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Fallen Star Issue #10 – Frosty

Updated: Apr 30

If the rainbow-haired girl still had emotions, she would have been miserable after two grueling weeks of captivity. She would have hated her owner with a passion for the way he abused her, would have been deeply ashamed at her own weakness in being unable to stand up to him, and would have longed for death as the only possible escape from the endless nightmare she was trapped in.

But she didn’t. She was just an empty doll.

The doll ran her tongue over Backdraft’s shaft, tasting a mix of bodily fluids that would have nauseated any real person. She licked carefully and thoroughly, just the way her owner wanted. If he wanted something, she did it. There was no need for thought or emotion to get in the way. She would have chewed her own fingers off with the same lack of hesitation if that was what her owner wanted.

Beside her, Frost sucked on Backdraft’s balls. Her owner enjoyed having the two of them serve him at the same time. Frost was still a real person, but by now she obeyed most commands as readily as the rainbow haired doll. After a few minutes the two women kissed, tongues caressing each other to share the foul tastes in their mouths. As their owner wanted, it was a wet and sloppy kiss, and drool ran down both their chins by the time their lips parted. Then the rainbow haired doll began sucking his balls while Frost tended to his shaft. It wasn’t the first time they’d switched roles like that since kneeling in front of their owner this morning, nor the fifth.

The doll’s new home was an abandoned car factory in an industrial sector. All around them were huge, rusted machines blanketed in dust, whose function she neither knew nor cared about. The only natural light came from dusty, half broken windows high up on the walls. When her owner wasn’t using her, she slept inside a padlocked locker in what had once been the manager’s office. Sometimes Backdraft threatened to let her starve to death in it when he got bored of her, but the threat was meaningless. If he wanted her to starve to death, he had only to ask.

“Alright, enough of that, whores,” Backdraft said amiably. He was sitting in a metal chair, his legs spread to enjoy their attention. “Who wants their guts filled this time?”

“Please fuck my ass, sir ” the doll begged. She didn’t want him to. Nor did she want him not to. She had no wants at all inside her empty head. But she knew the things that she was supposed to say. “Your street rat whore wants to taste your jizz with her asshole. Please help this needy anal slut.”

Frost grimaced. “Hasn’t the child been through enough? Just let her go already, Cyrus. You only have the one prick, and it seems happy enough when you stick it in me.” The white haired woman was still wearing her superhero uniform, mostly. The chest piece had been ripped to expose her tits, the crotch was missing, and what was left was so filthy after two weeks of sexual slavery that the fabric could hardly be seen through the grime.

“But how can I abandon the poor thing,” Backdraft asked with a grin, “when she wants my cock so badly? Bend over, rainbow slut.”

“Yes, sir,” said the doll meekly. She stood up, spread her legs, then kept them straight and bent her upper body until her palms hit the ground. She turned her head to look back at him, the way he liked, and wriggled her ass, the way he liked. “Please come fuck this whore’s shithole.” When she felt her owner behind her, she ground her ass against his crotch, taking his cock inside her. The rainbow haired doll pushed herself back and forth along his entire length, feeling her guts squeeze and suck on him. Someone else would have been disgusted by the way her body’s attempt to resist his invasion was just giving him a tighter and more satisfying hole to fuck. She knew it was only fitting that everything she did served him. Someone else would have begged him to let her go slow, because she’d barely slept in the last two weeks and hadn’t been given anything more substantial to eat than semen. She knew that it was his decision how much she slept and how much she ate, not hers.

The brand stamped across her ass ached every time she made contact. The word WORTHLESS had faded only slightly over the last two weeks, and the skin there was still sore and itchy. Despite the pain, she fucked herself hard on him, striking with enough force to make her burned cheeks jiggle. Like always, he didn’t move a muscle himself; he didn’t have to. He had a pair of fucktoys to do all the work for him. The doll panted and sweat as she put her entire body into the effort. She would be a good fucktoy. It was all she had to offer.

“You do make a good point, Fela,” Backdraft said. “My cock is pretty well occupied right now. So why don’t you eat out my ass instead?”

Frost made a disgusted sound. “Fine. At least it will taste better than your dick.” The doll couldn’t see what she was doing, but she felt Backdraft shiver in pleasure, and knew that the superheroine’s tongue must have gone to work on him.

Between his two toys, it didn’t take long for their owner to fill the doll with sperm. She waited patiently on all fours until he withdrew, feeling no nausea at the sensation of his warm seed inside her. Once he was out, she promptly turned around to clean him up, the taste of him and her ass quite familiar by now. For all of Frost’s attitude, she remained behind him the entire time, and the doll could hear the wet sounds of her tongue continuing to slurp on his anus.

