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Over Their Heads Chapter 3 – The Fiery One

Updated: Apr 21

Mayael’s mind raced with the frantic insanity of battle. Running through Archleon’s cavernous burrows she felt closer to the instinctive behavior of a beast than she did to the intentional, planned thought of an elf. The fighting retreat to reach the surface had turned desperate for her, Serina, and her sister Niranya Everbloom. The three of them were the only survivors as far as they could tell, and the druid’s previous exhilaration at being on the frontlines had turned into a horrible reality check.

The mongrelized horde of minions at their heels was an ever-present threat, ruthlessly and constantly nipping at their rear like a skirmishing raiding party harassing a fleeing army. She could hear their vile voices and fiendish chattering echoing off the walls in a constant cacophony. Since Vallista’s incomprehensible betrayal, Mayael had played rearguard until the last few minutes of their chase. By then, her wildshaped bear form was too badly injured for her to maintain any longer. Since then, she had been huffing along, running harder than the elf ever had as she occasionally turned to cast minor magic behind her in the hope it would delay the advancing swarm. Sling shot and arrows came at them out of the darkness, and they needed to dodge quickly each time… and though they had yet to suffer any major wounds, the harassment still slowed them down, forcing them to fight, and increasing the risk that some greater horror would overtake them within these narrow pathways.

A bugbear came rushing at their front, out of one of the warrens they had passed on the way in. He charged, axe raised… Serina gave a sharp cry, paused just a second to get the timing right, then advanced, raised her shield, and swung, twice. The shield caught his axe and smashed it aside, then her sword cleaved through him… once, twice, and the hobgoblin was reduced into gibbets. She brought the shield down like a hammer, bashing him aside, causing his various body parts ricocheted in various directions like pollen struck from a mayflower.

“I should have checked the tunnels,” Mayael growled to herself, full of doubt. What was she doing here? Serina and Niranya were simply so much more experienced adventurers and heroes than she was.

The hobgoblin had brought a small horde of lesser minions with him, his own backup. Goblins came pouring out after him right at the heroes like a flood in an attempt to stall them for the encroaching threat from behind. Niranya, however, was quicker. The red-haired elf’s gemstone-crowned quarterstaff leveled towards their group, and a second later sorceress flames billowed out from her sister’s staff. The stench of seared goblin flesh erupted into the air as a white hot-burning conflagration engulfed and incinerated the advancing goblins so spectacularly that Mayael could see the liquified skin melting off their bones. It illuminated the darkened grotto with desert-like brightness – Mayael could even see their terror-struck eyes disintegrate into great sockets of hollow blackness.

“A dragon’s breath is not the only fire you should fear, abomination,” Niranya snarled towards the blackened ashes left behind.

Then, as if having summoned the devil by speaking his likeness, the sound of another furious roar blared from further down the cavern. The deafening sound reverberated from down within the caverns. It was a voice completely in the profanity of nature. A voice primordial in wrath and fury, its overwhelming decibel a testament to the creature’s power and strength. This was the roar of an apex predator on the hunt. Mayael jumped like a startled cat… it was no less terrifying the second time than it had been further below, and it made her feel like a rabbit being chased by the wolf. The sound was so loud it shook rocks free from the ceiling and made Mayael stumble, glancing back towards the darkness from whence they fled. In the distance, orange lambent luminescence shot out, dispelling the tenebrosity that cloaked the depths.

“Archleon!” Serina hissed with a Paladin’s righteous condemnation for evil.

“The wyrm is coming!” Niranya declared. The sorceress was visibly frustrated. If it weren’t for the minions swarming her, she could have stood her ground against the dragon, used her magic to even the field for her friends. If it weren’t from the dragon, she could have fought an effective retreat against the horde, burning them by the thousands as she went until they were too frightened to press closer. Neither was the case, and she could do little but flee as quickly as she could.

A horripilation struck Mayael. It was a chill deep enough to freeze her blood. Her powerful sister, the woman she had looked up to all her life and thought of as an invincible goddess couldn’t protect her… and the dragon was coming. “He’s coming for us!” the druid whispered.

“Yes. He’s right on our tail,” Serina concluded. “We need to go… now!”

“We’ll never make it down the mountain!” Mayael blurted, breathing quickly.

“We’ll think of something,” Niranya spoke, sounding anxious in contrast to her usual tranquil elven tenors. “Run!”

Archleon’s breath conflagrated again behind them, sending such heat racing forward that they could feel it on the back of their necks. They ran.


“Damnit!” Serina blared, slashing with her sword arm.

They could see the surface just ahead of them… the dim dawn sunlight lighting their way. Despite how close it was, however, it seemed so far – the fleeing women had uncovered an additional tribulation that came with the Dragon’s arrival. Archleon was spouting his dragonfire to his fiery heart’s content, burning asunder anything and everything between them and him, including even his own horde that was pursuing them, albeit not as quickly as the draconic master wanted. Those minions were now not merely chasing them but also fleeing the mortal peril behind them… and if anything, it made them run faster. More and more of them were watching up with the fleeing adventurers.

A sudden pain caught her foot and Mayael stumbled. “Owfh!” the druid grunted, landing on hands and feet. One of the goblins had caught up to her and leaped upon her heels, grabbing onto her. The creature tried to bite at her with his stalagmite-like teeth, and Mayael kicked furiously with both legs, trying to get him off of her. Serina and Niranya instantly stopped to assist, and while the paladin cut the goblin down in just a few heartbeats it still cost them precious seconds.

