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Beware the Frozen Heart - Chapter 5 + Epilogue

Updated: Apr 30


Elsa spun on her heel, whirling to the front door of her castle. There, silhouetted by the setting sun, stood the beautiful reward for her endless torment. “Anna!”

“Elsa!” Anna ran forward and hugged her sister, wrapping her arms so tight around Elsa’s waist she could grab her own elbows. “I’m home. I’m finally home.”

Elsa hugged back, stroking the back of her sister’s head, feeling the scratchy texture of her unkempt hair. Warmth radiated through her body, the comforting embrace of the only person who ever made her mind the cold. She hadn’t realized how much she’d missed Anna’s touch, not until she thought about their long-awaited reunion. What if the damage the kidnappers had done to Anna made her wary of contact with another human? What if she needed days, or weeks, or longer, before she was ready to even face the world again? Elsa would give her the time and love and space she wanted, no matter how much it hurt. But being with her again, finally touching, she could feel her worries melt away. “It’s alright. It’s over.”

“It was horrible! They put me in this basement, and then—”

“Shh, it’s fine. You’re back now. That’s all that matters. Let’s get you to my room. You can stay there as long as you need.” Elsa squeezed Anna once more and took her hand, leading her out of the entry hall. As she entered the hallway, she glared at the guards. “Nobody is to disturb Anna until I say otherwise. Understood?”

The guards snapped to attention, though she saw their eyes drift all over her body. They would never go away, the stares. For the rest of her life, people would imagine her body, remember her skin, wonder about what she had underneath her elegant dress, gossip about what she had done the night before. It was the cost of her sister, a cost she would gladly pay again. She’d give up her kingdom for Anna—in a sense, she had, because Arendelle would be a very different place with a woman of her reputation at the helm—and never had she been more certain of that than when her fingers intertwined with her sister’s.

The bedroom door shut behind them with a comforting finality, locking then away from the rest of the world. It was just her and Anna now, as it had been for all those years. Then, she was trapped behind the door for Anna’s safety; now she would keep her safe by doing the opposite. Anna would be protected from the people who had hurt her. Even after Elsa found them, she would never let Anna out of her sight. Just her and Anna, the only one she could trust, the only person in the kingdom who would never have participated in the humiliation the kidnappers had forced on Elsa.

She winced, thinking about her public debauchery. Did Anna know? Had the kidnappers told her about the depths to which the queen had stooped? She couldn’t imagine so, or Anna would never have stained her perfect hands on her sister’s well-used body. Elsa would make sure she never found out. Anna would stay pure, as pure as she could be after those men had finished with her. Or maybe she did know about Elsa’s trials. And she still saw fit to talk to her, to hug her, to not enforce the pariah status she deserved? Anna was too good for this world, even after her sullying. Now it was Elsa’s turn to be the guardian she hadn’t been, to save Anna from the people outside who would destroy the entire kingdom if it means they could satisfy their carnal desires. Anna would never have to deal with them again. Elsa swore it on her title.

She led Anna to the bed and sat next to her, holding her head tight. “You’re safe now. You’re here with me. Nobody else will lay a finger on you.”

“Thank you.” Anna buried her face in Elsa’s chest. The warmth so close to her breasts reminded her of the hands, the mouths, the—she pushed those thoughts, and the stirrings they caused, aside. This was Anna’s time. “I knew you’d save me. No matter how long it took, I knew you’d come through.”

“Always.” Elsa ran her fingernail through Anna’s hair. “I’m only sorry it took so long.”

“No. No, you did everything you could. They had me for more than a week before they even sent the first letter. That you paid their random in just a few days, it was…how did you do it without telling people where I was?”

So this was the story they had told her. The whole time Anna thought she’d been alone, Elsa had already been working toward her release. They hadn’t told her the true story, the smallest relief they could have given. Anna knew nothing about the Whore Queen. Elsa would make sure she never did. “It doesn’t matter now. It’s over.”

“Yeah. Yeah, it’s over.” Anna sniffled into Elsa’s dress. “Oh, what will Kristoff think of me now?”