“Makeout time, whores,” he ordered, and they obediently ceased their tasks to kiss, trading the taste of his filthy cock for the taste of his filthy ass. Then the doll shuffled behind him to french kiss his wet butthole, while Frost continued the clean up job she’d started. They traded places several more times before their owner was satisfied with their performance.

“What do you think, street rat?” he asked. “Should I let you go?”

“You should whatever you want with me, sir,” she said sincerely. There was no other correct answer, but it seemed to amuse him.

“See what I mean, Fela?” he said. “She’s a worthless bitch, but at least she knows it. You could learn a thing or two from her.” “You wish I was more meek and humble?” Fela asked dryly. “Sure. Take off this collar and I’ll give you some extra special TLC. I promise it will be an unforgettable experience.” She and the doll both wore animite collars to prevent escape attempts. The doll’s wasn’t necessary, but Backdraft had given her one anyway. She didn’t miss having her power; it had been useless.

“I’m sure it would, Fela,” said Backdraft, chuckling. “I’m sure it would.” He sat back down, and both toys went back to their default positions: the doll licking his shaft, Frost licking his balls.

“You know,” he mused after a few minutes, “maybe you’re not wrong. As fun as it is watching you two sluts lez out with each other, it is a little hectic having two fucktoys to manage. Maybe you and I, we can work something out, yeah? Let the rainbow slut go.” “I’ll do whatever you want,” Frost said quickly, and with none of her previous attitude. “Anything.”

“Is that so?” he said with a smile. “Is that so… here’s what I want, Fela: I want Frost to die. And no, I don’t mean you, Fela. You’re going to be my cum dump for a long, long time. It’s Frost we’re going to kill.”

Frost made no response, other than licking his balls some more. Backdraft seemed a little dissatisfied at her lack of reaction.

“We’re going to make a movie together,” he continued. “A movie that shows people who Frost really is: not some big, fancy superhero, but just another squirmy little bitch. Sound good?”

“And you’ll let the girl go?” Frost pressed, still licking.

“Yeah, why not? You sluts get boring after you break.” He kicked the rainbow haired doll in the side, and she winced, but kept tonguing his shaft. “See?”

The doll didn’t understand. She didn’t need to understand, only obey… but she didn’t understand. She continued kneeling, silently worshiping Backdraft’s cock as he went over what he wanted Frost to do. The head of his prick thumped eagerly against the roof of her mouth as he explained his intentions to Frost. The superheroine didn’t hide her disgust, but she agreed to everything, even when he brought the tattoo machine out and told her what he was going to write on her, and she held still for him while he permanently defaced her body. If she’d been real, the doll would have felt confusion at the white haired woman’s decision. Who would go so far for a worthless cum receptacle like her?

By the time he’d finished explaining everything, and set a video camera up on the tripod, he’d already finished in the doll’s mouth twice, but seemed no less eager to continue. “I knew you’d have a livestream page,” he said, chuckling as he sat and used the computer connected to the camera. “Vain cunt. Give me the username and password… there! All set. You ready, rainbow slut?”

“Yes sir,” the doll agreed, and began bouncing in his lap, fucking him with her cunt. It hurt terribly – he’d burned her for fun there the day before, and it hadn’t even begun to heal- but that didn’t matter. What mattered was using her fucktoy pussy to stroke every inch of his fat, throbbing cock at just the pace he liked. There would be no reward or gratitude for her performance, only punishment if she was lacking in any way, or if he just felt like it. But that was all fine; fucktoys deserved whatever they got.

Her technique seemed to satisfy her owner for now, and he wrapped his arms around her as they and the camera all faced Frost. “This is going to be a live broadcast, Fela,” he told the woman, showing her the screen. “No takebacks, no second chances. You do this right, and you play your part, without hesitation, or I keep the street rat for another few months or so, until she’s so fucked out that I might as well be sticking it in a garbage bag. Understand?”

Frost nodded, looking sick to her stomach. She was sitting in a special chair he’d brought over that had cuffs attached to the bottom, and she had her legs together to hide the missing crotch part of her suit. He’d also given her a t-shirt to cover her front, though it was several sizes too small for her. The collar was still on, but she wore a second one over it to conceal it, a black leather dog collar that Backdraft sometimes liked to make the doll wear. “I’ll give you what you want, you perverted piece of shit.”

“Now that doesn’t sound like my new pet,” he chided. “Want to try that again?”