The horde might be terrified, but they were still doing their best to catch the fleeing trio. All of them knew that with their capture, Archleon’s godlike anger would be stayed. Niranya aided her sister back to her feet. “We’re almost there,” she said. “We just need to—”

Archleon’s fires sprouted again, rampaging with more force and fury than a waterfall splashing down from a high cliff. The flames raced at them out of the darkness, and Serina and Mayael both flinched away. Niranya, however, did not. Instead, she cut herself off mid-sentence, raised her staff, and shouted a single word. “STOP!” The flames rushed forward… and a second later splashed against an invisible wall of the elf’s will. Tongues of scalding dragon’s flame spread out around the barrier, turning the darkness of the cave momentarily to mid-day and saving them from certain incineration.

She backed up one step at a time, holding back the wall of flame as she paced her way up the last few feet of the tunnel. Mayael felt like she was resting too close to a fire… the heat was mostly blocked by her sister’s spell, and yet it was threatening to cook her all the same. Then, with a scream, Niranya clenched her fist, the fire swirling like it was caught in a vortex. Moments later it began to gather, pulled towards the crimson-haired elf… and then she was carrying a new, shimmering ruby in her hand.

She staggered the moment the last flame went out, clearly exhausted. Serina grabbed onto her arm, helping support her. “Come on. We gotta go…”

Mayael took the last steps out into the sunlight, looking down into the cave… feeling stunned. The dragon was so close, and so was his horde. She could hear them from below… the roaring of his teeming minions, the pounding of heavy footfalls. His latest burst of fire had bought them some room but not much. This was bad. This was bad this was bad this was bad. Soon they would be upon them, and…

Niranya shrugged off Serina’s arm, looking back down into the sinking cave with a grim expression. Then she grimaced, turning to look over the too-large, too-exposed expanse of the mountainside just below the destroyed temple. She took a step forward and grabbed onto Mayael’s arm, squeezing it. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “It wasn’t supposed to go like this.” She looked down, and squeezed again. Then, before Mayael could react, the sorceress shoved her younger sister into the aasimar’s arms. “Take her to safety,” Niranya demanded. “Get her down the mountain, Serina.”

“What?” Mayael shouted in confused alarm.

Serina looked shocked. “I can’t leave you!” the paladin protested.

“You have to!” Niranya said with certainty. “We’ll never make it down the mountain with that horde chasing us. You’ll need to keep beneath cover to hide from Achleon, and if his minions are flushing us out…” The elf shook her head. “No. I can hold them here, at this chokepoint.”

Serina looked like she’d been stabbed in the stomach. “Niranya, I-”

“I need you to promise me,” the fire-haired elf said firmly, already stepping forward to the mouth of the cave and ready to confront the oncoming horde. “You need to do this for me, Serina. Get my sister out of here safely. I’ll buy you time. You need to hurry… we won’t get another chance.”

“No!” Mayael exclaimed… but even as she did Serina held her tighter, not letting her squirm free.

The paladin was far, far stronger than Mayael was, and she couldn’t break free. “I’ll do it,” Serina swore in a mournful voice, marching onward while hauling the slender Druid back and away from the cavernous grotto.

Mayael only kicked and screamed for a short amount of time. Somehow, deep down, she knew the truth as well, and it would be horrible to spoil her sister’s sacrifice…. But her sister… Mayael remembered growing up, as a tiny girl, with her flame-haired adult sister like a god above her. She was radiant. Strong. Brave. And she always wanted to be just like her.

She watched her sister stare after her as she grew more distant in the dim dawn light until the tears in her eyes stole the sight of her away, and wondered if she would ever see her again.


The multitude of monsters boiled up out of the darkness like a tidal wave of green flesh, scales, and spines. Some of them hollered with bloodlust at finally locating their enemy. Others, however, seemed so subsumed with fear towards their bewinged master that they scarcely even noticed Niranya was blocking their path and just rushed forward in desperate flight. They kept on coming. Weapons flailed over their heads and fanged mouths roared.

The elf wizard stood firm, not flinching as she raised up her staff, its gemstone-crowned tip glowing. “Stop,” she commanded.

They didn’t.

The monsters rushed forward, their voices taking on a furious roar as they charged… their rage and murderous lust boiling over. “Didn’t you hear what I had to say?” she quipped, holding out her other hand, gripping the newly formed ruby in a tight grip. It burned at her hand just a little, and she held tightly onto it anyway. “A dragon’s breath is not the only fire that you should fear!” she shouted, throwing the ruby to the stone at her feet.

Niranya was no copper-ante sorceress. When the dragon had tried to burn them, she hadn’t merely blocked it… instead, she had gathered it. Containing, purifying, and collecting it into the ruby. Now smashing the stone unleashed all that heat and flame that she had stolen, giving her plenty of power to work with. A wall of flames leaped up from the stones, appearing between them and her, blocking the tunnel with combustion so bright and furious it seemed antagonistic towards life itself. Those monsters leading immediately tried to break their charge, stumbling to a stop. Unfortunately for them, those in the back were still more frightened of the dragon than they were of the wall of flames. They kept pushing forward, forcing the others forward in turn. The inexorable tidal wave of draconic minions broke into chaotic mayhem, its members stumbling and careening forward without control. Excruciated wails and the smell of sizzling steak assailed Everbloom’s senses as they impacted against her fires…

And burned.

Niraya winced, grunting at the effort required to keep this spell going. She had used the dragon’s fire to help conjure it in the first place, but all the concentration and magical power to maintain it had to come from within. – Niranya needed to maintain absolute focus over her arcane power, else the fast-burning ward would vanish. Sweat began pouring down her temples as she focused, hardly even pay attention to the monsters behind the wall. Even the slightest distraction could prove fatal. However, this magic appeared to be doing the trick. Not a single one of the minions had penetrated the wall to brain her and continue after Serina and her sister.

And she wouldn’t let any of them go, either.