The name of her (likely) future brother-in-law rang hollow in Elsa’s ears. She had barely thought about his reaction… now that she thought about it, however, the thought of her sister with one of the men of her kingdom filled her with instinctive disgust. She could… tolerate it. For Anna’s sake. Probably. If he had any sense, he would take Anna back, bruises and all. If he didn’t… fine. Elsa would deal with him. She would see to him and defend Anna on her own. “I’m sure he’ll understand.”

“But my — I mean, he always seemed so… how do I tell him?”

“You don’t have to. You can only tell him what you want. Nobody decides what to share but you.”

“Do you think he’ll be able to tell? One day we’re… you know, it’s going to happen. And he’s going to touch my chest, and I’ll… what if I panic? Or if it doesn’t feel right?”

Elsa sighed. Of all the things they had done to her, Anna wasn’t worried about any physical damage or night terrors or the kidnappers’ return, but how much she would enjoy sex with Kristoff? Anna’s brain clearly couldn’t even handle all the trauma it had suffered. “We’ll handle it. You can take as much time as you need to recover. And if you don’t recover, that’s fine too. We’re here to help you.”

“I just… I have to tell him, don’t I? I have to tell him that another man…that I’ve been t-touched before.”

“Shhh. Only if you want to.”

Anna slumped farther, resting her head in Elsa’s lap. “He’ll be okay, right? He won’t hate me?”

“Of course not.”

“It wasn’t like they ruined me or anything.”

“Anna, nothing could ruin you.”

“It wasn’t even under the clothes or anything.”

Elsa’s hand stopped. Had she heard it wrong? “Come again?”

“Well it—it was under the clothes, of course. Under the dress. But if they don’t get…you know, closer than that, then it doesn’t really count, right?”

Elsa shook her head. No, she definitely wasn’t understanding. Leaving it alone was best. Anna could process it at her own pace. One day she’d understand everything that had happened. But Elsa had to understand what she was working with, what Anna’s mental state was. She couldn’t help if she didn’t understand the problem. “So they—the men—they put their hands down your dress?”

Anna blushed and forced her head into Elsa’s thigh, speaking a muffled “yeff.”

“And under your slip?”


“And under your bra?”

Anna turned her head so her mouth was free again. “No. But they wanted to. I saw it in their eyes. They kept rubbing all around, and in between, and — ugh, it’s horrible to even think about it.”

Anna was blocking it out. That’s what was happening. Anna had repressed all the memories after the first day, or even hour. It was the only explanation. “Did they touch you anywhere else?”

“Yeah. Some of them liked my legs. They even hiked my skirt up to my knees so they could look at them.”

It was better this way. Anna didn’t remember the trauma. Elsa shouldn’t push her. She shouldn’t ask. She did anyway. “Did they ever undress you?”

“Not more than that, though. That would…” Anna shuddered. “They could have. They could have done all kinds of things to me. I think maybe they wanted to.”

Of course. Anna was replacing the facts with a fantasy in which the kidnappers were relatively virtuous. It was a safe version of her time with them. That was fine. It was all fine. “So they never abused you, or made you touch them, or—” The voice that was coming out of her mouth was… odd. Was that really her voice? Where had all the tenderness gone?

“No! No, no, oh no. I hadn’t even considered — no!”

She was wrong. She and to be. Anna was wrong. They had done things to her. Awful things. Horrible things. Things that couldn’t be spoken. “But they did. What they did to you, it—”

“They didn’t do anything like that! Nobody’s that evil.”

Nobody was that evil. Nobody. Right, nobody. Nobody would steal a woman away and rape her into submissions. Nobody would take advantage of a distressed or helpless girl. Nobody would trade away another person’s decency for a single silver piece. It wasn’t possible. It didn’t happen. “They are, though. They were evil. They hurt you, they beat you, they forced you to service them, they—”


Elsa looked, and the simple act of turning her head sent Anna upright and halfway across the bed. “All those things they did. You suffered. You suffered so much. Day after day. Man after man. Rape after rape after rape after—”

Anna reached back, feeling around for the bed’s corner post. “Elsa? You’re scaring me.”

Elsa continued like Anna hadn’t said a thing. “Because they had to, right? They had to be abusing you. They broke you. They changed you. You were suffering, more than any woman should ever suffer.” Her voice was quiet. She didn’t recognize it as her own. “That’s why I had to save you. Do whatever I could to save you. Anything I did was worth taking you away from that, wasn’t it?”

