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The Twilight Hunt – Chapter 3 – Unworthy

Updated: Apr 21

The large SUV slowly drifted to a stop in front of Max’s home, gravel crunching under its spinning tires as he pulled around to the unpaved back. The muffled cries of the succubus in the back trunk area could be heard even through the soundproofing and padding. Max smirked to himself as he climbed out of the front seat, stretching after the private flight and the long drive out into the countryside. Most people as rich as he was didn’t drive themselves, or take care of their own house… most of them living in mansions, veritable fortresses manned by an army of guards and staff. He didn’t trust people enough for that, and didn’t care enough for material possessions… instead, while his house technically would qualify as a mansion, and had to be large enough to be equipped with everything he needed to keep and train his merchandise, it certainly wasn’t that large by the standardly of the amount of money that ran through his accounts. It was the grounds, really… out here in the countryside and away from urban centers was the only way to get your own personal forest to hide your house from the road and any nosey passersby. It was the privacy he needed for his work.

Max went around to the rear hatch door and pushed it open. The door swung up, revealing the large suitcase inside. He was actually proud of himself that he had managed to fit the woman into the case this time… Selkolla had been significantly taller than most of his prey, and that wasn’t even including the trouble with tucking away her wings. It would have been a lot easier if he could have broken the shapeshifter first and gotten her to take on a more manageable form. That would have required taking off the collar, though… Almost certainly unwise. It didn’t ultimately matter, though – while it had taken him some effort, he had managed, with no one important made uncomfortable or inconvenienced. She was locked away inside, ready for transport wherever he needed to take her.


He reached for the luggage bag and dragged it out of the rear of the vehicle… it was considerably heavy, of course, but that merely made it awkward… not impossible. With a bit of effort, and banging the case against the ground and staircase a few times just to get some new squeal from the woman inside, he successfully hauled it down the steps to his rear entrance and pulled the case inside. Max hefted the monster’s mobile prison downstairs to his cellar, pausing to appreciate the surroundings. His dungeon really was world-class… there were entire BDSM clubs that would have blushed in envy looking at it. Everything from stockades to wooden horses to St Andrew’s crosses, and walls and walls of whips, vibrators, brands, canes, cuffs, and every other conceivable tool. The context was the only thing that separated his basement from the ideal playpen for dozens of bored fetlifers… context and the amount of steel chains and attachment points all over the basement, anyway.

Max lifted the suitcase onto one of the tables before opening it, revealing the beautiful succubus where she was restrained inside… Her knees bent up to her chest and flattened her breasts, her head folded down toward her knees, wings belted tightly to her back. His latest catch was cramped in the small space, but it made for an easy transport of the beautiful victim. Her eyes, however, glittered as she looked up at him; With anger… and with fear.

Max dragged her out of the case, grabbed one of her bound wrists, and secured it with chains that he had bolted to the table. It was lucky that he liked over-engineering his restraints… chains strong enough to hold an elephant. It was very overboard for the average woman but he liked being able to leave them restrained for as long as necessary without supervision and be completely sure they would still be there when he got back, and he knew they would need to stand up to the enthusiastic testing from dozens of women over years. Now that he had a woman with at least theoretical access to supernatural strength, he was glad he had them… they seemed perfectly suited to restraining the gorgeous mass murderer in place and holding her there while she waited for her new life to begin.

Before he could introduce her to the reality of that, however, Max first needed to teach the woman her place… and that was going to be a fun process. He had been looking forward to it the whole way home.

Selkolla’s eyes were wide and she stared at him as Max secured her body to the table, one chain at a time. The woman looked feral to him… like a cornered animal still straddling between fight and flight. At least it meant that she still had spirit left in her after what they had already done together – and even though that was the opposite of what he needed for his obligations it was what he wanted. Besides, Max was very familiar with how to take care of this particular problem. “You think you want to kill me right now,” he said to the gagged woman, meeting her eyes. “But you don’t. I’m actually the closest thing you have to a friend in your new life.” One of his hands came down to cup one of her pillowy breasts and squeezed, casually molesting her for the sake of demonstrating ownership. “For years, you thought you were in control… you thought you had all the power. Now you see how sorely mistaken you were.”

“Your power was a fragile thing, just waiting to be taken away. The tables have turned for you… quite literally as you are strapped to one right now.” Max chuckled as he took her nipple his hand and pinched and twisted it. “Last time I counted, it’s been a little over 200 women I have turned from strong, capable, defiant women into obedient trained fucktoys in this basement… and you’re going to be the next one. I promise,” he said, noting the fear in her eyes. “I’m going to have fun breaking you.”

And, for once, that was more or less entirely true, with no regrets. Max wasn’t much of a sadist… he vastly preferred to take his pleasure from the contest of wills instead of in the torment. His pleasure was taking who someone was and transforming them into someone else. To achieve that, being able to present as a cruel sadist was useful… but it wasn’t quite accurate – he just wanted to win, and it wasn’t satisfying to win unless someone else lost. Right now, though… Selkolla had almost killed him. She had fully intended to and almost managed to get it done, with only his last resort of a plan saving him. It wasn’t really rational to hold that against him, any more than it was rational to be angry at a lion that hunted your village… but on the other hand, humanity had little issue with the contradiction of killing those predators. In the same vein, Max would be lying to himself if he said he didn’t desire more thorough revenge on the dangerous demon for almost managing to end him.

Moving as if he didn’t have a care in the world, Max turned away from Selkolla and approached one of the cabinets where he kept various torture devices for use on his prey. “Astrid tells me you’re going to be a real challenge… that it will take quite a while to break you in. That I’ll have to pull out all the stops… and I think she’s right. Thankfully, no one in particular cares if you get delivered intact… I can do whatever I want to you, whatever I need to do to you, and you’ll take it.” He started taking out implements from the cabinet, lining them up on the table where she could see them. Laying out, one by one, what her future was going to be.

“I think we’ll start with a whip…” Max said with a thoughtful smile and a small exhale. “It’s very traditional. Such a pleasant sound, snap-crack! Something fun for me to crack across your back.” He rolled his shoulders theatrically. “It’s going to be divine for me. Not so much for you, of course, but what you want stopped mattering the moment I got you in chains. I look forward to hearing your screams.”

Next, Max took out a wooden paddle with what looked like needles or tacks embedded in it on one side, laying that where she could see it. “I got this almost ten years ago, and I’ve hardly ever used it. It’s not really a practical tool to use on many of the girls I bring down here… causes too much damage. You, though… you don’t need to keep up a high sale price. No one is appraising you on a standard. I can use it on you… and I’m eager to see what it can do.” Max put one finger against one of the tacks, and dramatically held up his finger, showing the drop of blood even the brief brush caused. “I’m looking forward to laying into you with it. Smash you with it until you’re begging me to stop. But first…”

Max pulled out a crimson beeswax candle next. “Speaking of things I’ve never been able to use… did you know not all candles are created equal? I didn’t,” he lied. “I just wanted to put some pretty wax on one of my girls, and I left them with scars badly enough that the buyer didn’t even want her anymore. Beeswax, apparently, stays at about 65 C while dripping down… had to just throw her in a dumpster after I made that big of a mess. But you… no one will care. I’ll light this up and pour hot wax over your body until it covers your breasts and your pussy and you feel like I’ve set you on fire, and then I’ll use one of those things to lash it off of you, one strike at a time. I suspect you’ll be half mad with the misery by the end of that.”

