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One Act of Defiance

An exchange student coming into the Runeterran Academy causes a disruption to the social order… and the Queen is going to make sure everyone knows she’s still on top.

When Lux tries to get food, she runs afoul of bullies... and makes some new friends.

Lux tries to make another friend when she sees Evelynn being treated badly...

Vi accepts an honorable challenge to some less than honorable people

Poppy tries to be a hero...

With her friends all stripped away from her, Ahri moves to begin Riven's punishment for defiance...

Ahri uses Vi to teach Riven a lesson... and Vi learns a few of her own.

Ahri uses Poppy to teach Riven a lesson... and Poppy learns some lessons of her own.

Months pass in slavery as Lux is trained into being the perfect whore for her mistress Evelynn...

Ahri uses Lux to teach Riven a lesson... and Lux learns some lessons of her own.

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