“I don’t—”

Wasn’t it?!” Elsa shot to her feet. She didn’t know if steam was actually pouring off of her skin, or if the heavy air just felt like she was walking through water. Her blood felt so hot that for the first time in her life the air actually felt cold. She stormed to her dresser and ripped the drawer out, flinging underwear all over the room. Laying in a pile, still rolled, sat the five letters she had received, and she snatched them up and shoved them in Anna’s face. “This! This is what happened to you. I stopped that. I stopped them! I saved you!”

Anna’s hand almost shook too much to even grab a letter, much less open it, but she unfurled it while Elsa seethed only a foot away. As she read, her jaw dropped and her skin grew even paler, utter shock marring her perfect features. Her eyes bounced as they passed from line to line, and when she reached the end she looked up at her sister. “Elsa, this didn’t—”

“Keep.” Elsa snarled, pointing at the next scroll. “Reading.”

And read she did, swallowing and gasping and whimpering through every word while Elsa paced a ditch in the floor, muttering to herself. “It happened. I know it did. It couldn’t be a lie. If it was a lie, I would have known. I wouldn’t have done what I did. Because I did those thing. Horrible things. Night after night, to person after person. I did all that. I know it. I have the bruises. The stains. The awful taste on my tongue that won’t go away. I see them all when I close my eyes. Twitching, throbbing, jerking, shooting every which way. They’re warm. Hot. But you know that. You know, because you felt them too. You had it worse. So much worse.”

Anna put down the final letter. “I’m sorry, Elsa, I didn’t know. I—”

“No. Nooo, you didn’t! Because you were in a basement somewhere, getting fucked so hard it knocked the memories right out of your skull, that’s why!”

Anna crawled back, as though that word Elsa spat — fuck — was a weapon that she could avoid with enough distance. “Elsa, please, we can—”

“I fixed it. I stopped them. I did what they wanted, so they gave you back.”

“You did. You did. Thank you. I’m going to go to my room—” She started backing away slowly.

“You suffered,” Elsa said without looking at her. “Ooooh, how you suffered. I know it. You had to. You had to suffer. Because if you didn’t suffer, it didn’t have to happen. I didn’t have to do what they said. But I did, so it happened. Didn’t it, Anna? They fucked you?”

Anna glanced at the bedroom door. “I—”

“Right, they did. They used you, tossed you around like a useless toy. Used both of us. I wasn’t the only one. No. I couldn’t be. It was both of us. We both suffered. So much. We’re both victims, aren’t we? AREN’T WE?!”

“Please, I—”

“No. No, no, no, no, no. We both have to suffer. Or else it’s meaningless, you understand? I did all that for NOTHING!” Elsa grabbed her nightstand and hurled it halfway across the room. In midair it froze absolutely solid, and hen it hit it shattered into a jagged setting of icicles and splinters. She turned to her sister, suddenly quiet, her face the perfect, emotionless royal mask so wore as armor. “You were suffering, Anna. I had to save you. It’s the only thing that makes sense.” She didn’t blink as she looked at her sister… her perfect, innocent, untouched sister that was the reason for all of this. “You have to suffer.”

Anna backed into a wall and dropped to the ground, curled up behind her knees. “I don’t want to,” she said quietly, and Elsa realized that she could see her sister’s breath as it puffed out into the air like a cloud of steam.

The laugh was as cold as the room was growing. “Don’t want to? Don’t want to? This isn’t about want any more, Anna. This is about what’s right. I suffered because I thought you were suffering. We were in this together. And you abandoned me!” she spat. A small part of her whispered that she wasn’t being rational… that part of her was buried beneath the furious blizzard of rage and betrayal that stormed around her. “I did it alone… I took it all for you while you just… lay there and let it happen feeling sorry for yourself!” She tilted her head and smirked. “So, now, we’re going to fix it. Together.”

Anna jumped up and turned toward the door, but only made it two steps before her foot landed on a patch of ice. Her feet shot out from under her and she tumbled, crashing down into a tangle of limbs and panic. She didn’t even manage to fully right herself before a pair of ice manacles clapped around her wrists. “Elsa, no, please! Let me go!”