He continued to look in his cabinet for the various items that he would use on her. “And by the way, just to put your mind at ease, I wouldn’t bother even thinking about trying to escape. No one ever has, and I’ve not been nearly as careful with any of the others as I have with you, little toy. There are a dozen locked doors between you and freedom, and the chains here anchor down into the foundation of the house. No one is going to hear you, either… even if this place wasn’t soundproofed for my own ability to sleep while you scream, there’s no one around to hear you. I could let you stand in the front door shouting your pretty little head off for hours and all you would do is scare a few birds.”

Max went to the next cabinet. “You know, I have to tell you I’m looking forward to this, Selkolla. I do this professionally, so it’s never personal for me… just strictly business. While I derive plenty of pleasure from the process, it’s primarily a job… usually. You’ve made it personal. I get to enjoy that for a change. You see…” he paused as he opened the cabinet, examining the tools therein. “I know you’re a sadist and a monster. I know you’ve been torturing and killing for longer than my bloodline has been on this continent. What I don’t know – what I look forward to finding out – is what you actually know about torture. Is it just about pain for you? Or have you been paying attention to just how creative humanity has gotten about it over the centuries?”

Max shook his head. “There were some fucked up minds throughout the ages… but they came up with plenty of useful ways to cause pain. I’ve had excuses to use more of them once or twice in my time working in this business… and let me tell you, some of them work better than others. For example…” Max reached into the drawer and pulled out a small, oblong metal bulb with a corkscrew device on the end of it. “This is a lovely thing is the pear of anguish. Ever seen one of these? Simple in name but quite effective.” He turned the knob and let her eyes follow the motion as the pear split open, spreading, spreading, wider and wider. “It was designed to go into a victim’s mouth before you started cranking,” Max explained. “Twisting it wider with each rotation. If one were to continue with the cranking and force it further open, it would eventually break the poor victim’s jaw. However, I have to admit I’d prefer you to be able to speak. Thankfully, it does it’s magic just as well in your other holes.”

Her alien, cat-slitted eyes still looked too defiant to him, so he continued on with his diatribe of what he was going to do to the succubus. “I’m not against hitting you, either… Some women need to be hit. Good way to put you in your place… putting a fist in your gut or in your face. I haven’t decided if I’m selling you or keeping you yet, but one way or the other it’s just a perk of having you, so it doesn’t really matter to me or any client what state you are in… as long as you are alive, it’s just as good to me.” Max drew a knife from the many items in the cabinet, turning it over in his hand. The blade glistened in the light. “Perhaps a few cuts or a bit of bloodletting should also be on the agenda.” He flicked a glance back at Selkolla, letting her see his teeth in the smile. “I hope you are not afraid of blades, killer. Can you imagine what this will feel like as it slowly cuts into your flesh? Superficial wounds, sure, but enough to make you bleed… and enough to make you hurt. I know how to get you to the point that you will be willing to do anything that I desire.”

He could detect the tension in his prey… Hearing about torment after torment obviously had Selkolla on edge. She still had a wild look of defiance, but her body was starting to tremble on the table. Max knew that he was getting to her… the centuries-old predator was not used to being vulnerable, was not used to being the one that was weak and being preyed upon. Smirking, he pointed around the room, drawing her attention to one thing after another. Previously, the bound shapeshifter had not paid attention to the various instruments of torture… he made sure that she saw them all now. Max pointed to the rack. “This one is a favorite of mine. It will get the kinks out of you back, but it can go an awful lot further than that… and most humans can’t tolerate a quarter of what it is capable of. Your muscles will burn as they get stretched and racked tighter by the bindings, pulling until your arms and legs feel like they are about to be yanked off as I put you through traction.”

He walked over to it, spinning the wheel and noticing, with delight, the way she flinched at every click. “Every turn of this wheel will have you begging for release you little slut. All of your experience in dishing out pain will not help you here. I need you to break… and in the end, you are going to give me what I want.”

Selkolla gasped, the ballgag jerking in her mouth and her eyes flicking around in something near panic as she looked around and saw pain after pain after pain in her future… heard Max speak about the various tortures that she would be subjected to. It had to seem to her like Max was willing to continue on with his explanation of further tortures… like he could go on forever. Max figured she would be getting numb to further threats by now, though, so instead he walked back up to her and put his fingers on the buckle holding her ballbag in place, pulling the red ball from between her pale lips. “So, whore… you’re a torturer. Where would you like to get started? I suppose the least I can do is let you pick…”

Selkolla shook her head a few times, working her jaw as she forced feeling back into it. Then, quickly, she breathed in and said, as quickly as she could force the words out through her trembling voice, “I forsake my binding and free you from your prison.”

Max froze.

He had been ready for her to pick the least extreme pain that he offered, or to suggest something mild, something not on the list he’d given. He had been ready for her to pick the most extreme or make up a new horror and demonstrate her invincibility. He had been ready for her to curse him, or spit at him, or to try to seduce him again. He had even been prepared for her to beg. Of everything he had been prepared for, however, her simply… giving up… wasn’t one of them. That fucking coward.

You’ll be dead of old age before a single one of the tarts will do more than spit on you, Astrid had said.

Yeah, right.

He sighed, shaking his head as he walked over to close the cabinets, letting them bang shut with more than a little frustration before heading back to where Selkolla was tied down. “That’s what you wanted from me, right?” she said, eyes wide. “If Astrid was helping you it has to be… that’s why you were hired to find me, isn’t it? That was what they wanted? It’s yours… so you don’t have to hurt me.”

Max shook his head a few times. These women were supposed to be the challenge of his life… a masterpiece, the ultimate test of what he was capable of. Instead, it seemed that Selkolla was going to be a bitter disappointment. He had been looking forward to breaking her, and she really had quite thoroughly ruined his plans without even trying. In a twisted way, it was almost a masterstroke… it was the thing he had least been prepared for and what caused the most frustration.

The look of contemplation… and of anger… on his face must have been obvious as Selkolla gazed up at him because she opened her mouth to speak again. “I… please. I can be helpful. I can serve you. I… I’ve served before.” She looked up at him. “You can… you can have me, any way you please. I pledge that will serve you in any capacity for as long as you shall live if you promise not to cripple me, and pledge to release me upon your death. Anything that you desire, I will do it.” She wriggled on top of the table, looking up at him. “Please master… please… I can be very, very helpful to you…”

Max had heard such promises before from women… including from Selkolla herself. He was unsure if this was a trick or not in order for him to set her free, but it didn’t really matter… he had no intention of trusting her, and no reason to. Drumming his fingers on the table, Max looked down at her and considered his plan. Then he began to pace around the woman, examining her, his eyes fixed on her naked body. He inhaled sharply, considering as he neared the head of the table, watching as her beautiful face tilted back as far as she could to look at him, letting him gaze into her gorgeous, hypnotic eyes.

“I think I genuinely hate you,” Max said softly. Then, before he did something he was going to regret, he turned and walked out of the room, leaving the bound succubus to squirm on the table.


