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Gathering Dusk Issue #1 – Portals

Updated: Apr 27

"We shouldn’t be here, Kiera!” Chelsey said, following her friend down the road. It was raining, and neither girl had an umbrella… they wore coats to keep it off them, barely, but their feet splashed through the puddles and they were mostly soaked anyway. “This is a bad idea. Let’s just go home.”

“Don’t be such a wimp,” Kiera said with a sigh. She walked past the graffiti on the street corner… a gang sign on top of an older gang sign, a still of the Brooklyn bridge, a stylized bust of Baldur, and a half dozen others. “You want a dimebag or not? I’ve dealt with this girl before.” She continued heading down the street, turning down an alley. “Everyone already thinks you’re a pussy… don’t give them more ammunition. You need to learn how to stand up for yourself,” Kiera advised her as she headed down the messy back alley past a stack of trash. “You need to…”

Kiera froze when she heard the smack of a fist on flesh. “Where. Is. My. Money,” a voice… a male voice… said. Holding up a hand to stop Chelsey, Kiera crept forward and looked around the corner.

Five people were illuminated by a single light over the club’s backdoor… four men and a woman. The woman she knew… it was Alison, her connection. Tall, blonde, and beautiful, she would have recognized her anywhere even without the celtic knot tattoo sleeve she wore catching the light. She went to college with Kiera’s older sister and tended bar at the club. The four men, she had never seen before… but she recognized the outfits on two of them. Police uniforms. These were cops!

Alison got back up from being doubled over, wheezing from the punch to her gut. “You’ll have it!” she gasped out. “I have customers coming, I swear… I’ll have your money.”

One of the cops stepped closer. “I don’t think you understand the seriousness of your situation, Alison. You’re paying for protection… do you understand what that means? A pretty girl like you could run into just about anyone in a dark alley like this. Why, I hear there are even slavers that steal women from alleys like this and sell them…” He drove a knee into her stomach, and Allison fell over gasping again. “Is that what you’d like? Would you like to become a whore? I promise you it’s a lot easier to make ends meet when you spend all day on your back with your legs tied open.”

Kiera didn’t realize she had been backing up. She did not want to be here. All thoughts of drugs, of getting high and the good time she had planned, they had all vanished. All she wanted to do now was be home in bed, warm and dry.

“Kiera, what is it-” Chelsey said softly, and Kiera jumped… and kicked a bottle.

“Who’s that!” one of the men, one not wearing a uniform said. He pointed at the single lightbulb… and it went out. In the dark she could see the man pointing towards them, and then the light reappeared shining right on top of them, making them obvious. Kiera’s already wide eyes went wider. An Ant… he was an Aberrant!

“Get them!” the Ant called.

“Run!” Kiera cried, and sprinted down the alley. Chelsey followed after, but the light vanished almost immediately, and in her panic it was hard to see in the cluttered alley. She tripped almost immediately, feeling Chelsey run past her. She scrambled to her feet, ignoring her bloodied knee beneath the skirt, and kept running. She had to get away. Had to…

Kiera suddenly found herself grabbed from behind and yanked back, then shoved against the wall. A gloved fist crashed into the pit of her stomach, causing the schoolgirl to gasp and go down onto her knees. “So the bitch wasn’t lying,” one of the cops said as he walked around the corner, holding Alison by her hair. “Her customers are here.”

Kiera heard a cry just down the alley, and saw Chelsey getting hauled back by the other crooked cop. Her hood had fallen off her face, and her blonde hair began to grow dark in the rain. “How sweet of you two to show up. I was worried I wouldn’t be getting paid tonight,” one of the thugs… the Ant… said. He nodded at the police officer holding Alison and he flung her forward to sprawl on the ground next to Kiera. “So… do your business so we can get our money and be on our way.”

“Please, just leave us alone,” Kiera begged, only to get slapped across her face.

“None of that,” the Ant said. “See, if you don’t buy your drugs, how am I supposed to get paid?” When Kiera didn’t immediately start moving, he sighed and reached into Alison’s coat, pulling out a few bags of powder. “Did someone fuck the brains right out of your head, girl? This is so simple a child can do it. Tell me what you came to buy.”

She glanced over at the two police officers, but they were obviously corrupt. They weren’t going to help her… and they knew Alison was dealing… so they didn’t care. Voicelessly, she pointed at two of the white bags. He pressed them into her hands, and then grabbed the small handbag hanging beneath her torn coat. He opened it, pulled out a wallet, and tossed it at Alison. “Now you have the drugs. Now you have the money. See how simple that was?” He growled at Alison. “Now pay me.”