“They’re cold, I know. You’ll get used to it. I wore them too, a matching set. Like for like.” Elsa seized Anna’s chin and pulled her across the room. “You know, for all the things I’ve done… not one of them has been in a bed yet? Won’t this be nice? We’ll get to have a first together.”

No matter how frantically she squirmed, Anna couldn’t break from Elsa’s iron grip. She fell back on the bed and scrambled toward the headboard, even as Elsa climbed after her. “Help!” she screamed. “Somebody! Help!”

“Calm down, Anna,” the queen chided. “We wouldn’t want to ruin that perfect skin.” Scythes of ice, razor-sharp, formed in the air. Anna stopped moving, stopped breathing, as they sliced at her. Too afraid to even speak, she remained perfectly still at they cut her clothes to ribbons, all the way through her underwear, with barely a nick against her flesh. Elsa pushed the tatters aside and dismissed her own dress with a wave of her hand, leaving the sisters nude but for Anna’s new bracelets. “Beautiful. So beautiful. You always did take my breath away, sister.”

“Elsa, please,” Anna sniffled, “you don’t have to do this.”

A tiny voice in the back of Elsa’s mind screamed, but it was buried beneath the avalanche of cold fury. “No, I suppose I don’t,” she growled. “There were a lot of things I didn’t have to do. Things you don’t sufficiently appreciate… not yet.” Mists swirled around her hips, solidifying into a belt of purest blue. It looped between her legs, securing it in place, and a bulge sprouted from the front, forming a dildo so clean it actually reflected Anna’s aghast face. “I don’t have to do this… But I’m going to. The letters… they say you got fucked, so you have to get fucked. It’s only right.”

“Please. Please, pl—aah!” Anna’s body stretch out as Elsa pulled her ankles, leaving her pinned on the bed below her sister. More links formed from her manacles, securing her wrists to the bed, and Elsa’s body kept her from closing her thighs. Naked and trapped, all she could do was beg. “Elsa, this isn’t you. They did something to you. Snap out of it!”

“Oh, but dear sister, this is me.” The ice dildo rubbed against Anna’s pussy, eliciting a pained cry. “This is who I am now. Who you made me. Elsa, the Whore Queen of Arendelle. Queen of a land of the depraved, of the wicked, of the foul. And I’ve decided on my first official royal act.” She pushed the head down until it rested in her sister’s lips, perfectly aligned. “No one stays innocent. I’m going to deflower the pure, noble Princess Anna.”

“Elsa, no, you—”

“Welcome to the new regime.” Elsa grinned and shoved her hips forward.

Anna’s pained scream pierced through Elsa’s ears, a sort of irritating satisfaction. It wasn’t a beautiful, melodious scream, but a loud half-sob, much like she imagined she had uttered during her own first time. Good. Anna was learning what it meant to be Elsa, what she’d had to suffer while Anna was wallowing in despair of her own making. This violation was only the first of many steps, a wall through which she had to break before she could truly help Anna understand. There would be more. So, so much more in the days, the weeks, the decades to come. This was what the royalty in Arendelle did now, and Elsa smirked as she wriggled her dildo deeper into Anna’s pussy, happy to be the one to introduce her to her new life.

“Stop!” Anna begged, still trying to inch her way up the bed. Even when Elsa waved her hand and bridges of ice secured Anna’s elbows and knees to the mattress, Anna’s struggles didn’t end, as thought she thought a little distance would somehow save her. “Elsa, please, it hurts!”

“That’s the point, dear sister,” Elsa ran her fingers over Anna’s cheeks, the tears on her cheeks freezing in place at the proximity to her touch. “Do you know what I’ve learned while you’ve been away?” She leaned down… and kissed her sister on the forehead. “Sex isn’t about love. Everybody always says it’s this big deal, some unifying act that binds two people together, but they’re all lying to themselves, or to their victims. Sex is about power. It’s about giving power over yourself, your body, your most intimate desires, away to another person… or taking it from them.” She bucked her hips with that word, drinking in Anna’s shriek. “Think about it, Anna. Think about all the men who raped me. Do you think they loved me?”