“Yo-You’re not going to get… through,” she wheezed. “Just… give up.”

The deafening roar almost drove her body back. It was so loud that not even a meditative spellcaster like Niranya could ignore it. She locked down her control over the spell, banishing whatever doubts she could, then forced one eye open to look into the flames. Her focus was narrowed so completely it was as if she and the darkness and the fires were the only things existing in the universe. The vague shapes of goblins and kobolds and bugbears and orcs and gods knew what else behind that wall were nothing but smoldering cadavers that would feed her pyre. Behind them, however, an entity invaded her universe from out of the void. A shape far larger, incomprehensibly grander, and far greater in both power and stature. Archleon’s reptilian snout emerged from out of the darkness, hovering above the flickering flames while beaming rows of jagged teeth through a tartarian smirk. The totality of his monstrous figure remained hidden in the outer darkness, yet Niranya could tell that it was a powerhouse of flesh and scale alike.

“Foe of the Seldarine,” she managed to hiss. “I see your despicable face.”

Archleon glared down at her with one amber-glowing eye larger in size than Niranya’s fist. Though having scorched and rampaged his way up through the grotto, the Dragon now appeared eerily thoughtful and posed during their confrontation. He seemed… nefariously amused somehow. As if entertained by the very farce that was her invasion of his personal domains. “Naught but a parlor trick,” he said, his voice a thunderstorm, raging out over the world. While his tone and words were cultured and amused, they could not hide the vast power and fury lurking beneath the surface of the monster. “Sorcerous blood,” he scoffed, “You think you can steal power from the dragons, and use it against me?

Niranya’s trepidation mounted by the second. She didn’t mind trading words – any additional delay was more time Serina and Mayael would have – but this was the inevitable end of her gambit to defend them… The moment she chose to stay behind she knew that the dragon would be able to walk right through her fire as if it didn’t exist, forcing her to face it with her sorcery alone. With Serina in the front and friends by her side she would have felt confident… but alone? She would be destroyed utterly. And yet… he waited.

Surely it was not her flames that were holding him back? A serpent of Archleon’s magnitude and power would not even wince passing through her barrier, his red scales as immune to heat as the most sorcery-infused barrier… So why was he waiting? Or what was he waiting for?

With a growl that could rupture stone Archleon turned around and returned to whence he came. His massive body cast a shadow speckled with glints of crimson light reflected from his scales as he faded back into the darkness and away from the wall of fire. Niranya was shocked, her mind abuzz with questions. Why would he do such a thing? What demonic scheme was brewing inside the malevolent serpent’s brain? Her reflection was cut short as she noticed a presence on the other side of the barrier. A group of figures larger than she, but still far closer in size and dimension to an elf than a dragon. These figures advanced unflinchingly towards her wall of flame… and passed right through, unbothered by its heat.

“Great gods!” she exclaimed, reeling backward upon sighting who they were. Her draconian terrors had returned in humanoid shape. These were dragonspawn… infernal bastards sired between great serpents and mortal women. What had emerged from those flames were scales, tusks, horns, and reptilian snouts bearing the heritage of Archleon. In coloration they came in various shades of red, from bright as blood to as dark as redwood. Muscular tails sliced back and forth in their wake as the sculpted humanoid dragons stepped forward, perfect specimens of manhood… unlike the mongrelized greenskins that had been sent out to wilt them down. They were immune to fire. And, Niranya noticed, none of them wore clothing. The red-haired elf’s eyes needed only travel a tad bit lower to catch sight of immense, scaly phalluses hanging from their groins like battering rams. Her consternation multiplied upon seeing those prongs, so ready for use… Niranya had yet to meet a monster who disliked using them in war.

“There is the fleshing, Lord Firstborn Pondus!” one of the Dragonspawn said in a sibilant tenor.

The largest and strongest of the group — he who had been first to pass through the flames – smirked malevolently, eyeballing Niranya far more rapaciously than his father had moments earlier. “And so it is. Get her,” he ordered.

Niranya couldn’t let go of the barrier. If she did, she would be swarmed in a moment. Instead, she needed to fight with everything else she had left, and while she was in no condition to resist them either physically or magically, she was determined not to go down without a fight. “Sorry serpents,” she panted, eyes flicking down repeatedly towards their well-hung crotches. “As you can see I already have a staff of my own.”

Several of the dragonspawn monsters advanced on her in unison. Niranya raised her staff and sent a bolt of lightning towards the first of them. It bore a hole right through him, and the others stared in shock for just an instant before they roared and rushed forward, and she took a moment to smirk through her exhaustion… While Niranya was most gifted with fire sorcery, that hardly meant that the fire-proof fiends should have assumed that was all she could do. A quick chant and a dance of her fingers and a quickly-put-together spray of acid flung out across two more of them… but it was to no avail. Within moments they were on top of her. Niranya knew she wouldn’t be able to hold off for long, she had known it before she ever made her first evocation. There were simply too many of them, she couldn’t split her focus enough to maintain the shielding wall of flame and still conjure her most powerful magics. It left her to fight with only a fraction of what she could be capable of at her best… and outnumbered this badly by flame-retardant warriors, she wasn’t even sure if that would be enough. Determined, she tightened her grip and swung her staff like a warclub… yet the Dragonspawn didn’t even grimace as he blocked the heavy wood with his forearm. He grabbed the staff and flung it out of her grasp with overwhelming force. Another of them seized her by the collar of her cloak as the catalyst for her spells clattered uselessly against the stone. The sorceress clasped his clawed hand in a futile effort to fight against his rigid handhold…


Niranya let out a bloodchilling screech as white hot pain shot through her palm, her flesh scalding and blistering. The Dragonspawns were enshrouded in a high-temperature aura, and hellish heat radiated from their very bodies as if the fires of the damned burned within their souls.

