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Welcome to John Drake Erotica

I write hardcore erotic stories for people on the Internet. 

Here you'll find free stories, artwork, and longer works for purchase in my new store. New books are being added all the time, so subscribe if you'd like to be first to know about them.​

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New Releases

Frozen with Fear Comic

When Arandelle falls, both royal sisters are taken into captivity, but the ordeal doesn't end there...


Latest Chapters


The Road to Hell – Chapter 2

Wracked by guilt and new trauma from her rape, Molly makes a decision... and the die is cast. Now she will either succeed, or be destroyed.



The Convent Correction Chapter 5 – Born Again

Now, with the Convent so firmly under her control, Elizabeth has an opportunity to claim what she's always wanted...


Over Their Heads Chapter 4 – The Holy One

Two heroes try to flee down a open mountainside from a flying, firebreathing dragon. What could go wrong?


The Twilight Hunt – Chapter 3 – Unworthy

With one of the four captured, Max brings his newest victim home, looking forward to the long and challenging task ahead of him...

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