Alison rapidly ripped through the wallet, grabbing all the cash there was and holding it up for the Ant to take. “Wasn’t that easy?” he mocked, slipping the bills into his pocket. “Get lost, bitch. And don’t be late again, understand me?”

Nodding frantically, Alison disappeared back down the alley. The light followed her as she did, chasing her, and she ran harder and faster the closer it got to her. The four men laughed.

He was an Aberrant – one of the tens of thousands of people born with supernatural abilities. Ever since people had started being born with powers back in the 40s, there had slowly come to be more and more of them – most of them with powers too weak to do anything useful, but that normal people couldn’t match. The government carefully tracked every instance of a power, no matter how minor, but the those Aberrants with weak powers – more commonly Ants – weren’t good for much of anything. Her mother was one of them… she could cause her hair to grow on demand. Besides letting her try all sorts of styles, it had never gotten their family anything useful.

The Ant turned back to Kiera. “So, what do you guys think?” he asked.

One of the cops shrugged. “If she’d just seen you, who cares… but she saw us. Can’t have that. Too fucking hard to be in business in this town under Baldur’s shadow. They vanish.”

The Ant smiled. He was an ugly man with a dozen scars across his face and gash in his lip, probably from cutting it on his teeth in a fight and it never healing right. “Rough luck, bitches. Not your day.” She didn’t even see the thug’s fist coming before it smashed into the side of her head, making her see stars and drop to the ground, the ran slapping against the back of her head. One of the cops walked over and grabbed her, pushing her against the wall while she heard Chelsey start to scream. The cop… the dim light reflecting off his badge read Aaron… grabbed her by her arms and forced her back up, shoving her against the wall.

“She’s pretty though,” the cop said, staring into her face. “She might not even have to go to a brothel. Some rich fuck might just buy this one. What do you say Mark?”

“Nice of her to make herself available to us,” the Ant answered. “She does look lovely… but still, can’t be sure. Should we take the merchandise for a test drive?”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Aaron said, slapping Kiera hard enough that her own hood came off and water poured into her face. Panic overwhelmed her. Since he had let go of her arms to slap her, she twisted and jammed her elbow into his gut, hoping to make him flinch and let her run.

It didn’t work. The cop grunted, then growled at her. He snatched her wrists and slammed them against the brick wall of the alley hard enough to bruise. “Oh, you’re going to pay for that, cunt,” he promised. Kiera was cornered, and as Mark crowded up to her as well she became aware of just how much bigger both of them were than her. She was a slender girl, and had always been proud of her figure, but she wasn’t made for brawling with brutes like these.

“Alright, bitch, that’s it!“ Aaron grabbed her by the throat and slammed her back against the wall. Kiera let out a pained grunt as the back of her head connected with the brick wall, disorienting her for a moment. Taking advantage of her unfocused state, her entire head swimming from the blow, he turned her around, pressing her flat against the wall. “Hold her!“ he yelled at Mark, who gladly did as he was told, his rough hands grabbing her and keeping her pressed against the wall, painfully meshing her tits against it under the her clothing.

Slowly, the fog in her head cleared, at least enough to notice the severity of her situation. There was a sharp tug as Aaron used a knife to cut away her belt and the hem of her pants, followed by the sensation of his hand grabbing the denim and yanking it down over her ass.

“No!“ she gasped, horrifically aware of what he had in mind. “Don’t! Let go, you pig!“ She began to struggle again, trying to wriggle out of Mark’s grip, but this time, the guard watched her closely, grabbing her arms and holding them behind her back, keeping her upper body pressed against the wall without any room to escape.

Kiera felt panic rise within her. They were going to… they were going to… Chelsey screamed, and Kiera looked over in horror to find the blond on her back in the dirty alley. Her skirt lay on the ground a dozen feet away, and even while she watched one of the men pushed her panties into her mouth, muting her as the the cop between her legs raped her. Kiera felt the cold air against her bare ass – they had not pulled her pants further down, apparently only wanting easy access. “Against the dumpster,“ Aaron said, and he and Mark dragged Kiera towards the green dumpster on the alleyside. Again Kiera tried to twist and writhe away from them, but their grip was like a vise. The fact that her pants were now around her thighs did not make moving any easier, either.

With a brutal shove, Mark slammed her upper body down onto the dumpster’s top, knocking the air from her lungs. A moment later, she felt the weight of Aaron’s body leaning onto hers, pushing her further against the rotting wood cover, pressing her tits flat once more. His breath offended her nose as he whispered into her ear, “Ever had a real cock in there, whore?!”

