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Lone Fox 2: The Paradisium Games

A fallen Gumiho who used to be named Seo-yun, kept as a pet by cruel owners, is taken to be part of a crueler game…

Ginger is a good and obedient pet.

Ginger steps into a hell she never could have imagined.

Levinson meets his new family... and his boss.

Let's the games begin. Round one starts, and Ginger realizes that she isn't quite so alone as she thought... for better or worse.

Seo-yun meets her fellow competitors, and round 2 begins...

Round two continues, after Seo-yun and Snowflake fell into a trap, with all the fun that implies.

Round two comes to an end, and Seo-yun realizes that she has questions.

Celeste attends a dinner party, and Seo-yun discovers a pirate's life.

Seo-Yun struggles to reach and rescue Sam, and round 3 comes to an end...

The losers of round 3 are sold...

What HAS Levinson been up to anyway? And what IS going on upstairs?

Round 4 begins... and our heroes find themelves in a sticky situation.

Round four comes to a lethally sudden end...

The night before the game ends...

The final round begins for Seo-yun and Samantha...

Some choices, once made, can't be taken back.

The game comes to an end... and if Seo-yun doesn't want it to be for everyone, it's up to her...

The game is over. There is only the aftermath.

Darkest... before dawn.

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