The white haired woman closed her eyes, and then gave him a smile that lit up her face. Something in the doll almost ached at that familiar expression. “I’m ready, master!” she said cheerfully.

“Good,” Backdraft said, “keep up that positive energy, slut. Three, two, one…” he tapped the keyboard.

“Hi everyone!” Frost said with the same tone and smile. “I know I’ve been a little busy the last couple weeks, so I’m here today to give you all an update! And I have some big news.” She held up a finger. “Number one! As of today, I am quitting the superhero business! Thank you for all of your support over the years, but pretending to be a boring, prudish, upstanding member of society was just too stressful. I need to be true to myself, which brings us to number two!” She held up a second finger. “I’m embarking on a brand new entertainment enterprise that will better showcase all of my most valuable assets.” Her smile widened. “So say goodbye to Frost, the boring superhero…”

She spread her left leg out to the side and bent her knee so that she could latch one of the chair’s cuffs around her ankle to hold it in place, her foot now suspended several inches above the ground. Then she did the same with her right leg, leaving her crotch wide open and making the butt plug she was sitting on plainly visible. “And hello to…” She gripped her t-shirt in both hands and ripped it in two, revealing the word FROSTY crudely tattooed across her tits. “Frosty the Snow Slut!”

Frost began to sing as she wiggled back and forth on the butt plug, gripping the edges of her chair so she could lift herself up and down on it in tiny motions as well.

“Frosty the Snow Slut Is a jolly happy cunt With a well stuffed butt and some juicy tits Her name tattooed on their front

Frosty the Snow Slut Makes your cocks grow fat and thick And you’ll be surprised when Before your eyes She is bouncing on your dick

There’s nothing she loves better Than getting fucked hard in the ass And if you chase your cum with piss She’ll be such a happy lass

Frosty the Snow Slut There is nothing she won’t do She’s a shameless bitch With an endless itch That her hubby never knew”

Frost began to bounce faster, fucking herself as hard as she could on the plug.

“Thumpety thump thump Thumpety thump thump Look at Frosty go Thumpety thump thump Thumpety thump thump I wish you were this dildo!”

She was panting hard by the time she stopped, but the grin never wavered. Even the doll wouldn’t have known it was fake if she’d seen this without context. “That’s right, everyone,” she said, “we’re going to thoroughly explore the “ins and outs” of the new Frosty.” She winked. “Speaking of, it just doesn’t feel right to leave my cunt empty for so long.” The fingers of her left hand were already sliding into her. “Mmmm, much better. What could be nicer than tickling my wet pussy while I’ve got an ass full of thick cock? Mmm hmmmmm… now where was I…? Oh, right, the new Frosty.”

Her right hand gripped the back of the chair so she could slowly bounce herself on the butt plug some more. “The truth is, I am a dirty, needy, hungry slut. And the only thing I like better than getting fucked hard is getting to show it off to everyone. You don’t mind, do you? That my pussy is getting soaked at the thought of all of you watching me?” She purred. “I want to share myself with all of you. I want you to see me in all of my most intimate moments.” Her fingers began moving faster. “I wish I had you here. I wish it was possible to literally fuck each and every one of you, and be your personal superhero sex toy, living chained to your headboard or bound up and kneeling under your desk. But this is almost as good, isn’t it? Getting to watch me in ways only a lover could, seeing moments like these where your little snow slut frigs herself while she fucks her own ass. Before, the only one who got to see me like this was my husband.” Her lip curled in disgust at the word. “My wimpy, boring, tiny dicked husband who refused to let me express myself, who forced me to run off to somewhere far away where he can never find me. Bruno, if you’re watching this, you are not welcome here. This pussy doesn’t belong to you anymore. Everyone else, if you’re watching me right now, if you’re sharing this special moment with me, then as far as I’m concerned, we are lovers, and more intimate ones than he ever was. Frosty is your desperate slut just as much as anyone else’s, okay?”

Frost’s eyes closed, fingers moving even faster. “And your slut has a favor to ask. Can you cum for me? Can you stroke your cocks and rub your slits while you watch me like this? I want us to finish together. No, I need us to finish together. And then every spurt of semen, every gush of pussy juice, it’s like you’re making love to me.” She moaned. “That’s it, lover, use your hands to make love to me. I want those cocks thick and hard, those cunts hot and slick. I’m fucking… every… single… one of you right now. Whether you’re watching this now, or a month from now, or a hundred years, Frosty the Snow Slut is now your bitch, your slut, your white haired cum guzzling twat licking fuckdoll…”

She shuddered, and the rainbow doll would have sworn the orgasm was genuine if she hadn’t seen the woman practice it repeatedly. On her back,where the cameras couldn’t see, were the fiery whip marks from the many times Backdraft had found her rehearsal unconvincing. “Cum with me, lover! Now, now, please god do it now, cum with meeeeeeee…” Her body writhed as she let out a feigned sound of pure joy, and then she slumped back into the chair, panting.