“Elsa, I—”

“No. No, they didn’t. They wanted power over me. I gave them a chance, and they took it. And I gave them that power because a small group of men has power over me. And they had that power because they had you, you selfish little whore.” Elsa grabbed Anna’s throat, and tendrils of ice seeped from her fingers up Anna’s chin. “Because you had power over me too, because I let you. Because I loved you.”

“I…” Anna wheezed, “I can’t…”

“But not any more,” she continued. “Now, I have power over you. I always did… but I wasn’t using it. Because you were my precious little sister… And look where that got me.” Elsa didn’t know when she started rocking, sliding her dildo in and out of Anna’s pale, stretched pussy. It was a natural movement, an instinct she had developed from the many, many men who had done it to her. She wondered how it felt to them, having something so sensitive inside a woman instead of a numb object. Was it actually pleasurable, or did they just enjoy defiling somebody else? Was sex an act of arrogant self-satisfaction, or did the enjoyment come from denying it to someone else? Her experience has opened a new world of thought, one she intended to explore thoroughly. A moment’s consideration was all it took to link the ice to herself, to make it as alive as any part of her… and she felt the way her sister clenched and squeezed on it. She shivered, and not with the cold… perhaps it was both for the men. Elsa was beginning to understand. She squeezed harder on Anna’s neck, and delighted as she grew tighter. “I’m taking my power back. From you, from men, from everybody in this while kingdom, and beyond. I am the queen here, do you understand!?”

Anna choked again, mouth moving soundlessly, so after a few more seconds Elsa finally released her grip, finally allowing some air into her sister’s lungs. While Anna coughed and sputtered, Elsa pounded into her, watching her hair shift and her breasts jiggle and her expression falter as Elsa raped her into submission. She didn’t look at Elsa any more, preferring to stare at the ceiling or let her head loll to the side. Elsa knew that behavior, an attempt to disengage from the situation. She wouldn’t have it. Magic flowed into the dildo, bolstering its size even as the heat from Anna’s pussy melted it into a dark puddle under her ass, and Anna came back around as the pain of stretching overcame the numb from the cold. “Elsa, why? Please, I—ah! I don’t understand.”

“You will. Everyone will.” Elsa pulled out, staring at the smooth, tapered rod she’d had inside her sister. Anna’s pussy closed almost immediately, a delectable slit she had imagined time and time again. In only moments it had little sign of its trauma but for a tinge of blue skin where frostbite had started to take hold. Elsa frowned. Facing the results of her labor, she expected some permanent mark like the ones the men had inflicted on her. She hadn’t seen them, but she knew there were there, forever tainting her. Anna somehow still seemed pure…but that was fine. It meant Elsa could ruin her all over again. “How does it feel to be part of the kingdom again?”

Anna sniffed instead of answering. She struggled to even look at Elsa, glancing at her face for only a moment before looking away. Another sob shook her perfect chest and she winced whenever she tried to move any part of her body against her bonds. “Elsa, you… we can get through this.” Her eyes flicked to Elsa’s again, then away. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry this happened. But I’m your sister. You can talk to me.” Another glance. “We can—”

“Why,” Elsa lunged forward and grabbed Anna’s cheeks, pulling her head straight, “won’t you look at me? I thought you loved me.”

“I do! I—”

“And people who love each other help each other, right?”

“Yes! Yes, Elsa, I can help you!”

“And they fuck, right?”

The blood drained from Anna’s face. “Elsa, we can’t—”

“That’s what you thought, right? That you’d find somebody, a man,” she said with disgust, “and you’d fall in love, and you’d get married, and you’d fuck each other here, in this castle under my roof?”

“It’s not—”

“Fine. I’ll give you what you want. You can show me how much you love me.” Elsa batted at the dildo and it dissolved instantly into a fine mist even as she crawled up Anna’s body. She grabbed the headboard and straddled Anna’s face, rubbing her cold pussy lips against her sister’s mouth. “Go ahead, Anna. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your tongue up my cunt, so we need to get you used to it.”