The dragonspawn slammed her to the ground with ease, her meager strength not nearly enough to resist the superheated monsters. The largest of the dragonspawn, the one they called Pondus, laughed at her reaction. “We bathed in our fathers flame the whole way up the tunnels,” he hissed. “And our scales retain their heat flawlessly. Your own fires just barely topped us off. It’s useful when dealing with fleshling interlopers… It makes the taking of our prey animals so much more… interesting.”

Niranya squirmed and jolted every time one of their fiery scales touched against her naked flesh as several of his companions began violently disrobing her, ripping the light fabric off her body and exposing her to the dawn air… forcefully unveiling the elf’s slender figure before the monster’s lustful, glaring eyes. Niranya was tall and long-limbed in ways you normally don’t see on humans while still possessing the nimble elegance of her species. She was slim but with breasts larger than her frame suggested, pert and firm but still sizable enough to jiggle around as she struggled. Most attractive of all, however, was the fae woman’s pert and utterly hairless love hole, smooth as any elf’s. That tight, narrow slit between her legs appeared soft and welcoming, and despite her nearly six centuries of life her elven youth meant it looked barely ever used. The more exposed she got, the more viciously the elf struggled. “Get off m—iiiaaahh!!” she shrieked, her thought cut short by more blazing agony. Merely trying to push the dragonspawn off her was like pushing her palm against a frying pan on the flame.

Pondus chuckled with cruel mirth, stepping forward to stand over her. “Pathetic fleshling! You thought that hurt? Just wait, little one… wait until you feel what it’s like when you feel it burning up your breeding hole,” he threatened while hefting his quickly hardening penis and stroking it to erection. “You’ll have your cunt cooked from the inside for daring to impose on Father’s domain.”

Grimacing with dread, Niranya had only a few more seconds left to act. She activated what last vestiges of supernatural power her exhausted body could muster. Moving her fingers in a practiced graymeric pattern and mumbling arcane syllables she barely managed to cast a Resist Elements spell just seconds before her arm was pinned down with a sizzle of heat and pain. The enchantment created a bulwark between her and the heat… but the spell was only resistance, not immunity. It helped shield her from being scalded by their scales, but the sting was still agonizing.

“Worthless bitch, stealing power that isn’t hers!” the Firstborn snarled… and he stomped down upon her outstretched hand. “Sorcerous power belongs to the dragon, not to you! I hate your spell-stealing pondscum and all your wretched tricks!” In the very next moment, showing no hesitation at all, Pondus tipped his balance forward so that the brunt of his weight pressed down on Niranya’s fingers. The elf screamed in anguish as bones broke one after the other, pop-pop-pop. Her world exploded into pain, and it was only through desperate effort and long practice that she managed to keep the firewall from completely falling apart. Every single finger was ground against the earth until it was either crooked or popped out of place… Pondus really dug in his foot to maximize the disfigurement. “Cast a spell to resist that, harlot!” he snarled.

Niranya screamed again, staring at her mangled fingers as his foot came away from it. Her hand was ruined. Magic might be able to heal it, but she doubted it ever would be right again naturally. Without her hands, casting any but the most simplistic magic would be impossible… with the press of his foot, the dragonspawn had taken away much of the power she had spent centuries attaining. “Shall we break her other hand as well, Firstborn?” one of the lizards subservient to their elder asked.

“Certainly,” Pondus responded. “I don’t want this weak, jumped-up prey animal using any more powers beyond her station.”

“Nooo!” Niranya shrieked in abject terror at the thought of the skill she had dedicated herself to for her entire life being stripped away… yet her cry went unheeded. Another draconian foot pinned down her struggling hand, and soon another series of horribly loud snapping sounds echoed through the air. It sounded almost like twigs being snapped, one after the other, and the sound was audible even over her screaming. Hearing the morbid noise caused several of the dragonspawns’ scaly cocks to rise upright like flag posts.

“Monsters!” she hissed. “You bastards!” The proud elf tried to growl at them with a display of strength she did not especially feel.

Pondus scoffed. “Fool elf… you have not even begun to suffer yet. Save your pathetic exclamations for when we set your slutholes aflame!”

Mere moments later the elf learned the veracity of his threats. Even though Pondus was Firstborn among them, and evidently all of them obeyed him, their leader had no notions to reserve their newly-caught prey animal for just himself. Several dragonspawn thronged around her, each looking for a hole to grab for themselves… Niranya was going to be gangbanged in an appropriately brutal fashion. She struggled as best an injured, exhausted elf could against reptilian rapists that outweighed her by at least triple each, screaming wildly and thrashing until one of the dragonspawn seized her skull like a rock he was planning to throw.

Dragging Niranya closer by her hair, the half-dragon monster gripped the base of his scaled cock, guiding it towards his prey’s face. The redheaded elf flinched away, the blistered palms of her brutalized hands battering at the statuesque dragonspawn’s hand. Try as she might, she was unable to pry more than a few strands of her hair free from his callous grip. Kneeling by her suddenly immobile head, the dragonspawn’s erect missile of meat protruded towards her face like a spear from a phalanx. She screamed in disgust, making it easy for him to plug that gaping mouth shut with his torrid phallus. Niranya could immediately feel the painful heat radiating against her velvety lips. His thick, ribbed shaft sizzled against her tongue, a thin wisp of steam escaping the sides of her mouth as her eyes water. Soon he was distorting her screaming horribly by brutally skullfucking the struggling wizard, keeping her head pinned against the stone. Immediately Niranya began to choke, letting out loud gagging noises with each plunge of that scaly prick bumping against the back of her throat. Her rapist ground his armored pelvis against the sorceress’s face, groaning in pleasure as he mashed his scaled testicles up against her chin as the suffering elf’s dainty nose crushed against his lower belly.