Max was still brooding on his porch when the black limo pulled into his driveway, wheels rolling to a stop before his door. The driver evidently didn’t find anything strange about the tall, blonde in dark sunglasses who stepped out in heels, her black corset and tight leather pants hugging her form in a clear and deliberately fetishistic manner. He didn’t find it any more exceptional when the blindfolded redhead covered head to toe in a PVC catsuit crawled out behind her, lead on her leash. It probably wasn’t the first time his limo had been used for kink… though he doubtless thought that Margaret’s position was consensual and far from the broken trauma that the former bartender was stuck in. She casually led her forward with her leash and collar, letting her crawl up the steps towards him. “Bright out here. Nice place, though,” the illusion-cloaked Astrid said, blithely amused as the driver got out and started unloading boxes from the trunk. From the grunts, they were extremely heavy boxes. “This should work.”

The svartalf strode confidently into his house like she owned the place. “Where should I have him bring my stuff?”

Max rolled his eyes at the disguised dark elf. “You can set up your forge in the garage, and take the guest room for yourself… I’ll show you where it is.” While the limo driver brought the absurdly heavy boxes full of her tools into the room he brought her, and her new pet, down the basement… both to keep the driver away from her slave and to make sure he didn’t find his way down here. He hated having other people in his house. When Astrid entered the basement room, the air of power and confidence that followed her exuded outward.

Margret stumbled down the stairs in her blindfold before she knelt by the svartalf’s side as she looked around, her disguise dissolving away while Max watched. The dark-skinned woman approached the table, looking down at Selkolla. She took off and folded up her sunglasses, holding them in her left hand as she pointed to the strapped-in woman. “I know you said you got her, but it’s still hard for me to quite believe it… you work efficiently, Max. Maybe you really are worth the money you’re being paid.”

“Astrid, you bitch!” Selkolla hissed, her bright eyes narrowing. “You did this to me! You can’t do this, we need to-” her voice broke off suddenly, like her voice died. “We can’t… can’t…”

She rolled her eyes. “What’s the matter, Selkolla? Oath got your tongue?” She snorted. “Besides, spare me your accusations. I just made the collar.” The svartalf waved her hand dismissively. “He brought the ore, he tracked you down, and he brought you here. I’ve been paid for my services… or rather, I will be. Take it out on him. And don’t you dare throw the oaths you took in my face.” The dark elf took her eyes away from Selkolla, redirecting them to Max. She tossed her sunglasses aside and folded her arms over her chest as she spoke. “Never did I ever expect this murderess was going to be brought low by a mortal man when she killed a god. I’m impressed by your tenacity Max, you’ve outdone yourself. I’m honestly surprised that you didn’t manage to get yourself killed by this one. Now you just need to brea-”

“She already said the words,” Max said, not entirely keeping the annoyance out of his voice.

Astrid’s eyes went wide at that, shock and surprise filling them. Her eyes and gaze were alien to him… but for just a second Max thought he detected a flash of… panic?… in her eyes before her eyes crinkled up with amusement. “Well, I’ll be damned,” she said with a chuckle. “And here I was sure you’d be dead and instead you’ve already broken her into pieces.” Astrid’s gaze then redirected toward Max’s crotch, and she laughed in a quiet chuckle to herself. “And had some fun of your own, I’d wager. Well, at least you are in one piece after all.”

“Please!” Selkolla said, looking between them. “Please, I promised that I’d serve him as long as he released me when he’d dead. Please… I swore I’d behave, that I’ll do anything he commands. He doesn’t have to torture me!”

Astrid tilted her head. “What a weak slut. Still, that’s… an interesting offer.”

“Does she mean it?” Max asked.

“If she is willing to swear to it… yes. She’s bound to the Runepact, the thing Mr Root hired you to help break. While it still exists it binds her to her oaths.” Astrid chuckles. “She assumes – rationally – that you will fail and die, and she’ll be free, and her inability to disobey you anymore won’t matter.” She scoffed as she looked down at Selkolla with contempt. “You should agree, human. Her conditions are favorable to you.

Max wasn’t sure, but he was, for the moment, content to be dragged along. “I agree to those terms. You will obey any command I gave, not seek to escape, and in return, you are free to go in the event of my death.”

“Yes!” Selkolla cried out. “I agree! I agree!”

Astrid actually laughed, a full-on belly laugh. “Wait… you’re kidding me. You actually did it? What an idiot!” she said, hand over her belly as she tried not to double over. “I can’t believe… I cannot believe that a monster as old as you, with a body count like yours, could be this incompetent. I’m amazed no one turned you into a sex slave sometime centuries ago. Are you really so used to being in a position of overwhelming strength you needed to learn any subtlety at all?” Astrid shook her head in shocked disbelief. “You give the old world a bad name, Selkolla. What if he orders you, right now, to go walk off a cliff? Or go dance in a minefield?”

The succubus had her mouth open in disbelief as the dark-skinned woman looked over at Max. “She has to obey the terms you two set, with no other restrictions… nearly perfect obedience, and for what? Something you have no need for after you shuffle off this mortal coil? She didn’t even do anything to stop you from hurting her!”

Selkolla, who had been looking increasingly pale, seemed to gag at that. “But… I did! I said he didn’t have to torture me, that I’d obey him! It was implied that-”

Astrid slapped her across the face. “Your betters are speaking, bitch,” the svartalf said, a dazzling grin on her face. “What you believe was implied, or what you understood, don’t matter… runic magic is, as you should well know, quite literal.” Astrid shook her head in disbelief. “I knew that she was a loner, who didn’t spend time around people other than to eat them, but I thought she’d know better than this. My my my is she a disappointment.”

“Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way,” Max muttered, looking over his newest plaything with fresh consideration. “So she has to obey any command now?”

“To the best of her ability, anyway,” Astrid agreed. “Ask her to bring you a piece of the moon and she’ll fail. The oath doesn’t ensure success… only obedience.” The woman stretched her arms out over her head before heading back to stroke softly over Margret’s hooded face, making the bound redhead flinch at the sudden touch. “This is actually perfect, to be honest… training wheels for what you’ll have to understand for later.” The svartalf mistress yawned. “But I’ve had a long trip… and I’d like to have someone’s tongue between my legs before I go to bed. I trust you have a thing or two you would like to try with your newly obedient fleshlight until tomorrow?”

“I suppose I can think of a thing or two,” Max agreed with a smirk that made a horrified expression come across the succubus’s face. “I can keep busy.”

“Good. I’ll see to it my ride is gone, then see you in the morning. I have some additional work to do, and things to talk to you about before you go after your next target…” she shook her head. “Rush rush, always a rush. I had assumed I would have more time than this.”

“Me too,” Max agreed as she walked back for the stairs, her lesbian pet crawling behind her. Max turned away from tight, swaying ass as he looked back at the terrified Selkolla who it seemed like was still processing the idea of how royally she had screwed up. “So,” he said playfully. “It appears you have become interesting again after all. What shall we do today?”

