knew she couldn’t take it any longer. The Demacian felt as if her lungs were being blocked by the succubus’s tongue. As if there was just less space in them for the air. The fact that it was already difficult to breathe due the numerous ribs that have been broken by this demon earlier did not help. Then, finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Evelynn finally let go and her long tongue pulled out of the girl’s throat. It seemed even longer on the way back in… her tongue had to have been a foot long! The front of Evelynn tongue licked the bottom of Vayne blood-covered lips. Vayne took sharps to gasp of breath once and began to breathe heavily.

“Was that your first kiss?” Evelynn teased. “You tasted like vanilla.”

Evelynn’s lasher wrapped itself around Vayne arm and pulled her to the other side of the room, tossing her to the floor near her parent’s corpses harshly. She stretched her wound in the process causing fresh blood to pour down Vayne already bloodied body and making her scream more. “Yes! Scream!” the demoness encouraged. “It makes it better!” She bent down and got on top of Vayne body.

Vayne wanted to push the monster away but she dared not to touch her thinking the succubus might hurt her again. Evelynn’s yellow eyes stared down at the girls bloodied and beaten figure, enjoying the torment. Quickly, she ripped away at the last bit of clothing Vayne had on, leaving her fully naked to the view of the widowmaker. “What a nice body you have… it’s almost a shame it’ll be ruined by the time we’re done.” Evelynn chuckled darkly.

One of her hands came to rest between Vayne’s legs, and the dark haired girl couldn’t help herself… as the creature that had murdered her parents touched her somewhere no one else had, she blushed. “I knew it,” Evelynn jeered. “You are a virgin. Lucky me…” The demoness looked down and the dark blue and violet sludge that seemed to cover half her body just… melted away, leaving the demoness just as naked as Vayne now was. The aristocrat’s brown eyes stared, widening in horror as she realized the demon was going to do.

The Demacian tried getting away but Evelynn held her down, holding her motionless on the bloody floor. “First time being tortured? Don’t worry love, I’ll do everything.” She chuckled and then… something happened. Something began to grow between the demon’s legs, something hard, something thick. It looked big enough to tear her vaginal area. Vayne emotions shifted wildly, first confusion, then shock, and then to horror. Was this demon not a woman?

“What-” she protested weakly.

“I have whatever I need, love,” Evelynn reassured her. “So don’t worry. You won’t miss out on anything. I’ll make sure of it.” It didn’t matter what gender the demon was, really… what mattered that the succubus was going to violate her. Vayne tried closing her legs but Evelynn merely forced the weak, bookish noble’s legs open again with no real effort. “Naughty naughty,” she chided, giggling. “That earns you a broken leg…”

“Please!” Vayne whimpered. “Don’t-”

Before Vayne could finish her sentence, Evelynn lasher, already wrapped around Vayne’s right leg, twisted. Shuana’s entire world vanished in agony to intense she could feel nothing else, and it just kept building, and building, until… SNAP. The abrupt shards of utter anguish caused hollow tears to pour down Vayne’s cheeks as she wept and mewled, her leg hanging limp from the bonds of her the demon’s lasher. “My favorite kind of music…” Evelynn whispered as she positioned herself between Vayne’s legs.

“P-Please don’t…” the girl cried loudly, pleading with the demoness.

“It’s nothing personal,” Evelynn cited calmly. “I just need you to suffer horribly. You understand.” The blue demon aligned the shaft that had grown between her legs on top of Vayne’s slit, bobbing at her entrance. “Hmm, dry as a bone. Yes, you’re going to be in a lot of pain…” Evelynn slurred before pushing in hard. Vayne screamed again… it didn’t feel like sex, or penetration, or fucking. It felt like being stabbed by a tree trunk as her unprepared virgin cunt was stretched impossibly wide. Vayne’s hymen broke in an instant, blood leaking out from her cunt, and still only a fraction of the thing managed to get inside of Vayne before Evelynn found it difficult to push herself in further inside. “You’re so tight, I can’t seem to fit the whole thing inside…” The succubus moaned before letting out a snicker.