Honestly, it was… disappointing. Anna was, frankly, terrible at this. She delayed as long as she could, forcing Elsa to grind her own hips against Anna’s chin to get any action at all, and she didn’t open her mouth at all until several seconds after Elsa held her nose shut. Even then, her light, chaste kisses barely tickled, and the tongue understood nothing but sliding an inch or so in and out. She wasn’t even in the right place, poking at Elsa’s lips instead of sliding deep inside her or lavishing attention on the clit so many men also saw fit to ignore. She was just like them, really. In bed with a young, hot queen, the chance of a lifetime, and too caught up in her own wants to even attempt to address Elsa’s. Elsa relaxed her thighs further, driving Anna’s head deeper into the mattress. Even a clumsy tonguing felt better than none at all, and Anna would learn soon enough, through long, arduous practice.

She sighed and rolled back her head, relishing the small bit of foreplay. “This is good, Anna. This is how it should be. Me on top, you under me, and everybody else below us.” Anna’s complaint – or agreement, or cry for help, Elsa couldn’t really tell and didn’t care – was muffled, a fun little vibration against Elsa’s lips. “I have so much to teach you. All those things in the letters, all the things I went through, and any little thing my heart desires. You’re going to sell your body for money. You’re going to put in regular shifts sucking and fucking men through a wall. You’re going to feel dogs knotting inside you.” Anna’s struggles resumed and Elsa only chuckled. “And we’re definitely putting you out there for regular sessions with the citizens. I’m thinking, maybe, every Wednesday? ‘Hump Day’, we’ll call it. Oh, and we can’t forget all the things in the letters. I’ll have to pick out some men to rape you and keep you alive just on their cum. Won’t that be fun? Your own little harem… you’ll probably like that. Oh, and a horse.”

Anna’s skill at cunnilingus didn’t suddenly improve. Reciting a laundry list of depraved acts didn’t encourage her to please Elsa more. If anything it made her tongue shrink farther back into her mouth. But listening to Anna’s quiet whimpers, feeling her strain against her ice bindings, and see her bright blue eyes fill with half-frozen tears was better than any mouth work she could do at this early stage in her sexual development, a development Elsa would see through to the end. It wasn’t the heat and the wetness giving Elsa the tingles she wanted. It was the fear. The disgust. The confusion. It was all the terrible thoughts swirling in Anna’s head, finally freed from Elsa’s. It was the certainty that her long ordeal was finally over, that she was in control of not only herself but those around her, that she was the one with the power again, now and forever. She was free. Really, and truly, free.

No orgasm sent her into shuddering, long-awaited fits of pure joy. It wasn’t so simple. She didn’t need the peak to enjoy herself, not like the men who had taken her. She would have plenty of chances to cum herself stupid on her sister’s tongue, and fingers, and whatever else she chose. It would happen in between sending Anna out to earn money through whoring herself, or displaying her naked in the public square, or having her tend to the stables by sucking off every horse they could find, or letting man after man after man gang-bang her in the throne room with a royal audience, during however many parties it would take until Elsa had a heir to her kingdom… she was never, ever going to let another man touch her. Elsa stretched her arms behind herself and rode the moment, giving Anna the space to breathe but only barely. They would learn to enjoy the next stage of their life together. And if Anna never came around, that was fine too. In fact, Elsa hoped she didn’t. It was more fun that way.

She knew it wouldn’t be easy. Her guards would balk at letting either Elsa or Anna go to town in the sluttiest clothing she could conjure. Some of her citizens might not like what they had unleashed in her. Other kingdoms might question the state of their trade and diplomatic contacts with a kingdom where a member of the royal family regularly whored out her sister. Eventually, she would have to deal with Kristoff. But they would all fall in line. Her eyes narrowed. Or they wouldn’t… and she would handle it. They were all equally responsible for what had happened. There was no good in this world worth protecting… she knew this now. It was time to stop holding back. Her pussy grew warm as she thought about all the changes she would make, all the ways her life would improve as she reveled in her new situation.

Whore Queen? How inappropriate. It made her sound like she served others. That wasn’t how it worked. People served her… or they would be removed. That was how things worked in this world now… and Elsa had never seen any indication in her life that anyone could stop her but herself.

And she was done holding herself back.

