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Constellation Issue #0 – Forward

It’s been a scary last few years, hasn’t it? The world is nothing like it was as the start of the decade anymore. It’s like a whole ‘nother world.

Or is it? Maybe the world changed long before then. Maybe the world changed when Midnight rose in the 70s and declared half the United States his personal fiefdom. When he declared all Aberrants his property, and demanded they be turned over to him. Or maybe it was before even that.

As far as we can show, the first Aberrant was born in 1945. There have been a million theories as to why, ranging from nuclear radiation from the Bomb to secret experiments conducted to create weapons for the war to aliens living among us. They’re all wrong… but I’m getting ahead of myself. They say that the best place to start is the beginning… but which beginning? Before almost everyone reading this was born, when the first Aberrant was? That is A beginning, but not The beginning. With the rise of the Dawnbringers and the Fall of Midnight, the start of the modern age? Perhaps. If I were telling this story ten years ago, that is probably where I would have started it.

No longer. The questions that people ask all the time don’t have to do with Baldur, or Oracle, or Midnight, or the Dawnbringers or aliens or nightmares. They have to do with me. Where my life began. How I became… this.

I think they’re crazy, but if people really want to know… fine.

This is the story of how we saved the world.

You mean, how YOU saved the world.

The story of how WE saved the world.

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