Gritting her teeth, Kiera felt something warm brush against her ass. “Only ones bigger than yours!” she hissed. It would have been more effective as an insult if her voice didn’t break halfway through.

The Ant, Mark, burst out laughing. “We’ve got a feisty one here, don’t we?”

“You think I’m joking?“ Aaron snarled, the cop smacking the back of her head painfully. “Then how’s this for joking?“ She felt him shift, resting a good portion of his weight on top of her. Then his hips lunged forward, slamming his hard cock into her dry and tight cunt.

“FUCK, you bastard!“ Kiera called out, the surge of pain too quick to keep from giving a tiny shriek. Kiera wasn’t a stranger to sex, she’d slept with all three of her boyfriends she’d had, but despite that and despite her mockery, the cop’s cock felt huge inside her. It burned in her, felt like it was ripping her apart.

Aaron did not waste any time. Mark flicked his hand to bring over a light so they could see the pretty girl in the rain, then he grabbed Kiera’s wrists again, keeping them in place behind her back as he pushed down to keep her pinned. This freed Aaron’s hands to grab her hips, steadying the rebellious schoolgirl so he could thrust in deeper. The sudden pain had brought tears to her eyes, but the rain carried them away almost instantly. Kiera was grateful for that – the sensation was horrible, shameful, disgusting and painful, but she was not going to let her pride and dignity be taken away by these two thugs. She certainly was not going to cry for them.

As he kept thrusting into her, she managed to swallow down further cries of pain, merely grunting as he speared her tight and dry cunt hard and deep. Her hands, still held behind her back by Mark, curled into tight fists as she sought to internalize the pain. “How do you like that, bitch? How do you like that, huh?” Aaron hissed between grunts of pleasure, enjoying her tightness around his raging shaft.

“Bet she’ll make us a a nice couple of bucks when we sell her, won’t she?” Mark asked, brushing her soaked hair from her face. He was obviously enjoying watching her pretty features as she set her face and bit her lip to keep from giving voice to her pain. “She as tight as she looks?”

“Tight as fuck,” Aaron hissed in pleasure, digging his nails into her hips beneath her shirt.

“Get… off… me…” Kiera spat. “I’ll… I’ll kill you. You bastards! You bastards!”

“Yeah right! You’re in no position to talk big now!“ Aaron grunted, a lecherous grin on his face. “How does it feel… to have a man’s… cock all the way… inside you now?“ He slapped her ass when she didn’t answer. Kiera knew the game he was playing… he wanted to boost his ego as much as he wanted a hole for his cock, the son of a bitch. She had no intentions of playing along with this, not if it could be helped.

“I don’t know… is it all the way in yet?” Kiera forced out, trying to keep her voice from breaking from the pain. “I can’t tell.”

“Shut up, whore!” the furious cop lashed out, punching her in the back of her head before resuming his brutal thrusts. Her cunt was quickly growing ragged and pained from the abuse.

“I thought… you wanted an answer,“ Kiera mocked, breathing heavily under the assault. God it hurt so bad… but her taunting wasn’t reckless, it was anything but. These men had already announced their intention to never let her go. While Kiera had never found herself in this much trouble before, she had been in a tight spot or two… she was going to get out of this. What she needed was to get them angry… so angry they did something stupid. In the darkness and the rain, if she could get away from them for just a minute or two, she could escape. Still, it was difficult to think. The cop’s cock drilled in and out,and it was getting harder for her to focus on anything but the pain and degradation of being raped in a filthy alley.

Each of his thrusts pushed her against the trash-filled metal box, the old wood lid creaking in rhythm with her brutal fucking. The sound of it joined with Chelsey’s gagged screams as the men raped their two victims. He started slapping her ass again every now and then, adding the sounds to the echoes of pain and pleasure and falling rain that sounded in the alley. Kiera hissed at the sharp, stinging slaps, but still was too defiant to start screaming.

Mark noticed that, looking at her determined, albeit pain-flushed expression. “The bitch is tough, gotta give her that!”

“And tight!“ Aaron commented, obviously relishing how her fuckhole gripped him with each thrust into her. The man released his hold on her hips to grab a fistful of her dark, soaked hair, yanking her head back roughly to force her to look up at him. “I don’t think you know what they do to defiant whores where you’re going, do you? They’ll make you earn every breath you take until you beg for each and every bit of air you have. Than you’ll be wishing you hadn’t pissed me off.” Aaron slapped her across the face with his other hand, adding the sting of her cheek to the pain of her raped pussy.