Elsa sighed as Anna’s tongue grew cold. Pathetic… she needed so much more practice. Still, Elsa had to admit she did prefer a warmer contact now. She had always dreamed of sleeping in the arms of a woman who loved her. Now she had one. They would have to resume the activity later, after Anna had a chance to rest. She stepped off of Anna’s face and lay down next to her, cuddling against her naked sister. The bindings stayed in place, rooting them together as Elsa made herself comfortable. “I know this is going to be a difficult transition, Anna. It was difficult for me too, But I’ll be here with you, always. You’ll be safe and happy, as long as you do everything I tell you. And if you don’t… you won’t be.” She slipped a finger between Anna’s thighs, wedging it inside her recently-deflowered pussy, and kissed her on the cheek. “It’s not your fault you’re a wicked, selfish little cunt… that is what the world is. I see that now. That’s alright. I will make you worthy of my love, no matter how long it takes. That’s what love is.”

She settled alongside Anna, watched a single tear drip into the pillowcase, and Elsa slept.


Anna woke weeping.

There was no barrier between sleep and wakefulness, no blessed moment where she could convince herself that this was all a dream. She woke cold, shivering, helpless… and completely aware of how she she had ended up this way. She had fallen asleep yesterday from sheer exhaustion, crying as she pressed against her sleeping sister, her entire body hurting from what had been done to her even as the ice seemed to burn at her skin. Part of her was surprised that she could still feel anything at all… that it hadn’t done permanent damage by now. The rest of her understood. It didn’t because Elsa… her sister… didn’t want it to.


Anna wept more. What had happened to the sister she loved? When she had been grabbed out in the city, dragged into an alley, it had been the most terrifying moment of her life. As they had tied her up and put her down in the basement, she had felt just as helpless as she had the day Hans had left her die… stupid and worthless and weak. But then the men had laughed, and told her that her sister had paid her ransom, and she was going to be free to go. Anna was determined to make them regret it. They thought her some stupid, airheaded socialite… even if she had fallen into her trap like one, she wasn’t. They didn’t conceal their faces nearly well enough. She had seen most of them… was pretty sure she could recognize them. She knew who had done this. She would see them brought to justice for what they had done, once she was reunited with her sister.

And then her sister had…

Anna didn’t know what her sister had done. The things she had said… the things she had done… the things she had made Anna read in those letters… none of it seemed real. She wanted to reach out to her. To hold her. To tell her that she was forgiven, that everything was going to be ok… but Elsa was gone, vanished from the room before she had woken.

She needed to get free.

Anna began to scream for help, louder and louder. Elsa would hear, probably. She would come back and… and… hurt her again, but someone else would hear too. Together, they could bring Elsa back to her senses. Together, they could reach her, Anna knew it. She screamed and she screamed and she screamed… and no one came. No guards. No advisers or butler or maids or staff. No Elsa.

Something was wrong.

The ice was inflexible and strong as steel… but the bed sheets it was attached to were not, and the ice had frozen them solid. Anna thrashed violently on the bed until one bit of the sheet simply tore off beneath her right arm and it came free, bands of ice and all. Moving deliberately, Anna worked to free her other limbs the same way until, shivering, weak, exhausted, Anna was free. She rose quickly up, abruptly shy about her nakedness as she stood in the room… but she didn’t have time to try to wear something. She shoved open the door and…

…and also shrieked in embarrassment as a man was looking right at her. Duncan, one of the palace guards, his hand raised as if he were about to knock at the door and investigate the screaming coming from Elsa’s room. His eyes were wide in surprise as he looked at her, seeing the naked princess in all of her glory. “Duncan!” Anna cried, quickly trying to cover herself with her hands. “I need help! Elsa, she’s… something’s happened to her, I need… I need… I…”

Duncan wasn’t moving, and his eyes weren’t focusing. Now that she was calming she noticed he wasn’t really looking at her but simply straight ahead, at where the door had been. Looking right through her. In horror, Anna realized that he was completely coated, like someone had poured around him to make a perfect shell in his shape out of glass.

Not glass. Ice.

Horrified, Anna ran past him, calling for help… and finding others frozen the same way. The guards Samuel and Eli and Matthias. The butler Shen. The maid Jezelyn. Even Kai… all of them frozen in place, transformed into perfect, motionless statues of ice. Frozen by her sister.