“It hurts! Pull out!” Vayne begged as she began to sob harder. Tears flooded down from her eyes like a waterfall.

“Further in? Okay!” Evelynn laughed manically. She thrust again with all the force in her demonic form, skewering the girl far too quickly for her agonized, untouched hole to adjust. Vayne screamed loud enough to wake the dead, pain consuming her mind as she instinctively, desperately, hopelessly tried to wiggling away. She barely even moved. Evelynn’s lasher held onto her small body tightly, keeping her immobile to be victimized.

Evelynn wasted no time in fucking her cunt, and she certainly didn’t bother waiting for Vayne to adjust. Evelynn fucked her roughly, forcefully taking her virginity to the point that blood from her stretched cunt was dripping onto the floor. Vayne’s fingers scratched against the wooden floor as her body rocked violently against the bloodied boards. She screamed in distress, her body shook with discomfort as the succubus raised one her claws to caress Vayne’s bruised breast as she fondled her own with the other.

The Demacian gave Evelynn a sickening groan of dismay as the succubus pinched the girl’s nipples. “Stop… touching… me,” Vayne murmured at the succubus in misery.

Evelynn looked up at the girl before looking down at her breast. “Your mouth says no…” she said teasingly… right before she stabbed one of her fingernail claws all the way through Vayne’s right nipple, making the girl scream again. “But your body says “flay me alive.” Evelynn laughed mockingly at her as she began fucking the girl harder. Vayne winced in pain. She may have been dry but the blood pouring from her abused cunt was the only lubrication she had… just sufficient to fuck her harder and faster, not nearly enough to make it hurt less. The Demacian teenager felt like Evelynn’s monstrous member was stabbing deep into her womb and bashing through it to crash against her lungs, so far into her it seemed to go. Vayne watched as the demoness opened her mouth up once more, revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth. The brunette hair girl tried to move her only unbroken leg, but she knew if she tried to kick the demon it’d only result in another broken leg. Evelynn quickly moved down and sunk her teeth into Vayne other shoulder causing her to scream piercingly.

The Succubus pulled back as she tore a chunk of Vayne flesh between her sharp teeth. “You’re really quite delicious, you know that?” the demon raping her said with obvious amusement. “I have to get the most out of you… I’ve already wasted a good half of your potential. Really rude of you not to come home earlier…”

Vayne voice box was becoming sore from all the screaming she was doing. Blood was pouring at a faster rate and the burning pain she felt in her shoulder was like that of being on fire, it was too much for her to handle. Vayne could hear the succubus moan loudly as she was chewing on the girl’s flesh. She forced her curvy hips faster against the Demacian’s crotch, fucking her harder still. To Shauna, it felt like Evelynn’s assault lasted forever. A few times, the demoness leaned forward and opened her mouth, snapping it shut an inch away from Vayne’s face. Each time she did, Vayne felt sure that this time it would be real… this time, she would bite. She panicked, hands rising up and attempting to push Evelynn away. Unfortunately for her, however, Evelynn’s lashers were much faster than Vayne. She shrieked as the stabbed through the palm of each of her hands, slamming and stabs through both of her hands, pinning them to the wooden floor. The sharp pain of her impaled hands rushed through Vayne body… a pain that was intensified by each thrust of Evelynn’s thrusts making the lasher move around inside Vayne’s hand, causing the stab wound to increase in size.

“Aww, why were you out tonight? Did you think you’d be getting lucky?” the demon cooed mockingly as she grabbed onto Vayne hips with both claws, raping her harder and faster. She could feel Eve’s member swell with anticipation. Vayne was already lightheaded… the Demacian’s girl was losing blood at an alarming rate. The blood poured out as if in slow motion. It came as a red fountain to spread over the already blood-covered room, the Demacian was struggling to stay conscious, pulse thread and weakening. Her skin went as paler than it was before, she knew she was passing out. Evelynn caught sight of this and reacted. “Oh no, you don’t!” She said grinning before she leaned closer to the girl figure and blew into the girls face. Pink smoke appeared from the monster’s mouth and made its way into the girl’s mouth. Vayne woke without warning, her eyes flung wide open. Seconds ago she was about to pass out and now she was wide awake and horribly aware once more.