She could hear his breath becoming erratic and his thrusts quicker… and knew that he was close to climax. The thought of him cumming inside her was disgusting, but it seemed inevitable… at least it would hopefully free her of his vile attention. He let go of her hair so he could grab her hips again, thrusting into her so hard and deep it caused her to groan in pain, the first real sound of discomfort they had coaxed from her since the initial cry when he had forced himself in dry.

And for Aaron, it was obviously enough. “Oh fuck… you’re making me cum! You useless druggie whore!“ He yelled, smacking the back of her head hard as he slammed his full length into her again. A moment later, she felt his hot cum splatter into her sore cunt, the sensation as degrading as it was uncomfortable. Aaron kept his cock inside of her while he shot his entire load, grunting and groaning in pleasure while Kiera could do little but wait for him to finish. Finally, he pulled out, gasping. “Now that was a good fuck!“ Smacking her ass, he stepped over to her face, grabbed her hair and forced her head up again.“ And how did that feel for you, bitch?“

Kiera gasped in a breath. “Not bad… for your first time,” she spat, hoping that her face didn’t show how much she hurt, that she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to walk normally.

The cop’s eyes went dark. “This cunt has a death wish,” he snarled.

“Relax,” Mark snapped. “She’s trying to piss you off. You want to hurt her, hurt her with your cock… don’t damage the merchandise.”

Kiera groaned in frustration. She’d hoped that they would let her up to try to beat her and she’d have an opportunity to run… but instead, Mark moved up behind her. Of course the Ant wouldn’t be content with just watching. She grit her teeth, still feeling the dull ache in her cunt and knowing getting fucked again would feel worse than the first rape.

While Mark took his position behind her, the corrupt cop took over the task of pushing her body down and keeping her hands firmly held behind her back. “You made a fucking mess,” Mark said, annoyed. “Damnit, couldn’t have pulled out? I hate sloppy seconds!“ He slapped Kiera’s bare ass as if it was somehow her fault, then glared at Aaron.

The man simply shrugged. “You know… she has other holes to fuck,” he suggested. Kiera stiffened with dread.

“Great idea!” the Ant said with a laugh. “Sure, why not. Let’s pound your little asshole, bitch!“ He slapped her ass again and then grabbed her round, cute asscheeks, spreading them to expose her pale, puckered opening.

Kiera could not help the rising of panic inside of her. She’d done anal a few times but always on her own terms and always with gentle, caring partners. But an anal rape… she shuddered at the mere thought how painful this would probably be.

Mark didn’t waste much more time. Already, she felt his cockhead brush against her sphincter, slick from the rain pouring down. Still, her struggles to wiggle free were pointless – Aaron kept her pushed down, keeping Kiera in position for his comrade’s cock.

“No, you bastards! Don’t!“ Kiera gasped, then groaned as she felt him push in. She resisted, of course… she couldn’t relax in this situation, even if it would have helped her. The schoolgirl closed her eyes at the burning sensation that spread from her lower body when her sphincter began to give way, slowly being stretched by the large cock forced into her. “Aagh… no… pull it out! I swear… I’m going to… cut it off… the moment hnnn… I get… out of… heaaaaaAAAAARGH!“

This time, she could not keep the scream inside. Mark immediately started to lunge forward once his cockhead had popped into her asshole, cramming almost half his cock inside her in one powerful thrust. It was agonizing, more so than Kiera had expected. “Oh, holy shit,” he exclaimed. “This has got to be the tightest ass I’ve ever had!”

Kiera tried to taunt him, anything to distract him from her obvious torment, but all she could do was gasp… her voice came out interrupted by groans of discomfort and pain. She wasn’t able to utter any other insults for quite a while as the Ant started to thrust into her with short, hard strokes that were aimed to push more and more of his length into her tight ass. Kiera could feel every inch as the offending member pushing deeper, stretching her unprepared, unwilling asshole around his girth. The burning sensation spreading through her lower body was a nightmarish torment while her rapist groaned in absolute pleasure.

In her attempt not to cry out, the schoolgirl dug her fingers into the old wood of the cover, not even noticing the pain as splinters dug into her fingers when compared to the awful sensation in her ass. Mark seemed not to tire in the least. In fact, quite the opposite was true: the more her unwilling asshole grabbed his cock, the more aroused he got during the rape, the more intense and powerful his thrusts became and the more pain he caused the girl.