Anna ran to the door and tried to open it. It wouldn’t open. She ran back into the hallway, grabbing one of the heavy chairs… too large for her to lift comfortably, but she brought it down against the door over and over again until it broken, and the gates didn’t budge. Eventually, she threw it at one of the glass windows…

And it bounced off, breaking into pieces.

Awed, Anna put her hand against the window… and found it cold. Frozen over… just like everything else. She could, however, still see through it.

She could see her sister, standing in the town square, wearing black. She could see it as she knelt on the ground, conjuring dark shape after dark shape out of the ice and sending them off into the world. She could see it as the first snowflakes began to fall down out of the sky.

The world was a vile, wicked place.

Elsa wore black as she stood in the middle of town, her gown harsh and cut in sharp, dark lines. She had to resist the urge to pace, as especially as the calls from the crowd got louder. They said it was cold. They asked what they were doing here. Some of them, the more perceptive ones, called out for mercy. She ignored all of them.

One, two, five, a dozen at a time, her soldiers – constructs of dark, nearly black ice that seemed to shimmer in the fallen snow – marched her people into the same town square they had raped her in… my. Had it really been less than twenty four hours ago that the last one had finished with her? It seemed so much longer. Her eyes lingered on the raised platform, the stockade still there. A reminder.

She didn’t answer any of their shouts. Elsa couldn’t care less what any of the monsters had to say, not anymore. They were either the kidnappers, or complicit in their schemes… each and every one of them. The first wave of guards she had conjured had left the city, stalking out into the countryside and looking for people fleeing. Already some had been brought back. Maybe the kidnappers were among them. Maybe not. Either way, they wouldn’t get far… she would get everyone before too long. They would all face justice.

It took six hours before everyone was here. A weak mass of crying, shouting, shivering men and women, kneeling in the cold, watched over by dark figures like black knights out of old stories. Really. After what they had done, how they had looked at her when she was the helpless one, did they expect their display to provoke pity? It was pathetic. Face the justice for your deed like adults.

The snow was up above her ankles as Elsa began to speak… and then to sing.

Let it Out Sung for me by Nightfawn, Edited (badly) by John Drake

The road ahead is deserted and dead, not a person to be seen A kingdom of desolation and it looks like I’m the queen For my whole life I’ve done exactly as I should But now I know, none of this world is good… They said ‘be nice’, they said ‘be kind’ ‘Wear a mask, and never speak your mind’ ‘Your people need you, you have to care…’ Well I don’t care! Let it out, let it out Won’t hold it back any more Let it out, let it out Shut them out and lock the door I won’t care if I cause distress They will all bow down Let the world feel the depths of its wickedness It’s funny how some distance makes all of you seem small, And the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all! Let the whole world draw back in fear My coronation day is here Too late for mercy now from me… I’m free! Let it out, let it out Let them beg and let them plead Let it out, let it out Their complaining I won’t heed I’m your queen You will all obey All the world bows down… My power grows within me feeding on my hate Save your excuses and apologies ’cause it’s too late To try to change my mind or force me to give in You’ve begun a war which I intend to win Let it out, let it out Let the winds of winter roar Let it out, let it out I will never be your whore! Here I stand, Cold and merciless You will all bow DOWN

Elsa lowered her hands, looking out over the assembled crowd… all of them covered in a thin layer of impervious ice, preserved in a perfect prison by her magic. She didn’t know if she could find any citizens worthy of a queen like her… but she already knew that she would have to search elsewhere to find out. These had already proved themselves as scum.

She could feel the blizzard she had conjured growing, spreading, gaining in intensity as it gained in size, spinning out from Arandelle to consume the world. All the world would bow to its queen… or they would starve in eternal winter. Already, messenger birds of ice that would never tire were flying to distant kingdoms, carrying her demands with them. Whispering, she voiced the final line.

Let the world feel the depths of its wickedness…

Smiling to herself in satisfaction, Elsa turned and began to stride back towards her palace… or what was her palace for now. She still owed Anna some citizens to rape her senseless. She would have to go find some worthy of the task. In the meantime, it was time to see if her tongue was feeling any better…


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