After a moment, Frost sighed happily and wriggled in her seat. “Wasn’t that fun? I hope all of you watch this over and over, and cum with me every time.” She pulled her fingers out of herself and began licking them clean. “And this is only the first. I’m thinking of having more videos up soon, a lot more, and please, lover, please watch them. I can’t wait to make love to you again. If I’m a really good girl, then maybe, just maybe, you’ll only ever do this with me. Do whatever you want with your husbands and wives, but when you’re alone and your fingers start getting busy, if you always watch me, just me, make me the star of every masturbation fantasy, then mmmmmm…” Her fingers were back inside her. “If that doesn’t make me your little superhero slut, what does?” She waved at the camera with her free hand, then blew it a kiss. “See you soon…”

The moment Backdraft switched the camera off, Frost’s fake demeanor vanished. “There, I did what you wanted,” she said tersely. “Now let the girl go.”

“Aww, back to business so soon, Fela?” the bald man mocked. “But I like you so much better that way!” He hadn’t told the rainbow doll to stop fucking him with her cunt, so she continued softly humping him. “Yes, well, I’d like you better if you were six feet in the ground with your own cock stuffed down your throat, Cyrus,” Frost replied. “Life is a real disappointment sometimes. Let the girl go.”

Backdraft scratched his chin. “And if I don’t,” he said slowly, savoring the words. “What are you going do about it, exactly?”

Frost glared at him. “You agreed to-grkk!” She clutched at the thin flame whip suddenly coiled around her throat, in the space between the collar and her chin.

“I think I know what you’re going to do,” Backdraft said, as though she hadn’t spoken. “You’re going to thank me for making you a pornstar, and then you’re going to crawl over here all sexy like and fuck me with that tight, hardworking ass.” Even as she was choked by the whip, Frost’s expression made it clear how unlikely she thought that was going to be. Her reaction seemed to amuse the bald man. “Haven’t you figured it out yet, Fela?” he taunted. “How easy it is to make you do whatever I want? Let me show you.”

In one hand he held the whip, slowly strangling the white haired woman to death. The other hand stroked the doll’s face as she worked to please him. “She’s a pretty fucktoy, isn’t she?” he remarked. “But pretty fucktoys are a dime a dozen.” The rainbow doll stiffened as his index finger dug into her right cheek, causing searing pain as he swept the burning digit across her soft skin. Frost was squirming and trying frantically to speak now. “You should’ve thought about that before you decided to be a disobedient bitch,” Backdraft said, ignoring her pleas as he moved to her left cheek. “But even I can be a kind owner, Fela. Now you’ll never forget this lesson.”

After the initial shock wore off,, the doll realized that he was writing on her again. If she’d been a person, the humiliation of it would have made her want to die. The brand on her ass could at least be covered with clothes if she ever had them again. This new one though, it would remain visible and prominent forever. Backdraft could keep his word and let her go today, and she’d still never be free of him, never be able to have anything approaching a normal life again. But that didn’t matter, she reminded herself. She was just a doll and things like that didn’t matter to dolls.

When her owner was done, he pointed at the black computer screen, letting the rainbow doll see his handiwork in her reflection. WH on one cheek, RE on the other, and her mouth in between. WHORE. He’d written WHORE across her face in big letters that no one could ever miss. “What do you think, street rat?” he asked. “Really captures your essence, don’t it?”

A small ember of soul inside her was screaming in rage and grief, but dolls didn’t feel things like that. All that came out was “I love it. Thank you, sir.” He must have liked the answer, because his cum began to paint the walls of her pussy.

Frost gasped for air as he finally released her throat from the whip. “You… you sick monster!” she spat.

Backdraft shook his head. “And to think, I always figured you were a smart one. Guess that was just good publicity, huh?” His finger jabbed into the doll’s stomach next.

“Stop!” Frost pleaded, all of her fire immediately gone. “I, I’m sorry! I’ll do whatever you want!” But their owner wasn’t listening, and shortly after the doll had a new permanent label on her body: TRASH. Once he’d finished the last letter, he looked up and met Frost’s eyes without saying anything. For a moment both of them silently stared at each other, and then the superheroine broke first, looking away. “Thank you for making me a pornstar,” she whispered, head down.