“Delicious…” Pondus mumbled while he squatted down in between her legs, looking down into what he could see of her glaring eyes as Niranya was forced to swallow her pride along with his brother’s cock. “Taking an unburnt pussy is always something special. They always sizzle the best while fresh.”

Niranya watched him out of the corner of her eyes while being orally gouged. Though he’d shared her with the others, the Firstborn had still claimed the first vaginal fuck for himself. Her legs kicked and rattled in overwhelming fear from the nearness of that cock. Even with the Resist Fire spell activated she did not want a cock that superheated anywhere near her twat. His finger skewered her first, sawing in and out with a searing stab of heat and pain, and the dragonspawn snorted out a laugh. He raised the finger up, letting her watch as the liquid boiled right off his finger and turned to steam and smoke before her eyes. “Not a virgin. No surprise there…” He sadistically slid his dickhead against the slender cleft between her legs. The Firstborn poked once, twice, three times, and each minute touch sparked a frizzle of burning feeling that made Niranya’s hips jolt. She would have wailed at the feeling in her velvety slit scorched if her mouth was unplugged. Pondus, alongside all of his leering brothers, plainly enjoyed how much it hurt her. “Now imagine having this firestick entirely inside your elvish cunt,” he chuckled. “That’s what’s coming next.”

He talked to her in this manner even while she was being glottally clubbed. The heat that he threatened her with was already radiating down into the tender membrane of her throat. The head was pushing towards her stomach, the steely, armored pole wedged all the way into her throat to continue traveling towards her gullet. The cock was like nothing any man or elf had in his pants, and the devastating girth of it forced Niranya’s neck to bulge outward, making it look like she had a mace shaped like the dragonspawn’s cocktip sliding its way down her throat. With every movement the ridges scraped at her insides painfully and the veins burned, feeling like she was swallowing a newly forged sword and the blade was being quenched by raping her with it.

As bad as those downward plunges were, the reversal was almost worse. The inside of her neck was protected from the heat by her spell the same way the rest of her was, but the spittle in her throat had no such protection… The fluids in her throat boiled and steamed, and even if it wasn’t doing the incredible damage to her it would have without the protective spell, it still hurt horribly, making her throat spasm and flex around that pummeling rod. Every single stroke down that passage also disinterred a bunch of slimy phlegm-packed spittle, the liquid boiling and leaving behind only a sticky, simmering slime. As his heavy, misshapen cock was pulled out of her the ridges in the scales scooped out the elf’s spit, spilling her molten drool all down her chin and making a sticky, wet mess.

Gooey, superheated strands of precum and spit tethered her lips and chin to various different bumps and ribs even as they smoked, and the rest of her was no more lucky. Pain clouded her consciousness as boiling slime landed on her shoulder, neck, and breasts, which was exactly the distraction Pondus had been waiting for. With her mind wholly occupied by a cacophony of boiling anguish, he slammed his scorching shaft inwards. Niranya’s soft elven walls bifurcated before his burrowing bludgeon and hugged its scaly shaft as he drove inside. The sorceress jerked in pain, every muscle in her body spasming as the infernal heat spread deep inside her, like she had been impaled by a red hot poker. Pondus didn’t stop pushing at her sensitive pussy until they were conjoined in a brutal mating-lock, Niranya cored out by his firestick.

“Uuugh!” he exclaimed in obvious pleasure as her tender, vulnerable pussy lips parted around him… groaning from the tightness enveloping her prick. “This elven slut’s twat is even more softskinned than it looks!” Pondus thrilled. “It won’t be for long. Your breeding-hole will be incinerated even worse than those slaves you burnt. Eventually, it will grow rough in here… but while we won’t mind, I’ll still enjoy it while it’s still soft and welcoming.” Without further pause the Firstborn commenced swinging his waist against her hips like a single-minded brute. His cock daggered into her furrow at a furious rhythm – Every slam butted the head of his unnatural rod against her cervix like a hammer, causing that diminutive, sensitive barrier to blaze both with torridness and hurt. Having that engorged, heated phallus scraped against the sides of her quim caused friction which seemed to only intensify the heat, making her more sensitive. Its shaft was scaled from tip to base, and the edges of those scales scraped against the sides of her twat – a mix of heat and sharp edges bringing a fresh spot of misery with each new movement.

In the elf’s spasming pain she screamed, trying desperately to bite down on the dragonspawn’s monstrous manhood… and as her teeth caught scales several of them were summarily ripped out of the woman’s mouth by the unyielding form of his draconic scales. The monster’s raping cock was harder than steel, and the armored plating more than defended his dick from anything the elf’s body could offer. Sudden blood smoked against his shaft, and her bite only served to – momentarily – make her face a tighter hole for the dragon to fuck as his unstoppable cock slammed into his gagging sextoy’s mouth.

And that pleasure pushed him over the edge. Tilting his head back and gritting his sharp teeth, the grunting dragonspawn hammered his way all the way down Niranya’s throat and made her deepthroat every scalding inch of him all at once. “Ffffggh-ggruuaah!!!” Niranya gargled as the dick penetrating her mouth abruptly orgasmed, even as two broken white shards of teeth fell to the dirt and stone. His balls erupted, spewing his load straight down the struggling sorceress’s gullet, and to her great horror Niranya discovered that while the dragonspawns’ testicular broth was not as hot as the dick’s scale were it was still far, far too hot for her – it made her feel like she was swallowing scummy lava, and the molten, volcanic semen fired off in thick, powerful jets. She could feel it filling her belly with its disgusting warmth. The elf sorceress commenced obscenely coughing and gurgling, trying to exhume the painful cream. Niranya’s exigency to get it out was so great she wanted to puke… and each time she tried, his cock jammed it further down her throat once again.