Max began to unbuckle his pants as he looked down at the shell-shocked beauty chained to the table. “You might feel stupid,” he told her as his belt came loose, “but it could be so much worse. Normally, I wouldn’t be so willing to go so easy on you… but I’m willing to give this a try.” He stepped back a few paces from the table, grabbing onto the edge of it so he could lean over the table and gaze into her eyes. “So we’re going to play a game. I could just… order you… to suck my cock. Not to bite. I could do that… but I’m not going to. Instead, I promise you this. If I feel that anything is off and that your servitude is not sincere and enthusiastic… if I feel your teeth on my cock… then I will make the rest of your life a persistent living hell. You cannot escape me… you’re mine forever. Be good, and I’ll only hurt you when it pleases me. If you instead decide to piss me off… I will not hesitate to inflict every torture at my disposal and then invent new ones no one has ever had nightmares of instead. Do we understand each other?”

The horrified look on Selkolla’s gorgeous face told him that she understood, but she nodded in agreement anyway. “…Yes master.” She spoke those words so easily – like they were practiced. Max almost could fool himself into thinking she meant them as he rose back up to his full standing position. His pants loosened and he unzipped them, letting them drop to his ankles as he stepped out of the pants before closing the distance to the table. His cock pressed toward her lips, dragging across the unbelievably soft pillows they made for his dick. “You teased me before,” he said as his cock glided across her face a few times. “Now I’m going to fuck your face and show you what this hole is meant for.

He angled it toward her lips and pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. The warm feeling of his member getting enveloped in her silken lips sent a chill up his spine, and a shudder of raw pleasure spread through him. He looked down at the incredibly beautiful succubus, her features just classically beautiful enough to be instantly comfortable and just alien enough to be exotic as he watched her head tilt back further, letting his cock could slide toward the back of her throat as her eyes found his. Max’s hands gripped the edge of the table so he could force his hips slowly forward, and the sight of his cock disappearing down her throat inch by inch was beautiful. His cock felt like her insides were giving it a warm hug, squeezing it with all the tenderness of a sweet lover. Her tongue worked furiously as well, actually licking and sucking on his cock even as he raped her face. There was still perhaps too much pride in her even in this, Max thought, but while her attitude might need to be adjusted he couldn’t fault her skills – Selkolla here would be a champion cock sucker, possibly the best he had ever trained. He could work to shatter the remnants of that pesky pride.

Max bucked his hips forward even more and he could feel the tip of his cock strike against the back of her throat. His right hand rose from the table to stretch forward, and he slapped her across the right breast just to watch it sway beneath his touch… and while Selkolla let out a groan when he did that, she didn’t flinch and she didn’t bite, or offer any resistance at all. Her nipples stood up on her chest slightly as she licked across his dick, bathing it with her dexterous pink muscle, and Max reveled in it. He slapped the other breast to see if he could get the same reaction from her again, and a barely audible moan escaped from her lips, vibrating across his cock as it sank almost fully into her open mouth.

With Selkolla bound on the table and unable to move, what pleasure her body could bring him was all Max’s for the taking. She had no say in what he did to her, but even so, he could tell she was actually keeping to her oath… the ancient killer loyally and obediently tried to lick and suck and nuzzle at his cock. They both knew that he had all the real control in this situation. The proud succubus had been stripped of all her agency and control and reduced to an obedient plaything.

His hands cupped over her breasts and moved toward her nipples, drawing the hard nubs between his fingers and thumbs and pinching them hard… gripping them like handles he used as extra leverage to fuck her face. He felt her throat tightening up around his cock when he did that, and it was wonderful… The excitement got to him and he pushed his hips forward harder, thrusting the head of his shaft all the way down her throat and watching her neck bulge as he did. An experienced dicksucker Selkolla might be but the arrogant slut was clearly not accustomed to having her neck used like a fleshlight… She nearly choked on his cock on the very first thrust that went that deep, and he was only starting to get rough with his new pet. Max pulled back and started face fucking her even harder and faster than before, his cock slamming into her mouth and throat several times and eagerly building toward his first orgasm of the day.

The tightness of her throat around his cock was exquisite. To think that this woman, a mere twenty-four hours ago, had him chained up and was torturing him as her sexual plaything. Now the roles had been thoroughly reversed, and he was enjoying every second of celebrating his victory. Max’s cock slammed into her mouth again and again and his balls pressed up against her face, pushing as hard as he could until his thick rod trembled inside of her mouth. The boiling seed in his balls had been building with every step he took since last night and now it was practically flowing out from his balls… ready to erupt. It was time to show this trashy fucking cum-whore what she was good for and rapefuck into a damned coma like she had to come to her.

He growled with pleasure as his thick shaft pulsed. The hot gush of his cream flooded into her mouth and down her throat, making her gag as she swallowed, milking his seed from his balls with repeated strokes of her tongue. Max all but crushed her breasts in his fists the whole time she licked up his seed, swallowing as much of it down as she could before he pulled out. The remnants of his jizz flowed back out of her mouth, dripping down the corner of her chin and across her face.

She looked up at him expectantly, hoping to see that she had pleased him. And she had… but he was nowhere near done with her.

The succubus started squirming again as he walked back over to the cabinets that she already knew contained his painful toys. “Please!” she cried out. “You don’t… don’t have to do that!”

Max reached into the drawer and rooted around, coming up with a box full of flat top thumb tacks. “I know,” he said as he started pulling them out, lining dozens and dozens of pins up on the table. “But see… here’s the thing.” One of his fingers came to rest on the succubus’s cunt, two fingers pushed inside of her pussy while his thumb rubbed against her clit. “You love this thing, don’t you…” he whispered as he gently stroked her wet little socket. “How many times did you make yourself cum, riding me before you planned to tear out my throat? How many men died for the hunger of this greedy little cunt?”

Then he drove one of the thumbtacks into her groin, just an inch above her clit.

Selkolla opened her mouth to scream but Max was faster… clamping his hand down on her mouth. Her cry wet the palm of his hand as he muffled it, quieting her down. It meant that the pin was only pushed in halfway, but that was fine as far as he was concerned. “You need to learn a very important lesson, whore,” he told her, staring into her wide eyes. “The only pleasure you are allowed now is that of service well done… the satisfaction of pleasing someone else. I’ve fucked your face. I pounded that slut ass. And now I’m going to take that cunt of yours and make it mine… Not yours. Never yours. Mine. And to make sure you get that, until I’m satisfied, you aren’t going to enjoy a single second of it.” He reached over and grabbed another thumbtack in each hand, smiling into her eyes. “Now you can scream if you want.”

One at a time, Max began to skewer his bound sex slave with the thumbtacks to the chorus of her screaming… making sure to thrust an especially diligent concentration of the silver-headed things into her ass and thighs and especially her large, gloriously soft tits. The slaver took his time with it, driving them into the screaming, shaking succubus one at a time… but always only halfway, and no more. “You know,” he said, patiently fingering her pussy while he waited for her to go still again. “If you thrash like this every time this is just going to take longer.” Max shook his head. “Soaking wet and in pain. By the time I’m done with you, I’m not sure if you’ll even be able to cum anymore. Just imagine… even after I’m dead and you’re free again, imagine a succubus living her eternal life, unable to cum anymore. What kind of sexual predator would you even be then?”

“Please, please please please,” the succubus begged. “You don’t have to do this!”