“Now that doesn’t sound much like that chipper girl from the video,” Backdraft said. “Maybe another reminder would help improve your mood? I still have plenty of canvas to work with here.”

The white haired woman looked up to meet his eyes again and forced a smile onto her face. “Thank you for making me a pornstar, master!”

“You’re welcome, slut. Now get that ass over here.”

She did, unlocking herself from the chair and crawling over. And the doll used her tongue to help get him hard again, and lapped at his swinging balls while Frost fucked him. “If it makes you feel better, Fela,” he said as he enjoyed her ass, “I really was planning to let her go, but you were just so cute in that video, even better than I hoped. When it comes to being a horny bitch, you’re a natural. And if I let her go now, you’ll never make another one of those for me, will you? That would be a goddamned shame, it would. So I need my leverage to remain right where she is, tasting my sweaty nutsack and keeping you well behaved.”

“If you want… more videos…” Frost panted. She’d obeyed their owner’s commands with little hesitation for the last two weeks, but she was fucking him now with an enthusiasm the doll had never witnessed before. “I’ll give them… if you let her go…”

“Yeah?” he asked, amused. His hands tugged and pinched at her nipples. “How many videos is your little fucktoy companion worth to you?”

“As many… as you want… I’ll keep… making them as long… as you want… but only if you…let her go first…”

Backdraft laughed out loud. “So you really do want to be a pornstar, then? Do you think I’m as stupid as you are? The minute the street rat is out of sight, you’ll change your tune. I know the only reason you haven’t already tried to slit your wrists or bite your own tongue off is that it would leave her alone with me.”

“No… I promise… to make the videos… and follow your orders… and never try to kill myself… and my word… actually means something…” She yelped as he smacked her butt and left a burned handprint behind.

“Less talking, more fucking, Fela,” Backdraft said, settling into his seat. “You try being a good fucktoy for a while, and I’ll think about it.”

“Yes, master,” she said, and obeyed.

“Hello again, everyone, ” Frost purred. “Did you miss me?”

One week had passed since the first video. In that time, when she wasn’t busy being Backdraft’s obedient cock sheathe, the superheroine had produced three more videos at his direction, all featuring her as the wanton and sex starved Frosty. Each video was more degrading than the last, and even the empty headed rainbow doll knew why: he wanted the woman to give up and admit that she wouldn’t be able to keep doing these. To the man’s obvious delight, each video was also more popular than the last. Word of Frosty had spread quickly, and it seemed there were plenty of people that were perfectly willing to accept her outlandish claims of retiring to become an online exhibitionist.

She was still dressed in the defiled superhero costume, but she actually looked cleaner and healthier now than she had during the first two weeks. Backdraft wanted the public to go on believing that she was doing all of this consensually, and obvious signs of captivity would have made that difficult. Her treatment wasn’t actually any better; Backdraft just stuck to torturing her in places where the camera couldn’t see. The soles of her feet were a particular favorite of his. Frost wasn’t letting it show on her face, but having her weight on her tender, burned feet had to be agony.

Her cleanliness was thanks to the rainbow doll. Before each video, it was the doll’s job to wash the woman with her tongue. She’d scrape all the dried cum and blood off her body, suck their owner’s seed out of her holes, lap the tattered fabric of her costume until the dirt stains were gone. Backdraft made her do things like that more and more often with each passing day as he grew bored by her lack of reaction. The doll was still a fucktoy, and cum drooled out of all three of her holes, but she was equal parts toilet and washcloth now.

The doll had spent most of the videos pleasing their owner with her body, but this time he had a different use for her. She quietly crawled across the floor on her hands and knees instead, head down as she licked the dusty concrete, always making sure to stay well clear of the camera. The floor was stained with sweat and cum and other bodily fluids, and her job right now was to scour every inch of it while she watched the performance. Backdraft had promised that if she did a good job, he’d let her have a tin of wet dog food as a reward. Her filthy, dusty mouth watered at the idea of such a feast.

“Today I’ve asked my boyfriend for some extra help,” Frost said. “He’s a little shy, so he usually stays behind the camera, but this time he’s gonna help me be the squirming fuck bunny that makes all of you squirt your loads. Isn’t he the greatest?” She winked at her viewers. “But before that, I need to get myself in the right position for today’s fun.” She spread her legs and bent over, giving the camera a wide view of her ass. “This would be perfect,” she declared as she shimmied her butt back and forth, “but I want to stay like this for a while, and my poor weak legs can’t hold like this for very long. I need some assistance.”