Evelynn forcefully grabbed onto the girls face and forces her to look straight at her. “Look at me! I won’t let you go away just yet!” she snarled. The demoness was groaning and tilting her head back in pleasure as her joy built, the sloppy sounds of her thrusts mixed with the blood leaking from Vayne’s cunt filling the room and making a sloshing noise.

“No! Please S-Stop!” Vayne cried out as pain flared through her body.

“I love it when you talk dirty. ‘No! Please! Stop torturing me!'” Evelynn laughs, doing her best to mimick Vayne’s voice in a mocking tone. Then the Succubus moaned loudly as she thrust deep inside Vayne with each thrust. She leaned down to get a better position, she was clearly getting off on Vayne’s pain and licking her lips hungrily. The thick demonic member throbbed against Vayne’s tight walls, signally she was close to release. She threw her head back and moaned loudly before clenching her teeth together and thrusting her member in one last time. Evelynn went as deep as she could as she came inside, The cum released inside of Vayne burned her badly. Vayne screamed loudly, it felt as if she was being burned alive from the inside. Evelynn still thrust a few more time slowly before pulling out fully, her member was covered in the girl’s blood. Her lustful smile was still visible on her lips. Evelynn pulled the lasher out of the girl’s hands as well, which caused Vayne to grunt in renewed pain twinned with relief.

The raped aristocrat lay paralyzed in pain, Evelynn still on top of her. Shuana felt sure that she was going to die, and she couldn’t bring herself to care. Death was preferable. Death wouldn’t hurt.

One of Evelynn lashers wrapped itself around Vayne neck and forced her to lay on her stomach. The Demacian raised her bloodshot brown eyes to see both of her parent’s corpses now facing her, her father’s eyes were still open, still staring at her.

“You’re really inconsiderate to have arrived after I finished killing your parents,” Evelynn stated matter-of-factly. “If they’d still been around, they could have watched me do this to you. How delicious would that have been?” She licked her lips hungrily at the injured girl in front of her. “Oh, if only I could have seen their faces…” She shook her head. “Instead, I’ll just have to settle for yours.”

The monster knelt behind Vayne and brought the girl onto her hands and knees. Shauna’s eyes widened in horror as she pressed the tip of her member against the girl’s asshole, realizing what the succubus was about to do. “P-please don’t do this,” Vayne begged weakly.

“We’re done when I’m done,” Evelynn grinned evilly before thrusting her member inside of Vayne’s virgin asshole.

Her demonic prick filled Vayne’s ass up completely, stretching her obscenely. Evelynn thrust viciously, without hesitation, giving the girl absolutely no time to adjust. She wanted to see the girl in pain. If anything, the blood from her last rape let Evelynn break in Shauna’s ass even quicker and more violently that she had her cunt. Vayne babbled and cried and sobbed and begged mindlessly for mercy with blubbering fragments of sentences, but it wouldn’t have mattered if you composed an entire sonnet in her delirium… all her pleas fell on the most deaf of ears. Evelynn slammed into her with brutal speed and force, lewd, wet noises filling the air. The abuse she was taking caused her hole to begin to bleed as well, only making it easier for Evelynn to carry out the assault.

The lasher begins to tug at Vayne arms, yanking the girl back. The demoness aggressively pulls on the aristocrat’s dark hair, yanking back on it and forcing her to look in the direction of her parent’s bodies. Vayne eyes widened in horror. The next moment, she tried to squeeze them shut, only for Evelynn’s claws to reach around and force her eyelids open.

“Look, your father is watching his darling daughter get raped,” Evelynn whispered in her ear before she let out a giggle. Vayne’s father’s dead eyes were stared into Vayne’s brown ones. He was dead but still staring, seeming to watch Shauna get violated by the sadistic demon. Evelynn, excited by the waves of horror pulsing off the girl, thrust harder into the Vayne’s tight asshole.