She had no idea for how long he could keep this up, but she prayed to God that he would soon either tire or cum and thus pull his awful length from her aching asshole and leave her the fuck alone, for she didn’t think she would be able to walk normally for a week after such a brutal rape. There was nothing the rebellious girl could do but try and endure her ordeal until Mark was done with her ass – which was taking an awfully long time.

Suddenly, however, salvation seemed to appear from nowhere as a door nearby opened and one of the residents poked his head out, an older man whose stocky frame pointed to him being probably one of the club’s bouncers. It didn’t matter to Kiera who he was, he was her chance of getting away from these monsters and their awful, violating cocks.

For a moment, he just stared at the scene before him, the four men holding the two schoolgirls down, two of them currently pumping a cock into one of them. Kiera looked up at him and hissed, her voice labored and laden with the pain she felt. “Does it look… like… I’m having… fun here? HELP ME!”

The man seemed slow to act, desiring to keep himself out of any trouble, but slowly his common decency overcome his fear. “Leave the ladies alone,” he growled as he stepped closer… only to stop dead in his tracks the moment the light caught on the Aaron’s badge.

“Police business,” Aaron said, narrowing his eyes. We’re giving these two whores what they were asking for.” To emphasize his point, he put one hand on the gun on his belt. “You don’t really want to get involved, do you?” Even as he spoke, he kept his other hand pushing Kiera down by her shoulder blades to Mark could rape her in peace.

The bouncer was frozen in place, eyes flicking between them. Then he seemed to shrink in on himself. “Ah, yes… Sorry sir…” the big man mumbled… and then stepped back into the door.

“You fucking coward!“ Kiera yelled after him as he closed the door, just as Mark, who had slowed down his thrusts to wait how this played out, resumed his fast, merciless pace, drilling his full length into her bowels again.

“Looks like he didn’t… ugh… want to… risk his life… for a lowlife cunt like… oh fuck.. .you,” Mark grunted happily, using his hands to spread her asscheeks, watching how his cock disappeared into her sore hole.

Kiera couldn’t help it anymore. She started to sob. For just a second, one second, she thought she was saved. That someone was coming to save her, that someone cared what was happening to her. That bouncer was bigger than any of them, but even when they were armed, he could have called into the club, summoned help, done something… and he hadn’t. He had been too afraid, or too apathetic. Or both.

Or maybe a piece of shut druggie fucktoy like her just wasn’t worth risking anything to save.

Mark did not seem to notice his toy’s sobbing, too preoccupied with his rising lust to pay attention to her anymore. By now, her asshole was starting to bleed from the brutal abuse, not that the paltry lube that offered changed anything about the discomfort of having his cock pound her bowels, or the humiliation that this all happened against her will and she was powerless to do anything about it. All the teenage could hope right now was that Mark would finish quickly so at least they would stop touching her for a minute. Her hopes and dreams felt like they had become that small… she just wanted it to stop hurting for just a minute.

“Oh yes… fuck, you pretty fucking cunt… you’re making me cum!” Mark grunted. Kiera wailed as she felt his balls tighten against her pussy, his dick throb inside her… and then she grimaced as she felt his cock spewing a massive load up her asshole. She grunted as the thug pushed his cock in deep with a few more thrusts, wanting to spend all inside her.

They stepped away from her, leaving her in the rain and laughing while they did. Kiera felt too sore, to weak to get up a run, even though now was her chance. She could only look over at them placidly, mind dazed… and that was when she saw the portal open up beneath the other cop.

It didn’t look like much… a shimmering violet outline that didn’t seem to give off much light, but there was something on the other side of the rip in reality. Kiera had never seen anything like it. The cop screamed as he fell through the portal, and it immediately began closing after him. A second later, the manhole-sized circle had vanished, and the sound of him screaming vanishing abruptly with it.

“What the fuck was that!” Aaron swore, furious. None of them had seen it, Kiera realized dully. None of them had really seen what happened, hadn’t been looking at the floor when he vanished. To them, they had just turned around and he was gone. She had seen it, and she was in shock.

A superpower. A real superpower.

She’d seen them before – hell, even one of her teachers had been a heroine once and Lux loved demonstrating her power for them – but here in the rainy night, surrounded by monsters, it seemed like something mythical.

“What the fuck happened to Hammond?” Mark said, looking left and right. Then a portal appeared out of nowhere behind Aaron and a hand came out, punching the cop in the back on his head. The arm vanished almost immediately, pulled back into the violet portal and this second portal closed quickly – faster than the other, larger one had, nearly instantly. By the time Aaron turned, swinging his nightstick wildly, it was gone… and he smacked the stick right into Mark’s shoulder. “Ow! The fuck’s the matter with you?”