The white haired woman straightened up and walked over to a nearby worktable, running her hands lightly over it. It was covered in dust and old tools, though the steel vise bolted to the table’s center was markedly cleaner and more prominent than everything else. “Isn’t this a nice table? I love resting my tits on some nice thick wood.” She giggled. “But you all know by now how much I tend to wriggle and bounce. I need a way to stay in place, and this… She bent down and kissed the vise. “This is just what I needed!”

Frost leaned over to let her breasts hang down between the two flat jaws of the vise, and began to tighten it using a crank on the side. “Mmm, you have no idea how good this feels,” she said as the metal began compressing her tits from the front and back. “But it feels best when it’s really, really tight.” She continued tightening the vise, her breasts getting crushed harder with each turn of the crank.

When Frost couldn’t tighten the vise any further, her breasts viciously sandwiched between the hard slabs, she looked over her shoulder. “Lover, could you help make sure it’s really as tight as it can get?”. Without showing his face to the camera, Backdraft reached out and wrenched the crank, drawing another half turn and making Frost squeal.

Her breasts were now being mercilessly flattened, and she couldn’t keep the pain off of her face. “Hurts so nice,” she managed. “My boyfriend is so good to his pet pain slut.” Her hands reached out to spread her ass cheeks open. “And now we can start having fun!”

Backdraft swung the camera around to focus on her backside. “My boyfriend is going to help me warm up,” Frost announced. “I want him to have a pair of nice, hot ass cheeks to enjoy as pillows while he explores my insides. Ready? Give it to me, lover!”

The leather strap Backdraft struck her with couldn’t have hurt as much as the flame whips he loved, but it was still enough to make her jump. “See why I needed the vise?” she told the camera. “Keeps my plump butt right where it’s supposed to be for its leather kisses. That was one. Give it to me again, lover!”


“That was two. Give it to me again, lover!”


“That was three. Give it to me again, lover!”

By the time the count reached twenty, her ass cheeks were bright red from top to bottom, and there were tears in her eyes. “P-perfect,” she choked out, fighting to maintain her cover. “Sorry, I just, I just want him so bad… please fuck me lover, please!”

Backdraft slapped her ass cheek with his stiff cock, and Frost was so sore down there that the light contact was enough to make her yelp. He rubbed his shaft on her for a minute, smearing precum across her red skin, and then slid his length up and down the valley between her cheeks. The white haired woman was still standing wide legged and spreading herself with her hands, presenting her cunt and asshole to the world. “Whichever hole you want,” she told him. “You’ve trained them both to please you so well.”

The superheroine let out a fake coo of delight when he rubbed his head against her slit, and pushed herself back on him to swallow him up. “That’s it, lover!” she told him. “Stuff Frosty’s twat with your hot meat and make her melt!” Unable to move much, she rocked back and forth on her feet, pumping him and in out of her in a slow rhythm. The slight tightening of her expression was the only sign she gave of how much it hurt her feet to move like that . “God, you feel so good!” she announced. “Your fat cock is such a tight, wonderful fit in your favorite slut’s pussy.”

After a minute, she stopped rocking and let him slide out of her. There was only a tiny note of hesitation in her voice as she spoke. “I don’t think my hole is as hot as you deserve, lover. Warm it up for me, pretty please?” Backdraft stepped back, showing the camera her gaping cunt, and then slapped it with the leather strap. Frost squealed loudly and looked like she was nearly about to break character, but she forced the smile back onto her face. “S-so good,” she hissed. “That was one. Give to me again, lover, beat that slutty cunt of mine! Teach it a lesson for always being so greedy and sucking all your sweet cum out of you!”


“That was two. Give it to me again, lover! Get your slut’s fuckhole hot and ready for your cock!”


“That was three. Give it to me again, lover! Get your slut’s fuckhole hot and ready for your cock!’

The bald man lashed her a total of ten times, all directly on her pussy and all counted off by Frost, and it was looking even more red and swollen than usual when he was done. The superheroine winced in pain when his head rubbed her slit like before, but she began rocking her feet again, swallowing him up and spitting him back out over and over. “Are you enjoying that toasty warm cunt, lover?” she asked. “The only thing that would warm it up more is your hot cum. But don’t rush! You just relax and enjoy me.”

After another few minutes, she pulled away from him again. “I think my ass is cooling down,” she said. “Another th-thirty strokes should get it back where it needs to be.” Her ass actually looked much worse than before when Backdraft stepped back, dark bruises already forming, but he didn’t hesitate to start using the strap on it.


Frost’s mouth worked silently for a moment, unable to speak from the pain. “…th… That was one! Give it to me again, lover! Remind your pain slut why she loves you so much!”