“Usually, I’m more gentle than this with you cunts…” he said as he pushed another pin into her, “but you, Selkolla? You’re going to be a special project.” With her tits turned into a collection of silver tacks, Max backed off from her and reached down to his pants and grabbed his belt. “A really special project. I’m going to have a little contest with myself, and see if I can manage to drive all those pins in with the flat of my belt before my cock is so hard it starts actually hurting…”

Saying that the succubus had a set of lungs on her was an understatement so large Max could only call it a lie. He gleefully raised his hand and let his belt fall on her, using it like a hammer to drive the half-set thumbtacks the rest of the way in to decorate the whore’s body. Each time he whipped her it drove at least one of the partially planted pins in all the head to the base, locking it there and leaving her with the metal skewering her skin as deep as possible until her breasts looked studded with silver polka-dots, and her thighs, belly, and mons didn’t look any less pretty.

He saved her nipples for last… there were two tacks in each, one top and one bottom. It meant he needed to circle her body to get the right line to hammer them in… and that gave her plenty of time to beg. “Please!” Selkolla forced out between her cries. “Please, I’ll do anything!” The leather made a slapping around against her tit that he could barely hear over the scream that came with it. “I’ll spend all night sucking your cock for the rest of your life!” The sharp thwapp was almost poetic to Max as the pin went in. “I’ll… ride you with my asshole… you liked that, right? I can spend all day worshiping your dick with my guts, I’ll— AGHHH!”

“I could just order you not to cum ever again,” Max said as he kept whipping her, ignoring her as if she hadn’t spoken at all. He drove more pins in with each rise and fall of his hand that brought the belt crashing down. “But that would be taking the easy way. No… we’re not going to do it that way.” Thwapp. Thwapp. Thwapp. “Instead, I order you that, the rest of your life until I tell you otherwise, I want you to try your hardest to cum every time I’m playing with you. Cum for me, Selkolla… if you can.” Max grinned at her. “I’m already sure that you’re not the kind of masochist that could get off on this treatment, but I guess we’ll find out if you can change. You try to cum as hard as you can, little whore, and I’ll try to stop you, and we’ll see…” THWAPP. “Who.” THWAPP. “Wins!”

When the final thumbtack was driven into Selkolla Max looked down with pride at the writhing, screaming girl as she thrashed in her bonds… an ancient predator starting to actually sob as he made the beautiful thing even prettier. He didn’t think she even noticed at first when he stepped between her spread legs, his arching dick pressing against the warm wetness of her cunt, his thighs brushing against the pins he had driven into hers. “But… why?” Selkolla managed to choke out.

Max looked at her like she was insane. “Because I was looking forward to breaking you,” he said, his eyes narrowed for a second. That was, he had to admit, what he was really angry about… the disappointment of how easy it had been. “I was excited to match wills against you… and you just gave up before there was a fight. It was disappointing… but I know what to do about it. You clearly don’t care about the… Runepact, whatever that was; but it’s hardly the only ground we can compete on. We’ll fight on this ground, instead.”

“Bu-” Selkolla sputtered. “But I don’t want to resist! I want to serve, I wa-”

“It’s not about what you want, you subhuman slut! It never was!” And with that, Max slammed that cock balls deep, straight up into Selkolla’s snug little cunt before she could breathe another word of protest. In fact, the only sound she could make was an agonized shrieking that was louder than a banshee’s as his body pressed against hers, all of his weight ramming against the thumbtacks he had stuck into her groin and thighs and grinding them even deeper into her, even as his thick cock was forced right up against her cervix.

Selkolla’s face went slack, her tongue hanging out and her eyes rolling back as that hard prick was jammed deep into her cunt with no warning and utmost misery. The pretty, fat-titted demon whore made a pathetic little high-pitched whining sound as she got her tight little pussy stretched wide by his suddenly invasive cock being slammed balls deep inside of her. “GUH… GUH… OH YOU FUCKING B-B-B-ASSTARD!!!” Selkolla screamed out as she jerked around on Max’s cock throbbing inside of her… but if she was in little enough pain that she could still form words then it was possible her horny little twat might take some pleasure from this, so he leaned in close, his hands coming down on her body to grip her big, jiggling, and silver-dotted funbags like handholds. “GYAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHH!” Selkolla screeched her lungs out as he forced himself deep into her, her body on fire with pain at each tack as she was speared by both steel and cock. Wide-eyed, the succubus drooled stupidly at the agony that was shooting through her body. In the monster’s entire slutty life Max doubted that Selkolla had ever taken a cock like this, never been stripped of her dignity and sanity like this, and had her body used as a tortured plaything. It probably felt like she was actually about to be fucked to death right here in the basement of a kidnapper far from her home, and the succubus sputtered and mewled and let out weak little sobbing sounds as his excited cock filled her up and enjoyed the ride.

“You feel me stuffing your cute little pussy, whore?” Max taunted while Selkolla whined in agony. The succubus shook like a leaf, her legs trembling each time his hips hit the pins. “This is what getting fucked should feel like for a whore. Sex isn’t supposed to be a pleasure you can have, it’s supposed to be an ordeal to be endured, and until you learn your place you get to have no pleasure from getting fucked. Hell, until I find you dry as a damn bone maybe I should fuck you like this every time… until I’ve fucked all of that cocky slut attitude right out of you you trashy demon whore…”

Selkolla screeched again as Max twisted his grip on her breasts, grinding the pins into her swollen tits by squeezing them like stress balls. Anything she was going to try to say in response to his mockery was turned into some weak and pained squealing at the sudden, terrible pain flaring through her body as her tits were crushed cruelly and transformed into balls of searing agony. “Sto—AGH!” Selkolla yelled at him only for him to pull back and give both her tits a hard slap and make her expel her breath in sheer pain as they bounced.

“No, no, bad slut…” Max taunted as he kept slapping her breasts, hitting the tacks like a hammer driving nails and making her yelp, scream, and moan for him. Then, tired of foreplay, Selkolla howled as Max tightened his grip on her breasts again as he pulled his cock out…and began fucking her in earnest.

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Max drew back and punched forward with all the strength in his body, raping her like a machine. He fucked Selkolla’s body down against the table over and over again, his cock slammed balls deep up her tight little cunt even as the arrogant predator slut screeched and yowled and thrashed about in the bonds that held her helplessly in place. Max’s hips slapped against her pin-filled thighs as he drove his thick hard-on deep up the howling monster’s snug, fuckable hole, using her tits like squeezable handles as he pounded her from above and gave the subservient succubus the nastiest, most painful rape he could think of a way to deliver.

Selkolla howled and sobbed as her hips bucked against her will, her body ignoring her mind and thrashing bucking in her bonds… even though she couldn’t escape, even though all it ended up doing was helping fuck her back against his painful thrusts and forcing her to meet the agonizing cock using her body like a plaything. “Still enjoying this you dumb cunt?! Still think this cunt exists for your pleasure?” Max chuckled as he shoved her down to the table, her body hurt from so many different directions that she didn’t even know which way to flinch. He ground his dick into her even deeper, feeling this hot sluts pussy clenching tight around him… milking his dick as he slammed in and out of her to the sound of her screaming her lungs out.