Pondus laughed while she choked, continuing to saw into her fuckhole. “How does that feel, little pretender to fire?” the dragonspawn mocked. “Now imagine that dragon breath being unloaded right into your womb… because that’s what’s coming next.” The Firstborn started pounding her loins with even more power and force. Niranya’s bifurcated and upraised legs spasmed with every thrust – Not only did his firestick possess those unholy draconian qualities, but he was also a muscular, fit stud, his cock too large for her, his strength too great, his endurance too vast to be tolerated. The sorceress was being raped hard for her heroics… perhaps too much to survive. “You wanted to challenge Archleon’s fire?” Pondus sneered. “Well, have at it!”

“Eeeeeaaah!” Niranya screamed underneath his burning griddle of a body. The redheaded elf’s well-pummeled pussy was blazing… Pondus had managed to stoke the infernal heat inside her intimate flesh so extensively it felt like its velvety tissue was grilling. It wasn’t. She knew that. She knew that her magic was protecting her… but knowing didn’t help her when it still felt like she was being burned from within while also suffering all the usual torments of a rape. That inexorable vaginal heat simmered more intolerably than any stinging itch, any untouchable pain that she could do nothing about. Niranya tossed her head around, watery tears flowing from the sorceress’s bloodshot eyes at this wrathsome abuse. To her great dismay, these saline droplets immediately started to painfully simmer and sear just like her spittle had done… beginning to boil by sheer proximity.

“Guuhh!” the reptilian rapist grunted with orgasmic bliss. “Here comes the fire!” he declared. “Here comes the flames! I’m going to sperm this soft little cunt into blackened ash like a wildfire!”

“Nwoooohhh!!” she shrieked as the dragonspawn scabbarded his phallus and granted her pussy an even bigger jet of sperm than the one that had been unloaded down her throat. The experience was like having an evoked fireball go off inside her cunt. Her whole organ was lecherously subsumed in a gooey liquid that smoldered magma hot inside of her. It felt like a blazing meteor had fallen from the heavens and landed directly into her hole… and that initial impact wasn’t even the worst part. As it pooled inside her, it rested against his cock, and somehow seemed to grow even more intolerable with every moment it was inside her. The heat was unbearable to Niranya, like being filled with molten lead. She just wanted this nightmare to end, even if it killed her, but instead the half-dragon’s orgasm seemed endless. How much could one monster cum? It felt like he was practically bathing her insides with it.

The pain was overwhelming… mind bending. What little concentration she had left wavered and died, and her spell died with it… like the dropping of a weighted curtain from a stage the veil of fire collapsed as quickly as it had formed. Within moments, she heard the disgusting grunting and raucous war cries of the horde of slovenly minions as they began to advance once more, pouring down the mountain after her best friend and her sister.

A wave of despair washed over her, for a moment even more painful than the heat. How long had she bought them? Five minutes? Ten? Fifteen? Maybe as much as thirty? The rape felt like it had gone on for hours, but it hadn’t… they had battered apart the diamond chrysalis of her concentration and shattered her attempt to protect those she cared about far, far too quickly for her taste. It had taken them most of a day to climb the mountain… How much of a lead had her sacrifice really gotten them?

“Uuuuggh!” the Firstborn croaked in a cadence that sounded more like a swine than a dragon, yet he was not as overwhelmed by the experience of his climaxing firestick as Niranya. For him, this rape was a quick and dirty affair in the heat of battle, a brief joy of conquest. For her, his ejaculation was a descent through all nine of the layers of hell one at a time, the fiery brimstone landscape wounding her most sensitive places and turning her pussy into a blazing inferno. When at last his stream began to taper off, he pressed himself directly against her cervix, seeming to make sure that the last few spurts of his scalding cum would be delivered directly into her core. When the dragonspawn finally unplugged her orifice and stepped back from between her legs, it wasn’t a moment too soon… if that semen inside her continued to heat by contact with his burning cock Niranya felt as if the cervix guarding her womb was going to burn away.

Laying on the stone, the elf wept as the horde walked by. The advancing minions glanced at her and chattered mockery in her direction, but they ultimately left her to the dragonspawn. The circle of lizards towered above the defeated sorceress… no longer able to keep her mind focused on her magic, no longer able to cast new spells with her broken hands. Helpless. Hopeless.

Pondus leered down at her. “You probably don’t have to worry. Elves and dragonspawn aren’t especially compatible,it’s unlikely a single load would knock you up.” His serpent-like tongue flicked out of his mouth between his teeth for a moment as he smiled. “That’s why we’re going to fuck you for the rest of your life. To make sure!” He smiled, stepped onto her belly, and began to push with his weight. The elf sorceress grunted out with pain as the pressure began to force some of the cum back out of both sets of lips, showing evidence of their conquest for all to see. “Enjoy yourselves, my brothers!” the dragonspawn leader instructed the others. “Rape her into ash.”

They hardly needed the encouragement.

The horror of battle had almost faded into memory, overtaken completely by the horror of Niranya’s ongoing gangrape. Every single crimson-colored cock made a beeline for her fuckholes, picked one, and began to pummel it. They were not at all concerned with fucking her one at a time or in any kind of order like civilized creatures – they worked instead to keep every orifice occupied. Mercifully, as time went on, not all of them proved quite as warm to the touch as Pondus and first dragonspawn to fuck her mouth. Whatever heat they had gathered from bathing in Archleon’s flames was very slowly dispersing – it was long lived and horrible, but it was gradually growing a little bit less painful…

In the same way a knife would grow gradually less sharp if someone were to use it to cut steaks from her flank.