“Father…” Vayne managed to croak through the immense pain. Her parents were right in front of her, watching her. The last thought of her parents were gone, that she was getting raped by a monster while her parents were decaying three feet away. Vayne couldn’t take it anymore, she cried as if her mind was being tattered from the inside. Emotional pain flowed out of her every pore. From her mouth came a cry from so raw that it torn through the echoes of the mansion. She clawed at the wooden floor so that her violent shaking would not cause her to faint and from her eyes came a thicker flow of tears than she had cried over anything else.

“Come on, let’s see those tears,” Evelynn moaned thrusting faster into her.

It was more than crying. It was the kind of forsaken sobbing that comes from a person drained of all hope. Vayne had no hope left. That aroused Evelynn even more, driving her to the brink of her second orgasm. Tears streamed down her victim’s cheeks in time with the widowmaker’s violent thrusts, shoving herself as deep as she could inside of Vayne’s ass.

“Yes… Yes…!” she moaned loudly.

Shauna felt it as the prick inside her pulsed, Evelynn moaning as she came inside her. The Demacian’s stomach tightened and she let out a groan of abject misery and despair, disgust and self loathing consuming her mind, blending with the pain and despair as she felt the demon’s cum burn her insides once more. Then all her muscled loosed, leaving her almost like some sort of rag doll as she collapsed, unconscious. She did not scream.

“Get. Up!” Evelynn screamed, furious in her disappointment. The worthless bitch… Evelynn wasn’t DONE with her yet. How DARE she pass out before dying? The monster that called herself Evelynn growled in frustration as she yanked herself out, licking the tears from Vayne’s cheeks before standing up. The blue-skinned demoness stared down at the Demacian’s abused body in disappointment, kicking the girl’s unmoving body and feeling another rib break. She didn’t didn’t stir. Was she dead after all?

Evelynn paused. No… she lived. Barely. She was just broken. Even unconscious, tears were still flowing down the girls face like a waterfall and blood was still leaking from her cunt. There were trickles of blood leaking from her asshole as well.

She could kill her. Eviscerate her, right here and now. Her lasher actually twitched at the thought, as if eager to get started… but the idea felt hollow to her. Empty. Pointless. Why bother? She couldn’t FEEL any of it… and without the pain and suffering, what was the point of any of this? Besides, she’d probably be dead in a couple hours anyway.

“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” Evelynn asked mockingly. There was no response from the passed-out Demacian, of course. “No? Too bad!” Evelynn laughed softly. With a final, terrible smile, the darkness seemed to consume Evelynn until she disappeared entirely. “Goodbye, love.”

Evelynn stalked from the town, moving unseen through the streets. As annoying as the conclusion was, her time in Yharne had been well spent… but she had probably overstayed her welcome. Enough people had gone missing that people would start noticing soon, and she hadn’t exactly been subtle tonight… she had been hungry. It was time to be elsewhere, find a new town to make some new widows in. As she strode down the street, however, she passed a group of drunken revelers, laughing and smiling as they walked home from the feast. For just a moment, Evelynn considered… wondering if she was still hungry. Of course she was. She was always hungry.

This lot, however… Too drunk. Too numb. They would barely feel anything. It wasn’t worth her time. Just like that disappointing brat back in the…

A cruel smile stretched across the demoness’ face as her magic surged out of her in a violet pulse, conversation in the group dying as Evelynn walked invisibly through their ranks, caressing each of them and whispering dark ideas into their drunken, easily influenced minds. One by one, the group turned towards the Vayne family estate, talking to themselves about how pretty the daughter had been at the festival tonight. Then, as a group, they began to walk.

Standing alone on the street, Evelynn’s haunting smile grew and grew as she laughed. “That’s what you get for robbing me of my fun,” she said, a cruel pout in her voice. “You get to have more of your own.”

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