“P-pl..pleeeeease master, s…s-s-stooop-p… Oh my… oh my god… please… please… it h-hurts… so m-m-much… m-mercy!” Selkolla screeched as she desperately tried to pull herself free from the chains, feeling the intense agony all through her body. Even still her cunt was still wet, still soaked even as she raped like the little subhuman fucktoy she was, he could be sure she wasn’t enjoying this… she thrashed in pain with every movement he made, and she hadn’t cum yet… the pain was clearly too great for her.


“You get to cum when I say you do you you little rapebait skank,” he cursed at her, hammering her hard enough that she had to force her mewling words out through ragged and broken little gasps as Max pounded her tight, cock-pleasing breeding hole. “Never taken anything like this, have you? Better get used to it… because for as long as you’re mine I don’t only control your pain but your pleasure as well,” he taunted her as she stuttered out desperate protests for him to pull it out as he rammed into her harder and harder, watching her pin-studded tits flip around as he shook her body like a toy, rocking and shaking her with the force of the brutal rape he was forcing his newest sex slave to take.

“SL… SL… SLOW D… DOWN… PLEASE NOT… NOT SO… NOT SO…” Selkolla panted out as Max laughed and just gave her tits another hard slap, the pins silencing her with blinding pain while he fucked her full of cock.

“No, I don’t think so… You’re gonna take it as hard and as fast as I tell you to you cowardly, broken whore… because guess what? I own you now, and you cannot stop me!” Max laughed at her, punching her right breast hard enough that she screeched in rage and pain at her torture and humiliation, the weakness and helplessness she felt as she was raped, humiliated, tortured, and used as a cumdumpster by the kind of man she would normally be preying on herself.

Selkolla whimpered out in wordless pain as his cock began to swell inside her, continuing to plunge in and out of her cunt faster and faster. Max, for his part, knew he wasn’t going to last much longer… So instead of even trying he reached down and grabbed onto a fistful of both of her sweet, huggable fuckpillows and squeezed them like the world’s most gropeable hand holds, twisting and yanking on them. It served double duty, both giving him leverage to fuck her harder and making her a tighter, more pleasurable hole to fuck in the first place as she squeezed in agony. He sped up, basking in the pleasure as he fucked the whining and howling murderous bitch deep up her tight, greedy, slutty cunt and made her take a hardcore dicking beyond what she had ever experienced before.

“You were… made for this…” he grunted out as he hammered her. “Look at you… built like a pornstar, with a cunt like a million dollars a night whore. From what I heard you were born to be irresistible fuckbait… such a beautiful, tight, intoxicating pleasure that even someone who knew better about how dangerous you were couldn’t resist taking you for a ride. How could you blame me for taking what your body promises to anyone who looks at it?” Max hammered at her, feeling up her fat tits and making them bulge between his fingers while he pumped balls deep in the suffering little succubus. “You beg to be taken with every breath you take, every sway of your hair or shake of your ass. It’s your own fault for inspiring this in me and every other man who looks at you… and now you don’t get to complain when I take what you’ve been advertising!” Again and again he pumped his thick cock balls deep up the squirming and screaming little bitch, Selkolla throwing her head back and howling over and over as the pins tortured her tits.

Max pounded her against the table like he was trying to rape her right through it, as if he was hoping that his next thrust would punch her whole body through the wood and chains and down into the concrete… his rock-hard prick slamming against her cervix with each thrust as she screeched and moaned and desperately, brokenly begged in word fragments for mercy that wasn’t going to come. Soon now… he was going to pop inside her soon. His cock was pounding her harder and faster than anyone had ever forced her to take it and the howling little succubus was losing her fucking mind at the pain and humiliation of getting treated like nothing but the cocksleeve she was. She tried begging again, and Max shut her up and forced a high-pitched wail out of her as he slammed into her again, her back arching as he made this fat-titted succubus slut suffer beneath him. He raped her to the point of exhaustion, raping her to the point where her brain felt like it was going to shut down from the pain, and then he just kept going.

Max could visualize the glory of it and could feel the pinnacle of enjoyment on his prick. A fucktoy created to seduce a god… an actual god. Selkolla was created to be able to dominate anyone through sex, to use her beauty and the pleasure and hunger of men to enslave people like him and better for generations. Now, instead, she belong to him, helpless and miserable as Max could make her as he slammed deep inside her spasming cunt, and it was glorious… No matter how tough she was, no matter the divine purpose she was born from, the sexy suffering seductress was clearly not even remotely able to handle the brutal treatment he was putting her through… Her eyes had rolled back, her mouth hung open and she was panting and yelping like a bitch, screaming as Max treated this uniquely beautiful, purpose-made monster like a cheap disposable blowup doll, and that was the thought that finally made him cum.

“Didn’t I tell you to try your hardest to cum?” he mocked her as he thrust against her, slamming her balls deep up her slutty hole over and over. Max groaned in pleasure as Selkolla shook and bucked in her restraints as she got used as nothing but a fuck-to-look-at jizz rag.

“I Don’t… I can’t… I don’t… I… I…” Selkolla whimpered out as Max got closer and closer to cumming, and then he rammed his cock deep inside her one last time… and exploded. His cock stiffed and began to jerk inside her, shooting his wad right against her womb, pumping her tight little seductive pussy full of his hot cum. “I… can’t…”

Max chuckled. “Well, that’s a shame you murderous bitch… I really thought that was what your greedy little pussy wanted. Guess that’s a shame… because by the time I’m done educating you about your place, you’re going to hate sex so badly you’ll probably never change your mind!” His dick continued to throb inside her as his balls churned, and all she could do was hang helplessly in the chains, limp on the table as she panted took deep, shuddering, broken breaths, and drool down her chin. “But hey… Maybe I’m wrong. you can keep trying… in fact, you have to. Maybe you’ll have better luck next time.” Max chuckled. “You really are a great cumdump, aren’t you? No wonder you had gods competing over a chance to take you to bed… you’re a world-class cocksleeve.” Max pulled out of her swollen cunt and laughed as her body rested limply in the chains on the table. Her formerly tight pussy was, at least temporarily, gaping wide open, and cum leaked down from it to drench her thighs and ass. The sexy succubus’s body was drenched in sweat and jizz… Blood, diluted by a sheen of their mutual sweat that covered her whole body, fresh streams of crimson trickling from dozens of the silver circles marking the thumbtacks still embedded in her. She panted brokenly, trying to catch her breath as she lay there, and Selkolla made some pathetic, erotic mewling sounds deep in her throat that almost sounded like a prayer to the aroused slaver. Max watched the cum drooling from her well-fucked cunt as he took in the exhausted whole of her, the pain-drunk look on Selkolla’s overwhelmed face.

He liked that look on a sexy fucktoy like her. He liked it a lot.

Max waved his hand in front of her dazed face and laughed at her. “Earth to monster… Are you still with me, succubus-slut? You hearing me?”

“Guh… guh… don’t… please… take them… out of… m-me…” Selkolla moaned softly in between the shuddering gasps that shook her otherwise limp, broken body. “Rest… let me… let me… rest… please… rest, master… rest…”

“Rest you can have,” he said as he began pulling his pants back on, stretching out as he did so. “But those tacks are staying in.”