The well-used elf was being put through a veritable gauntlet of bellicose cocks, all of them zestful in violating and raiding her soft, nubile figure. Forced to straddle one Dragonspawn’s protruding penis and burn her thighs on his torso, the fiery elf was being penetrated in the pussy, the ass, and her mouth simultaneously. All of them were unbidden and aggressive in their ferocious thrusting, using every ounce of given supernatural strength from their draconic pedigree to ravage her body with the same level of reckless abandon those who had come before did. None of them cared about fucking her in synchronicity or employing teamwork, and no one seemed bothered by that – Though superior to the greenskinned horde of goblins and orcs and kobolds in rank and power and privilege they were just as, if not more feral and as savage as then when it came to sex.

In short, the group of dragonspawn were doing everything possible to make her regret her sacrifice.

Yet this was merely the ‘mundane’ pain of being sexually violated by Dragonspawn. Alongside the rutting and reaming there was also the fiery-hot sperm. While the heat hiding in their scales had faded until it was merely uncomfortable, their semen hadn’t cooled at all. Now it was the hottest part about her ongoing rape. Whenever this sludgy substance was unloaded into her orifices the result proved nearly as scalding and unbearable as the initial waves of rapes had been… her holes were all creamed with such savage abundance that the she-elf couldn’t understand why riles of smoke weren’t seeping out from her ransacked holes.

“Hnnnuuugggghhh!!” She groaned with much distress amidst her fourth triple-penetration since her capture, every opening of her body now a smoldering fumarole of agony. The unendurable sensation of pooling heat radiated inward like fresh magma tunneling its way through rock. Those minions Niranya had incinerated in her wall of flames had died instantly in the blaze… she wasn’t nearly so lucky – not one of them had suffered nearly as much as she.

With only three holes to spare, the rest of the dragonspawn waited their turn to be back inside of her and spent their time molesting her instead. A dozen hands reached out to maul and squeeze her thighs, arms, shoulders, and especially her breasts, treating them like they were fluffing pillows. Soon her sensitive buns glowed almost like cindered coal. To her great dismay, Niranya noted that her protective spell had begun to wane, growing less effective with time. Even as her assailants somewhat cooled, her ability to protect herself from the heat shrank almost in time, forcing the sorceress to spend all remaining mental strength maintaining its magical puissance. That was far easier said than done while being fucked savagely and boiled alive from within her ravaged body, and the effort felt like it was driving Niranya insane… she felt her mind drifting, no longer sure of what was real. In fact, the only thing she was sure of anymore was that if she failed to keep that remaining enchantment up then she would catch fire and burn, and she had to have to have the strength to manage or she would die in agony.

The elf didn’t want to think about what was being done to her. She didn’t want to think about her failure, or the pain, or about how tempting it was to let the enchantment drop and see if they would actually rape her to death and end it all… but the only other place to look at was to the sides, where the corner of her eyes could see the evidence of her failure. The fleet-footed minions of the dragon were still scurrying out of the tunnels even multiple rapes later, passing her gangrape with weapons in hand. They were rushing after Mayael and Serina. They were going to catch them. She had failed. She ha-

“GGGIIIAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” she wailed as her concentration lapsed, and suddenly the dicks puncturing her body felt like they had begun to glow like hot iron. Niranya could no longer maintain her warding spell. It slipped from her waning consciousness like a lubricated rope from a person’s hands. Immediately the temperature started careening out of control, making her pay for this mistake. It was like they had suddenly grown multiple times hotter – as hot as they had been in the beginning, when the dragon’s fire still danced along their scales. Niranya felt once again like she was sizzling, like a piece of meat being fried over an opened fire. She wanted to scream and bellow out her anguish but her wails only became weaker and more pathetic… the sorceress’s lungs had no more power with which to shout. Neither the elf’s pained outburst nor the possibility of killing her served to dissuade the dragonspawn from fucking her… it didn’t even make them slow their rapine. For their accursed species, having the woman torched like a witch was merely a part of sexual intercourse.

“And so dies your pathetic stolen sorcery,” Pondus chuckled, returning his attention to the multi-pronged orgy. “Starting to feel your pussy blister and blacken? You’ll feel it for the rest of your life, elf. Consider it our mark upon your twat. You soft skinned prey animals brand your cattle? We brand our sex-slaves.”

The coitus continued, savage and violent, while additional dragon reinforcements scurried past her violation. Niranya remained their fulcrum of strenuous copulation. Elven bodies were not especially stout or sturdy to begin with, and the dragonspawn’s hard plunges shook her to her bones. While their bodies had cooled to the point of only being uncomfortable, and their cum was nowhere near as burning hot as their bodies had initially been when soaked with Archleon’s fire, it still felt like she was being gangraped inside a sauna, and it was a miracle she hadn’t died of dehydration by now. Or, as the elf was becoming increasingly sure, a curse.

It was said that dying of thirst in the Calim desert was among the worst ways to die. As of now, Niranya was certain that no one who said that knew what they were talking about – being slowly cooked from within by dragonspawn sperm was infinitely worse. The pain spiked each time one of the half-dragons orgasmed inside of her, a cumshot easily eclipsing the agony of having her fingers broken. Then it would slowly cool, the sperm turning from too-hot bathwater to merely a black coat on a summer day as the gunk lingered inside of her… and then the next dragonspawn would contribute a new tacky glob of slime to add to her misery.

By the time she lost track of how many of the red-scaled monsters had fucked her, her pussy had been so thoroughly hosed down that the elf could perceive it as nothing less than a nexus of inexorable hurt, and thought it might be merciful if one of them were to dig their teeth into it and rip her cunt from her body. Her previously untouched rear was doing little better, jism flooding its way through her winding tunnels as ropes of semen cooled like lava tunnels inside of her. Whatever was deposited inside Niranya’s mouth ended up dumping into her stomach, the heat pooling inside her aching belly.