“Thuh, that was two! Give it to me again, lover! Remind your pain slut why she loves you so much!”

By thirty strokes, she was visibly shaking and looked absolutely exhausted. It was clear that just as she’d predicted, the only reason she wasn’t collapsed on the floor was the vise’s grip on her tits. According to the script the doll had watched Frost and Backdraft go over multiple times until the white haired woman had memorized it, they were nearly done: he was supposed to use her pussy a final time and finish inside her. But instead, she let out a sharp cry of surprise as Backdraft’s cock rubbed not against her cunt again, but against her puckered asshole. “That’s not what-!” she exclaimed, and then pressed her lips shut to stop herself. “I… I didn’t expect s-such a treat,” she said, recovering and pushing her ass onto him. “Your dick is s-so good in my guts!”

Backdraft made her fuck him like that for a long time. Three different times the doll saw Frost pull away in the hope that he would follow the cue and switch back to her pussy. The bald man ignored it every time, standing there patiently until she reluctantly swallowed him back up. The video had been going on for half an hour when he stroked her red slit with the strap. Frost shuddered, but gave him what he wanted. “Please… please warm my fuckhole back up, lover,” she said. “Make, um, make it glow before you feed it your cum!”

He didn’t bother pulling out of her ass, and Frost didn’t stop fucking him. She continued rocking back and forth as he brought the strap up in an underhand swing to slap sharply against her pussy lips, making her squirm in place so hard that the heavy worktable creaked and shifted a millimeter. “That… that… that was one…” she said, panting. “Give it to… give to me again, lover… get your slut’s fuckhole hot and ready for your cock!”





Backdraft didn’t stop at ten, or at twenty, or even at thirty. He kept hitting her again and again, all but daring her to break character and beg him to stop. But Frost didn’t. Her voice grew ragged from screaming, and tears dripped down her cheeks, but she never stopped playing her role even as he pushed her harder. “That was… was forty seven. Give it to, to, to me again, luh lover… get your slut’s fug- fuckhole hot and ready for your-” *SMACK* “That was fuh… forty ei-” *SMACK* “That-” *SMACK* “That was fuh… fifty… give it to me… again, lover… get your… your… your slut’s fuckhole hot and ready and… for your cock…” *SMACK*

He’d been at this for twenty minutes by the time Frost managed to get all the way to one hundred. The doll knew this had to be the end. She couldn’t imagine even a sadist like him going any farther than that, not with the woman’s slit already as red and raw as hamburger. He’d cause her permanent damage if he kept going, if he hadn’t alrea-


Apparently the superheroine had counted on him being finished too, because when he beat her pussy for the one hundred and first time, she let out a choked and anguished sob. “Please…” she moaned. “Please… please…” The doll watched Backdraft smile with satisfaction at having finally pushed her past her limits. Frost’s voice was reduced to a hoarse whisper by now. “…please…………. give… give it to me… again……”

Backdraft’s smile was quickly replaced with an annoyed scowl, but he didn’t strike her. Frost sobbed again when his cock slid out of her asshole and poked her cunt, but it was a sound of unfeigned relief this time. “Thank you…” she whispered as she took him into herself. It had to be agony to her tenderized pussy, but she didn’t hesitate. “Thank you… I… I want my, my hole warm and w-welcoming for your seed.” Her voice gained strength as she fell back onto the memorized script. “Fill my fertile twat with your cum! Breed me, lover, breed me!”

There was more to the script, but Frost wasn’t the only one being pushed to her limits by the long video. Before she’d made it to ten pumps, Backdraft threw his head back and groaned in pleasure. He shot most of his load inside of her, but pulled out to spray the last of it on her swollen cheeks, the bruised flesh so sensitive that the superheroine twitched at every drop. He left his semen glistening on her skin as he moved to her front and presented himself to be cleaned.

The white haired woman forced a final tired smile onto her face. “Y-you made me cum so hard, lover… “ she croaked. “I lost… lost count of how many times… you’re so… so good to me…” Her lips parted and she got to work, her tongue gently cleaning every trace of her insides off of him. When she was done, she gave the head of it a long, sloppy kiss, and then licked her lips. “Please tell me… we can do this again… soon…and h-harder?”

She sagged when Backdraft turned off the camera, and the tears began to flow more steadily. The superheroine quickly reached for the vise crank to free herself, but Backdraft slapped her hand away. “What’s your hurry, slut?” he asked cheerfully. “You look so comfy like that.” Frost whimpered, but let her hands drop to her sides, swinging limply. Her feet twisted and turned in place, trying unsuccessfully to find a position where her own weight wouldn’t torture her.