The sob that escaped her the weak whore’s mouth at that moment was one of the hottest things he had ever heard. “…but… why?”

Max looked back at her and smiled. “Because you didn’t manage to cum, of course. Only seems fair to give you another try… or at least one more…” He turned and walked up the stairs with a smile on his face, and even as he left he still heard the sobbing behind him until he closed the door.


“The Runepact is what holds them to the oath you are trying to break, and that has some… let’s call them downstream effects. Promises made give you power over them, but it also gives them the same power over you,” Astrid said as she sat in a large reclining chair. The two of them were in his lounge the next day, relaxing as they spoke. She had spread her legs out, baring her sex to her new slave Margret as the former bartender knelt on the floor. Astrid’s fingers glided across her stomach and then down to her legs as her fingers moved inward over her bare thighs. Two fingers pressed against her pussy lips, spreading them apart. The pink flesh inside seemed almost comically light compared to her nearly black skin and the whole thing was bared for Max’s eyes. As beautiful as it was to gaze upon, Max knew she was not doing this for him. Doing it to tease him, perhaps… but not doing it for him. Her gaze was only directed at the enslaved redhead.

Astrid’s left hand lifted to beckon the woman over to her, and Margret shifted onto her hands and knees, crawling across the floor toward her mistress. She stopped right before Astrid and lifted herself into a sitting pose with her knees bent and legs tucked underneath her. Margret placed her hands onto the dark coal skin of Astrid’s thighs. Her head tilted down and her tongue dipped out to languidly run her tongue along her mistress’ wet slit. “Just knowing that a promise can’t be broken honestly is socially powerful by itself, but the magic doesn’t stop there,” Astrid continued. “There is a backlash against you if you break a promise… sometimes it horrendous luck, or twisting of fate. Mostly, though, it’s pain… Persistent pain until the promise is forgiven or you make it right. Just another way in which Selkolla here is an idiot… If you broke your promise to free her on death, you’d be too dead to care at that point.”

Max listened, watching as his previously flaccid cock to begin hardening once more. He tried to ignore it and pay attention. Information was key to this business, and with his capture of Selkolla, Astrid had already proved to him that her information was good and that anything she had to say was definitely worth his time to listen to. Still, the svartalf domme was distracting. Unlike the succubus, who looked perfectly human except for the parts of hers that had been added on, no one could have possibly mistaken Astrid for human when her illusions were down – even though she was similar to a human woman she was definitely something else, even at a glance. Normal people, normal humans, just didn’t have ears like that, or proportions like hers… let alone skin the color of crude oil. Even with the inhuman skin and her odd shape and her bald head beneath the golden wig, Max had to admit that he still found the svartalf an exotically beautiful creature to behold. In fairness, he never had had difficulty finding something in any woman to find beautiful, but despite all her inhumanity Astrid didn’t exactly make it hard… her beauty was a stark and harsh thing but it was undeniable. The slaver would gladly have bedded her, but he doubted they would find any chemistry consensually… and she was his partner, not his prey.

Still, a fantasy or two never hurt.

Perhaps it was those thoughts of her and her naked glory that caused his cock to start hardening, or perhaps it was the way her slave licked at her. Certainly, Margret’s efforts brought his thoughts back to that night he’d broken her in for the svartalf. He’d found that tongue of hers quite talented, and Astrid must have agreed because she frequently made the woman employ it… and Max couldn’t say that he blamed the woman for using her pet’s best skills for her pleasure. Regardless of what was bringing his cock to attention, he had his own genital pleaser right before him.

His hand encircled the base of his cock as he pulled on the leash wound around Selkolla’s neck. His fingers wagged the cock up and down, slapping the succubus across the face as she was pulled close to him. “We’re talking about you again, little cocksucker,” he purred at her. He didn’t need to tie her up but that was just one of the reasons he took so much joy in doing it… her arms were tightly restrained behind her back with a black leather armbinder that matched the collar around her neck, and he used her own limbs as the primary thing pinning her wings against her back. A little bit of experimentation, along with some longer needles and her nipples, had revealed to him the extent to which the succubus could transform her appearance to please him. Her breasts had grown further until no one would believe they were genuine and not filled with saline, and her hair had become a stark, bright red that said “stripper” more than it said “redhead.” Her lips had swollen to be even larger and softer, her waist had become even slimmer, and the false makeup she wore even more exaggerated… she looked every bit the cheap whore that could be found in any city’s streets save that she was prettier. To his delight, the whorish appearance actually seemed to shame her… apparently, to the succubus, looking overly sexual was no shame at all, but doing so and being tacky was humiliating. Max filed that away for later as his cock head perched at her soft lips, ready to penetrate her mouth once more.

From across the room, Astrid let out a moan from her lips. Her hand was curled into the locks of Margret’s hair, pulling her face in closer to her cunt. She rotated her hips, gyrating her pussy into the licking tongue. Astrid let out a purr. “So like I implied… that succubus whore clearly isn’t very experienced in the consequences of making a bargain, or how to do it properly. Idiot. Your next target, however, will not have that issue mortal. Skuld has been making those kinds of deals with gods and mortals both long before I was born, much less you.” She sighed in pleasure as the wet noises from between her legs grew louder. “Honestly, she’s not who I expected you’d want to go after next. I’d argue she’s by far the most dangerous… someone who has fate itself wrapped around her fingers.”

Max slapped his dick down against Selkolla’s nose a few times, delighting in the frankly adorable way she flinched. In some ways she was incredibly experienced… but in many others she was almost adorably innocent and easy to get a rise out of it. So utterly unused to not being in perfect control, it was like every humiliation was a totally new experience to her. “That’s part of the plan. So, tell me about this Skuld. The letter called her fae… some kind of elder of their kind?”

Astrid laughed. “Sure… like a dinosaur is the elder of a chicken. Skuld isn’t just a faerie. She’s exponentially more skilled, more wise, more powerful… and more dangerous.” She lifted one leg and hooked it around the back of Margret’s head, pulling her more firmly into place with casual ease, her hands staying relaxed. “She and her sisters were the mothers of the legends your people have of the fae… tricky, wise, and practically invulnerable.”

“How about iron?” Max asked. “Is that true?”

Astrid waved a hand dismissively. “Not the way you’re thinking. Most of those legends refer to ‘cold iron,’ like it was a way of treating it… it was just a poetic way of talking about iron from anywhere but the molten crags of Muspelheim. The distinction isn’t that faeries are especially vulnerable to iron… rather, it’s that it’s the only thing mortals are capable of using that is going to hurt them at all. Any other injury you do is going to be healed so fast that if you blink you might think you missed her entirely… it’s something to do with the dust off their wings. Muspelheim iron will mute her powers, but only so much… and normal iron will only slow down that healing enough that she’ll notice the damage, not prevent her from healing it. If you want to actually hurt her you’ll need to be creative – anything a mortal does is always going to have trouble.”

“The letter warned that I wouldn’t be able to overcome her,” Max mused. “Or trick her. That’d I’d need to bargain with her. It recommended I go after her daughters.”