The elven sorceress had completely lost track of time. She didn’t know if she had bought hours or minutes for her sister to escape. All she knew was the mettlesome sawing of dragonspawn cock into her figure, and the sirocco-esque heatwave they left behind.

“Finish her,” Pondus snarled. “Start covering her in it. Scald her skin… let the worthless elven bitch carry the mark of this until her end of days.”

The dragonspawn gathered above her. They fucked her, and then ripped their cocks from her body so that they could ejaculate onto Niranya’s flesh instead of inside her already cum-packed and burned holes. The rest stroked their crimson firesticks fervently to the point of ejaculation, one by one unloading their scrotums all over her vanquished, formerly desirable figure. Wads, clumps, and lengthy white ropes came to criss-cross her body all over. Almost immediately the oppressive heat felt like she had been locked inside a volcano’s caldera, and she could barely breathe the hot air. Her face was an especially popular target to besmirch, but regardless there was more than enough of their sexual glop to have her torso streaked and stripped by their emmissions. Every single ejaculation layered on additional hotspots the elf had to contend with, her skin turning nearly the same shade as her scarlet hair from its distress… Wherever their sperm splattered against her naked flesh it felt like a fissure of lava had ruptured her. The downed spellcaster wasn’t sure if she was actually being burned, or if her already sensitive skin was just suffering from the heat.It felt like taking a bath with a sunburn…She felt dizzy, overheated, and like she was going to faint beneath a rainfall of seminal emissions.

“EEEYYYUUUUUHH!!!” Niranya screamed, her sanity feeling like it was rupturing. She thoughtlessly cried out while being cocooned in their white, hot emissions. A mass of the substance laid so heavy upon her face that it almost blinded her, and she doubted any of the dragonspawn could see her lovely features beneath it anymore, and yet the rest of her nubile body was just as hot and slimy. Her highborn elven beauty had been completely despoiled. Dying underneath Archleon’s dragonbreath couldn’t have been worse than this. She was amazed her red-scorched body didn’t catch fire.

With a groan, Pondus ejaculated last, aiming his milky-white spurt toward her sputtering mouth. The jettisoned cream struck dead center into that opened gorge, and Niranya immediately choked on her tormentor’s broth-thick outflow. She coughed, but without the usual violence a cough should have had to support her desperate effort to breathe. She couldn’t drive his thick spunk from her mouth. Instead of spitting it out, the adventuress was forced to let his semen ooze past her opened lips, sliding down her face and body by gravity alone.

“You will live how you’ve always lived,” the Firstborn acrimoniously snarled. “Worthless. Like all soft-skinned prey animals, you’re more suited to be a plaything than a foe.”

Niranya slowly jerked beneath the hot spunk, barely moving… more like a cadaver smeared in slimy, disreputable liquids that a skilled, dignified sorceress she had considered herself. The tiny rise and fall of her sperm-desecrated belly was the only sign of her life. While his brothers remained thronging around the downed she-elf — cackling their glee at the sorceress’s defeat – Pondus tromped off into the near distance, searching for something discarded. A moment later, he returned with the elf’s staff. “You won’t be needing this anymore, pretender to power,” he exclaimed, snapping the thick, solid staff over his knee like it were no more than a twig. A great wooden crack like a felled tree resounded from the mountaintop, and for a second every rune carved into the thing glowed crimson. A wave of heat followed, smashing against the dragonspawn like a hammer… but what did he care about heat? A moment later, the devastation of the artifact’s destruction was past, and Pondus held two severed shafts in his hand. “Or maybe… you do still need them…” he concluded. “After all, what good is a sex-slave if it’s not being stuffed?”

To the malevolent laughter of his relatives, Pondus stabbed the first magical staff piece into her pussy. The second followed it into her anus a moment later. He slammed both of them into her like stakes, wanting to get as much penetration as possible… and since Niranya’s ravaged holes were still obscenely yawning open and dripping with seed from her vicious gangrape, the Firstborn had no problems accomplishing that. Both of them were lodged in there as firmly as prongs slotting into an automaton. Too tired to even scream, the sorceress just wept pathetic tears that traced paths in the semen slowly drying on her face. Niranya remained where she was like a burnt offering, a holocaust of pain. They didn’t even need to restrain her anymore. The heroic spellcaster who had so valiantly sacrificed herself for others was simply that undone by the dragonspawn’s superheated rape.

“She survived,” the Firstborn told his grinning reptilian brothers. “That means she’s worth keeping. Barely. The other foolish adventurers below are no concern of ours. Come… let us take the slave to her new home.”

At his command, one of the dragonspawn reached down and picked up the vanquished elf like a piece of sperm-soaked trash. The two halves of her sorcerous quarterstaff were allowed to protrude lewdly from her twin fuckholes like malformed, stunted legs as he slung her over his shoulder. Then their heavy footfalls began as they commenced marching her back into the darkness she would never emerge from.

Then a shadow fell over her.

Her unseeing eyes finally focused as sudden darkness fell over her, and she looked up to see Archleon flying above, no more than twenty feet over her head. A magical engine of fire and destruction, too mighty to stop. Gods, what had they been thinking?

Archleon didn’t even look at the fallen sorceress as he flew by, resuming his hunt for her friends down below. As she was carried towards the cavern she had earlier escaped from, the dragon’s great, baleful shadow was allowed to run over her sperm-besmirched figure… providing a premature sunset as he blocked out the light of day and cast her in gloom beneath his wings.

Then she vanished into the darkness, and doubted she would ever see the sun again.


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