“Something hit me!” Aaron hissed.

“I didn’t fucking hit you,” he cursed… then jumped as a portal opened beneath him. It didn’t open quickly enough to catch him like it had the cop, however… he jumped to the side, and the portal began to vanish again immediately.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” the other thug standing over Chelsey said. “Let’s get the hell out of here!” He started to run for the entryway to the alley.

“Wait!” Mark protested, but he was too late. A small portal opened behind him at ankle level, and a swarm of tiny balls came spilling out, propelled quickly in front of him and beneath his feet. The thug went down hard, cracking his head on the filthy floor. He lay there, moaning softly, while a portal opened beneath him. Then he fell through it and was gone.

The two remaining men looked around frantically. Aaron dropped his nightstick and drew his gun, and Mark pulled his own piece from behind his back. “Where is it coming from?” Aaron whispered, trying to look in all directions at once. He slowly backed up until his back was against a wall. He didn’t see the portal open behind him, but Kiera did. She saw the two arms – feminine arms – come out of the wall, grab the back of the man’s shirt and belt, and yank him backward as if trying to pull him through the portal… but it was too small. Instead of falling through it, his head bashed against the wall and he dropped in a boneless pile to the alley floor.

Mark spun and fired, but the portal was already closed. His gun barked three times in the night. “Where are you!” he yelled furiously.

A violent rip in reality opened in the alley, and… and… Donna stepped out. “Right here,” she said with a smile.

Mark raised his gun and fired, but another portal, blue this time, appeared just in front of him. It caught the shots, and pushed them through the small violet one that had just appeared beneath his legs. Three bullets ripped through his calves, and Mark screamed as he dropped to the ground. Donna took three running steps and kicked him in the face, sending him sprawling across the ground. And just like that, it was over.

“Donna…” Kiera whispered, disbelief in her voice. “You’re… you’re…”

A hero…

Kiera recognized the beautiful high school senior… of course she did. Kiera had been going to school with Donna Saito since 5th grade, and she still felt like she barely knew the girl. She was popular enough, she supposed, but she didn’t really fit in with any of the cliques. Too rich and too pretty to fit in with the freaks, too odd to fit in with the popular girls, her fashion, her dyed hair and piercings might have put her with the goths if she wasn’t so cheerful, and her grades would have probably put her with the nerds if she wasn’t so social. Her features were somewhat Asian but only half, not enough so to fit in with their clique either. Her straight black hair had a streak of bright pink straight down one of the bangs, bright even in the rain. The thing that always made her stand out as school, though, had always been her eyes. One eye blue, the other the same pink as her hair, it made meeting her eyes difficult for most… normal people didn’t have eyes like that.

But Donna wasn’t normal… Kiera knew that now. Her eyes were the same colors as her portals. And in eight years of knowing her, she had never known about her abilities.

“Shhh,” Donna said. She opened up a small portal and reached through it, pulling out a few sets of handcuffs. Moving quickly, she kicked the guns away from both Mark and Aaron before opening a portal beneath them, letting them vanish through it. Then she puts the cuffs on the two men. Opening another portal, she reached through and grabbed a small white case with a red cross. “Here, let’s have a look at you…” She walked up to Chelsey first. Unsurprising, since the blonde girl had just curled into a fetal position and wasn’t moving. Kiera felt abruptly ashamed she hadn’t done more to help the girl, hadn’t even thought about how she would get her out after she ran.

After checking out the two girls, bandaging their scrapes in the rain, Donna put down the kit. “Wait here a minute,” she said, then opened a shimmering purple portal to her size and walked through it. This one didn’t vanish, and Kiera could see New York’s city skyline through it… it was like looking out a window onto a rooftop. A few moments later, she came back dragging the other cop, still unconscious but cuffed now. Another minute, and she came back with the fourth man.

“The cops are on their way,” Donna promised. “Real cops. I called it in three times to make sure. I should go before they get here. Do you need anything else?”

“Donna…” Kiera said, and Donna jumped.

She peered at Kiera, seeming to really look at her face for the first time. “Kiera?” she asked, shocked.

“You… you saved me! You saved us!”

Donna swallowed, suddenly uncomfortable. “It’s… it’s no problem. Just trying to help.” Then she opened a portal in front of her, stepped through it, and the heroine was gone.

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