A sigh of pleasure escaped the svartalf’s dark lips. “Sounds about right to me,” she agreed. “The fact she cares enough about someone enough to make her vulnerable is about the only weakness I can imagine she has. She’s had plenty of daughters over the years, though. Some of them are well older than I am… but most of those have left this world behind long ago: You won’t find any of them on Midgard. I assume then that your… benefactor… is speaking of her two youngest. I looked into it a little bit and cast some runestones to divine the truth… They are still here.” She gasped shortly before continuing. “Tell me, mortal… have you heard of the Luminous Branch?”

Max started to roll his eyes, then stopped as he realized why she was asking. “You’re kidding,” he said, slapping his dick against Selkolla a few more times. “That’s her?”

“Mmm,” Astrid agreed. “The woman on TV doing the new-age-y advertisements with the come-hither eyes? That’s Skuld. She’s the high priestess of the Church… been advertising and appeared on late-night television a time or two.” She ground her hips down into the exploring tongue of her slave, and the look of pleasure on her face told Max she was feeling the effects of a truly fantastic cunt-worship. “That’s not her true self, of course, but that’s the form she’s wearing these last few decades… the church is just the most recent pet project of hers.”

Max pressed his cock into the mouth of the bound woman before him. His cock head disappeared past her lips and sank back in across her warm, silky-smooth tongue. That was… interesting. He unquestionably knew of that insanely beautiful woman… she’d been called the most beautiful woman in the world by popular lists more than once. “Someone almost hired me to kidnap her before,” he mused. “Bit of a poseur… never ended up speaking to me directly but through a contact. Blanched at the price I demanded to go after someone like that.”

“Lucky for you,” Astrid purred with a chuckle. “It would have been an ignoble way to die.”

“Have to die of something,” he snorted out. The Church of the Luminous Branch was what he would call a semi-secret society… one of those that pretty much everyone knew existed but little was known publicly about their inner circle. He had always thought of them as the old-world pagan equivalent of Scientology – a place for the ultra-wealthy to go to for the PR of “reconnecting with nature” or “getting in touch with their roots.” Despite the wealthy circles he had his connections in Max hadn’t heard much of what went on there beyond the networking… even though he had spoken with several men and women who had paid to be inducted into the society proper. It was like asking a freemason what goes on in their meetings… not only was it both forbidden and not important, but Max also couldn’t have cared less.

Except now he did.

Selkolla writhed on her knees in front of him, her body squirming as he pushed into her throat. Her hands tugged at the armbinder as she choked but the leather was plenty secure against the strength her collar limited her to… it was impossible for her to get away, and Max didn’t think she was really trying. More than likely, she was just trying to shift her position to breathe better: his cock slamming against the back of her throat didn’t help her to catch her breath certainly, and she gagged with every thrust.

“So, she’s the High Priestess of the Luminous Branch. Tell me everything we know about her.” Max said, thinking. Restriction bred innovation… and hearing about how invulnerable and hard to hurt or control the fae woman was already had his mind working hard, trying to come up with a plan already making plans about how he could break this one. He knew that not every single one of the women would be so willing to give in. Selkolla had turned out to be an exception… honestly, an unwelcome one. This ‘Skuld’ seemed like she would be much harder to break.

Astrid let out another lewd moan. Her fingers licked her forefinger and middle finger together on her left hand. She placed the wet digits over her left nipple, rolling the nub around to make it harden. The svartalf had a tight grip with her right hand in Margret’s hair, pulling her in close. She bucked her hips rapidly forward, pumping them across the bartender’s face, and her pussy juices smeared over Margret’s chin and cheeks. “Yes, get in there and lick me even harder. Really use that tongue!” Having forgotten herself briefly, Astrid’s eyes fixed on Max to address his concerns. “Well, I think we’ve pretty well covered her personal invulnerability, but I feel the need to point out that she is even more powerful than you may think. Once upon a time, she bathed in the current of time and fate like it was a shower. She immersed herself in knowledge of past, present, and future, and used knowledge to divine the answers to questions from the Allfather himself. The Well of Urd ran dry centuries ago but the wisdom that came from it would have never fully faded. Who knows… you might go after her just to find her already waiting for, you no matter what you think of.”

“That’s a reassuring thought,” Max groused.

“Indeed,” Astrid agreed. “That aside, she controls the church and a truly unbelievable sum of money and influence… worshipers and hopefuls both that will follow her without question and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what hundreds and hundreds of years of compounded interest can do. If you find Skuld alone and vulnerable, in a position where hse looks weak rather than strong, she is not – you have been tricked.”

Max made a mental note about the information she was telling him. His hips thrust forward, pressing his cock down Selkolla’s throat once more, and the sound of her sudden gagging made him smile. “That is good information to know. So then, if we can’t take on Skuld directly… tell me about her daughters. Is she close to them? Are they fae like her?”

The dark-skinned beauty laughed. “There are no other fae like her,” the svartalf said. “Not anymore, since Urd and Verdandi died. Both girls would be half-mortal… I’m not sure how much of their mother’s nature they inherited, but I imagine you’ll find out soon enough. Considering that both women are in positions of power in the Luminous Branch, I’d say it is a safe bet that Skuld built this church for them, to serve their interests… ever did she dote on her children. Yes, I would say she is close… ever since the death of her sisters, she has been extremely devoted to what family she can build for herself. All available evidence is that she would do anything for them.”

“We can exploit that to control her,” Max agreed. “Get them both, and we’ll definitely have Skuld listening to any demand we make of her. Who are they?”

Astrid shrugged. “On that, your extremely convenient… Google… wizardry knew more than I do. Their names are Nicia and Estrid. Nicia holds ‘court’ at the main temple branch outside of Seattle and she has a bit of a reputation… apparently she prefers the company of women, and isn’t shy about being… magnanimous… with her charms.

“Estrid, on the other hand, seems more reserved and is usually involved with their expansion efforts… not sure where to find her, but from what I understand they recently bought up a large swatch of land in Brazil. It seems likely she’ll be there.” The svartalf put her hand on the back of Margret’s head, pulling her in even closer to her crotch. “Yes, just like that. Really get in there and eat my cunt you little bitch… If I can’t feel your tongue scraping against my tonsils you aren’t far enough in yet.” She wrapped her legs around Margret’s head, keeping her in place.

The slave bartender was having difficulty breathing now, but quickened her pace, licking and drawing her tongue through the svartalf’s pussy and drawing out a heavy breath from her. Astrid rocked her hips in a heavy, grinding motion. Her legs trembled, draped across Margret’s back. Astrid tilted her head back, letting out a long and loud satisfied moan from her lips. She finally collapsed back into the recliner chair and looked back to Max. A smile crossed her lips. “Either way… going after one of them is likely to raise the alarm within the church, not to mention with their near-goddess of a mother. I don’t see how you’re going to get them both.”

Max had a lot of good information from the dark elf. It would serve him well in coming up with a plan for dealing with the priestess. His cock banged into Selkolla’s mouth with his balls slapping into her face. He let out a grunt of his own as his cock ejaculated another hot load of cum down her throat. His eyes locked with the succubus’s as he pulled her off, letting her gargle down his jizz as she coughed. “Oh, I know exactly how we’re going to do that,” he said, a malicious grin on his face. “I’m going to use a bit of help and go after them both at once. This is going to be fun…


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