Their owner left her there to go examine the floor. “Not bad,” he remarked as he inspected the spit shined surface. “Not great, but not bad. Do you think you deserve that dog food for all your hard work, street rat?”

The rainbow doll bowed her head. “No, sir,” she said. Empty dolls didn’t deserve anything, didn’t want anything, didn’t feel anything. They just were.

Backdraft grunted, sounding dissatisfied by her response. “Open!” he barked, and she immediately lifted her head and opened her mouth just in time to catch his piss stream. She gulped it down, trying her best not to spill any. A few drops of urine escaped her, but as soon as he was done she put her head back down and lapped them up. “Seeing as how I already spent my load on Frosty, and we agree you didn’t earn your dog food, looks like you’re going to bed tonight with nothing but a piss dinner, yeah?”

“Yes, sir.” Her stomach grumbled, but she ignored it. Dolls didn’t get hungry. “Thank you for the piss dinner, sir.”

“Fuck me, you’re worthless,” Backdraft said sourly. “Might as well be a blowup doll for all the fun you are.” He rolled her over onto her back with a foot, then stepped on her face. He didn’t put all his weight down, but there was enough to make her head pound as it was pinned between the floor and his foot. “I liked you much better that first time. All that fire inside, a feisty little bitch to tame… but this? You’re just pathetic now.” The doll gurgled involuntarily as he pressed down harder, but made no attempt to struggle free. “Just a filthy, broken fucktoy. I’d be doing the world a favor if I killed you right here.” The doll didn’t disagree.

The pressure on her face abruptly vanished. “But I’m not that nice,” the bald man told her, then he raised his voice. “Fela! That offer of yours still stands? You swear to keep being my actress if I let the street rat go?”

“Yes!” Frost said hoarsely. “Yes, I swear!”

“It’s going to make your life even harder from now on,” he taunted. “If you thought it was bad now, just imagine what it will be like without a fellow fucktoy to share your burden. Every time I want a tight hole around my cock, it’s going to be yours that have to wring out my cum. Every time I’m in the mood to hear some pretty screams, or my bladder gets full, or there’s something around that needs a good tongue washing, you’re the one I’m gonna go to. You really want to put yourself through all that for the sake of a two-bit thief who, correct me if I’m wrong, helped put you here in the first place by leaving you to die?”

“I swear,” the white haired woman said, without hesitation. “I’ll do whatever I have to if you let her go.”

Backdraft shrugged. “I still think you’re full of shit, but why not?” The doll held still as he walked away, not daring to leave the position he’d put her in. A minute later he came back holding a small key and knelt beside her. “I like this little hidey hole of mine, street rat,” he told her quietly, “and I’m in no hurry to move. So you’re not going to tell anyone about this place, or about me or Fela. Not your friends and family, if a pathetic bitch like you even has any, and sure as hell not the police. You understand?” She nodded, and then flinched as he rammed two red hot fingers into her pussy, and an equally hot thumb up her asshole. “Because if you do,” he hissed as her flesh sizzled, “I will find you, and I will make these last three weeks seem like a pleasant vacation. I don’t care how broken and meek and unresponsive you are, I’ll have you screaming and begging for death long before I’m done with you.”

There was a small click as he unlocked the animite collar around her neck, then he stood up and tossed it away. “Well, what are you waiting for?” he asked, and kicked her hard in the side. “Get lost, street rat!”

The rainbow doll shakily rose to her feet. She expected him to start laughing at any moment, tell her it was all just a joke and order her to put the collar back on, but he ignored her as she began staggering away. When she reached the exit, she looked behind her and saw he was already back with Frost, her mouth working to get him hard again. “You stay here much longer, I’m gonna start thinking you really are some kind of needy pain slut,” Backdraft remarked without glancing in her direction. “And shut the door on your way out.”

The doll didn’t understand. Him getting bored with her, that made sense. So did him deciding to throw her out. She was just worthless trash, after all. But why did Frost still want to help her? She certainly didn’t deserve it, and Backdraft was absolutely right: once she was gone, the woman would suffer even more. There was no reason to do it, especially not for an empty doll like her. Superheroes bragged about duty and self-sacrifice all the time, but it was always just fluff to make themselves look good. No one would ever know about Frost’s decision, let alone be impressed by it. It made no sense. She didn’t understand.

But she didn’t need to. She was just a doll, and all dolls had to do was obey. So she left. Left the abandoned factory that she’d been certain she would die in. Left the man who’d taught her what she was. And left Frost, the only hero in the world who might actually deserve the title, all alone with a monster. Again.

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